Nation X: World Domination

Welcome back to the lecture on the history of Nation X. As I have said in earlier lectures, the Nation X marks an important jump in our civilisation. It was the beginning of our transition from savages to true intelligent beings. Through it, humanity was transformed from being the product of evolution to the creation of intelligent design like us. Look around yourselves now. We are what we are today, not because of random forces of evolution but because we were specifically designed by our respective genetic engineers to fulfil specific roles. This is the mark of true civilisation.

In the previous session, we went through the archive recordings of the natural humans at the time Nation X was taking over the planet. Don’t be distressed because you cannot fully understand their meanings. Even the best humanogist cannot fully understand them either. Your assignment is to write a paper on the effect of the transition to the society of the natural humans.

Let us begin the actual course.

When the X-sers decided to take over the control of Earth, they knew they could not succeed through violence. First, they were greatly outnumbered. Secondly, the natural humans had control over a vast amount of nuclear weapons. In those days, the term “nuclear” was restricted to the fission, splitting of heavy atoms. The technology was primitive but extremely destructive. The X-sers knew they had no chance of surviving a full scale nuclear explosion.

Instead, their war plan was to exploit the greatest weakness of the brains of the natural humans, pleasure.

Natural humans are very diverse. They differ in their beliefs, preferences and interests. However, no matter how diverse they are, all their beliefs and actions were focused on bring joy to them. They have many words for it like “joy”, “pleasure”, “happiness”, enlightenment” and many other but the mechanism is still the same. It is the event of having electrical impulses to stimulate a part of their brain called the “pleasure center”.

The X-sers knew about it but they did not have the technology to create the impulse from huge distances. Then they discovered the principle of quantum connectivity which can be used to scan the frequencies of primitive brains and be adjusted to deliver sonic waves to stimulate the pleasure centres of the natural humans.

They started to build relay stations throughout the earth using their agents. When the system was ready, the begun to scan the brainwaves. Then they activated the waves designed to the scan. The natural humans were infected and felt extreme joy. Throughout their lives, they made plans, sacrifices and dream of happiness. On that day, they received the very thing they could only dream of, joy.

The X-ser made their message clear. They would switch on the pleasure waves for one hour a day if the subjects agreed to obey their instructions. Those who refused would be excluded from the effects because the X-sers could easily exclude those individuals’ brain waves from the pleasure waves. As a result, the X-sers gain the control of the entire planet’s wealth.

Meanwhile, the natural humans continued with their lives in a more simplified manner. They worked on their given roles willingly. They had no other desire than to enjoy the daily exposure to the pleasure waves. In other words, they got out of the way and allowed the X-sers to develop Earth.

Thus, Earth became a truly civilised planet. From there, the X-sers progressed to space travel, colonise the moon, Mars and the Asteroid Belt. The success in dominating Earth also allowed the X-sers to experiment with animal and synthetic genes for the development of the subsequent generation.

If you are to examine your genetic codes, you will find that the original human genes can rarely consist of more than 2% of the entire genes. So, why do we call ourselves “humans” since we only inherit less than 2% of their genes? The answer is, we do that because our true inheritance from them is not their genes but their quest for self improvements. If the early humans had no desire to improve and progress in life, Nation X would not have existed. Without Nation X, we will not be here today participating in a history course in a space station orbiting Jupiter.

We owe our existence to the natural humans. We inherit their progressive spirit. This is the most important thing I want you to remember from this course.

In order to let understand more, we will organise a field trip to visit the natural humans.

In 2 weeks time, Jupiter and Earth will be aligned at the same line from the sun. This means travel between these 2 planets will cost the least at that time. We will make our trip by next week.

Please read the instructions transmitted into your chips on the preparation needed. You are to follow the protocol strictly especially when communicating with the natural humans. Those who are caught offending the natural humans will be punished. You are to memorise all the rules of communication.

We realise that some of you are not designed to live on Earth. The strong gravitational pull and the highly corrosive oxygen gas of Earth are fatal of those who are designed to live in vacuum. If you happen to be one, please consult your environmental suit specialist and get yourself proper protection. The timetable of the trip is included in the transmission.


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