Nation X: The Last Pastor

At last, the event we have dreaded for more than a hundred years has finally come. The Soulless are no longer content in living their sinful lives in their lairs, they now want to dominate us, enslave us and turn us into their image. I am among a few hundreds of believers who had managed to escape to the mountains. We can have nothing but our faith to sustain us from this evil.


The purpose of this recording is to tell our story in the event we failed to hold up against our enemies in hope that we, the true Children of God will not be forgotten.


It began when a godless nation decided to give in to great evil by accommodating the works of stem cell researchers in its bid to be wealthy. The rulers allowed unlimited freedom to the commercial institutions to do what they want no matter how immoral.  While we do have not much detail on what they did within those walls, we can be certain that they tampered with the human cells and the DNA in them.


We reacted to this abomination by demanding the world governments to stop them by any means necessary including the use of force. Unsurprisingly, the so-called “leaders” back then were as soft as they are now. Poisoned by the idea of liberalism, they refused to take action even though they knew very well that this nation had allowed serious blasphemy by tampering into the forbidden things.


They were rewarded by Satan with great wealth and technological breakthrough. They discovered ways to prolong lives. As a result, this nation was courted by our corrupt politicians and greedy businessmen who lusted for long lives in order to continue to indulge in their sins. At this time, this nation had literally became untouchables. It was protected by the rich and powerful. The ordinary people could do nothing to stop them other than praying.


Not content with their lives in sin, they moved a step further by denying the way of life God has set. They eliminated reproduction through sexual intercourse. Instead, they made babies in the factories.  Babies were made by mixing DNA and install them into cells just like any man-made product. Are they humans? Do they have souls? Many prominent theologians doubted that. This was the reason we call them “Soulless”.


That was the beginning of a new generation of beings who do not know the meaning of love, family and most importantly God. They were made in factories as though they are nothing more than any other man made products.


They know nothing about love, family nor God. They do not even have the most primitive of religion. All they know is to excel in their chosen field.


We in turn joined forces with other faiths to demand their extermination. These things must not be allowed to live and pollute God’s earth. We failed to convince our leaders to do what is right because by this time, they had became totally addicted to the life prolonging treatment provided by the  Soulless. Instead, the rich and powerful joined up to oppress us to keep us under their control. Those of us who dared to speak up against the Soulless were arrested and tortured.


Our society begun to divide into 2 distinctive class. The upper class were rich and enjoyed artificially prolonged lives while the rest of us lived under their oppression and lived our own natural lifespan. Resentment began to grow. During those years, we learned to put aside our differences and joined forces against our oppressors. Just as we were about to overthrow our oppressors in our final uprising, the Soulless invaded us with the most unexpected weapon, joy.


We have known for a long time that God had designed a part of our brains as a pleasure centre. When stimulate, we feel joy. This is what we know from medical science. The Soulless went a step further by inventing machines that can stimulate our pleasure centres from huge distances. When they were turned on, they created intense pleasure to the people around them. Those of us who had experienced this will crave for more. They are willing to do anything to experience it again.


In this way, the Soulless has turned us to be their slaves. City by city, nation by nation, we the true children of God are giving up our freedom just to bask in the effects of those machines.


My congregation and I managed to escape to our present hideout before their arrival to our town. Based on the information we received from the airwaves, our town has been taken. All our friends, neighbours and family members that were left behind have been turned into addicts of their joy giving machines. We cannot even get near there without getting the effects ourselves.


Is this the end of humanity? This is the weapon we have never expected. They use their pleasure giving machines to turn us into obedient slaves. Those infected will lose all their will to fight back. The only craving they have is to have more of it.


There is nothing we can do but to turn to God. He is our only hope.


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