Christian Militants Strike Again

I used to think that the AWARE Saga ended well. It was a classic good verses evil and the good has won. However, it seems that this movie has a sequel. The militants are striking back. Right now, there are several self-proclaimed “conservative majority” folks started the following:

1. Create an online petition with fictitious signatures to demand the AWARE president to apologize for the CSE contents that are supposed to promote homosexuality. (This amounts to admitting that AWARE has been promoting homosexual lifestyles as accused by the crusaders)
2. Post slanders on a Nominated Member of Parliament for his role in helping the old guards against the crusaders.

I consider myself as a part of the conservative majority and I have never endorsed the above evil acts. Nor, can I imagine any Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, Muslims or even atheists sinking to the level of doing the above evil acts. I don’t think I need to convince anyone in Singapore that those self-proclaimed “conservative majority” are purely Christians.

This is sad thing for me to say this because I am a Christian myself. Now I understand how a Muslim feels each time there is a news report of terrorism committed by some other Muslims out there. We Christians are a minority group in Singapore and those militants are the minority among Christians. In other words, those self-proclaimed “conservative majority” are a minority of a minority.

Let me give you a clearer illustration. The Christian population accounts for about 15% of Singapore. Assuming that those militants make up about 10% of the total Christians in Singapore, they only make up about 1.5% of the total population. How can 1.5% of the total population call themselves the majority? How can they get so many signatures in their online petition? It is very obvious that they have lied and cheated. Their motive is to create the false impression that they represent the majority of us but I don’t think most of us can be so easily fooled.

This is another proof of their cowardice and their lack of morality, not to mention stupidity. I am sure that of us, the true conservative majority can see through their schemes.

The next question is how real are they? Before the coup in AWARE, these militants only exist in cyberspace. In other words, they are just some computer virus. However the coup in AWARE tells us that they are beginning to extend their holy crusades to the real world. In the coup, we have seen how they can sink to the level of ganging up with church members to take over a secular organization and how they use a pastor to drum up support for them in the pulpit. They may have failed in one crusade but there is no guarantee that they will launch more crusades in other forms. One thing for sure, they will always call themselves the “conservative majority” as though we can be so easily fooled.

How should we Christians with integrity respond to these crusaders?

First, we need to be completely honest and truthful. There is no use in sticking our heads in the sand. Those self-proclaimed “conservative majority” are purely Christians. They go to church. They believe in the part of the Bible that says homosexuality is sin. (Unfortunately they have ignored other sins like lying and slandering.) So, they are motivated to commit their sins in the name of “serving the Lord in preventing our nation from crossing the line of endorsing homosexuals”. Thus, they will stop at nothing to witch-hunt anyone and any organization that shows the slightest form of kindness and sympathy to the homosexuals. In short, they commit many sins in the name of fighting one sin.

Secondly, we need to make it clear to the public that we do not endorse their acts just as most Muslims do not endorse terrorism. Yes, the Bible does say homosexuality is sin and we believe in what the Bible says. However, we do not do witch-hunting. We do not condemn people and organizations that show kindness and sympathy to the homosexuals. We will never gang up with church members to take over any secular organization. We will never launch any crusade on anyone who says homosexuality is neutral. We have the basic intelligence to know that the act of calling homosexuality as neutral is not promoting it. We also have the basic intelligence to know that having the support of homosexuals does not mean there must be a “Gay Agenda” as proposed by an intelligent lawyer.

In conclusion, it is vital for us the true Christians in Singapore to make it clear we are against those evil acts of militancy.

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