God Is The Solution To Our Problems

6 I will sacrifice a freewill offering to you; I will praise your name, O LORD, for it is good.
7 For he has delivered me from all my troubles, and my eyes have looked in triumph on my foes.
Psalm 54:6-7(NIV)

The above verses tell us about the common practice of the ancient Israelites, which will appear as a blasphemy in the minds of the theologians and doctrine worshippers. It refers to the act of praising God because he has delivered us from our troubles and let us triumphed over our enemies. This is the opposite to the present day religious practice of thanking God because he gives us troubles like poverty and sickness to show us his sufficient grace. You can never find anywhere in the Bible where God gives trouble like a sickness called “thorn in the flesh” to show believers his sufficient grace. Such ideas are theology, which are lies from the pit of hell.

The truth is we praise God because he is good. His goodness is not an empty word. It comes with real action and delivers real result. If you are sick, God’s goodness will heal you and restore your health. If you are poor and debt ridden, God’s goodness will pay up all your debts and give you excessive balance to make you very rich. The goodness of God always delivers us from all our troubles. It never gives us troubles. This is the reason we praise him.

In case some self-righteous people insist that we should not praise God with the intention of wanting his blessings, my reply is please read the above verses. Throughout the Bible, believers have no problem in praising God and expect good things from him. Those good things can be in the form of deliverance from troubles and prosperity. Yet, theologians try to make such practice to be something we ought to be ashamed of. This makes the theologians to be no different from other heretics.

The lesson for us, the true believers is clear. We should learn to praise God because the act of praise is a powerful instrument that can help us to overcome all our troubles. Please note the term “all” in Verse 7. This means there is no trouble that cannot be solved when we praise God.

Some people may ask: why must we praise God before he helps us? If God is really sincere in wanting to help us, why can’t he do it straight away instead of waiting for us to praise him first? Is he that insecure?

The answer is, God will never bypass us when he blesses us. In other words he will never force his blessings on us. His greatest desire is to give us the best in life but he will never force us to receive. It is up to us, the receivers of God’s blessings to put ourselves in the spiritual position to receive all the good things God wants to give us. This is called faith. When we are in faith, we are in the position to receive all the good things from God. At this point, we can have everything we desire even include a lot of money.

What has this got to do with praising God? When we praise God, we focus on his goodness. In doing so, we are in faith, thus we are in the position where we have access to God’s blessings in our lives. We can overcome all our troubles, triumph over all our enemies and prosper in every area of our lives. This is what praising God can help us in.

However, I have a disclaimer here. When I use the term “goodness”, I am referring to its Bible and dictionary’s definition. Good means good. I am not referring to the theological perversion, which says poverty and sickness are also good because they help us to rely on God’s sufficient grace. Such perversions can only exist in theology, not the Bible.

In conclusion, whatever you want in life, praise God for it and you will have it. You will be able to solve every problem and sour to any level you want just by praising God.