Cash In A Flash

The above is the title of a book authored by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G Allen. I found it in the library. If I have came across this title in a book shop, I don’t think I will ever bother to buy it because I will think it is nothing more than a marketing ploy to sell books. However, since it was in the library, which is funded by my own tax money, I see no harm in borrowing and reading it.

The result is, I am amazed by its contents. This book has real and practical contents, which I sincerely believe are able to help its readers to make a lot of money in a relative short time. I am not a stranger to positive thinking. In fact, this blog is filled with positive contents. I believe that in order to be rich materially, we have to be rich spiritually. This means we need to learn to think and talk positive. Only then will the material riches come into our lives.

How about getting rich fast? Sounds like a scam to me. However, I have changed and renewed my mind after reading this book. Getting the first million dollars within a year (or 90 days as suggested in the book) is entirely probable and possible if we know how. In this book, I learned how to focus my heart and mind on getting rich. After that, it comes with suggestions on practical ways to make money. So, I am not going to think positive until a bag of money drops from the sky.

It is also filled with many examples on real people had done it. One of the most powerful examples is in the testimony of the 2006 Nobel Peace Laureate Dr Muhammad Yunus. He won the prize for his efforts in lending money to the poorest women Bangladesh to start their businesses. He started his “bank” with $26 and it grew it into $2 billion capital.

He lent to the poor and illiterate women with neither collateral nor written contracts. His only requirement for his borrowers is, each of them must form a support group of 5 or 6. The groups are to meet regularly to brainstorm and support each other. As a result, he enjoyed a repayment rate is 98%. This means 98% of the women who borrowed from him are able to repay the loans. It was a great success by any standard.

What is the secret here? It is interesting to note that those women were illiterate and never attended any training courses on how to start business. Dr Yunus did not teach them anything because he believed they will be intimidated by new knowledge. The only way they learn is from their peers in their support groups.

The basic idea here is, those women may be poor and illiterate but they are not dumb. They have some skills of their own like weaving, cooking, sewing and planting. So, they started their own business using the skills and talents they already have. Formal learning and training is not required here.

So, if those women who do not know ABC can do it, why not me? Please note that the authors had never said learning is not important. Learning is a continuous process and it should not be an excuse for doing nothing. Whatever skills or talent you have right now, you can use them to build your own business and make your millions. If you are interested, I strongly suggest you get this book.

My commitment.
After reading this book, I am even more committed to make my first million. In fact, I have a head start already. I intend to press forward to make my dreams come true.

In the real estate category, I have purchased a studio unit in a prime area in Manila through a no-money-down scheme. In this deal, I only need to pay 1% of the property price every month until the completion of the project and thereafter I will have to pay up the balance. I am looking forward for the price to double so that I can flip it for a bundle of cash. When that happens, I will have the capital to acquire more properties to build up my real estate empire.

Apart from that, I am have been trading currencies. I did not do very well at first. I have tried automated trading but unfortunately, the results are not good either. A few weeks ago, I have got an idea to create my own trading strategy, which has been working well so far. This strategy has 3 characteristics that I like very much. They are:
1. Simple.
2. Low loss and high reward to loss ratio.
3. Non-directional.

My strategy is very simple because I like simplicity. After all I am an engineer. In this strategy, I do not need any form of indicators nor any complex calculations. All I need is 2 horizontal lines and I will be able calculate my entry and exit positions. Not only that, I only have to “work” for less than 5 minutes in every 24 hours, 5 days a week. How much more simpler can it get?

It has low loss and high reward to loss ratio because I don’t like to lose a lot of money. I have been trading long enough to know that there can never be any strategy that offers 100% wins. There are bound to be losses but I want to keep them small and I want the profits to be larger than the loss. This strategy comes with this feature because I created it this way.

It is also non-directional because I hate the idea of trying to predict the direction of the market. I want to make money no matter where the market moves, up or down. I designed this feature into my strategy and I love it.

What is next? I intend to trade using this strategy and fine tune it for maybe a year. Then, I can leverage on it like selling a book on it, setting up a trading school or even a hedge fund. The income of my trades can be used in acquiring more properties.

Thirdly, I have bought a trading strategy that has similar features. It is non-directional, has lower loss and higher reward to risk ratio compared to my strategy. I have made some profits using this strategy yesterday. The only drawback is, positions can only be entered at 0800 GMT. In Singapore, this will be 4pm. So this is not a problem for those living in Asia, Europe and Africa. Only those in North and South America will have problems using this strategy.

I will continue to trade this strategy along with my own. When I am fully convinced on its reliability, I will start to market it for commissions.

These are my million dollar plans. The world is beautiful. I am glad I am alive.


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  2. Cash In A Flash « Yeap Chee Seng Weblog | MAKE CASH TODAY Says:

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  3. peacefulone Says:

    Hi Chee! I just stopped by to say Merry Christmas to you and your family! I pray that this note finds you and your family well. This is a very nice article! Thanks for sharing. Love E

  4. christian Says:

    I came by your site when I was reading about Pastor Rony.
    Was reading this post. Hmmm…not sure if this is serious
    or tongue in cheek…like satire. I am not from New Creation Church but I have lots of Pastor Prince’s teaching.
    He has his critics for sure. I remember one exchange in particular where I told someone that his teaching is not wrong its how you take it and apply it…its not wrong per se but there are those who will take it wrongly. I myself come from the Catholic side of things so its a good balance to be reminded of grace. Note Balance. The way God did it is Law is the foundation of Grace. That is how bible history is unfolded. If you know Grace alone without the Law…that Grace will tend to be abused. Jesus Himself said he did not come to abolish the Law but fulfill it. Grace enables us to fulfill the Law in Christ, not abolish it. So I appreciate Pastor Prince and I have a Baptist friend who attends 2 churches..her own Baptist and New Creation…again its the balance….Law centric church balanced with Grace -centric church. But back to what struck me here…about ” I hate missions…I want to be rich ” etc First…good to be honest. No point bluffing God when He reads your heart. If you hate missions, you hate missions…
    but what does God want ?? Jesus came not to do his own will but the will of the Father. What does God will ? Anything we will ? But then how if we hate it ? We just just to struggle unfortunately and lay down our will.
    But here being in New Creation helps…God loves you unconditionally even if you hate missions and try to love it.
    This teaching helps us to struggle against sin. Pastor Prince was on the spot with this. Freedom to fail for those who try to be better helps them become better. Failure is inevitable as you strive to master something. But for the lazy etc…it can be abused right ? Then about money. There is a school of thot that poor is holy. But in New Creation Church you will not fall to that error. However…the opposite is not true either. Rich is also not holy. ….I think you also misunderstand the wealth of Jesus. Jesus lacked for no good thing…for sure. He had all He needed but He was certainly not rich in a worldly way. He did not own hotels or had vineyards to earn passive income a la Rich Dad, Poor Dad or have a fleet of boats he rented out. He lived by daily providence…God providing for Him. End with a sharing. Once my wife and I were given tickets…only because the boss was not in town he passed us his tickets …to a very expensive concert. We would not pay for such tickets…it would burn a big hole. There at the concert I was surprised to see…a priest we knew who belonged to a mendicant..or begging order. First I was stunned..and then I smiled. You may say he was rich to be able to attend such a concert but he did not pay for it…it was a gift as in our case. That ticket did not come from his investments or striving…it was expensive but came freely like manna from heaven. A generous gift from a generous God to a man who lived owning nothing but enjoying everything. He was not rich but he lived a good life
    And that is the wealth of Jesus….are you sure you have that in mind ? its not the Li Ka Shing, Warren Buffet
    kind of wealthiness. Sure there were many rich disciples…but I assure you many of them became POORER
    after knowing Jesus. Not become poor…but poorer.
    Sure God will bless some with wealth to bless others…but like roles in the body of Christ…not everyone can be a hand or eye or nose. Some will be like that…the rest will be wealthy like Jesus was….He said…foxes have holes and birds have nest…but the Son of Man not even a stone to lay his head. Yes his linen was expensive but like the talk about how expensive HDB flats are…for most of us and for Jesus…if you sell the flat where do you stay. It only benefits us and Jesus if we and he had more than one property. Then we can sell the flat and Jesus can sell clothes and make money. For the example you quoted about Jesus…ie the gifts or gold and myrrh Sure that was more than enough for the needs of the family in Egypt…but its not enough to get noticed by the wealthy elite of Egypt..
    ” Oh who do we have here…? ” ” Just some rich immigrants from Canaan….Joseph the ….Furniture Tycoon, heard he has a couple dozen retail shops all over Lower Egypt. See that table …that is Joseph of Canaan.”
    There are many things Pastor Prince teach that is good but one example…the case of his selling his condo that I don’t quite agree. The one where he anointed the wall with oil and sold it off a super high price. For church members…many would go ” Hallelujah ” without thinking like Lighthouse members laughing when Pastor Rony talked about reincarnation. But think deeper…sure, the world is like this:
    Buyer…as high a price as possible …find a sucker willing to pay
    Seller….as low a price as possible…condemn the product/service to the pits to knock the price down
    But from a christian perspective…
    Buyer how? Is it the same as above
    Seller how ? Is it the same as above…
    no difference between christians and the world ?
    Its not easy to be rich without sinning. Not that being rich is sinful but its not easy to be rich without sinning.
    So how then to be rich ? Only God can achieve that for us.
    Godly wealth is truly a blessing…grace….unmerited favor. To be rich without committing sins…to have wealth without the sorrows attached….that is blessing.
    Advice is…sure pray for it…but don’t hanker for it.
    Remember Solomon….he did not ask for wealth or the destruction of his enemies…he asked for Wisdom. ( a good series by Pastor Prince which I listen to often ) and was given wealth ALSO. If he asked for wealth…first…above Wisdom I wonder what God would say to him.
    May you be greatly blessed, highly favored and deeply loved!

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