My Ideal Life

Every day, unless there are unusual events, I wake up at about 7 am. I will brush my teeth, shave and freshen up before going for my morning workout in the gym. The term “downstairs” is relative to where I stay on that day. When I am in my own mansion, “downstairs” means taking the stairs from my bedroom at the third storey to my private gym at the ground floor. When I built this mansion, I had specified a gym to be built at one corner with transparent glass walls overlooking a beautiful garden with the sea at the background. As usual I will turn on my Jerry Savelle’s CD when I exercise. It always gives me more energy and brighten up my day.

When I am not at home, I will be most likely in a hotel. There my gym is just in one of the rooms. I always make sure that all my suites are equipped with exercise apparatus, which is gladly obliged by all the hotels I stayed in. After all, if you are staying in the presidential suite, you can basically ask for anything money can buy.

After my workout, I take a bath and have breakfast with my family. My wife and son will be awake by now. Nothing beats having some hot coffee with my family every morning. After breakfast, my son will be off to school while my wife and I will have a leisurely stroll at the beach at my backyard.

At around 10, I will be at my computer checking emails, reviewing my facebook account and of course blogging. Yeap Chee Seng Weblog has been a great hit worldwide with millions of viewers every day. All I have done was to write down all the inspirations from God and post it there. This blog has been a great blessing to me. It is not only an instrument for me to share everything I learned from God, it is also a medium in which my readers sharing their testimonies on how their lives have changed for the better after reading what I have written. This has truly brought joy to my heart. So, most of my mornings were spent in form of a computer. The internet is my main gateway to the rest of the world, followed by my private plane.

My lunch is usually spent with my ministry or business teams. I may be very rich now but I am not exactly free. I have a lot of projects in my hands. As a measure of efficiency, I allocate different days of the week for my various projects.

On Mondays, I meet with the management of my foundation of food and water. I set up this foundation with the purpose of providing sufficient food and clean water to those who are starving around the world. I am so rich now that I can eat whatever I want. My descendents will never taste hunger. However, there are many people who do not even have enough to eat. I feel for them and I intend to do what I can to help them.

YCS Foundation of Food And Water was set up for this purpose. In this foundation, I have teams buying all the surplus food from one part of the world and distribute them to other parts that experience food shortage. In addition, I also have research scientists developing high yield and resilient crops for the third world countries to create a more stable supply of food. This foundation costs me a lot of money but it also gives me even bigger satisfaction.

I do not have any target of how many people I want to help but I like to think of it this way. Assuming that there are 10 millions of people dying of hunger every day and I can only save 1% of them, this means I am saving 100,000 lives every day. In other words, my presence in this world has directly saved 100,000 lives every day. I love this job.

Other than food, this foundation also works on water supply for the needy. Having access to clean water is crucial for good health. Most of us in developed area take clean water for granted but we need to be aware that a lot of people in poor countries drink water that is so muddy that we don’t even want to use to wash our toilets. Here, we work on developing and introducing technology that can purify water cheaply to the masses.

Tuesdays are allocated for my real estate business. I meet up with my property managers, accountants, lawyers and all other specialists through satellite links as they are located all around the world. This is quite complicated as I have thousands of buildings around the world. The amount of money I receive from rentals and sales is staggering. I have an army of accountants to tabulate and compile my earnings for tax and tithing purpose.

If anyone is to ask me how much is my net-worth, my answer is I don’t know. Some institutions estimate 11 to 12 figures sum but no one can be sure. All I know is I can afford to have anything money can buy. Once, I had a very embarrassing experience. I was in London and was impressed by a very beautiful building. I fell in love in it a once. So, made a call to instruct my legal assistant to find out the identity of the owner and negotiate to purchase it. It turns out that this building belongs to a company fully owned by me! So, I have already owned that building without realizing it. Basically I have given up trying to memorize all my properties. There are too many of them. All I know is they are the cash cows for my humanitarian and scientific projects.

Wednesdays are for my high tech ventures. I have a venture capitalist company focusing on funding new technology startups. There are many investment failures but those that made it big are more than enough to make up for the losses with a lot of balance.

In comparison with my real estate investments, this business does not give a very consistent income but those successful ventures can cause huge spikes in my profit margin. In other words, the profit curve is like a roller coaster.

My favorite segment is in nano-technology. I have funded a few firms in this area of expertise. I look forward to the day where my science fiction dreams comes true.

On Thursdays, I focus in my infrastructure business. I may be rich but I still have the engineer’s heart in me. I like to build things. I have acquired many specialists engineering firms for this purpose. At this moment, I have projects in drilling tunnels, building roads, bridges and railways. My wife likes to call these the most expensive Lego games because she knows I am doing this for fun. This business has the lowest profit margin but who cares? I have a lot of fun doing it.

On Fridays, I will look at my second foundation. It is called YCS Foundation of Prosperity. As the name suggests, its focus is to bring people out of poverty into prosperity. Poverty is bad. It harms and prevents people from living to their fullest potential. I want to eliminate it. The only way to get rid of poverty is to flush it out with prosperity. People must learn on how to get rich. Once you are rich, you will no longer be poor.

Poverty is both spiritual and physical. This is why I work with various ministries like JSMI and KCM to introduce the Gospel to the poor. This foundation provides physical aids like loans and education, both practical and spiritual to the poor. It is a long term project but I am glad I have some good results flowing in. Many people who have gone through the training programs have seen their prosperity increasing.

Saturdays are for family. By the way, I only have one family. We spend time together having fun. We have done many things together like cruising in my private ship and flying around the world. There was a few times where we flew to Tokyo for breakfast, London for lunch and dinner back in Singapore. Thank God for my supersonic jet.

At night I am busy again preparing for church on Sunday. What is there to prepare? I am the main preacher in my church. I have set up my own church with some like-minded friends. We have even given it a name that can cause theologians to jump out of their graves. The church is called “Get Rich Church”.

In all my messages, I focus on one thing only, preaching the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. I will not tolerate any heresies like God wants you to be sick and poor to show you his sufficient grace. Such filth will never appear in my church. In fact, I have made it clear to my church members that I would rather close down the whole church than to resort to manipulate people for money like what my first church did.

In case someone may ask on my salary from this church, the answer is I don’t get any. I already have more money than I can spend. Why would I need to take anymore salary?

I count the church to be another success in my life. My sermons are broadcast all around the world. The church websites are flooded with testimonies on how their lives have changed after listening to the messages. There is even a black market that trades seats in the church. From what I have heard, there are people queuing overnight in front of the church to get the queue numbers. Then they proceed to sell those numbers for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Wow, since when have my church seats has become real estate? I am still not sure on whether I should take action to prevent this. What I am thinking of is to build a 100,000 seats stadium to hold church services but I have no doubt that the demand will soon out-strip supply.

After Sunday Service, I will usually meet up with friends for fellowship and network. We have great fun together.

That is for now. This is my life.


I Desire Mercy Not Sacrifice

6I tell you that one greater than the temple is here.
7If you had known what these words mean, ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice,’ you would not have condemned the innocent.
8For the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath.”
Matthew 12:6-8 (NIV)

The above is an exchange between Jesus and the theologians. Throughout the Bible, we can see that Jesus’ greatest enemies were not the clear sinners like the prostitutes and the tax collectors. It was the theologians who hated Jesus the most. Ironically, many Christians today allow themselves to be manipulated by Jesus’ enemies today. We Christians must always remember that theologians are the real enemies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The above passage tells us that one of their weapons is religious ritual.

Here is the background. Jesus and his team walked through a grain field. Some of them felt hungry and took some grains to eat. A theologian saw that and rebuked Jesus for doing something unlawful in Sabbath. Does this sound familiar to you? Theologians and doctrine worshippers like to impose their rules on us through terms like “unlawful”, “against doctrines” and “non-biblical” as though we cannot read the Bible ourselves and see through their lies. In Singapore, we have some Christian militants doing their evil under the mask of “conservative majority” as though they can fool us into believing that they have the support from all religions here.

Jesus told the theologians off by telling them that his desire is mercy and not sacrifice. This is an important lesson for all Christians who choose to obey God and not the lies of theology. A Christian life is a life of mercy, not sacrifice. There may be times where we have to make mutually exclusive choices where sacrifice may be necessary but it should not be a norm for us. The norm for all Christians must always be mercy.

What is mercy? It means helping others to overcome their bad situation whether they deserve it or not. We are presently in the worst recession. Many people have lost their jobs and homes. Many people have been living in poverty, not having enough to eat and having no access to basic medical care. How should out mercy respond to these people?

It is definitely not telling them that it is the will of God for them to be poor for his glory, or God wants them to starve to show them his sufficient grace. God wants you to sacrifice your health and wealth because your poverty and sickness makes him happy. All these are perversions from theology.

The true will of God is for us to do what we can within our capability to help these people. This is mercy. Not only that, our capability can increase if we allow God to help us. For example, you may only have enough money to feed one starving family in your neighborhood. This is very merciful of you. However, God expects much more from you and he intends to help you to do it. God wants you to be richer so that you can provide for 100 families. Once you have reached that stage, God wants you to be even richer and help 1,000,000 families. This means financial prosperity is a part of being merciful.

Those theologians who said that sometimes God wants us to be poor are lying. The truth is God wants us to be merciful. To be rich is to be merciful to the poor. Therefore, all Christians are called to be rich. We are blessed to be a blessing. When Jesus said he desired mercy, he will also provide us with all the means to be merciful.

So, how merciful are you? That will determine how much prosperity you are going to get.

Foolishness Is Repetitive

11 As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his foolishness.
Proverbs 26:11 (NLT)

The above verse gives us the reason why the economy works in cycles. A boom always follows by a bust, and then follows by a boom again. The cycle repeats. There are many people who made a lot of money capitalizing on this law. However, there are even more who lost money for ignoring it. So, who says we cannot make money from the Bible?

Some may say that the present economic problems are unprecedented because it is the worst that had ever happened and those giant financial institutions that seemed infallible in the past had collapsed like a pack of cards. I beg to differ. The scale may be bigger but the cause is the same. It is just the classic case of fools repeating their follies. The collapse of financial institutions is caused by greed itself. Many banks lend money to those whom they knew could not afford to repay them because they wanted to earn higher interest. An insurance company insured risks that they do not understand because it wants to earn the high premium. All these are greed and complacency. Ancient empires and civilization collapsed for the same reason.

How does this help us? First, don’t be a fool. Read the Bible and obey God to be wise. Let me give you a disclaimer here. God is not saying that the wise never make mistakes. Both the wise and the fools make mistakes. The only difference is, the wise learns from their mistakes but the fool doesn’t. This is why a fool repeats his foolishness.

Whatever mistakes you have made in the past, learn from them and move on. When you have the wisdom of God with you, you have the power to overcome all your problems and recoup all the losses from your previous mistakes. You may have lost $1 million from a silly mistake but when you have the wisdom of God, you can make a billion back. So, learn from your mistakes, trust in God, don’t give up and move on. God has prepared a glorious future for you.

The second lesson is, whatever that has happened will happen again. I have no doubt that we will recover from this economic recession. The human species is resilient. We can overcome every difficulty life throws at us. However, I am also sure that the same mistakes will happen again because the Bible says a fool repeats his foolishness. There will always be greed and greedy people are bound to make mistakes.

This is a great opportunity for us to get rich. If you happen to have some cash available, this is the time to invest in undervalued stocks and properties. How to determine the undervalued stocks and properties? This is something you have to learn. I am learning about it too. So, I am not qualified to teach anyone here.

However, should the economy recovers before you can do anything, don’t rush to buy anything. You will probably get burned. Wait for the next recession. A fool repeats his foolishness. People who have no wisdom will get greedy and buy frantically until bubbles are formed. These bubbles will burst and will result in recession. Cheap sales will come again.

In conclusion, the Bible is full of the wisdom of God. God wants us to acquire his wisdom and put it to use for our prosperity.

Blessed Forever

27 Now you have been pleased to bless the house of your servant, that it may continue forever in your sight; for you, O LORD, have blessed it, and it will be blessed forever.”
1 Chronicles 17:27 (NIV)

The above is a part of David’s prayers. We can tell from this verse what type of person God is and how David perceived him. It basically says that once God has blessed you, the blessing will stick with you forever. God’s blessings do not behave like the stock market. There is no bear market in it. It is always up.

Let me move on to some disclaimer here. When the Bible says “blessings”, it always refers to good things. The Bible has never approved perversions like God “blessing” you with some special disease known as thorns in the flesh to show you his sufficient grace. Such perversions come from theology, which are lies from the pit of hell.

Here is the true meaning of God’s blessing.

22 The blessing of the LORD brings wealth, and he adds no trouble to it.
Proverbs 10:22 (NIV)

In other words, the blessing of the LORD makes us rich. Having a lot of money is a part of being rich. It is a pity that many Christians seem to be ashamed to ask God for a lot of money as though it is a sin or they will go to hell for wanting to have a lot of money. Yet, the Bible is clear that God wants to bless all his people with wealth forever. The term “forever” begins from now to eternity. Now is a part of “forever”.

How does this revelation help us? It gives us hope no matter how bad the situation looks like. Presently we are still in a global recession. There are still no evident signs of recovery. Jobless rate is still there and many people still find it difficult to find jobs. (How can I still aspire to invest in real estate?)

However, despite the gloomy scene God has assured us of his eternal blessing. This means the world economy is destined by God to recover. The dark clouds will not remain forever. They will pass away and the sun will shine again. Even now, as we can only see the dark clouds and not the sun, we got to believe by faith that the sun is still shining bright above those clouds. Even in your worst moments, God is working behind the scenes to bless you exceedingly and abundantly above all you dare to ask for. The question is how daring are you?

This is the reason why I have signed up for the property investment course. In fact, I am planning to sell my present house to free up the mortgage for my investments. What gives me such confidence? The answer is the faithfulness of God. My relationship with God has given me the assurance that there is always hope, even in the worst scenario. Being blessed forever means God is always working behind the scenes to bring his blessing of success and prosperity to me. My role is to trust in him and get ready for the avalanche of riches coming my way.

The situation may still be gloomy now. Those dark clouds may still be there. God wants you to get your sunglasses and suntan lotions ready. It is going to be blazing bright. This is the eternal blessing.

Christian Militants Strike Again

I used to think that the AWARE Saga ended well. It was a classic good verses evil and the good has won. However, it seems that this movie has a sequel. The militants are striking back. Right now, there are several self-proclaimed “conservative majority” folks started the following:

1. Create an online petition with fictitious signatures to demand the AWARE president to apologize for the CSE contents that are supposed to promote homosexuality. (This amounts to admitting that AWARE has been promoting homosexual lifestyles as accused by the crusaders)
2. Post slanders on a Nominated Member of Parliament for his role in helping the old guards against the crusaders.

I consider myself as a part of the conservative majority and I have never endorsed the above evil acts. Nor, can I imagine any Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, Muslims or even atheists sinking to the level of doing the above evil acts. I don’t think I need to convince anyone in Singapore that those self-proclaimed “conservative majority” are purely Christians.

This is sad thing for me to say this because I am a Christian myself. Now I understand how a Muslim feels each time there is a news report of terrorism committed by some other Muslims out there. We Christians are a minority group in Singapore and those militants are the minority among Christians. In other words, those self-proclaimed “conservative majority” are a minority of a minority.

Let me give you a clearer illustration. The Christian population accounts for about 15% of Singapore. Assuming that those militants make up about 10% of the total Christians in Singapore, they only make up about 1.5% of the total population. How can 1.5% of the total population call themselves the majority? How can they get so many signatures in their online petition? It is very obvious that they have lied and cheated. Their motive is to create the false impression that they represent the majority of us but I don’t think most of us can be so easily fooled.

This is another proof of their cowardice and their lack of morality, not to mention stupidity. I am sure that of us, the true conservative majority can see through their schemes.

The next question is how real are they? Before the coup in AWARE, these militants only exist in cyberspace. In other words, they are just some computer virus. However the coup in AWARE tells us that they are beginning to extend their holy crusades to the real world. In the coup, we have seen how they can sink to the level of ganging up with church members to take over a secular organization and how they use a pastor to drum up support for them in the pulpit. They may have failed in one crusade but there is no guarantee that they will launch more crusades in other forms. One thing for sure, they will always call themselves the “conservative majority” as though we can be so easily fooled.

How should we Christians with integrity respond to these crusaders?

First, we need to be completely honest and truthful. There is no use in sticking our heads in the sand. Those self-proclaimed “conservative majority” are purely Christians. They go to church. They believe in the part of the Bible that says homosexuality is sin. (Unfortunately they have ignored other sins like lying and slandering.) So, they are motivated to commit their sins in the name of “serving the Lord in preventing our nation from crossing the line of endorsing homosexuals”. Thus, they will stop at nothing to witch-hunt anyone and any organization that shows the slightest form of kindness and sympathy to the homosexuals. In short, they commit many sins in the name of fighting one sin.

Secondly, we need to make it clear to the public that we do not endorse their acts just as most Muslims do not endorse terrorism. Yes, the Bible does say homosexuality is sin and we believe in what the Bible says. However, we do not do witch-hunting. We do not condemn people and organizations that show kindness and sympathy to the homosexuals. We will never gang up with church members to take over any secular organization. We will never launch any crusade on anyone who says homosexuality is neutral. We have the basic intelligence to know that the act of calling homosexuality as neutral is not promoting it. We also have the basic intelligence to know that having the support of homosexuals does not mean there must be a “Gay Agenda” as proposed by an intelligent lawyer.

In conclusion, it is vital for us the true Christians in Singapore to make it clear we are against those evil acts of militancy.

Too Many Plans In Your Life?

21 Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.
Proverbs 19:21 (NIV)

This verse is very relevant to me now because I have a lot of plans swimming in my head. I have just completed a short course in property investments and I have a lot of ideas on how to start my property investments. How shall I start? Which idea should I test first? One can easily get overwhelmed by a huge influx of ideas and plans.

As for me, I choose to focus on the basic. What is God’s purpose in my life? I use that as my master program and put all the plans in it. What is the master plan? God wants me to be rich. He sent Jesus to die poor at the Cross, for me to live rich. There is nothing he wishes more than for me to prosper and be in health as my soul prosper. This is the master plan that I shall always fall back on in all my plans. It helps me to get organized without getting overwhelmed.

The focus of the above verse is in the second part. It is the Lord’s purpose that always prevails. This is why I make extra effort to ensure all my get rich plans to be in line with the Lord’s purpose for me especially now in this time.

Let me share with you my own testimony on my present plan. I have just completed a short course in property investment. It is wonderful. I have learned so many new things that I did not know before. I am also aware that I did not sign up for knowledge alone. I want to use the knowledge to get rich. This is my new problem.

I have a lot of ways to start my investment. Which one to go for? This is where I need to focus on the purpose of the Lord. I need to constantly remind myself that it is the Lord’s purpose for me to be rich. So, when I got confused, I need to turn to him. I do not wish to make serious mistakes because mistakes in property investments can result in huge losses. So, my master plan now is to pray, look for deals and decide calmly. I will never rush to buy anything no matter how attractive the prices are. This is how I put the Lord’s purpose above my plans.

By the way, property is not the only means to get rich. There are many others. All we need is the blessing of God. The only way to activate those blessings is to trust in him.

Your Future Is In Your Hands

1 The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.
Proverbs 14:1 (NIV)

One of the heresies commonly practiced in a typical Christian life is that individual Christians have no control in their lives. Everything is up to God.

“Will you be rich?”

“I don’t know. It is up to God to decide. If God wants me to be rich, I will be rich. If he wants me to be poor, I will be poor.”

The above is supposed to be a “godly” or politically correct answer in a religious church. In other words, Christians who are under the bondage of theology see themselves as mindless puppets to be moved around by God, the ultimate puppet master. According to theology, all Christians must learn to become puppets to be manipulated by God. We have no choice and no say on what future we want to have. It is all up to God.

Yet the above verse says the opposite. Proverbs 14:1 tells us that we have complete freedom to do what we want for ourselves. We can build houses and also destroy houses. The choice is up to us. We have the right to decide on what type of future on what we want to have. The Bible says we are the masters of our fate. What type of future you want to have? You decide for yourself. This is the truth according to the Bible.

Let us look into the above verse in detail. It says a wise woman builds her house but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down. It uses two women, one wise and the other foolish. The wise woman chooses to build herself a house. The foolish one destroys hers. Please note that both are personal decisions. God is not involved.

God did not build a house for the wise woman. The woman builds it herself. Her wisdom causes her to want to build herself a house and helps her to do it. God also did not destroy the house of the foolish woman. She did it herself out of her own foolishness.

The house in this verse represents our total prosperity. We have the right to decide on our prosperity. What type prosperity do you want to have? How much money do you want? You decide for yourself. The only catch here is, if you want to build up your prosperity, you need to gain wisdom. If you prefer to tear down your house and be poor, learn to be foolish. The decision is yours.

Can you see now on how we can benefit from this? We can now understand that it is our own responsibility to shape our own future. We can no longer blame any others. Many people like to complain on things they cannot control. When asked on why they are not rich, they will tell you many reasons like born in poor families, not enough education, no opportunity etc. As long as they continue to focus on these negative factors, they will never improve and be rich.

Proverbs 14:1 says the wise woman builds her house. It does not say how this woman is able to get the materials, knowledge and muscles to do it. It seems that her wisdom is able to help her to get the job done. Likewise, for the rest of us. You may have great dreams but you cannot imagine on how you can get hold of all the necessary resources to fulfill them. God wants you to put your trust in him. He wants you to get hold of his wisdom and this wisdom will guide you to the path that will fulfill your dreams.

No matter what your desires are, may it be a lot of money, an ideal life partner, a big house, a happy family or anything else, God says you can get them. All you need is to get his wisdom.

In contrast, the second part of the verse says “but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.” This implies that the foolish woman already owned a house. Her foolishness causes her to lose it. Foolishness is the opposite of wisdom and it produces the opposite results. Wisdom can cause a homeless woman to own a house but foolishness can cause a woman who used to own her house to become homeless. So, foolishness is very bad. It causes poverty. Those who think poverty is good should learn to be foolish.

Let me rephrase it in another way:
 Through wisdom, a pauper can become rich.
 Through foolishness, a rich man can turn into a pauper.

So, does God want you to be rich? He wants you to decide. The Bible contains a lot of lessons on wisdom as well as foolishness. If you want to build a house and be rich, look for the lessons in wisdom and put them to use in your life. If you want to tear down your house and be poor, look for the lessons in foolishness and put them to use in your life. Either way, you will get what you want.

In conclusion, your future is in your hands. The type of future you will live in depends on the actions you take now in the present. God has decreed that each of us is the master of our fate through our actions in the present.