Nation X: The Last Pastor

At last, the event we have dreaded for more than a hundred years has finally come. The Soulless are no longer content in living their sinful lives in their lairs, they now want to dominate us, enslave us and turn us into their image. I am among a few hundreds of believers who had managed to escape to the mountains. We can have nothing but our faith to sustain us from this evil.


The purpose of this recording is to tell our story in the event we failed to hold up against our enemies in hope that we, the true Children of God will not be forgotten.


It began when a godless nation decided to give in to great evil by accommodating the works of stem cell researchers in its bid to be wealthy. The rulers allowed unlimited freedom to the commercial institutions to do what they want no matter how immoral.  While we do have not much detail on what they did within those walls, we can be certain that they tampered with the human cells and the DNA in them.


We reacted to this abomination by demanding the world governments to stop them by any means necessary including the use of force. Unsurprisingly, the so-called “leaders” back then were as soft as they are now. Poisoned by the idea of liberalism, they refused to take action even though they knew very well that this nation had allowed serious blasphemy by tampering into the forbidden things.


They were rewarded by Satan with great wealth and technological breakthrough. They discovered ways to prolong lives. As a result, this nation was courted by our corrupt politicians and greedy businessmen who lusted for long lives in order to continue to indulge in their sins. At this time, this nation had literally became untouchables. It was protected by the rich and powerful. The ordinary people could do nothing to stop them other than praying.


Not content with their lives in sin, they moved a step further by denying the way of life God has set. They eliminated reproduction through sexual intercourse. Instead, they made babies in the factories.  Babies were made by mixing DNA and install them into cells just like any man-made product. Are they humans? Do they have souls? Many prominent theologians doubted that. This was the reason we call them “Soulless”.


That was the beginning of a new generation of beings who do not know the meaning of love, family and most importantly God. They were made in factories as though they are nothing more than any other man made products.


They know nothing about love, family nor God. They do not even have the most primitive of religion. All they know is to excel in their chosen field.


We in turn joined forces with other faiths to demand their extermination. These things must not be allowed to live and pollute God’s earth. We failed to convince our leaders to do what is right because by this time, they had became totally addicted to the life prolonging treatment provided by the  Soulless. Instead, the rich and powerful joined up to oppress us to keep us under their control. Those of us who dared to speak up against the Soulless were arrested and tortured.


Our society begun to divide into 2 distinctive class. The upper class were rich and enjoyed artificially prolonged lives while the rest of us lived under their oppression and lived our own natural lifespan. Resentment began to grow. During those years, we learned to put aside our differences and joined forces against our oppressors. Just as we were about to overthrow our oppressors in our final uprising, the Soulless invaded us with the most unexpected weapon, joy.


We have known for a long time that God had designed a part of our brains as a pleasure centre. When stimulate, we feel joy. This is what we know from medical science. The Soulless went a step further by inventing machines that can stimulate our pleasure centres from huge distances. When they were turned on, they created intense pleasure to the people around them. Those of us who had experienced this will crave for more. They are willing to do anything to experience it again.


In this way, the Soulless has turned us to be their slaves. City by city, nation by nation, we the true children of God are giving up our freedom just to bask in the effects of those machines.


My congregation and I managed to escape to our present hideout before their arrival to our town. Based on the information we received from the airwaves, our town has been taken. All our friends, neighbours and family members that were left behind have been turned into addicts of their joy giving machines. We cannot even get near there without getting the effects ourselves.


Is this the end of humanity? This is the weapon we have never expected. They use their pleasure giving machines to turn us into obedient slaves. Those infected will lose all their will to fight back. The only craving they have is to have more of it.


There is nothing we can do but to turn to God. He is our only hope.

Nation X: A Brief Introduction To Natural Humans

In the last lecture, I presented the history of Nation X from the viewpoint of a natural human. As expected, most of you did not understand what it means. We need to understand that the system we live in today is totally different from what it was during the time natural humans dominated Earth. In fact, the greatest mistake any student of history can make is to regard the natural humans we have at the designated wildlife preserves on Earth as true representation of the natural humans during the time of Nation X.

Let me begin by giving you a brief introduction to what natural humans used to be. If you are interested in knowing more, I suggest you take up a full course in humanogy conducted by Professor DFT99-234.

If you are to visit the natural human settlements on Earth today, you will only see the tamed version of the species. Through centuries of artificial selections by the Wildlife Wardens, they have evolved to be very peaceful and docile. They are totally different from the version that dominated the planet prior to Nation X.

According to the studies of prominent humanogists, natural humans at that time were nothing more than savages with minimal intelligence. To give you a clear comparison, an average adult of their kind has the same level of intelligence as a 5 year old kid you see in the nursery next door. What they lack in intelligence, they made it up with intense appetite for violence. Their entire culture, from literature, music, arts to technological achievements flourished the most when they were at war among themselves.

So, it is easy to understand that the people of Nation X, whom we shall now call the “X-sers” were not really having a good time living on a planet dominated by those savages. The natural humans were suspicious of anything different and X-sers happened to fit the bill.

In the beginning, the X-sers managed to contain the hostility through the utilisation of their medical technology. Here is a brief biology lesson. As a product of evolution, the body of a natural human is full of flaws. If we are to look at it from the perspective of an intelligent designer, it is a bad product. The entire body is badly designed, the genetic codes contain lots of defects and all the organs are easily damaged. This is why natural humans have a very short lifespan.

What the X-ser offered was the technology to prolong the lives of their ruling class. This makes the X-sers in demand from the rich and powerful among the natural humans. Although the X-sers were still primitive based on our standard, they looked like miracles to the natural humans. They had the capability to prolong the life spans of their clients indefinitely through their expertise in stem cells manipulation. As a result, the ruling class would not authorise any attack nor harm to Nation X or they would become mortals again. This was how the X-sers ensured their survival among the savages.

However, this advantage did not last for long. Through the life prolonging sessions to the ruling class, over time the society of the natural humans had divided into 2 separate classes: the ruling class who literally lived forever and the rest of natural humans who continued with their short span lives. Conflicts grew between them. The X-sers were concerned that in the event the ruling class lost control over the population, they might be attacked by the angry mob.

This is one reason why the X-sers wanted to establish direct control over the planet. They wanted to take control over the planet before the mob of savages got to them.

The other reason was the X-sers reached the plateau in the genetic improvements. In order not to cause excessive mistrust among the natural humans, the X-sers only used human genes to design the subsequent generations. This was to ensure that they still looked humans. However, they reached the limit of what human genes could do within a century. They need more diverse genes either from other animals or purely artificial ones. The only way for them was to take full control over the natural humans first.

Finally, the motivation to take control of the planet came from the discovery of subspace communication. Through it, they learned that the galaxy is not so quiet after all. There is a whole forest of star faring races and many of them were hostile and exploitative. The only reason Earth was spared was because it was out of the way from the galactic trade routes. All it takes was one stray ship and Earth would be discovered and became one of the slave colonies. The X-sers believed that the only way to be ready is for them to take the lead to prepare humanity for such eventuality.

Some of you may wonder on why did we emphasize so much on this ancient civilisation.
Here is the answer.
We place Nation X as the core of our history because it marks the transition of our species from the natural to the synthetic. Another way of putting it is, we have moved from being a product of evolution into the result of intelligent design. Nation X marked the way for true civilisation.

Nation X: A Story Of Human Eugenics


The story begins with an insignificant nation which we shall denote as “X”. It was insignificant as it was unimpressive in every way. It has no mineral deposits, unfertile soil for agriculture and physically isolated from major trade routes. As if it is not bad enough, it is located at tectonic active zone.

All these “misfortunes” had fostered a tradition of resilience among its population. The leadership was committed to build up the nation no matter long it takes or how difficult it appears to be. Self improvements had become a national obsession. Everyone in Nation X is obsessed with improving one’s ability for a better future.

The nation tried every conventional way but still failed to achieve significant improvements. At last they found their salvation in stem cell research.


Stem Cell Research

This is an area of research that attracts the most resistance from religious institutions after the theory of evolution. So, governments everywhere are cautious of allowing unrestricted freedom to the scientists for the fear of offending their religious minded voters.

This is an opportunity that the leadership of Nation X will not want to miss. In fact, they went beyond providing free haven and giving tax breaks. The entire education system was revamped and modified to provide workers for the biotechnology sector. Children begun to learn about genetic codes the moment they learned their alphabets. The other advantage here is, there were no domineering religions to impose their doctrines to the people. The only religion professed by the nation is self-improvement.

The entire nation became a beacon of light to all experts and institutions in the field of biotechnology, especially in the niche of stem cell research where there are zero restrictions of what the researchers can or cannot do.

Progress In Biotechnology.

In one decade after Nation X opened its arms to stem cell research, it became the superpower in the field of biotechnology. Its citizens owned above 80% of the world’s patents on drugs and medical technology. Income and the standard of living of its citizens had improved tremendously.

Its airports were swamped with medical tourists. Rich patients from all over the world saw Nation X as their last hope. If the medical technology that was backed by unrestricted research in stem cells cannot cure a disease, no one on earth can.

Flooded by enormous amount of wealth, poverty had been totally eliminated among its citizens. However, the leadership of Nation X was far from complacent. Since material lack was no longer a problem, the nation is moving to a new phase of progress, to improve the genetic codes in their citizens.

Eugenics Revolution.

 It started when the leadership believed that the natural way of conceiving new humans to be unreliable in creating humans with superior genes. The breakthough in the technology of mixing different strands of DNA in a single stem cell and develop the cell into a baby had caused them to chart a new course for the nation.

First, all natural procreation among its citizens are banned. Children born after the given deadline were not recognised as citizens. Citizens who were identified of possessing desirable genes would be summoned to specific hospitals to donate their stem cells. The net extends beyond the nation borders. Individuals outside the country who were identified with possessing desirable genes were offered high rewards for their stem cells.

Then, the cells were registered and grown. Their DNA strands were extracted to be recombined into working cells. These cells were then grown and developed in artificial wombs. That was how the first generation of the Eugenics Revolution was created.

They had no parents. They were designed in the laboratory, grown in artificial wombs, cared for and educated by the state. The type of genetic strands that were in their cells was carefully recorded. They were regularly tested for their intelligence, physical development, resistance to disease and other talents in order to determine the effectiveness of specific genes.

The only family this generation knew was the state. Through the financing of the state, they received the best education, training and healthcare money can give. All they have to do is to serve the state in the areas they were genetically designed for. They were trained accordingly. The state took care of their entire lives expenses.

How about the last generation of natural humans? They could no longer have children of their own. In return, the state promised to pay for their life expenses until they die.

Eugenics Generation

A century later, they were not a single natural human in the citizen list of Nation X. All the X-men and X-women were designed strand by strand of DNA, developed in the laboratories and educated by the state.

As a result, they were significantly different from the people from the rest of the world. Their intelligence was at least 10 times of the natural humans, had stronger bodies, resistance to all forms of germs and even healed faster. In addition, they had specialised genes for their professions. For example, their scientists and engineers were genetically modified to have their brain’s processing power increased to more than 50 times of natural humans. Soldiers were designed to have superhuman strength, speed and reflexes. Even the political leaders were genetically enhanced to be more charismatic and emphatic to the people.

The rest of the world that had been observing the change was extremely cautious when dealing with Nation X. On one extreme, fanatical religious followers demand a war to eliminate what they considered as a blasphemy to God. On the other side, there were people who wanted good relationship with Nation X because they need its expertise. So, political leaders had to balance both sides.

Within Nation X, the people were getting increasing arrogant because all the available facts showed that they were superior in every way.  In their quest to make the world a better place for humanity, they have decided to replace the natural humans with their type.

So, leadership of Nation X was once again planning for another revolution to replace the world population with their kind.


To be continued.