The Greed Foundation: The Final Revelation

Dear colleagues and friends,


As you could have noticed, I regard you are colleagues and friends, not employees because you are working for the survival and prosperity of the human race, not me. I am only they guy who started this foundation and I need all of you to make it work. I need you. The future of the entire humanity needs you.


I would like to start by thanking all your hard work in preparing this foundation for the eventual takeover of the planet when governments collapse. That is no longer a speculation but a clear path based on our prediction model.


I am especially amazed with our colleagues in the Engineering Unit. Do you remember I shared on the computer system that I built to predict the market movement? Well, I passed it to the engineers and 2 years later I see a more powerful and robust system with accuracy improved by a thousand times. Of course, it will not be possible without the contribution of the mathematicians who created a new field of mathematics for this purpose. Through this improved system, we can be fairly certain that the collapse will start within 3 months.


The other unit worth mentioning is the Political Unit. Seems that you guys have managed to infiltrate every major governments, military and establishments all over the world. Should the collapse happen, or should I say “when” it happens we will have a greater control over the transition.


We may have our armed units ready but to secure peace throughout the world, we still need the established organisations despite their fallen state to coordinate and restore the human civilisation because our numbers are still too small.


So, I want everyone to get ready. Once the world falls into chaos, we will be their last hope to restore order. How history will judge us (supposing there is still people recording it) will depend solely on how we rule the world.


There is one more secret that I want to reveal to you now. When I set up this foundation, I want to solve the problem of civilisation collapse predicted by my order. As you can see from the reports, we can be quite certain of its occurrence and we are almost ready to take our step in lending our species a helping hand.


However, if you have lived long enough on this planet, you will realise that not all problems can be predicted like a mega earthquake, mega solar flare, worldwide plagues etc. What can we do then? The answer is we can’t. To be exact this foundation is not equipped for that.


One year after I set up this foundation, I set up another one which I call the “Seed Foundation”. It has bases hidden all over the world. Some deep underground, on seabeds, high up in the mountains all other places which could maximise their survival. The Seed Foundation is equipped with everything needed to restore humanity should we be so unfortunate that we are thrown into the Stone Age by a really big disaster. This includes all the knowledge, tools, medicines and even genetic materials.


Please remember that this is a top secret.


Should anything that bad happens and some of you managed to survive, I want you to activate this system shown here. The Seed Foundation will do its best to send assistance for you to continue with your mission. I have to tell you this because I may not be alive when it happens.


The bottom line is, let us proceed according to plan. If the unexpected bad things really happen, do not be disheartened. We still have a sister foundation to rely on.


That all for now. Good luck and God bless.