The Seed Foundation

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Deep Earth 17, base of the Seed Foundation. For your information, we are currently at more than 150 metres below sea level. I trust our recruitment agents have explained to you the objective of this foundation and the hopes we have on you in our preparation for the survival of the human race.


For those of you who have read the science fiction series called “Foundation” by Isaac Asimov, this is the equivalent of the Second Foundation and I am the “Hari Sheldon”. The Greed Foundation is the “First Foundation”. You are recruited for your ability and character because we need you for our mission here. Altogether, we have about 7,000 people in this foundation scattered throughout 24 secret bases throughout the planet. Apart from this, we also have more than 3 million people working for us without knowing it because they were employed through cover institutions that we set up. So, this is quite a big organisation although not as big as the other one.


You may also have noticed that we are very secretive here and may wonder why. Here is a simple explanation. Suppose we operate in the open and make the location of our bases known. When nothing happens, we are just the subject of party jokes which is not a problem. However, when something bad really happens, everyone will want to break in. Even governments will want to nationalise them. At that time, all our efforts will go to waste. Therefore it is imperative for the existence of this foundation to remain a secret.


Here is something about this base. This is one of 24 bases set up throughout the earth. Each of them was designed to operate independently from the rest. This is to ensure the future of humanity in the event some bases were destroyed in the worldwide catastrophe. As long as one of these bases can survive, there is hope for the future of humanity. You will be given a complete tour of this base later.


What will happen if there is really a worldwide disaster? We can deduce the following as something we can be fairly sure of:

  1. Destruction to most infrastructures of civilisation. Water, electricity, communication, transportation of necessities and others will be gone.
  2. As a result, governments and commerce will collapse. Money will be worthless.
  3. Even if most people do not die from the event, they will starve to death due to the above factors. This is more prominent for those who live in cities.


The above phenomena can be called “the collapse of civilisation”. One of our functions is to prepare for the restoration of human civilisation. Some of you are recruited for your expertise in this area. You will be linked to our worldwide network for your work in this area.


However, there are also many unknowns. After all, we don’t know what kind of global disaster we will face. The worst case scenario is a nuclear war. If it happens, most people on the surface will die and the environment at the surface will be rendered inhabitable. So, the Seed Foundation’s people will have to hold up in this base for some time. How long? I have specified that all the bases must be designed to operate for not less than 100 years when sealed off from the rest of the world. You will not starve or choke for this long.


Of course, there will be the problem of the next generation. In the event which the only humans are those in our bases are us, we will have the added responsibility to procreate. The natural way will not be feasible. We will have to rely on genetic engineering for that. This is also why we have genetic experts among us. Your job is to work out the best way to create babies if we really have to stay here for a long time. This is also why there are teachers and caregivers among you. We need real professionals to teach our babies.


The better scenario is a mega earthquake or tsunami which will cause a global destruction but the surface itself is breathable. When that happens, we will just go out and restore the civilisation but we will not do it directly. We will restore the Greed Foundation and use it as a front for the restoration works. I want to stress here that our works here can only be effective if the rest of the world knows nothing about us.


There can also be in-between scenario. For example, a meteor can strike the earth causing a thick layer of dust covering the sky, preventing sunlight to reach the ground. When that happens, all the plants will die. When the plants die, the production of oxygen will be disrupted. All animals will die of either starvation or suffocation. We have scientists working on a way to remove the dusts in the sky.


The other scenario is a global plague. We will only be able to go out with suits on. What we need will be the right vaccine. Medical experts, you are here for this reason.


There are many other speculated scenarios which you can read at your pleasure.


Now, here are the employment benefits and sacrifices. As long as the world operates as usual, you can have anything money can buy, whether it is for your work or personal pleasure as long as the thing you want will not cause harm. However, if disaster really happens, we have to limit ourselves with what we have. The management of the base will be responsible for the allocation of the resources.


Your job is based on your expertise. You are selected not only for your expertise but also for your altruistic tendency like your care for humanity.


The drawback is, you will not get any glory from the outside world. They will not know of our existence. As mentioned earlier, even if we go out to restore the civilisation after a disaster, we will not do it in the name of “Seed Foundation”. We will find the remnants of the Greed Foundation and support their works to restore it. If they are completely destroyed, we will set up a new one. The world will only think of Greed Foundation as the saviour of mankind, although it is the Seed Foundation that is working behind the scenes. This is to ensure that the Seed Foundation can continue in its work as the insurance policy of the human race.


That is all for now. We will have a break now for half an hour before we start our guided tour of the base.




My Ideal Life Revision 1

I always start my day with exercise. At my current state of wealth, there is nothing I fear more than overindulgence in food. So, exercising is always my top priority in the morning and evening. I start with some stretching and jogging. Despite the fact that I have a fully equipped gym, my favourite workout has always been martial arts. Basically I just repeat the routines that I was thought by the best fighters that I have hired. These routines give me great satisfaction and excitement although I don’t think I will ever get the opportunity to use it.

Here is my martial arts programme. Every month my assistant will approach a top fighter across various disciplines and fly in my private jet to my mansion. Of course, they were paid in an amount which they can never refuse. This is why they are willing to come to teach me. Their job is to spend 2 hours in the evening with me to teach me everything they knew in their arts. So far, I have learned the fighting skills from almost every part of the world. Revising the setups is a complete workout by itself.

After the workout, I take a shower and join my family for breakfast. I would like to highlight here that just because I can afford any food money can buy, I do not go for the most expensive because the most expensive food does not always good for health. I value health above all when it comes to food. Most of the food in my meals comes from plants planted organically around my mansion.

Despite my achievements, I still live a humble life. I only have one mansion that occupies the area of only 2 football fields, less than 10 stories high and located in the middle of a small garden which is only as large as 10 football fields.  One of the criteria I set for my architect for this mansion is it must be well ventilated to reduce maintenance cost and has lots of plants. The plants are all food producing types. Why is that so? Since, I am having plants, I might as well have plants that produce useful things like food.

After breakfast, I meet my team for work. At my wealth, I can do anything I want without having to work but without work, I will be directionless and purposeless. This is the curse that has ruined the lives of many of my counterparts. When they were poor, they climbed their way up to be rich. Once they got rich, they spent their lives indulging in leisure. However, when they became immune to it, they became lost. They ended up destroying themselves, their families and everything they worked for.

I am not going to follow their path. I still have my greed in me. I have set a purpose for myself and it is not about making money. Speaking of money, I have stopped trying to manage it. My wealth has grown to such a level than I suspect if I am to find out how rich I am, I will go crazy due to brain overload. Suffice to say, I can afford anything money can buy. As for managing them, I have one battalion of accountants in each continent to handle them. This means I can dedicate my life for the purpose I created for myself.

Here is my purpose: To be the Hari Seldon in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Series. Here is a brief explanation. In the story, Hari Seldon lives in a human controlled galactic empire. He was able to predict that the empire will collapse and humanity will live in the dark age until the next empire forms again. In order to reduce the duration of this dark age, he sets up 2 foundations situated at the opposite end of the galaxy. The purpose of these foundations is to guide humanity into a new civilisation after the galactic empire has collapsed.

I am doing the same to guide the human species to reach greater height in civilisation. The first foundation I set up is called the “Greed Foundation”. Its purpose is to help humanity to progress. This involves humanitarian aids in many poor countries. I have sent experts to help poor farmers to increase their harvests, set up schools, build hospitals, dig wells and even create industries to give the poor people a chance to live their lives in greed.

I went to a few of the villages myself and witnessed the transformation there. Millions of people are no longer suffering from hunger and malnutrition. Children get to go to schools to learn English, mathematics and science. I may not be able to remove the superstition from the current generation but I want to use education to create a scientific literate generation.  I believe science is what the species need to progress to the next level.

Overall, the achievements of the Greed Foundation have been obvious. Through this foundation, many lives have been saved from starvation, malnutrition and disease. However, there are still people out there who really hate me for what I have done.  I categorise them into 2 groups:

  1. Anti-prosperity fanatics.
  2. Religious fanatics.

These people hated me because I am rich and not ashamed to admit that I am still greedy. The first group are against me for the word “greed”. To them greed means evil despite the fact that I have shown very clearly that greed can also leads to kindness and love to others. I guess they are angry because I defied their definition.

The second group is more creative.  One preacher told his congregation that God revealed to him that I was sent by the devil to mislead people from the true Faith. The humanitarian works done by my Greed Foundation is to blind people’s eyes to the great evil I am supposed to bring to them.

However, the more popular accusation is I am the Antichrist. As I think of it, there is one similarity. I own significant shares in all the major companies dealing in world trade. Other than that, I am not interested in fulfilling the Bible prophecies for the Antichrist. The only prophecy I want to fulfil is my own.

I want to see humanity to reach for the stars. I want my species to be a star faring race. I want human beings to build settlements all over the galaxy. I know I will not live long enough to see it. I just contend to be the one who helped to start it.

This is what my first foundation is doing. I still have a second one which I call the “Seed Foundation”.  It is a backup in case the earth faces a global disaster that wipes out the civilisation that we know of. Let me explain. We have disasters at various places and times. Until now, these disasters are shortlived and localised. For example, if one place has a big earthquake, people from unaffected areas will send aids to help the victims. Meanwhile, other parts of the world continue to progress.

My problem is, what if we have a really big disaster like a mega earthquake, meteor strike, plague or any unexpected event that wipes out 99% of our population? Will the remaining 1% survivors be able to restore our civilisation or will they be sent back into Stone Age until the whole species extinct?

The Seed Foundation is set up for this purpose. While the Greed Foundation does its works openly, the Seed Foundation operates behind the scenes. I have set up secret bases throughout the world stocked with food supplies, technology and information to restore the civilisation in the event we really need it. This is a really big challenge because I don’t know what the big disaster could be. I do not even know I am still alive when it happens. It may happen tomorrow, next year, next decade or even a few hundred years later. Whatever the case, it is good to be prepared.

If there is no global disaster, the Greed Foundation will propel humanity to the stars but if something really deadly happens, I have the Seed Foundation to serve as a beacon of light guiding humanity to its way of progress.

These 2 foundations have giving me a purpose for living. I will cherish every moment of my life living it.

My Ideal Life 2: My Own Farm

I have decided to live out my childhood fantasy. I bought myself a farm in New Zealand. It is quite a small one, only the size of the whole Singapore.

As far as I can remember, I have been fascinated with planting things and feeding animals. Now that I have made a small fortune (I am still not sure whether my net-worth has reached the trillion dollars mark yet but it should be quite close), I have decided to get myself a farm and live like a farmer. Of course, I hope you can understand that I mean more than just watering plants in one of my mansions.

My wife is not very pleased with my latest plan. She even called it a carnal infactuation. However, my son was estatic about it. He wants to go to live with me, to collect eggs and pluck tomatos every day. I told him that he can only stay with me on the farm only in the weekends because he has to continue with his studies in a local university on weekdays. When he heard that, he said he wanted to finish his studies in Singapore first so that he can be a full time farmer like me. So I suggested that he should take up mechanical engineering so that he can help me to fix pumps in the farm.

This is something that poorer families cannot understand. As most parents in the world, my wife and I desire nothing more that complete protection and comfort for our only son. At the same time, we understand the truth that no one can grow when they are in a completely safe and confortable environment. There must be a balance between protection and risk.

What should I do? Maybe I should just let him conduct his own research once we got there.

Here is what I plan for my farm.

The crucial point to note is, I did not plan for the farm to be a luxurious holiday resort. I have been living like a king. I want to have a change. This time, I want to live like a farmer. A rich farmer is still a farmer.

First of all, the size of the house and the number of servants will be less extravagant than the usual. My farmhouse will only occupy the area of only one football field and only have a basement and 2 above ground storeys. The number of guess rooms will be limited to 10.

There will be about 20 in-house servants, 30 farm workers and about 50 technical, administrative, medical and security staff. In total, I have only about 100 employees in my isolated farm, a drastic cut compared to the mansions I have been staying in.

The other point to note is, I am not planning this farm to be commercial. It is meant to be a farm for the sake of being a farm. I try to make the whole place less dependent from the rest of the world. Don’t get me wrong. I am not planning to be completely isolated from the rest of the world even though this place is quite isolated.

My plane still needs to fly on fuel and periodically needs spare parts. I still want to drink coffee. The weather is too cold for coffee plants to grow. My employees will want to get out from the farm every now and then to get in touch with the rest of the species and spend the money I pay them. I am not forgetting that I have a billion (maybe trillion) dollar business empire to run. The only difference is, I do it in my humble farmhouse.

Other than those, I want my farm to be self sustaining. I already have a sustainable water source available. I am planning harness the sun rays and wind for electricity. I am using horses for most of transportation needs. No tractors. Motorised vehicles will only be used in emergencies like when somebody gets hurt.

I will ban the use of pesticides. As fertilisers, I will use animal droppings. The green movements will be proud of me.

The next question is, how will I spend my days. I will still have a gym for weight trainings but most of my exercises will be in real farm work. I will be fully involved in real physical works like planting, harvesting, making hay, milking cows and all those things that real farmers do. I am going to use my own strength to produce my own food.

Imagine waking up everyday, breathing in fresh air and work as a farmer.

I can visualise an abundant of crops harvested from my own farm in which my family and employees can eat to out fill. The overflow will be sent to the nearest charity or town to be shared freely with everyone.

What a life! I cannot wait to do it but I still I have to restrain myself. I have wait for my son to finish his degree course first. Otherwise, he will want to stop his studies.

My Ideal Life

Every day, unless there are unusual events, I wake up at about 7 am. I will brush my teeth, shave and freshen up before going for my morning workout in the gym. The term “downstairs” is relative to where I stay on that day. When I am in my own mansion, “downstairs” means taking the stairs from my bedroom at the third storey to my private gym at the ground floor. When I built this mansion, I had specified a gym to be built at one corner with transparent glass walls overlooking a beautiful garden with the sea at the background. As usual I will turn on my Jerry Savelle’s CD when I exercise. It always gives me more energy and brighten up my day.

When I am not at home, I will be most likely in a hotel. There my gym is just in one of the rooms. I always make sure that all my suites are equipped with exercise apparatus, which is gladly obliged by all the hotels I stayed in. After all, if you are staying in the presidential suite, you can basically ask for anything money can buy.

After my workout, I take a bath and have breakfast with my family. My wife and son will be awake by now. Nothing beats having some hot coffee with my family every morning. After breakfast, my son will be off to school while my wife and I will have a leisurely stroll at the beach at my backyard.

At around 10, I will be at my computer checking emails, reviewing my facebook account and of course blogging. Yeap Chee Seng Weblog has been a great hit worldwide with millions of viewers every day. All I have done was to write down all the inspirations from God and post it there. This blog has been a great blessing to me. It is not only an instrument for me to share everything I learned from God, it is also a medium in which my readers sharing their testimonies on how their lives have changed for the better after reading what I have written. This has truly brought joy to my heart. So, most of my mornings were spent in form of a computer. The internet is my main gateway to the rest of the world, followed by my private plane.

My lunch is usually spent with my ministry or business teams. I may be very rich now but I am not exactly free. I have a lot of projects in my hands. As a measure of efficiency, I allocate different days of the week for my various projects.

On Mondays, I meet with the management of my foundation of food and water. I set up this foundation with the purpose of providing sufficient food and clean water to those who are starving around the world. I am so rich now that I can eat whatever I want. My descendents will never taste hunger. However, there are many people who do not even have enough to eat. I feel for them and I intend to do what I can to help them.

YCS Foundation of Food And Water was set up for this purpose. In this foundation, I have teams buying all the surplus food from one part of the world and distribute them to other parts that experience food shortage. In addition, I also have research scientists developing high yield and resilient crops for the third world countries to create a more stable supply of food. This foundation costs me a lot of money but it also gives me even bigger satisfaction.

I do not have any target of how many people I want to help but I like to think of it this way. Assuming that there are 10 millions of people dying of hunger every day and I can only save 1% of them, this means I am saving 100,000 lives every day. In other words, my presence in this world has directly saved 100,000 lives every day. I love this job.

Other than food, this foundation also works on water supply for the needy. Having access to clean water is crucial for good health. Most of us in developed area take clean water for granted but we need to be aware that a lot of people in poor countries drink water that is so muddy that we don’t even want to use to wash our toilets. Here, we work on developing and introducing technology that can purify water cheaply to the masses.

Tuesdays are allocated for my real estate business. I meet up with my property managers, accountants, lawyers and all other specialists through satellite links as they are located all around the world. This is quite complicated as I have thousands of buildings around the world. The amount of money I receive from rentals and sales is staggering. I have an army of accountants to tabulate and compile my earnings for tax and tithing purpose.

If anyone is to ask me how much is my net-worth, my answer is I don’t know. Some institutions estimate 11 to 12 figures sum but no one can be sure. All I know is I can afford to have anything money can buy. Once, I had a very embarrassing experience. I was in London and was impressed by a very beautiful building. I fell in love in it a once. So, made a call to instruct my legal assistant to find out the identity of the owner and negotiate to purchase it. It turns out that this building belongs to a company fully owned by me! So, I have already owned that building without realizing it. Basically I have given up trying to memorize all my properties. There are too many of them. All I know is they are the cash cows for my humanitarian and scientific projects.

Wednesdays are for my high tech ventures. I have a venture capitalist company focusing on funding new technology startups. There are many investment failures but those that made it big are more than enough to make up for the losses with a lot of balance.

In comparison with my real estate investments, this business does not give a very consistent income but those successful ventures can cause huge spikes in my profit margin. In other words, the profit curve is like a roller coaster.

My favorite segment is in nano-technology. I have funded a few firms in this area of expertise. I look forward to the day where my science fiction dreams comes true.

On Thursdays, I focus in my infrastructure business. I may be rich but I still have the engineer’s heart in me. I like to build things. I have acquired many specialists engineering firms for this purpose. At this moment, I have projects in drilling tunnels, building roads, bridges and railways. My wife likes to call these the most expensive Lego games because she knows I am doing this for fun. This business has the lowest profit margin but who cares? I have a lot of fun doing it.

On Fridays, I will look at my second foundation. It is called YCS Foundation of Prosperity. As the name suggests, its focus is to bring people out of poverty into prosperity. Poverty is bad. It harms and prevents people from living to their fullest potential. I want to eliminate it. The only way to get rid of poverty is to flush it out with prosperity. People must learn on how to get rich. Once you are rich, you will no longer be poor.

Poverty is both spiritual and physical. This is why I work with various ministries like JSMI and KCM to introduce the Gospel to the poor. This foundation provides physical aids like loans and education, both practical and spiritual to the poor. It is a long term project but I am glad I have some good results flowing in. Many people who have gone through the training programs have seen their prosperity increasing.

Saturdays are for family. By the way, I only have one family. We spend time together having fun. We have done many things together like cruising in my private ship and flying around the world. There was a few times where we flew to Tokyo for breakfast, London for lunch and dinner back in Singapore. Thank God for my supersonic jet.

At night I am busy again preparing for church on Sunday. What is there to prepare? I am the main preacher in my church. I have set up my own church with some like-minded friends. We have even given it a name that can cause theologians to jump out of their graves. The church is called “Get Rich Church”.

In all my messages, I focus on one thing only, preaching the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. I will not tolerate any heresies like God wants you to be sick and poor to show you his sufficient grace. Such filth will never appear in my church. In fact, I have made it clear to my church members that I would rather close down the whole church than to resort to manipulate people for money like what my first church did.

In case someone may ask on my salary from this church, the answer is I don’t get any. I already have more money than I can spend. Why would I need to take anymore salary?

I count the church to be another success in my life. My sermons are broadcast all around the world. The church websites are flooded with testimonies on how their lives have changed after listening to the messages. There is even a black market that trades seats in the church. From what I have heard, there are people queuing overnight in front of the church to get the queue numbers. Then they proceed to sell those numbers for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Wow, since when have my church seats has become real estate? I am still not sure on whether I should take action to prevent this. What I am thinking of is to build a 100,000 seats stadium to hold church services but I have no doubt that the demand will soon out-strip supply.

After Sunday Service, I will usually meet up with friends for fellowship and network. We have great fun together.

That is for now. This is my life.