A Christian Response To PinkDot

In Singapore, we have an annual event where those with alternative sexual orientation congregate at a park wearing pink clothes. Their purpose is to gain acceptance for their nature. Of course, not everyone is happy about it.

One Muslim group initiated a “wear white” campaign to protest the pink folks. They were supported by a coalition of Christian churches. I find this a miracle itself that extreme Christians and Muslims can work together in harmony if they have a common target to hate.

How should a Christian respond to this scenario? There are a few issues I would like to address right now.


Sodom and Gemorrah
This is a favourite quote from the haters. Their message here is simple. God has murdered the inhabitants in those cities because they are homosexuals. If you don’t want the same to happen here, join our hate campaign.

My answer: Even if we assume the event has literally happened, it was a one off event. It has never happened ever since. Today we have homosexuals all over the world but where are the fire and brimstones? It seems to be long overdue.

Let us suppose that they are right. Fire and brimstone are coming if there are homosexuals around. What can we do? Will joining the hate group helps? Even if we wear white and condemn the gays every day, they will still be around. That will not prevent the fire and brimstones coming our way.

Worst still, we have no way to run because there are gays everywhere.

There is no middle ground. Either you are for God or against him.
This means anyone who do not join their anti-gay movement must be a pro-gay. That is sin. They do not accept anything in between.

My answer: I am not in the middle. I simply don’t care. For example, I do not condemn vegetarians. That does not mean I am one. In the real world, all of us can understand that not actively hating something does not mean we must love them. I guess this is something that the crackpots can never understand.

The Bible states very clearly homosexuality is a sin.
These folks are using the Bible to justify their perversion.

My answer: The Bible also listed many things as sin. For example, all males must be circumcised, no work on Sabbath (which is Saturday), not allowed to eat pork and other strange stuff. I do not believe any Christian is able to obey every one of them.

Yet we do not have people campaigning against those who eat pork or work on Sabbath. Why single out this one? Easier to bully?

Your kids will grow up to be one of them.
Somehow they invented this law that says if you do not condemn certain type of people then your children will grow up into one of them.

My answer: If I don’t want my son to grow up becoming a toilet cleaner, should I start a hate campaign against all toilet cleaners. This is simple logic that can be clouded by irrational hatred.

In this article, I am not going to even take sides on whether the homosexual tendency is inborn or acquired lifestyle. All I want to say is, you cannot get rid of them and make them disappear by participating in any form of hate campaign.

Yes, the Bible says it is a sin but there are also many other sins. Why is there no hate movements on other sins? Because they are more popular? Or is it because you commit them, then they are not serious. Only sins that you do not commit are serious.

Therefore, whatever this hate campaign is doing, it will not reduce the population of the target but it will rather make the Gospel repulsive to the moderates.