The Way Of Love 3

5 For of this you can be sure: No immoral, impure or greedy person—such a person is an idolater—has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God.
Ephesians 5:3 (NIV)

This is another frequently abused verse in the Bible. Those of you have read my book “10 LIES OF RELIGIOUS CHRISTIANITY” will be familiar with the concept of Multiple Layers Gospel practiced by all religious churches. In short, “Multiple Layers Gospel” refers to different “gospel” message to different kind of people. One layer for non-Christians to lure them to become one and after they are in, they will be shown another layer which condemns them into a life of religious bondage.

The above verse is among those used in this transition. If you are not a Christian, you will be told that you are saved the moment you believe in Jesus. Your place in heaven is secured.

However, after you became a Christian, this promise is no longer valid. The theologically infested preachers will tell you that you will still risk going to hell if you violate certain rules and they will use the above verse to justify their claim.

The question here is, are they right? Can a believer be denied entry to heaven if they violate certain rules as claimed by the worshippers of theology? Do theologians really understand the true meaning of the above verse?

Let us assume that they are right in their interpretation of the above verse. Believers can go hell if they are immoral, impure or greedy.

If that is the case, there are 2 questions that will arise.

The first question is, why is this condition not revealed in the evangelistic message? When the gospel was first preached to the non Christians, they were only told that they were saved the moment they believe. There were no other rules attached as conditions to their salvation.

It is only after they become Christians that all these conditions begin to appear. Why do religious churches resort to such act of hiding facts? The only logical conclusion we can come up with is, the whole thing is a scam. All the missionaries, evangelists and those who participated in “sharing the gospel” are con-artists. Religious Christianity is the largest scam in the world.

The second question is, what do immoral, impure and greedy mean? Ask this question to 100 religious churches and you will get 100 different answers. What is moral in one church is immoral in another. So, you can be qualified for heaven in one church but in another church you are condemned to hell.

All religious churches agree that it is wrong to be immoral, impure and greedy but they can never agree on their true meaning. Why is that so? Their main interest is to preserve their pet doctrines and traditions. They don’t care about the welfare of their people. Given a choice, they would rather sacrifice their people for the sake of their doctrines and traditions.

So, do you want to follow the theologians? Go ahead and ruin your life.

The above shows that the theologians cannot be right. The corruption of the religious churches shows that theology is nothing more than lies from the pit of hell.

At this point, many may ask the true meaning of the above verse. Let me give you the answer now.

Here is the master key. Whenever you are in doubt on the meanings of a certain Bible passage, always go back to the basics. Ask yourself on why did you become a Christian in the first place. Did you agree to become a Christian because you want to become a mindless drone who obeys everything the preacher says and give him money each time he asks? Of course, not. Am I right to say that you agreed to become a Christian for the benefits offered? You were promised a secured place heaven the moment you believe. Believing is only above saying a few words as directed.

This should form the basis on your contract with God. If anyone is to tell you that as a Christian you have to follow certain rules to qualify for heaven, you are free to reject this scum. Why? It is a violation of the initial contract.

Based on the same principle, Ephesians 5:3 never says you will go to hell if you are an idolater who is immoral, impure or greedy. Heaven is still your home. The worst thing that can happen if you are a believer who is immoral, impure or greedy is, you will not have any inheritance in heaven when you get there.

It is only when you are fully convinced of this truth that you are set free. It is only when you are truly free, will you be able to live a truly holy life. True holiness is from inside out. We are first holy from the inside. Then, our outward behavior will exhibit this nature. We behave holy because we are holy.

In contrast, the counterfeit holiness from the theological infested religious churches is derived from using threats and blackmails to force people to behave holy.

Let me ask you this question: Which form of holiness will last?


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