True Godliness With Contentment Is Itself Great Wealth

6 Yet true godliness with contentment is itself great wealth.
1 Timothy 6:6 (NLT)

This must be among the most abused and misquoted verse in the Bible. Religious people used this verse to pervert the Gospel in their attempt to convince us that God wants us to remain where we are and he does not want us to improve ourselves. Religious people are against us using the Bible for our self-improvements. They have very perverted views on living Christ-centered lives. In their view, if you seek to be richer, healthier and improve yourself, you are being self-centered and not Christ-centered. They will tell you to learn contentment and use 1 Timothy 6:6 as a basis of their views.

So, the question is, are they right? In this article, I will reveal the true meaning of 1 Timothy 6:6 and at the same time expose the enemies’ attempt to twist our scriptures for their perversion. There are 3 key points in this verse I would like to explore. There are:
1. True godliness
2. Contentment
3. Great Wealth

True godliness
True godliness is to be like God. God is rich in every area in his life. He has great wisdom, perfect health, abundant in wealth, healthy mind and basically the best in every area we can think of. Godliness is to be like God. When we strive to be godly, we are striving to improve ourselves to be better and better. This means we are working towards having greater wisdom, better health, more wealth, healthier minds and improve in every area in our lives that we find lacking.

So, true godliness means a continuous process of self-improvements. I am not ashamed of wanting to have more and more money to come to my bank account because it is a part of true godliness. Religious people may threaten me with hell for wanting to get rich but God doesn’t. In God’s view, I am practising true godliness.

Contentment does not mean stagnation. If you were born in a poor family, it does not mean that God wants you to remain poor and have no desire to get rich. God has no problem in people moving from rags to riches. The true meaning of contentment here is to be satisfied. Satisfied with what?

According to 1 Timothy 6:6, we are to be satisfied or contented with true godliness. This means we are at peace and have confidence that we are on the path of improvements. We are on our path to receive greater prosperity in every area in our lives. This is the true meaning of contentment.

Great Wealth
God does not want us just to have wealth. He wants us to have great wealth. It is not enough for us to have wealth for ourselves but also wealth to bless others. We are blessed to be blessings to others around us.

When we have true godliness with contentment, we have great wealth. In other words, our wealth is going to be great. It is very clear that God’s intention is for us not just to be rich, but to have great riches.

In conclusion, 1 Timothy 6:6 is another verse in the Bible that tells us that our God wants us to be very rich.


One Response to “True Godliness With Contentment Is Itself Great Wealth”

  1. peacefulone Says:

    HI Chee! Good teaching…I like it. I just heard a great teaching by Bill Winston titled Becoming Kingdom Minded…I was wondering if you had heard it. It’s really good. As I was meditating on it I realized that the reason a lot of people don’t understand God’s plan for wealth is because they are not operating in the kingdom producing any fruit for God. So, of course they wouldn’t understand it. I plan to write about it, thanks again for a good word. Love E

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