Lie #1: Evangelism

(Authors note: I am planning to write an ebook entitled “The 10 Lies Of Religious Christianity”. In this book, I plan to allow free viewing of the introduction and the first 2 chapters. I have completed the draft for the first chapter posted below. I welcome suggestions on improvements.)

I shall start with the most obvious lie of the religious churches, evangelism. It also goes by other names like missions, witnessing and sharing the good news. Regardless of the names used, the objective is the same. It aims to get others to believe in the same doctrines and subsequently become the churches’ supply of free labor and money contributors.

Why is this a lie? In order to make it easy to understand, let me give you an analogy.

Imagine one day you have a job offer. The job description is the same as what you have been doing all these years. So, you are well qualified to do it. The best part is the salary is more than 10 times of what you are receiving now in your current job.

Will you take up the offer? Of course you will. Only a fool will reject such a great opportunity. You pick up the employment contract and read the terms. They were written exactly as what you have been told. So, you signed on the dotted line to take up the offer.

Congratulations. You are now an employee of such a wonderful company. One the first day of your new job, you were sent to attend classes for orientation. In those classes, you will get to know the company and its policy. You will also be taught on company loyalty.

Then the company begins to assign tasks to you. Those tasks are different from what you should be doing as stated in your employment contract. However, it is not an issue because you are not that petty. You move along because you don’t want to give the impression that you are a difficult person to work with.

As days turn to weeks, you have practically forgotten about the contents of the employment contract you signed. When payday comes, you receive lesser pay than the amount you were promised. Your boss told you that you should be grateful that the company pays you at all and don’t be so fussy about it. After all, it is only money. As a loyal employee, your priority should be the company’s profits and not your own salary.

You end up doing more work than what the contract says and getting lesser pay than the amount promised in the contract. One day, you suddenly wake up and realized that you have been conned.

Does this analogy sounds extreme? The truth is, it happens in every religious church. All religious churches have 2 separate gospels for 2 groups of people. They have one version for Non-Christians and another one for Christians. I prefer to call this phenomenon as Multiple Layers Gospel. Altogether there are 3 layers of Gospel. I shall explain in detail.

First Layer Gospel
This layer is meant for evangelistic purpose only. It is only proclaimed in evangelistic settings and outreach projects. The message is simple and good.

God loves you so much that he gave his only Son to die for your sins. All you need to do is to believe in him. When you do that, all your sins are forgiven. There is nothing else for you to do because Jesus has done it all. You have eternal life. Your place in heaven is guaranteed. If you are to die at any time, you will end up in heaven.

Think about this. All other religions require their people to do things to reach out to their Gods and earn their place in heaven. Over here, Jesus has done everything for you and he made the first move to reach out to you. You can go to heaven without having to do anything. Just believe in Jesus and say the sinner’s prayer.

Don’t you think being a Christian is a good deal? Only a real fool will reject such a great offer. So, the right thing to do is to go through the process of becoming a believer.

The first thing you will experience is joy beyond description. Your outlook of life has become so clear and wonderful. You are glad you have become a Christian and you wonder why you did not believe earlier. You feel like you are in heaven right now.

Is this happily ever after? Fat hope. You are about to enter the living hell.

Second Layer Gospel
After you have become a Christian, you will be led to your first orientation. This can be one to one coaching (known as “follow-up”), an organized class in the church or a combination of both. In these lessons, you will be taught on the basic of Christianity like who is God, what he has done and what is the Bible.

In the next step, you will be taught on how you should behave as a Christian. You have to pray regularly, read the Bible regularly and attend church every week. Sometimes, you can be told to attend more classes for your spiritual growth.

As you attend more classes and Sunday sermons, you began to realize that they are nothing more than imposing rules on dos and don’ts on you. Your mind will be filled with a lot of things that you must and must not do. You are to serve in the church, go for mission trips, invite non believers to attend evangelistic events and give your money to the church. You may be saved by faith but they will tell you that faith without works is dead. This means you must do whatever they tell you to do. Welcome to the life of slavery and bondage.

Your church leaders can even have the right to ask money from you to finance whatever project they want. This had actually happened in my first church. The church pastors had decided to build an extension to the existing building. The cost was a few million dollars, which it did not have. They resorted to squeeze the church members for it. Every Sunday was fund raising day. In all their sermons, somehow every Bible verse that was quoted had a message on giving to the church building fund.

There was a leader who openly declared that God had provided the money for the church building. It was in our pockets. This means the church had the right to demand us to give it money because the money in our pockets was no longer ours. They were not begging anymore. They were demanding our money. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. I left the church for this reason.

As I look back, I am glad this event happened because it helped me to realize how corrupt those pastors are.

Overall, in this layer you are to obey the list of dos and don’ts. The pastors will make you feel guilty if you fail in any of them. Even if you accomplish any, you will be told that it is not enough. Let me give you an example.

How long do you pray every day?

Answer: 5 minutes.
Reply: Not enough. You should pray for at least 15 minutes.

Answer: 15 minutes.
Reply: Not enough. You should pray for at least 30 minutes.

Answer: 30 minutes.
Reply: Not enough. You should pray for at least 1 hour.

Answer: 1 hour.
Reply: Not enough. You should pray for at least 3 hours.

And so on.

So, what is your answer? No matter what you say or do, it is never enough.

That is not all. There are some strange rules you have to obey. Some churches forbid their members to watch movies, read Harry Potter or do any work on Sunday. In my particular church, once the pastor had openly said that Christians must not pose for pictures in front of a temple. Here is the background. One of the popular tourist destinations for Singaporeans is Thailand where there are a lot of beautiful temples. Many tourists like pose for pictures in front of these temples. So, “wise” pastor considers it as a sin for Christians to take pictures with a temple.

All religious churches have their own unwritten list of dos and don’ts. I emphasize the term “unwritten” because none of them dare to put their dos and don’ts in writing. When asked, they will tell you to refer to the Bible. If that is so, why are they not written down? The truth is there are 2 reasons on why are there no written list.

First, a written list will expose the inconsistencies among them. Ten religious churches will have ten different lists. An act like watching a movie can be allowable in one church but it is a sin in another church.

Secondly, their dos and don’ts are not exhaustive. There are always new “discoveries” on new sins. The more sermons you attend, the longer your list of dos and don’ts will be. So, the wise course of action is to avoid going to church. Imagine, suppose the preacher tells you 5 things to do and you only manage to do 2 of them. You are guilty of 5-2=3 sins. If you don’t go to church at all, you will only be guilty of one sin, the sin of not going to church.

Where is the joy that you have when you first believe? It is gone and replaced with guilt. How can you not feel guilty? You can never do anything right. The system makes sure of that. The only way some Christians can experience joy is not to take their church seriously which I will explain later.

It that all the bad things that can happen to you? No, there is more. I have not told you the perversion yet. Let us go to the third layer.

Third Layer Gospel
This is the perversion level. The pastors will use the text on Apostle Paul’s description of the thorns of the flesh and story of Job to explain that God has a different definition on the word “good”. God is good. God is so good that he can give you disease, cause you to be knocked down by a car, make you bankrupt or any other perversions. The term “good” in the Third Layer Gospel has the same meaning as “evil” in the dictionary.

I can relate a story here. One day, my brother-in-law was hospitalized for some sort of disease. When my wife and I reached him in the hospital, I saw a group of people surrounding him acting like they were praying for him. After the prayer, a lady in the group said, “Maybe God wants you to rest more.”

Wow. So, God gives diseases to help people to rest. Are you impressed? If you are not resting well, don’t worry. God will give you some disease to help you to rest. When you see sick people, tell them that their sicknesses come from a loving God who wants them to rest. How about those who died from disease? Well, God must have loved them so much that he kills them so that they can continue to lie down and rest for eternity. Are you not glad to have such a wonderful God?

How do you know that your God loves you? The answer is, he gives you good things in your life like making you sick, causing you to have road accidents, burning your house, killing your loves ones and many other similar things which the rest of the infidels will call perversion.

Such “good” things are not only for God to display his love. He uses the same things to punish people for their sins. Do you know why disasters like earthquakes, typhoons, bush fires or terrorism happened? It is the judgement of God to punish the people involved for their sins. The most popular of those sins is abortion and followed by homosexuality and stem cell research.

If you want to be a prophet, there are 3 ways to do it.

The first way is to wait for any disasters to happen. It can be natural disasters like earthquakes or man-made ones like terrorism. The only criteria is, it must kill a lot of people or cause a lot of damages. Then you proclaim publicly that God has spoken to you and he told you that the disaster was his judgement on the people for their sins. What sin should you use? The safest bet is abortion, followed by homosexuals and stem cell research. This tactic works every time. You will establish your career as a prophet.

The second way is to proclaim publicly that God had spoken to you and he told you that he wants to judge the community that you are in for their sins. You can use back the same sins as above. Then you invite your congregation to join you to plead for mercy. If any disaster happens in the next few days, you hit the jackpot. You are now recognized as a true prophet. If nothing happens, you can always fall back on God’s mercy. God has heard your plea and he had decided to cancel his judgement for your sake. So, you are right regardless of any disasters happening in the next few weeks. Heads you win, tails you also win. Isn’t it cool?

The third way is more personal. You will need a huge audience. Proclaim publicly that God had spoken to you and he told you that someone in the audience had a specific problem. Describe the specific problem. If the population is big enough, you will hit someone with the exact problem. This person will be your advertisement.

These are the 3 ways I can think of that can help anyone to be a prophet. It is based on this layer of Gospel. If you are in this layer, you are the living hell.

This sums up the Third Layer Gospel. The next question is, do everyone in a religious church equally miserable? The answer is no. There are exceptions.

Exceptions to the rule.
There are people who attend church services every week. They walk in, sing the songs, perform the rituals and sit through the sermons. However, after they leave the church, they will forget everything inside there and live the life they want. So, they are not affected by the toxic. I consider them to be the smartest people in religious churches.

With the exception of the analogy, the above facts are real. You can experience them in any religious church. How to find religious churches? The first clue I reveal in this chapter is evangelism. Religious churches are very obsessed with it. They are so committed that they are willing to resort to threats and blackmails to get their members to do it. A religious church is an evangelistic church.

When you see Christians on the streets trying to get people to the church or sharing the gospel, don’t be too hard on them. They are just victims of threats and blackmails from their churches. Try to be sympathetic instead.


Do Not Let Your Heart Be Troubled

1″Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.
John 14:1 (NIV)

The above verse is a part of Jesus’ farewell message to his disciples. I believe those words are for us as well. In this article, I am going to look deep into the meaning and explore ways to use it for our prosperity.

Jesus began by telling us not to let our hearts be troubled. He simply means we should not allow ourselves to get worried and think negative. There are many things around us that we do not have direct physical control. None of us has the direct physical ability to stop earthquakes, typhoon, terrorism, economic recession or any other major disasters from happening. However, this does not mean we must allow them to get into our minds and lead us into the state of hopelessness. We can choose to think positive, talk positive and fill our hearts with hope even if we are physically in a bad situation right now.

This is the same message we see repeated in the Bible. A Christian life is a life of hope. Our calling as Christians is to live our lives in hope and joy at all times, both good and bad. We may not always have direct control over the situation around us but we always have direct control over all our thoughts. It is through our thoughts that we can change our situations from bad to good. This is the core message that Jesus was trying to get to us.

The next question is how not to let our hearts be troubled? The answer is in the second part of the verse. “Trust in God; trust also in me.” Jesus asked us to trust in him. Again, what is that? If you have been attending a religious church, the phase “trust in God” is as meaningless as “God bless you” or “hi”. Those religious people who are under the bondage of theology can never get rid of the perverse idea that God is a sadist.

According to the theology infested minds, trusting in God can mean believing that God can do perverted things like making people poor, infecting them with diseases, creating disasters or giving them thorns in the flesh to show his sufficient grace. So, it is important to note that when Jesus tell us to trust in him in John 14:1, he is referring to God and him as who they are. They are not sadists. God is good. Being good is the opposite of being a sadist.

Trusting in God means believing that God is on our side no matter what happens or how impossible the situation appears to be. We believe that our God is both able and willing to help us to overcome all our troubles and give us all the victories we desire. Our role as believers is to believe. It is only when you truly believe this, you will be able to be filled with hope regardless of what the circumstances say. Your heart will not be troubled. Instead, it will be filled with hope and joy.

Through the heart of hope and joy, we are in position to receive the blessing from God to overcome all our troubles. Our lack will turn into abundance, sickness into health and failures into success. God has prepared his abundant prosperity for you. Are you willing to take them? Can you believe that? Will you not let your heart be troubled? Can you trust in Jesus? Your decision will determine your prosperity.

This is the will of God for all believers.

Introduction To The 10 Lies Of Religious Christianity

Authors note: I am planning to write an ebook entitled “The 10 Lies Of Religious Christianity”. In this book, I plan to allow free viewing of the introduction and the first 2 chapters. Below is the Introduction on this book. I welcome suggestions on improvements.


In this book, I am committed to reveal the whole truth about the deception and the hypocrisy of Religious Christianity. I hope the information provided in this book are helpful to those who are not Christians as well as those who are currently attending religious churches.

If you are not a Christian, it is important for you to know the real truth of the Christian Religion because those people who tried to get you into this religion will not tell you the underlying truth. They rely on some marketing tactics known as First Layer Gospel to lure you in and once you are in, you will be subjected to the hidden layer, which is the hell on earth. I was a victim to their evangelism and I have attended many of the services of a religious church. So, I can say that I know all their deceptions. This book is the compilation of what I have learned about them.

If you are already a Christian attending any of the religious churches, I hope the revelation in this book will cause you to repent from this heresy and turn to the real Jesus of the Bible. The real Jesus of the Bible is not a pervert. He will never give thorns in the flesh to show his sufficient grace. Neither will he resort to any form of perversion for any reasons. He is good and good means good.

I am sure that everyone who has attended religious churches are aware of these lies but they are intimidated (like I was) from openly exposing it. Why? I was afraid of what the perverse God might do to me if I openly disobey him. I was trained by my first church to think of God as a selfish pervert who will sink to any level of perversion to punish anyone he does not like.

It is the “good” will of God to steal, kill and destroy anyone who dared to disobey him. Unfortunately, even those who obey him are not spared either. Even if you obey God to the best of your ability, he still reserves the right to give you some thorns in the flesh to show you his sufficient grace. In short, being a Christian is a lose-lose situation. God will do perverted things to you regardless of how good or bad you are.

Therefore, my early Christian life is a life of avoiding God. I tried not to be too good or too bad. I just wanted to stay in the crowd in order not to attract God’s attention. I figured that if God does not notice me, he will not do perverted things to me like giving me some thorns in the flesh to show me his sufficient grace. This used to be the way I live. I was in a living hell.

I thank God for revealing his truth to me. I realize that the teachings I received from my first church are nothing but lies from the pit of hell. Ever since I realize that God is not a pervert as propagated by my first church, I have dropped all the pretenses of religion.

I can now openly declare that I hate missions. I will never join any mission trip. I never did before, I am not doing it now and I will never do it in the future. I can think what I want to think and desire what I want to desire even if those desires are politically incorrect like wanting to have a lot of money. My desire is to prosper in every area of my life. I want to have good health, long life and have a lot of money. I want to set up my own foundation to end starvation in this world, to teach people how to get rich and build space ships to bring humanity to the stars. It is my desire to fulfill all my desires. This is true freedom.

Obeying God is a choice. I can choose to obey or disobey him at anytime I please. I am no longer acting like a religious hypocrite. Am I still a Christian? The answer is, as long as it pleases me. This means I can stop being a Christian if I am not pleased with it. No one can force any religious law on me. I do not allow anyone to tell me what a Christian can do or cannot do.

If there are any pastor who tells me that God told him to tell me to give him money, I will ask him to join the theologians in hell. Why? God and I are very good friends. If he has anything to say to me, he will tell me directly. He will never use a stranger to pass the message. My God is not ashamed to meet me.

Likewise for any doom and gloom prophecy on any disasters that are supposed to happen in my area. If God plans to have some earthquakes that can potentially affect me, he will inform me personally. He will never use any external source like some “prophets” to pass the message. Therefore, I can conclude that all the doom and gloom prophecies that I do not approve of are heresies.

I choose the title of “10 Lies of Religious Christianity” to expose the most common lies propagated in religious churches. Let me begin by defining the term “lie”.

When I say “lie”, I am not referring to the term religious people used to accuse each other. In this book, I define “lie” as saying things differently from what you actually believe. For example, if you say the earth is flat and you truly believe in what you say, you are not a liar. However, if you believe the earth is round and you say it is flat you are a liar in my definition.

My message here is not about Religious Christians being misled into believing a false teaching as the truth. In reality, they know deep in their hearts that their church teachings are lies but they still insist claiming that their church teachings are truth because they are under the blackmail of the thorn-in-the-flesh-God. I know all these because I was one of them before.

I use the term “Religious Christianity” to show that the teachings in religious churches are not true Christianity as taught by Jesus in the Bible. If you read about Jesus’ life in the Bible, you will find that he is a very secular and caring person. He was never religious. When he saw sick people, he wanted to heal them. When he saw hungry people, he wanted to feed them. He never cared about religious rules. He had even broken a religious law for the sake of healing a woman. The only group of people he had openly condemned was the theologians. He was loved by the people and hated by the theologians.

Not only that, Jesus was very rich. Even before he reached the age of 2, his family was visited by a group of rich men who offered boxes of gold to him. Jesus may be born in a poor family but his family became rich within the first 2 years of his birth.

When he started his own ministry, he was able to commit to it full time because he did not have to work for a living. Throughout his ministry, Jesus had never asked anyone for money. He had a lot of money sustain himself, his disciples and even to give away to the poor. He never carried his own wallet. He assigned one of his disciples to carry his wallet for him.

Even after he was to be crucified, the Roman soldiers drew lots for his clothes. This tells us that Jesus must be wearing high quality and branded clothes. Such clothes must have high resale value.

All these facts are in the Bible but you can never find them preached in any religious church. Religious churches are terrified of the truth and they will stop at nothing to hide them.

It is my intention to expose the very secrets that they tried to hide. In case somebody may ask about the definition of “religious church”, my answer is all of them practice the entire 10 lies written in this book. As you read this book, you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

Life Of Rest

28″Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.
29Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.
30For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”
Matthew 11:28-30 (NIV)

I am back again from my vacation in Hong Kong. It was supposed to be my rest but I can hardly do so. Do you know why? My 4-year-old son kept pestering me to carry him wherever we went. So, I have to carry a 25kg boy most of the time until I did not really feel cold in the winter. In other words, I did a lot of weight lifting there. I am also glad that I brought the book “The One Minute Millionaire” in which I read it in the plane and hotel. It is a real eye opener. It makes me more determined to be rich by the end of 2010.

Let us get back to the topic. In the above passage, Jesus was preaching to his disciples on his role in taking away their weariness and burdens. Jesus wanted to take away their heavy yoke and replace them with his light yoke.

In Verse 28, Jesus made an open invitation to everyone who were weary and burdened because he wanted to give them rest. This principle is still true today. Jesus is a rest-giver. The life of Christians is the life of rest. If you have attended any religious church, you will find Matthew 11:28 to be missing in their practices.

Religious pastors think it is the will of God for believers to be burdened and weary. So, they made it their tradition to blackmail their members to go for missions or volunteer as free labor in the church. I can still remember that in my first church, every sermon I heard from the pastors was about blackmailing people to work for them (in missions or free labor) or to give money to the church. Every public holiday was packed with activities. There was hardly any rest. Being a Christian was such a wearisome and burdensome experience. Yet, the above verse says the opposite. So, I am glad I have left that church.

The truth is, Jesus wants us to rest. If you happen to be in a church that has been piling burdens on you, the wisest thing for you to do is to leave it. Churches that create weariness and burdens to their members are not operating from the teachings of Jesus. Therefore, they must be of the devil.

In the subsequent verse, Jesus wants us to take on his yoke and learn from him. He is gentle and humble in heart. He is the source of our rest. It appears that these 2 qualities are crucial to our rest in him. Let us explore further.

Jesus is gentle. Gentleness is not weakness. It is about having full control over one’s strength. When we have full control over our strength, we are in position to achieve maximum result with minimum cost. We will not get confused and tired easily. We will appear as miracle workers to others because we can get more things done with less effort.

So, how do we get that way? We need to go to Jesus and learn his way. Read the Bible on the life of Jesus. Find out how Jesus solve problems and remain positive even when the situation turned bad. He is the master of using his faith to overcome every problem that came into his life. He can turn every sickness into health, every poverty into prosperity and every failure into success. He is also not a pervert. His definition of the terms “prosperity”, “health” and “success” are the same as in the dictionary.

The other quality, Jesus used was humble at heart. Jesus was very humble. He has humility. Please note that his humility is true in contrast with the false humility displayed by the theologians. What is the difference between true and false humility? True humility comes from a confident and steadfast heart. When you are truly confident and believe in the blessing of God in your life, you will automatically display true humility. In contrast, those who are insecure doubters will resort to running down themselves in order to create a mask of humility. Insecure people can never achieve true humility.

Therefore, having a confident and steadfast heart is necessary for us to have peace and rest. How to get it? The answer is the same. Go to Jesus.

In Verse 30, Jesus emphasize that his yoke is easy and my burden is light. Why would he tell us that? There are 2 reasons:
1. He wants us to take on his yoke and burden.
2. He wants us to be able to identify false yoke and burden.

If you have been to a religious church, you will notice that it is a status symbol to tell people that the Lord had given you a heavy burden. This is supposed to give the impression that the Lord considers you to be a faithful servant. If fact, the heavier your burdens, the higher your status among the religious people. Yet, Jesus seems to have an opposite opinion. In short, if you have heavy burdens, you are not submitting to Jesus.

In conclusion, living a life of rest is not just our right as Christians but also a testimony to our submission to the leadership and teachings of Jesus.

Cash In A Flash

The above is the title of a book authored by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G Allen. I found it in the library. If I have came across this title in a book shop, I don’t think I will ever bother to buy it because I will think it is nothing more than a marketing ploy to sell books. However, since it was in the library, which is funded by my own tax money, I see no harm in borrowing and reading it.

The result is, I am amazed by its contents. This book has real and practical contents, which I sincerely believe are able to help its readers to make a lot of money in a relative short time. I am not a stranger to positive thinking. In fact, this blog is filled with positive contents. I believe that in order to be rich materially, we have to be rich spiritually. This means we need to learn to think and talk positive. Only then will the material riches come into our lives.

How about getting rich fast? Sounds like a scam to me. However, I have changed and renewed my mind after reading this book. Getting the first million dollars within a year (or 90 days as suggested in the book) is entirely probable and possible if we know how. In this book, I learned how to focus my heart and mind on getting rich. After that, it comes with suggestions on practical ways to make money. So, I am not going to think positive until a bag of money drops from the sky.

It is also filled with many examples on real people had done it. One of the most powerful examples is in the testimony of the 2006 Nobel Peace Laureate Dr Muhammad Yunus. He won the prize for his efforts in lending money to the poorest women Bangladesh to start their businesses. He started his “bank” with $26 and it grew it into $2 billion capital.

He lent to the poor and illiterate women with neither collateral nor written contracts. His only requirement for his borrowers is, each of them must form a support group of 5 or 6. The groups are to meet regularly to brainstorm and support each other. As a result, he enjoyed a repayment rate is 98%. This means 98% of the women who borrowed from him are able to repay the loans. It was a great success by any standard.

What is the secret here? It is interesting to note that those women were illiterate and never attended any training courses on how to start business. Dr Yunus did not teach them anything because he believed they will be intimidated by new knowledge. The only way they learn is from their peers in their support groups.

The basic idea here is, those women may be poor and illiterate but they are not dumb. They have some skills of their own like weaving, cooking, sewing and planting. So, they started their own business using the skills and talents they already have. Formal learning and training is not required here.

So, if those women who do not know ABC can do it, why not me? Please note that the authors had never said learning is not important. Learning is a continuous process and it should not be an excuse for doing nothing. Whatever skills or talent you have right now, you can use them to build your own business and make your millions. If you are interested, I strongly suggest you get this book.

My commitment.
After reading this book, I am even more committed to make my first million. In fact, I have a head start already. I intend to press forward to make my dreams come true.

In the real estate category, I have purchased a studio unit in a prime area in Manila through a no-money-down scheme. In this deal, I only need to pay 1% of the property price every month until the completion of the project and thereafter I will have to pay up the balance. I am looking forward for the price to double so that I can flip it for a bundle of cash. When that happens, I will have the capital to acquire more properties to build up my real estate empire.

Apart from that, I am have been trading currencies. I did not do very well at first. I have tried automated trading but unfortunately, the results are not good either. A few weeks ago, I have got an idea to create my own trading strategy, which has been working well so far. This strategy has 3 characteristics that I like very much. They are:
1. Simple.
2. Low loss and high reward to loss ratio.
3. Non-directional.

My strategy is very simple because I like simplicity. After all I am an engineer. In this strategy, I do not need any form of indicators nor any complex calculations. All I need is 2 horizontal lines and I will be able calculate my entry and exit positions. Not only that, I only have to “work” for less than 5 minutes in every 24 hours, 5 days a week. How much more simpler can it get?

It has low loss and high reward to loss ratio because I don’t like to lose a lot of money. I have been trading long enough to know that there can never be any strategy that offers 100% wins. There are bound to be losses but I want to keep them small and I want the profits to be larger than the loss. This strategy comes with this feature because I created it this way.

It is also non-directional because I hate the idea of trying to predict the direction of the market. I want to make money no matter where the market moves, up or down. I designed this feature into my strategy and I love it.

What is next? I intend to trade using this strategy and fine tune it for maybe a year. Then, I can leverage on it like selling a book on it, setting up a trading school or even a hedge fund. The income of my trades can be used in acquiring more properties.

Thirdly, I have bought a trading strategy that has similar features. It is non-directional, has lower loss and higher reward to risk ratio compared to my strategy. I have made some profits using this strategy yesterday. The only drawback is, positions can only be entered at 0800 GMT. In Singapore, this will be 4pm. So this is not a problem for those living in Asia, Europe and Africa. Only those in North and South America will have problems using this strategy.

I will continue to trade this strategy along with my own. When I am fully convinced on its reliability, I will start to market it for commissions.

These are my million dollar plans. The world is beautiful. I am glad I am alive.

Characteristics Of A Good Shepherd

14″I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me—
15just as the Father knows me and I know the Father—and I lay down my life for the sheep.
John 10:14-15 (NIV)

I posted an article on Jesus as our good shepherd yesterday. As I reflect on it, I find that there are a lot more stuff that I have missed out. So, in this article, I will share more of the characteristics of Jesus who is our good shepherd. In order to help you to understand better, I am going to use a commercial model in my explanation.

Let us assume that you have a lot of money and you want to invest in the wool production industry. You bought 100 sheep and hire a shepherd to take care of them. Ask yourself this question: What type of person do I want to hire to be the shepherd to my sheep?

In this model, I assume that you are not a sadist. You have no intention to do sadistic things to your sheep to show them your sufficient grace. You want your sheep to live comfortable, have enough to eat, drink and even multiply their population so that you can make more money.

As for me, I will lay out the following conditions to the person I want to hire as the shepherd to my sheep:
1. Must place the sheep as the highest priority.
2. Make sure no sheep lack in good food or clean water.
3. All forms of illness of the sheep must be treated immediately.
4. The sheep must not be harmed in any way.

Must place the sheep as the highest priority.
The flock of sheep is my asset. The shepherd is the person I hire to take care of them. So, I expect the shepherd to treat my sheep as his boss. The priority of the flock must always be above the priority of the shepherd. If I ever find out that the shepherd places his own interest above the interest of the flock, I will sack him immediately.

A shepherd may appear as the leader or a king to his flock of sheep but in reality he is a their servant. His priority is always to serve their needs. When he brings them out, he must choose the best place for his sheep, not for himself. This is his responsibility.

How does Jesus fit in this role? Jesus may be the Almighty Son of the Living God. He may be above all creation. However, if he really wants to be our good shepherd as he promised in the Bible, he must do what all good shepherds do, serve us and put us at a higher priority than his own. No wonder, Jesus is also known as the servant king.

As our good shepherd, Jesus thinks of us as his highest priority. As long as he is in this role, we are his bosses. Jesus must care for us more than he cared for himself. He has proven that at the Cross. Our role as his sheep is to follow him and trust that he will do his job. So, no matter what problems you are facing right now, do not be shy to go to the shepherd. Let him do his job as your shepherd to help you. He has the solution for all our problems. The question here is, are you willing to trust in him?

Make sure no sheep lack in good food or clean water.
Food and water are the basic necessity as well as material prosperity for sheep. When it comes to material riches, sheep only knows grass and water. It is the shepherd’s responsibility to ensure that his flock will never be hungry or thirsty. Otherwise, the flock may become weak and sick. The shepherd will lose his job. In short, the shepherd must ensure the prosperity of his flock at all times.

As our shepherd, it is also Jesus’ responsibility to make sure we his flock will never live in lack. As Jesus’ flock, we have the right to prosper in every area of our lives including politically incorrect areas like having a lot of money. Throughout the Bible, we can read that we believers are supposed to be rich. The Bible never said anything about “rich minus money” or “blessing minus health and wealth”. Those phrases are not from God but the invention of theologians who are nothing more than messengers of Satan from hell.

Being rich and healthy is our right as the flocks of Jesus. All sheep owners (except the perverted ones) want their sheep to be able to eat and drink as much as they want. It is the responsibility of shepherds to ensure that if they want to keep their jobs.

So, never hesitate to ask Jesus to give you a lot of money unless you don’t think he is fit for his job. The theologians will surely object to this truth but who cares? Jesus is our shepherd, not they.

All forms of illness of the sheep must be treated immediately.
It is the responsibility of the shepherd to ensure the good health of his flocks. If any sheep falls ill, the shepherd must treat it immediately or he would have failed in his job.

One of the common heresies among religious Christians is God make people sick for some reasons. I have shared before a story on my brother-in-law being hospitalized. My wife and I visited him. When we reached his bed, I saw a group of people surrounding him to pray for him. I can still remember that after the prayer, a lady in the group said “Maybe God wants you to rest more.” In other words, this lady accused God for creating disease to help people to rest. Do you believe that?

Put yourself in the position of the sheep owner again. One day, when you were inspecting your flocks, you found some sheep looking weak and sick. You asked the shepherd on their condition. The shepherd told you that he intentionally made them sick to give them rest. How will you respond? As for me, I will sack that scum immediately and sue him for intentionally causing illness to my sheep.

What if Jesus made us sick for any reasons? He will be sacked immediately. Ask yourself this question. Is Jesus still your shepherd? If he still is, then you can be sure that he will never make you sick. If you are sick, it is job to do his best to make you well. Do you believe that? Will you trust in him?

The sheep must not be harmed in any way
It is the shepherd’s responsibility to protect his flock from all harms. It makes no different whether the threat is in the form of predators, thieves or natural disasters. Failure to do that is to fail as a shepherd.

What does this mean to us, as Jesus’ flocks? We are completely protected from all harms. We do not have to worry over the uncertainties in this world. The good shepherd is watching over us. We can live in peace and confidence no matter where we are and what happened in this world.

Just as shepherds are not allowed to make their flock sick, they are also not allowed to create disasters for their sheep as the judgement for their sins. I don’t think you want to hire a shepherd who does that. As I have mentioned in my previous articles, the idea of disasters being the judgement of God is nothing more than a perversion from the theologians with the intention to squeeze money from the scientifically challenged public.

Jesus will never sink to such level.

Jesus is not our shepherd by name only. He intends to do the job of a good shepherd in our lives. However, he will never force us to follow him. We have a choice on whether to follow or ignore him. Whatever choice we make, we will face the consequences that come with it.

The Good Shepherd

14″I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me—
15just as the Father knows me and I know the Father—and I lay down my life for the sheep.
John 10:14-15 (NIV)

It is common for Christians to acknowledge Jesus as our shepherd. Even the perverse churches that are infected by the lies of theology do that. So, the idea of having Jesus as our shepherd is not a problem among us. The main problem is the term “good” that is attached to the title “shepherd”. Jesus is not just our shepherd, he is our good shepherd. What does that mean?

In one of my articles, I have pasted a long passage on the meaning of “good” from the dictionary. I don’t think I want to do that again, as it will be a waste of space. Suffice to say that good means good. The meaning of this term in the Bible is the same as the dictionary. In other words, it means what it means.

As our good shepherd, Jesus is committed to bring us good things like good health, abundant wealth and all the success we desire. He will never do perverted things to us like giving us thorns in the flesh to show us his sufficient grace.

I suspect the main reason for many Christians who are struggling today is they do not know that Jesus is their good shepherd. They must have been deceived by the theologians like I once was. When I was in my first church, I was deceived into thinking that God is only interested in 2 things:
1. Getting me to go for missions.
2. Asking me for money.

This is why I treated God as though he is a plague. I thank God for setting me free from such lies.

We need to constantly remind ourselves that Jesus is our good shepherd and he means what he said. His priority is our benefits and welfare, not in getting us to be missionaries or ask for our money. Those preachers who used high pressure and manipulative tactics (like those my first church) to get us to go for missions or give money to the church, did not speak for God. They spoke on behalf of the demonic spirit from hell. Never trust them at all.

After telling us he is our good shepherd, Jesus continued to tell us that as his sheep, we know him. How much do we know him? Verse 15 tells us that we know Jesus as much as Jesus and the Father know each other. This means we know him very intimately.

Here is an important point to note. Jesus had never said we must get to know him. He said we know him. The second part of John 10:14 and the first part of John 10:15 are a statement of fact, not a commandment. However, I am not surprise if there are theologians who turned them into another of their theological commandment.

Some may ask, “What does that mean? What if I tell you that I don’t know Jesus even after I have become a Christian? Am I disqualified from salvation?”

The answer is, no you are still saved. Your mind may not know Jesus but your spirit does. When we first believed in Jesus, we were sealed with the Holy Spirit as a deposit to guarantee our salvation. The Holy Spirit interacts only with our spirit. So, our spirits know everything we need to know about Jesus. We only need to get our minds (meaning our souls) to get in line with our spirits. This involves listening to faith messages, reading faith literatures and thinking faith thoughts.

Once our minds know what our spirits know about Jesus, we will finally know the truth and the truth will set us free. We will know that theology is nothing but lies from the pit of hell. We will not be afraid when we hear some crackpots saying that God will judge us by sending earthquakes, tsunami, plagues, typhoon, floods, economic crisis, terrorism or any perverted things because we believe our God is not a pervert.

Don’t you think it is a good life to believe that our God is for us and not against us? This is the result of knowing the real Jesus.

Verse 15 ends with Jesus telling us that he is even willing to die for us. He did not ask for the reverse. Never trust anyone who tells you that you must die for Jesus. If death is really necessary, Jesus will do it himself.

In case there are people with suicidal thoughts reading this article, I want to remind you that if your death can solve whatever problems you are facing right now, Jesus will be willing to do that for you. In fact, Jesus had already died for you. All your problems are as good as gone when you turn to Jesus for solution. Your suicide is no longer necessary because Jesus has done it for you. Just remember, he is a good shepherd.