Characteristics Of A Good Shepherd

14″I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me—
15just as the Father knows me and I know the Father—and I lay down my life for the sheep.
John 10:14-15 (NIV)

I posted an article on Jesus as our good shepherd yesterday. As I reflect on it, I find that there are a lot more stuff that I have missed out. So, in this article, I will share more of the characteristics of Jesus who is our good shepherd. In order to help you to understand better, I am going to use a commercial model in my explanation.

Let us assume that you have a lot of money and you want to invest in the wool production industry. You bought 100 sheep and hire a shepherd to take care of them. Ask yourself this question: What type of person do I want to hire to be the shepherd to my sheep?

In this model, I assume that you are not a sadist. You have no intention to do sadistic things to your sheep to show them your sufficient grace. You want your sheep to live comfortable, have enough to eat, drink and even multiply their population so that you can make more money.

As for me, I will lay out the following conditions to the person I want to hire as the shepherd to my sheep:
1. Must place the sheep as the highest priority.
2. Make sure no sheep lack in good food or clean water.
3. All forms of illness of the sheep must be treated immediately.
4. The sheep must not be harmed in any way.

Must place the sheep as the highest priority.
The flock of sheep is my asset. The shepherd is the person I hire to take care of them. So, I expect the shepherd to treat my sheep as his boss. The priority of the flock must always be above the priority of the shepherd. If I ever find out that the shepherd places his own interest above the interest of the flock, I will sack him immediately.

A shepherd may appear as the leader or a king to his flock of sheep but in reality he is a their servant. His priority is always to serve their needs. When he brings them out, he must choose the best place for his sheep, not for himself. This is his responsibility.

How does Jesus fit in this role? Jesus may be the Almighty Son of the Living God. He may be above all creation. However, if he really wants to be our good shepherd as he promised in the Bible, he must do what all good shepherds do, serve us and put us at a higher priority than his own. No wonder, Jesus is also known as the servant king.

As our good shepherd, Jesus thinks of us as his highest priority. As long as he is in this role, we are his bosses. Jesus must care for us more than he cared for himself. He has proven that at the Cross. Our role as his sheep is to follow him and trust that he will do his job. So, no matter what problems you are facing right now, do not be shy to go to the shepherd. Let him do his job as your shepherd to help you. He has the solution for all our problems. The question here is, are you willing to trust in him?

Make sure no sheep lack in good food or clean water.
Food and water are the basic necessity as well as material prosperity for sheep. When it comes to material riches, sheep only knows grass and water. It is the shepherd’s responsibility to ensure that his flock will never be hungry or thirsty. Otherwise, the flock may become weak and sick. The shepherd will lose his job. In short, the shepherd must ensure the prosperity of his flock at all times.

As our shepherd, it is also Jesus’ responsibility to make sure we his flock will never live in lack. As Jesus’ flock, we have the right to prosper in every area of our lives including politically incorrect areas like having a lot of money. Throughout the Bible, we can read that we believers are supposed to be rich. The Bible never said anything about “rich minus money” or “blessing minus health and wealth”. Those phrases are not from God but the invention of theologians who are nothing more than messengers of Satan from hell.

Being rich and healthy is our right as the flocks of Jesus. All sheep owners (except the perverted ones) want their sheep to be able to eat and drink as much as they want. It is the responsibility of shepherds to ensure that if they want to keep their jobs.

So, never hesitate to ask Jesus to give you a lot of money unless you don’t think he is fit for his job. The theologians will surely object to this truth but who cares? Jesus is our shepherd, not they.

All forms of illness of the sheep must be treated immediately.
It is the responsibility of the shepherd to ensure the good health of his flocks. If any sheep falls ill, the shepherd must treat it immediately or he would have failed in his job.

One of the common heresies among religious Christians is God make people sick for some reasons. I have shared before a story on my brother-in-law being hospitalized. My wife and I visited him. When we reached his bed, I saw a group of people surrounding him to pray for him. I can still remember that after the prayer, a lady in the group said “Maybe God wants you to rest more.” In other words, this lady accused God for creating disease to help people to rest. Do you believe that?

Put yourself in the position of the sheep owner again. One day, when you were inspecting your flocks, you found some sheep looking weak and sick. You asked the shepherd on their condition. The shepherd told you that he intentionally made them sick to give them rest. How will you respond? As for me, I will sack that scum immediately and sue him for intentionally causing illness to my sheep.

What if Jesus made us sick for any reasons? He will be sacked immediately. Ask yourself this question. Is Jesus still your shepherd? If he still is, then you can be sure that he will never make you sick. If you are sick, it is job to do his best to make you well. Do you believe that? Will you trust in him?

The sheep must not be harmed in any way
It is the shepherd’s responsibility to protect his flock from all harms. It makes no different whether the threat is in the form of predators, thieves or natural disasters. Failure to do that is to fail as a shepherd.

What does this mean to us, as Jesus’ flocks? We are completely protected from all harms. We do not have to worry over the uncertainties in this world. The good shepherd is watching over us. We can live in peace and confidence no matter where we are and what happened in this world.

Just as shepherds are not allowed to make their flock sick, they are also not allowed to create disasters for their sheep as the judgement for their sins. I don’t think you want to hire a shepherd who does that. As I have mentioned in my previous articles, the idea of disasters being the judgement of God is nothing more than a perversion from the theologians with the intention to squeeze money from the scientifically challenged public.

Jesus will never sink to such level.

Jesus is not our shepherd by name only. He intends to do the job of a good shepherd in our lives. However, he will never force us to follow him. We have a choice on whether to follow or ignore him. Whatever choice we make, we will face the consequences that come with it.


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  1. John Says:

    lol hahahahahahahahaha

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  3. Rufai Daniel Omolola Says:

    This a nice one,as a shepherd we must follow the good traits of Lord Jesus Christ.From this post, I learnt that as a Shepherd we must humble ourselves to serve the sheep. In doing so,it will bring glory to God. Am a young boy that is learning how to follow the principles of our Lord Jesus Christ. I believe you can help me by sending inspiring messages via my email(, that will help me to develop my trust and confidence in Christ Jesus. Thanks for your concern.

  4. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    You can read them in this blog.

  5. Bobby Kenneth Says:

    Praise the Lord, He is my Shepherd and i am under His great blessing….thank you Jesus thank you

  6. Cavanis community Jesus Good shepherd Says:

    I am grateful for your reflections!!!!!!!!!!!its nice.

  7. D. varghese Says:

    D. Varghese says:
    A very enlightening message through this text. I could fully understand the meaning of ‘Good Shepherd’. Thank you so much and may God bless you…..

  8. Evang.Jacob Olusegun Olayemi Says:

    God bless you.I like it so much.

  9. Di Wang Says:

    Praise be to Elohim of Israel. Amen.

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