Nation X: World Domination

Welcome back to the lecture on the history of Nation X. As I have said in earlier lectures, the Nation X marks an important jump in our civilisation. It was the beginning of our transition from savages to true intelligent beings. Through it, humanity was transformed from being the product of evolution to the creation of intelligent design like us. Look around yourselves now. We are what we are today, not because of random forces of evolution but because we were specifically designed by our respective genetic engineers to fulfil specific roles. This is the mark of true civilisation.

In the previous session, we went through the archive recordings of the natural humans at the time Nation X was taking over the planet. Don’t be distressed because you cannot fully understand their meanings. Even the best humanogist cannot fully understand them either. Your assignment is to write a paper on the effect of the transition to the society of the natural humans.

Let us begin the actual course.

When the X-sers decided to take over the control of Earth, they knew they could not succeed through violence. First, they were greatly outnumbered. Secondly, the natural humans had control over a vast amount of nuclear weapons. In those days, the term “nuclear” was restricted to the fission, splitting of heavy atoms. The technology was primitive but extremely destructive. The X-sers knew they had no chance of surviving a full scale nuclear explosion.

Instead, their war plan was to exploit the greatest weakness of the brains of the natural humans, pleasure.

Natural humans are very diverse. They differ in their beliefs, preferences and interests. However, no matter how diverse they are, all their beliefs and actions were focused on bring joy to them. They have many words for it like “joy”, “pleasure”, “happiness”, enlightenment” and many other but the mechanism is still the same. It is the event of having electrical impulses to stimulate a part of their brain called the “pleasure center”.

The X-sers knew about it but they did not have the technology to create the impulse from huge distances. Then they discovered the principle of quantum connectivity which can be used to scan the frequencies of primitive brains and be adjusted to deliver sonic waves to stimulate the pleasure centres of the natural humans.

They started to build relay stations throughout the earth using their agents. When the system was ready, the begun to scan the brainwaves. Then they activated the waves designed to the scan. The natural humans were infected and felt extreme joy. Throughout their lives, they made plans, sacrifices and dream of happiness. On that day, they received the very thing they could only dream of, joy.

The X-ser made their message clear. They would switch on the pleasure waves for one hour a day if the subjects agreed to obey their instructions. Those who refused would be excluded from the effects because the X-sers could easily exclude those individuals’ brain waves from the pleasure waves. As a result, the X-sers gain the control of the entire planet’s wealth.

Meanwhile, the natural humans continued with their lives in a more simplified manner. They worked on their given roles willingly. They had no other desire than to enjoy the daily exposure to the pleasure waves. In other words, they got out of the way and allowed the X-sers to develop Earth.

Thus, Earth became a truly civilised planet. From there, the X-sers progressed to space travel, colonise the moon, Mars and the Asteroid Belt. The success in dominating Earth also allowed the X-sers to experiment with animal and synthetic genes for the development of the subsequent generation.

If you are to examine your genetic codes, you will find that the original human genes can rarely consist of more than 2% of the entire genes. So, why do we call ourselves “humans” since we only inherit less than 2% of their genes? The answer is, we do that because our true inheritance from them is not their genes but their quest for self improvements. If the early humans had no desire to improve and progress in life, Nation X would not have existed. Without Nation X, we will not be here today participating in a history course in a space station orbiting Jupiter.

We owe our existence to the natural humans. We inherit their progressive spirit. This is the most important thing I want you to remember from this course.

In order to let understand more, we will organise a field trip to visit the natural humans.

In 2 weeks time, Jupiter and Earth will be aligned at the same line from the sun. This means travel between these 2 planets will cost the least at that time. We will make our trip by next week.

Please read the instructions transmitted into your chips on the preparation needed. You are to follow the protocol strictly especially when communicating with the natural humans. Those who are caught offending the natural humans will be punished. You are to memorise all the rules of communication.

We realise that some of you are not designed to live on Earth. The strong gravitational pull and the highly corrosive oxygen gas of Earth are fatal of those who are designed to live in vacuum. If you happen to be one, please consult your environmental suit specialist and get yourself proper protection. The timetable of the trip is included in the transmission.


My Economic Policy: Subsidyless Nation

I am taking a shot at formulating my own national policy. In this post I plan to eliminate the subsidy system as we know it. Let me begin by giving my definition of subsidy.

Definition of subsidy: Forcing A to bear the partial expense incurred by B.


Based on the above definition, some subsidies like the HDB subsidy is not counted as one. Other than that subsidy is inherently unjust. I propose to eliminate most of it and residents are to pay the full cost of government services. In addition, I propose some measures to ensure the cost of living to be affordable to the citizens like negative income tax.

Of course, the above policy does not cover all of the government’s functions. There are functions cannot be so easily priced like the role of police, army, fire fighters, judges etc. These roles are to remain as usual but services with direct usage like healthcare and education needs to be reformed by charging full cost to the users.

Does this make us a less caring society? The answer is “no”. A truly caring society is a society where people help the less fortunate voluntarily, not by force. The policy of subsidising the poor is achieved by forcing to rich to help the poor. This does not make the rich to be more caring. Likewise, for the policy of subsidised healthcare. It is achieved by forcing the healthy to pay for the medical expenses of the sick.

Let us take healthcare as an example. Is it just to force people who do not go to the hospital to pay a part of the cost of those who do? Some may argue that any one of us have the chance of getting hit by a car or being diagnosed with some cancer. So, it should be the benefit for all of us. I agree on that but there are also many diseases that are linked to lifestyles.

For example, those who live a sexually active lifestyle will have a higher risk of being infected with sexually transmitted disease. I have no objection to the man’s choice of such a lifestyle but he should also respect my freedom in not wanting to contribute to his medical funds should he be infected with those disease. The same can be said for those who maintain a healthy lifestyle and don’t eat meat. They should not be forced to pay for the medical expenses of those who do not care for their health.

So, my plan is to create a system where individuals pay the full cost for the services used with some exceptions (like the police etc) and government funded charity should be kept to the minimum.

This does not mean I am not aware of the high medical expenses should the unexpected happens. How should we deal with this? The answer is in the promotion of cost effective healthcare insurance. When I say that, I am referring to the insurance that people have the choice on whether they want to take. It should not be forced. In order to ensure the plan to be affordable, premium should be made as low as humanly possible.

In order to do that, I propose the following steps:
1. Liberalise the entry requirement for insurance companies in order to create more competition.
2. Allow the public to buy insurance directly from the companies to eliminate commissions.
3. Allow limitations to the insurance plans to reduce premium.

In the first point, the only legislation we need is to ensure those insurers to pay up when it is time to do so. Other than that, there should be minimum barrier of entry. A more competitive market will ensure the lowest insurance cost.

In the second point, commissions form a significant portion of the insurance premium. If the public can get their insurance directly from the insurance companies, then they can save the commissions. What about those who need advice on what to buy? They can seek insurance professionals to advise them for a fee. Here is an example: Instead of paying $100 in commissions, the public can save the money and pay $50 as advisory fee for a professional to advise them. It is still cheaper and better.

For the third point, one needs to understand that insurance companies make their profit in getting paid to take up risks. Each time a client gets admitted into the hospital, the company has to fork out a lot of money. So, if we can help them to reduce their risks, then it must lead to lower charges. Here is an example. Based on my current lifestyle, I know I will not get any sexually transmitted disease. I can tell my insurance company to exclude that from my health plan. This means if I ever get admitted to the hospital for sexually transmitted disease, the insurance company have my permission in not paying a single cent. This will reduce their risk. In return I expect them to reduce my premium accordingly.

So much for insurance.

I am also aware that there are many poor people who cannot make ends meet. How can they survive if they have to pay full costs of everything? The answer is in the implementation of negative income tax. This means the government will use tax-payers money to top up the cash income of the low income earners to enable them to live decent lives.

I propose 2 categories of recipients for the top-up:
1. Disabled
2. Able bodied.

Those in Group 1 will receive their cash top-up of up to $1,000 per month with no other conditions. This should be the minimum charity at the government’s expense. The potential for abuse is low because it is very unlikely for anyone to chop off their legs for the $1,000.

Those in Group 2 will be different. In order to qualify to receive the top-up, the recipients must be answerable to their assigned career coaches. The career coach’s job is to help the recipients to move to the higher salary bracket. The coaches will identify the obstacles and recommend steps for the recipients to follow. For example, if the problem is the lack of education, the coach will recommend the recipient to take up night classes. The expense of his class will be paid fully by the recipient using the money from the top-up. The government will not spend a single cent more on them.

Should the coach find the recipient to be not cooperative or have no intention to improve, then he will recommend the top-up to be cancelled. The public should realise that the cash top-up is meant to help the poor to be rich. It is not meant for them to stay poor. Tax-payers’ money should not be wasted on those who have no intention to improve.

That is all for now. I will discuss the education plan in my next post.

Nation X: The Last Tycoon

At last, the end is here. Or is it the beginning? I am not really sure myself. Am I supposed to be bitter because I was betrayed by my benefactors? Yet, I have no negative feelings towards them. Maybe it is the result of those joy waves.

Whatever it is, I think I have gotten the best deal in life. As of now I am 143 years old. Yet, my appearance and body cells are like those in their 20 plus, thanks to the rejuvenation technology from my benefactors turned masters. I have lived a long prosperous life. I withheld nothing my heart’s desires may it be women, drugs or delicacies of any kind. So, I should have no regrets of facing the end. The problem is, I am happier now.

Let me begin with my story.

I started off as a small time smuggler. I was involved in almost everything illegal. Drugs, technology, weapons or anything else that people are willing to pay for.

One day, I read about a Third World Nation that had opened its doors to stem cell research companies out of desperation for more money. Almost instantly it became a pariah state to the international community. I saw an opportunity to make lots of money by helping them in the procurement of needed supplies.

At first, I did not earn much from them but I saw the potential. The events that unfolded after that had proven me right. I hit the jackpot. As the nation grew in wealth, so did I. Being the pioneer has its privileges. The formerly pariah state has become the star of the business community. Everybody wanted to do business with it. As the country’s “best friend”, I naturally become everyone’s preferred business partner. All I have to do is to maintain relationship with my clients and money keeps flowing in.

Not only that I get to benefit from their advanced medical treatment. These folks are extreme genius. The can create any organs. Throughout my life, many of my organs had failed. If not for their replacements, I would have died a long time ago. I owed them my life. This is also the same technology that enabled them to secure the support from the rich and powerful throughout the world. After all, who can say no to living long and healthy lives? As the middleman, I made a lot of money from this.

One day, they decided to give me a new communication technology. All I know is, it is based on quantum connectivity and it can provide high density data transfer for a fraction of the cost we had at that time. So, I started to implement it and earn another mountain of gold while enjoying the fame of the second Edison.

Unbeknown to me, the system that I set up can be piggybacked to scan and record the brainwaves of the people around it. They used the data to create the right sound waves that can stimulate the pleasure centres in our brains. The rest is history. The waves they emit can produce tremendous joy to their targets. Those exposed by it will want for nothing other than to be exposed to it forever. I am one of them.

Let me make it clear here. I know what it is to enjoy life. I have enjoyed all the things that many people can only afford to fantasize of. Yet, none of them can be compared to what I felt under those waves. I don’t know how to describe it other than “pure joy”. In fact, this is my only craving – to have more of it. As for other hobbies like women, drugs and delicacies, they no longer have any attraction to me.

In this way, the entire humanity has been enslaved by our genetically enhanced counterparts. The strange thing is we enjoy it. All we have to do is to perform the task they set for us and obey the given laws. We will be rewarded with one hour of exposure to the pleasure waves per day.

Our entire society has changed. There are no longer any vices at all because we only crave for the wave. Drugs, alcohol, prostitution and all other crimes are gone. Somehow, they have the ability to exclude selected individuals from the wave when necessary. This means anyone who were caught disobeying the rules will be excluded. When the waves were turned on, these people will not be able to feel the joy like the rest of us. This is the worst punishment one can receive. As a result, for the first time in known history, we have a perfect law abiding community.

As for me, I was appointed as their chief administrator. In other words, a collaborator or a traitor. If I find anyone who does not obey my orders, I will just click the person’s unique brainwaves into the joy wave emitter. This person will be excluded from the next emission of joy wave. So, practically no one dares to disobey me. This is a boring job and as a reward I am entitled to double the duration of pleasure wave. The only unusual thing I have to do is to command selected people to procreate in order to avoid the extinction of the species.

So, why did they enslave us for? The answer is to keep us out of their way. They are not using us to mine uranium, plant corn or work in their factories. They have more efficient machines for that. All they want is for us to mind our own business . I guess this shall be our business for the rest of our lives, keep in line to enjoy the joy wave.