God Wants Us To Have The Best

15 Those who hate the LORD would cringe before him, and their punishment would last forever.
16 But you would be fed with the finest of wheat; with honey from the rock I would satisfy you.”
Psalm 81:15-16(NIV)

The purpose of this article is as a reminder to us on what are God’s will for his people. Verse 15 tells us the result of those who choose to hate the Lord. This is not good. Fortunately, it does not refer to believers. Our part as believers is in the next verse, Verse 16. This verse says the Lord will feed us with the finest with the finest wheat and satisfy us with honey from the rock. We shall look deeper into the meaning of these two acts.

Let us begin with the finest wheat. Wheat represents daily staple for the people there. When God promises to feed us with wheat, it simply means he will keep us alive. We will not die of starvation. We will be able to stay alive. So it is good to have God promising to feed us with wheat but God does not stop there. God will not feed us with any ordinary wheat. He feed us with the finest wheat. This means God’s intention is not limited to just keeping us alive. He wants us to prosper and have more than enough.

I don’t think I have to convince anyone that we do not need to eat the finest wheat to stay alive. Any ordinary type of wheat is good enough for our survival. Yet, God promises us with the finest. Why is that so? It seems to me that God wants us to know that he wants us to be rich as well. Not only does he want us to have enough to eat, he desires us to eat the best. In short, God wants all believers to be rich. In fact, God wants us to be so rich that we can afford to have the best in life including the finest wheat money can buy. This is the will of God for us Christians.

Despite this truth, I am sure there are many theologians who says sometimes God wants Christians to be poor and eat the worst wheat. Yet the above verse says the opposite. This tells us that Satan (who is the god of theology) is trying very hard to hide this truth from Christians. This truth must be very dangerous to him and his gang. It is more important for us Christians to hold on to this truth: God wants all Christians to be rich. He wants us to be so rich that we can afford to eat the finest wheat every day. Only when we are fully convinced of this truth that we can live the way stated in the verse.

Next, God promises to satisfy us with honey from the rock. Honey is not a daily necessity. It may have some medical property but it is usually consumed as a luxury. This reinforces the truth that the blessing of God is not limited daily bread alone. The daily bread provided by God is made of the finest wheat and they come with honey. In other words, God will bless us with so much riches that we can live our lives in luxury. A life of luxury is a life that glorifies God. A life of luxury is a life that tells the whole world that our God is good. God is not just an empty talker like the theologians but he is able to deliver his promises. God has the integrity to deliver what he has promised and the fact that we Christians are living in luxurious prosperity is the undeniable proof of this.

Therefore, from the Christian perspective, the desire to be rich comes from God, while the desire to be poor is nothing but blasphemy to God. What is your choice?

The verse also mentions honey from the rock. What rock is this that can produce honey. Rocks must be something common in that time and place. They have no commercial value. The people there could pick up as many pieces as they wanted everywhere around them they would never got rich out of it. So, rocks are something that is very common and yet without any value. You may find yourself in the same position where you find yourself having a lot of things or talents that have absolutely no value. You are like having a lot of rocks in your house.

Yet, God can produce honey from those rocks. This means God can create miracles that can turn things that look useless into something valuable and bring joy to us. It is like turning rocks into gold.

You may be in a situation that is telling you that it is impossible for you to get rich. It may be so but you need to be aware that nothing is impossible to God. Even if you only have rocks, God can produce honey from those rocks. You can get rich from selling honey. All you need to do is to believe that God is faithful and he always keeps his promises.