FAQ on Word Of Faith Movement

Question 1: Is the Word Of Faith doctrine compatible with the Bible?

 Answer: There is no such thing as “Word Of Faith doctrine”. It does not exist. The entire Word Of Faith teachings comes from the Bible alone.

Question 2: Why is Word Of Faith also known as “Prosperity Gospel”, “Name It And Claim It” etc?

Answer: I have been in this teaching for about 5 years. Yet I have never heard any preachers identify themselves with the above terms. I suspect such terms were invented by the anti-faith people to create the false impression that Word Of Faith is a different gospel.  In other words those term were used to discredit christians who choose to live by faith.

Question 3: Why are there so many anti-faith sites out there?

Answer: I can’t answer for these anti-faith folks but I can guess the underlying cause to be fear. Imagine you are a pastor who has been telling your people that sometimes God want you to be sick and poor. Then the Word Of Faith appears and tell people that God wants them rich and healthy. Not only that they produce positive results. What will you do? If you are a person of courage and integrity, you would have re-examine your belief system and correct them. Unfortunately, many responded in fear, thus resorting to personal attacks, name calling and perverting the truths.

Question 4: Are their anti-faith reasonings justified?

I read a few of them. Basically they relied on 2 tactics, false information and strange logic. For example, we are accused of degrading God because we expect him to obey his own laws and keeping his own promises. Another one accused us for replacing prayers with confession. I have never been to any Word Of Faith service that does not pray.

Question 5: How do you explain Word Of Faith preachers who con people for their money?

Answer: There are counterfeits out there. I have never met any true Word Of Faith preachers  who did that. In fact, the worse pastors I met happened to be from a non-faith church. Refer to “My Encounter with New Creation Church”.

 Question 6: If Word Of Faith really works, why are its members still poor and sick?

Answer: It is the sick who needs the doctor, not the healthy. If you are sick and poor and you want to turn your situation around, you should attend a church that preaches health and wealth, not sickness and poverty. Therefore the poor and sick people had come to the right place.

 Question 7: Must every christian attend Word Of Faith churches?

Answer: If you are not interested to change your life for the better, you don’t have to. Word Of Faith churches are meant for christians who want to improve their lives.