Introduction To The 10 Lies Of Religious Christianity

Authors note: I am planning to write an ebook entitled “The 10 Lies Of Religious Christianity”. In this book, I plan to allow free viewing of the introduction and the first 2 chapters. Below is the Introduction on this book. I welcome suggestions on improvements.


In this book, I am committed to reveal the whole truth about the deception and the hypocrisy of Religious Christianity. I hope the information provided in this book are helpful to those who are not Christians as well as those who are currently attending religious churches.

If you are not a Christian, it is important for you to know the real truth of the Christian Religion because those people who tried to get you into this religion will not tell you the underlying truth. They rely on some marketing tactics known as First Layer Gospel to lure you in and once you are in, you will be subjected to the hidden layer, which is the hell on earth. I was a victim to their evangelism and I have attended many of the services of a religious church. So, I can say that I know all their deceptions. This book is the compilation of what I have learned about them.

If you are already a Christian attending any of the religious churches, I hope the revelation in this book will cause you to repent from this heresy and turn to the real Jesus of the Bible. The real Jesus of the Bible is not a pervert. He will never give thorns in the flesh to show his sufficient grace. Neither will he resort to any form of perversion for any reasons. He is good and good means good.

I am sure that everyone who has attended religious churches are aware of these lies but they are intimidated (like I was) from openly exposing it. Why? I was afraid of what the perverse God might do to me if I openly disobey him. I was trained by my first church to think of God as a selfish pervert who will sink to any level of perversion to punish anyone he does not like.

It is the “good” will of God to steal, kill and destroy anyone who dared to disobey him. Unfortunately, even those who obey him are not spared either. Even if you obey God to the best of your ability, he still reserves the right to give you some thorns in the flesh to show you his sufficient grace. In short, being a Christian is a lose-lose situation. God will do perverted things to you regardless of how good or bad you are.

Therefore, my early Christian life is a life of avoiding God. I tried not to be too good or too bad. I just wanted to stay in the crowd in order not to attract God’s attention. I figured that if God does not notice me, he will not do perverted things to me like giving me some thorns in the flesh to show me his sufficient grace. This used to be the way I live. I was in a living hell.

I thank God for revealing his truth to me. I realize that the teachings I received from my first church are nothing but lies from the pit of hell. Ever since I realize that God is not a pervert as propagated by my first church, I have dropped all the pretenses of religion.

I can now openly declare that I hate missions. I will never join any mission trip. I never did before, I am not doing it now and I will never do it in the future. I can think what I want to think and desire what I want to desire even if those desires are politically incorrect like wanting to have a lot of money. My desire is to prosper in every area of my life. I want to have good health, long life and have a lot of money. I want to set up my own foundation to end starvation in this world, to teach people how to get rich and build space ships to bring humanity to the stars. It is my desire to fulfill all my desires. This is true freedom.

Obeying God is a choice. I can choose to obey or disobey him at anytime I please. I am no longer acting like a religious hypocrite. Am I still a Christian? The answer is, as long as it pleases me. This means I can stop being a Christian if I am not pleased with it. No one can force any religious law on me. I do not allow anyone to tell me what a Christian can do or cannot do.

If there are any pastor who tells me that God told him to tell me to give him money, I will ask him to join the theologians in hell. Why? God and I are very good friends. If he has anything to say to me, he will tell me directly. He will never use a stranger to pass the message. My God is not ashamed to meet me.

Likewise for any doom and gloom prophecy on any disasters that are supposed to happen in my area. If God plans to have some earthquakes that can potentially affect me, he will inform me personally. He will never use any external source like some “prophets” to pass the message. Therefore, I can conclude that all the doom and gloom prophecies that I do not approve of are heresies.

I choose the title of “10 Lies of Religious Christianity” to expose the most common lies propagated in religious churches. Let me begin by defining the term “lie”.

When I say “lie”, I am not referring to the term religious people used to accuse each other. In this book, I define “lie” as saying things differently from what you actually believe. For example, if you say the earth is flat and you truly believe in what you say, you are not a liar. However, if you believe the earth is round and you say it is flat you are a liar in my definition.

My message here is not about Religious Christians being misled into believing a false teaching as the truth. In reality, they know deep in their hearts that their church teachings are lies but they still insist claiming that their church teachings are truth because they are under the blackmail of the thorn-in-the-flesh-God. I know all these because I was one of them before.

I use the term “Religious Christianity” to show that the teachings in religious churches are not true Christianity as taught by Jesus in the Bible. If you read about Jesus’ life in the Bible, you will find that he is a very secular and caring person. He was never religious. When he saw sick people, he wanted to heal them. When he saw hungry people, he wanted to feed them. He never cared about religious rules. He had even broken a religious law for the sake of healing a woman. The only group of people he had openly condemned was the theologians. He was loved by the people and hated by the theologians.

Not only that, Jesus was very rich. Even before he reached the age of 2, his family was visited by a group of rich men who offered boxes of gold to him. Jesus may be born in a poor family but his family became rich within the first 2 years of his birth.

When he started his own ministry, he was able to commit to it full time because he did not have to work for a living. Throughout his ministry, Jesus had never asked anyone for money. He had a lot of money sustain himself, his disciples and even to give away to the poor. He never carried his own wallet. He assigned one of his disciples to carry his wallet for him.

Even after he was to be crucified, the Roman soldiers drew lots for his clothes. This tells us that Jesus must be wearing high quality and branded clothes. Such clothes must have high resale value.

All these facts are in the Bible but you can never find them preached in any religious church. Religious churches are terrified of the truth and they will stop at nothing to hide them.

It is my intention to expose the very secrets that they tried to hide. In case somebody may ask about the definition of “religious church”, my answer is all of them practice the entire 10 lies written in this book. As you read this book, you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.


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  3. Vina Says:

    I do not agree some of your explanation 🙂 so far it was good.

  4. kong hee fatt choi Says:

    I agree with you that many churches fall into the multi level gospel. however, do remember that it is created by men not God. Humans err. just like con hee.

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