Nation X: A Brief Introduction To Natural Humans

In the last lecture, I presented the history of Nation X from the viewpoint of a natural human. As expected, most of you did not understand what it means. We need to understand that the system we live in today is totally different from what it was during the time natural humans dominated Earth. In fact, the greatest mistake any student of history can make is to regard the natural humans we have at the designated wildlife preserves on Earth as true representation of the natural humans during the time of Nation X.

Let me begin by giving you a brief introduction to what natural humans used to be. If you are interested in knowing more, I suggest you take up a full course in humanogy conducted by Professor DFT99-234.

If you are to visit the natural human settlements on Earth today, you will only see the tamed version of the species. Through centuries of artificial selections by the Wildlife Wardens, they have evolved to be very peaceful and docile. They are totally different from the version that dominated the planet prior to Nation X.

According to the studies of prominent humanogists, natural humans at that time were nothing more than savages with minimal intelligence. To give you a clear comparison, an average adult of their kind has the same level of intelligence as a 5 year old kid you see in the nursery next door. What they lack in intelligence, they made it up with intense appetite for violence. Their entire culture, from literature, music, arts to technological achievements flourished the most when they were at war among themselves.

So, it is easy to understand that the people of Nation X, whom we shall now call the “X-sers” were not really having a good time living on a planet dominated by those savages. The natural humans were suspicious of anything different and X-sers happened to fit the bill.

In the beginning, the X-sers managed to contain the hostility through the utilisation of their medical technology. Here is a brief biology lesson. As a product of evolution, the body of a natural human is full of flaws. If we are to look at it from the perspective of an intelligent designer, it is a bad product. The entire body is badly designed, the genetic codes contain lots of defects and all the organs are easily damaged. This is why natural humans have a very short lifespan.

What the X-ser offered was the technology to prolong the lives of their ruling class. This makes the X-sers in demand from the rich and powerful among the natural humans. Although the X-sers were still primitive based on our standard, they looked like miracles to the natural humans. They had the capability to prolong the life spans of their clients indefinitely through their expertise in stem cells manipulation. As a result, the ruling class would not authorise any attack nor harm to Nation X or they would become mortals again. This was how the X-sers ensured their survival among the savages.

However, this advantage did not last for long. Through the life prolonging sessions to the ruling class, over time the society of the natural humans had divided into 2 separate classes: the ruling class who literally lived forever and the rest of natural humans who continued with their short span lives. Conflicts grew between them. The X-sers were concerned that in the event the ruling class lost control over the population, they might be attacked by the angry mob.

This is one reason why the X-sers wanted to establish direct control over the planet. They wanted to take control over the planet before the mob of savages got to them.

The other reason was the X-sers reached the plateau in the genetic improvements. In order not to cause excessive mistrust among the natural humans, the X-sers only used human genes to design the subsequent generations. This was to ensure that they still looked humans. However, they reached the limit of what human genes could do within a century. They need more diverse genes either from other animals or purely artificial ones. The only way for them was to take full control over the natural humans first.

Finally, the motivation to take control of the planet came from the discovery of subspace communication. Through it, they learned that the galaxy is not so quiet after all. There is a whole forest of star faring races and many of them were hostile and exploitative. The only reason Earth was spared was because it was out of the way from the galactic trade routes. All it takes was one stray ship and Earth would be discovered and became one of the slave colonies. The X-sers believed that the only way to be ready is for them to take the lead to prepare humanity for such eventuality.

Some of you may wonder on why did we emphasize so much on this ancient civilisation.
Here is the answer.
We place Nation X as the core of our history because it marks the transition of our species from the natural to the synthetic. Another way of putting it is, we have moved from being a product of evolution into the result of intelligent design. Nation X marked the way for true civilisation.