The Way Of Love 1

1 Follow God’s example, therefore, as dearly loved children
2 and walk in the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.
Ephesians 5:1-2 (NIV)

The above is an exhortation for believers to walk in the way of love. In this series, I will show you what it really means, how to do it and most importantly, how to use it for our prosperity. After all, it is crucial for us to realize that the Bible is never designed as a religious book despite the lies propagated by the theologians. The Bible is a tool, given from God to us to be used to attain prosperity in every area of our lives. Our duty as believers is to use it.

Let us begin with Verse 1. The first part says, “follow God’s example” and followed by the second part that says “therefore, as dearly loved children”. I see a condition here. In order for us to be qualified to follow God’s example of love, we must see ourselves as dearly loved by God.

This is the area where theological infested religious churches like my first church has failed to understand. Religious pastors only know how to tell their church members to obey God but they failed miserably in securing the importance of seeing oneself as being loved by God. This is the reason why the sermons in religious churches are nothing more than threats and blackmails.

The lesson here is to get our priority right. We must never read the Bible with the intention of looking for instructions to obey. God’s will is for us to read the Bible to find out how much he loves us. When we are fully convinced of God’s love for us, we do not need to be blackmailed into obeying him. God’s love for us is not empty talk. The love of God comes with real actions. He had physically sent his real Son to die for our sins at the Cross.

Not only that, God dares to give us real things that can be proven like health and wealth. Health and wealth are the 2 things that are despised by theologically infested and religious Christians. Do you know why? Let me tell you a shocking truth. Their “God” is false.

Let me explain further. Imagine yourself as a false god. This means you know you are not God but you want others to think you are. Your priority is not to blow your cover. So, you must not make promises that can be proven. Never promise real health and wealth because these things can be objectively proven. Instead, you should focus on intangible stuff like peace of mind and other “spiritual” blessings. When you do that, no one can prove you wrong.

However, if you are a true God, your priority is to set yourself apart from the counterfeits. Promise and deliver things that can be proven like health and wealth. This is what God in the Bible did. He delivered real things.

This real the main reason why theologians and their doctrine worshipping counterparts have never stop persecuting real Christians like myself who dared to trust God for things that can be proven like health and wealth. When Christians live our lives in God’s love, we are indirectly exposing their evil nature.

Verse 2 tells us to walk in God’s love but it does not stop there. It tells us what Jesus has done for us. This verse basically repeats the same pattern as Verse 1. This means we can only walk in God’s love after we truly believe in what Jesus has done for us out of his great love for us.

In short, we love because he first loved us.

I hope you get the message here. We do not obey God because we are blackmailed to do so. God is not a terrorist. As I have mentioned many times, unlike the theologians, God has integrity.

Our obedience to God and our walk in the way of love is a natural result of being convinced of his love for us. This is the real Christian living.

This is all for now. I shall continue on this series in the next post.


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