Flawed Defence Of City Harvest Church

This is my second article on the City Harvest Church Saga. In my first article, I have explained that the real problem is on not whether the pastor is found guilty. It lies in the church members’ reaction to this event. The church members behaved as though they have been brainwashed into mindless drones and faithful worshippers of the pastor.

This means that even if the pastor is found innocent by the investigators, this church will still have to live with the public impression that it is an evil cult that manipulates its members to turn them into mindless drones who are only capable to obey the pastor’s every command. Its legacy as a great church has ended.

In this article, I am going to provide you with the real analysis of the problem and how the church had messed up.

How it began.

The senior pastor and a few members were summoned by the authorities to assist in investigation relating to mismanagement of church funds. Although technically these people are innocent until proven otherwise, the public perceives them as guilty. The media has even linked them to previous frauds by other institutions like NKF and Renci. After all, we do not believe the authorities investigate people at random.

Of course, those who do not like this church will take advantage of this situation to throw a few stones.

However, no matter how this investigation turns out, the church will still be there. The government will not close it down. Surely, common sense tells us that this is not an attack to the church. The church can continue to function as usual even if the pastor is convicted and imprisoned. There is absolutely no need for church members to behave as though they are under siege, being attacked by the devil or being under any form of persecution.

It is the responsibility of the church leadership to explain this situation to their members and warn them not to over-react. Did they do that? The answer is “no”. The opposite has happened. The incompetent church leaders has failed to control the fanatics among their members from creating the impression that it is a cult that turns people into mindless drones.

Members Reaction.

Let me explain on how the efforts put up by the members with the intention to “defend” their church and pastor had resulted the opposite effect. I refer to the 2 Facebook groups set up by the church members:

1. CHC United In Prayers
2. We believe City Harvest Church is framed and maligned.

In my first article, a church member wrote in to me to question my objectivity in using these groups to represent a church of 33,000. My reply is, I insist on using them as true representation of the church’s 33,000 members based on one reason: Neither the church leadership nor any of the “real” members have openly denounced, condemned and exposed them. Until that happens, I have the right to think of them as the true members of City Harvest Church.

Let us look at the name itself. The first one, “CHC United In Prayers” is good. It sounds positive and does not imply anything bad. However, the second one, “We believe City Harvest Church is framed and maligned” is a disaster for 2 reasons:

1. It views the authority’s investigation on a few individuals as an attack on the church.

2. The members have made up their minds that their pastor is innocent from all wrongdoings regardless of the results from the investigation.

Other than the names, I see no clear distinction in the contents of the 2 groups. The members believed that this investigation is an attack from the devil and they must be united to fight the devil.

One member had even bragged that the church’s membership is half of the Singapore Armed Forces regulars and they have the money to buy weapons. I don’t see anyone in the group rebuking him for this treason. Please feel free to visit these groups before they decided to remove them from public viewing.

As I read the comments, the only impression I got is a cult. This cult has effectively brainwashed its members into mindless drones who only know how to obey their pastor without question. In their minds, the pastor is as infallible as God. They are prepared to go to any extend to defend their beloved pastor.

An investigation on the pastor is an attack to the whole church. Church members must be united to fight off this enemy, who is of course the Devil. So, most of the contents there are battle calls and war cries. It is basically a holy crusade there.

There are some occasional rational postings there to appeal for calm but I don’t think anyone bothered. As I have mentioned before, neither the church leaders nor the rational members dare to confront them.

After reading the posts in these groups, I doubt if anyone will still want to join this church.

Then, there is this church service last week. It does not take much intelligence to know that it would be infiltrated by reporters and they were not there to write good things about the church. So, if the church leaders have any common sense, they must make sure they don’t do stupid things that will reinforce the perception that the church is a cult. Have they succeeded? The answer is “no”.

A member went to the worship service with a placard expressing support for Pastor Kong Hee. Since when do Christians go to church with placard to show support to their pastor? This is nothing more than pure stupidity. These people really think that by declaring their undying support for their pastor, they are actually winning. In reality, they will only cause people to see their church as a cult.

Some may say that this is only the action of one individual. It does not represent the whole church. My question is why did the leaders or the ushers not confiscate the placard? If the reporters can see it, why can’t any of them see it? Since they saw it, why did they not confiscate the placard to limit the embarrassment?

There were interviews by RazorTV to some members after the service. The answers are idiotic:

“He is a good pastor because he is my hero.”

“He laid down his life for us and for people in many countries.”

What type of opinions are that? Is the church that good in attracting intellectually challenged people or do these people become intellectually challenged only after they have joined the church?

Devil’s role.

The most common battle cry by the members is they are under attack from the devil. Is that true? My answer is “no”. Do you know why? If your church have members like these who had never stopped making fools out of themselves and disgracing the church, you don’t need the devil. In this case, the devil is redundant.


Based on the above observations, I conclude that a great church has fallen not because of any attack from outside but due to internal stupidity.

56 Responses to “Flawed Defence Of City Harvest Church”

  1. Terence Says:

    Hi, it is unfortunate that it takes a few black sheep to stain the reputation of the church. But do also note that some church members have responded in an even-handed and reasoned manner to this incident.

    You should see this one: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=119257008115910&id=1792950220

  2. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    The fault lies in the incompetent leaders. They did not denounce the fanatics. Now, everyone thinks the whole church is like that.

  3. peter Says:

    “He laid down his life for us and for people in many countries.”


    That’s rubbish! He’s Nelson Mandela?

  4. josh Says:

    er… but we did the same thing during Ps Prince’s birthday when we went to Expo for service…. During 2nd service the Whole Zone Ministry made placards for Pastor then held them up high all over the place, declaring OUR support for him until he was so touched he stopped sermon for a bit and just said :”Wow..” NO ONE said anything to us?


    We didnt show the whole church this but we also got all the youths to write birthday blessings on different colored cards and then put them together to form a 4.5m high pixel picture of Ps Prince…

    So by criticizing CHC for honoring their Pastor, then NCC should be criticized too? Our placards should be confiscated?

    Also, I not sure how many know this but days before the “I believe CHC is innocent” FB group was created, there was a “I believe CHC is corrupt” FB group that started the whole thing.. Sure, it could be a immature CHC-er who responded but how many of us know that we don’t always do what our leaders tell us.. Like for example, Ps Prince has told us to be kind to CHC… Have we given that any weight?

    Leadership in a church can only go so far as to “counsel” and “suggest appropriate measures”, but whether the people follow in the end is another matter..

  5. shrek Says:

    Thanks for highlighting this…i saw the comments too “He laid down his life for us…& he is our hero”

    I was speechless…what kind of teachings did he received?

  6. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Josh, Church leaders cannot stop their members from sinning outside the church. However, if the members gang up to sin under the church’s banner, the least the leader can do is to openly denounce them.
    Your NCC example is irrelevant because CHC is not a subsidary of NCC. As for NCC, the leadership better watch its steps because the public will lump these 2 churches together.

  7. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    By the way Josh, if the same thing happened to NCC, I would have written the same thing.

  8. Terry Says:

    I’m glad that I got to know about Pastor Kong Hee. Thanks to him, I realise that the dull church services I’m been attending all these years were not a waste of time. I am grateful I have been given a firm grounding in the teachings of the bible, lessons which prevent me from swallowing the lines like:
    9 bible reasons why Jesus wasn’t poor:
    1. Showered with great treasures
    2. Many wealthy partners supporting Him
    3. Paid for His entire ministry team
    4. Fed the hungry
    5. Had a treasurer
    6. Never considered Himself poor
    7. Cared for the poor & regularly gave to them
    8. Had His own house
    9. Wore good clothes

  9. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    This is great. In fact, I have written a lot on why Christians must be rich. Feel free to browse around.

  10. anonymous Says:

    pastors are like CEO or Oprah. never in the bible you will find that it mentioned an official office for its role. when you put this person on a high pedestal, he naturally becomes an IDOL. so the response he gets is consistent with his elevated position.

    this is poison and the people, church and state failed to understand its insidious teachings.

  11. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Not all pastors are idols. Just as not all actors are stars.

    Whatever name you call it, thre must be someone at the top. No organisation can run with just a commitee. Even a commitee needs a chairman.

  12. Gentle Lamb Says:

    They really loved Pastor Kong, don’t they. I once did too.

    I trust that they don’t get too dissapointed if things do not turn out well.

  13. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    If things don’t turn out well, it is the Devil’s fault. They will launch a holy crusade against the Devil and all his accomplices (meaning the rest of us).

  14. anonymous Says:


    with all due respect. there is only ONE HOUSE. when you have erroneous teachings that spawned “houses” or “temples”, you created gods in our midst. the bible calls it IDOLATRY!

    and you are right, it is a private ORGANIZATION with its own chairman. this person accounts to no one accept his version of god.

    there are 30, 000 different version or denomination to suit your taste and hundreds of thousands of “private organization” or “private temples” all over the world claiming to be the ONE HOUSE.

  15. anonymous Says:

    joseph prince once said, and he is not the only one. that he answers to NO MAN except to God.

    Hitler during his term of absolute power too need not answer to NO MAN except to his idea of God.

    imagine, you have thousands of such people who thinks like that. no wonder the world is in trouble.

  16. anonymous Says:

    (correction below)

    Hitler during his term of absolute power too need not answer to PEOPLE except to his idea of God or his ideological preference.

  17. Sarah Says:

    What the brotherhood has to say is enuf for me!

  18. peter Says:

    If this Prince fellow “graduated” from Our Lourdes School@Ophir Road, it means that he did not join a JC but went to do A levels in a private school. His grades at O level must have been rotten that he could not gain entry into normal stream. I checked with the Ministry of Educaiton on this. What were his A level grades? Now tell me why I should believe he can preach truth from the bible? If NC members believe so, then they must be fools or at best desperate for miracles in their life. Is this deviant Christianity at its worst?

    Kong Hee was accused in the Straits Times today of plagarism. No wonder these independent churches preach American style and content-wise bcos they are aping the Americans through “Cut & Paste”.

  19. peter Says:

    I dont believe these independent churches do charity the way they describe. Members/Worshippers must have been fooled. There is a second collection each time a notable charity cause is required (almost every Christian church/sect does that), meaning tithes and donations dont go to dfund charities and missions. So where do tithes and donations go? S$310 million reserves? Think about it. Is this genuine charity articulated?

  20. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Point 1: At least Joseph Prince is more qualified than Jesus. Jesus did not even have a PSLE.

    Point 2: Does it surprise you that churches are only interested in evangelism and not charity? Their charitty programmes are nothing more than a ploy to their evangelism.

  21. Nearlywrong Says:

    Religious organisation like the church needs money to function.No money no church.Is all about money.Anyway God is dead.Period.Ppl who believe in religion or god are deluding themselves.

  22. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Why can’t God and money learn to live together in harmony with mutual respect? How can we have religious harmony when the 2 parties that we respect the most cannot learn to respect each other?

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  24. xizor2000 Says:

    Even if one doesn’t believe in the existence of deities, there is no reason to condemn it completely. Organised religion is a powerful force in the best position to provide aid to people. There are of course religious swindlers who obtain money from people for their own designs, but in general the Christian church has generally tried to be the salt and light that Jesus commands them to be – first by helping those who are struggling among them, and after that the greater community where Christians are a part of.

    That is why the church ask believers for money. I certainly don’t suppose it is realistic to ask God to drop a to rip golden bricks out of a pavement in Heaven and drop them as a bag of gold every time the church wants to perform some social services – like run a kindergarten, elder care center, give bursaries to needy families etc.

    Basically, what is important is not only whether the congregation is asked to give or how much they are giving, but rather whether the custodians of that money (generally the church leaders) are fully accountable for everything that has been collected.

    My personal opinion is this: When God has blessed His children with an abundant ‘harvest of money’, does God intend for them to hoard it? Unless the church has been given a prophetic vision or dream to store up (for reasons such as an impending plague which would strike Egypt in the time of Joseph), then I believe God intends the money to be extended to those who are in need.

    That aside, for economic reasons it makes completely no economic sense to hoard excessive sums of money. A large sum of money that is in a bank or in an underground vault, is unlikely to be very beneficial to a lot of people out there because it is not circulated in the economy. Give the poor $200 and you will see the pay their bills or buy some daily necessities. Spend 200 million to build a church and it will benefit only the construction companies and only a small amount of that will go to the construction worker. If one is concerned with the lack of money in church when crisis comes, then exercise that same faith they have that God will provide when they give to church expecting to be blessed. It is self deceiving to justify hoarding large amount of money, and that only giving to church (and keeping the money in there) will one receive blessing in multiples from God!

    Lastly, on the moral basis, a large amount of money hoarded anywhere is a strong temptation. Leave $1000 on the table and most people might just return it because they have the ability to earn it. Leave a king’s ransom on the table and one of the outcome would be that some of that money is taken and the person who took it hoped that it wouldn’t be noticeable.

  25. HAT Says:

    Well said.
    Many mega churches have become like that. Worship God or worship the charismatic leader?

  26. anonymous Says:

    I think that the usual practices of CHC are inherently controversial weather or not the current investigation proves any misdeed .

    1. The church members should realize that no one is above the law and by expressing unconditional support and prayers for their pastor, they have provoked a strong secularist response from the general public. It sure is fine to wish and hope that someone is well and ok but it is a different situation when that support is so strong and unconditional; especially when such support contains a religious element. It will raise heckles with everyone outside of the church.

    2. The fund raising aspect of the church are with no doubt controversial in every aspect and would obviously raise many questions.

    i. Do they need such a huge amount of money?
    ii Where did they get the money from?
    iii. Did they misrepresent their fund-raising needs to the general public? (Did they exaggerate the amount of money needed?)
    iv. Are their fund raising-techniques legitimate? (Is it fine to associate the sacrificial aspect of a religion with fund-raising? )
    v. Do they have proper checks and balances to ensure the accountability their funds?
    vi. Are there any possible misuse of funds? (salaries,expenditures, are they all legitimate or could there be any conflict of interest?)

    All these questions would no doubt come under scrutiny whenever a public organisation has so much funds, its simply questions that pop up when hundreds of millions appear.

    However also I strongly believe that everyone is innocent is proven guilty (a clause that has stood well-tested against time)

  27. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    I think I can answer for them.

    i. They need a big space at a place with good transport facilities.

    ii. Members.

    iii. They never asked the public for a single cent.

    iv. There is nothing illegal in their fund raising activities.

    v. Their accounts had been audited.

    vi. The authorities are investigating.

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  29. jinnera Says:

    Let me first qualify that I am currently a mature member of CHC and I have been with CHC for more than a decade (much longer that some marriages).
    In reading most comments, It saddens me that this episode has led to demean the true teaching of Christianity….God is Love. City Harvest has taught me so much about the Love of God. God gave up his only Son, in exchange for our sinning nature. How are we, children of the most Holy God, to judge? I applaud Pastor Prince of New Creation, to encouraging his congregation to pray for City Harvest. He has focus, to keep all of God’s people in unity.
    Do I want to believe that Pastor Kong has done wrong? Are his actions, even if faults are revealed, malicious? Men himself cannot be judge. I believe that when complaints to the authorities are made, the authorities, that acts for their people, must investigate. This is the reason we pay taxes. What I feel is wrong is that the media, who found an extreme sensation to better sell their wares, that is ethically flawed. In reporting events, it should be just reporting and not indicating, even if it is subtle, create sensation with bias. Let me make a hypothetical comparison, ….Our Minister Mentor, Builder of our peaceful, successful and wealthy nation, if complaints are filed against him, would the media dare to report on the case in the same way as they dare with City Harvest, or any other religious sect that has flawed in their paths? I think not. Even if they did, would the majority citizens in this nation cry foul and persecute our leader, insisting that he has already done wrong? I truly and strongly believe that we would, together as One Nation, stand strong behind this Great Leader. No body, (perhaps except foreign media), would insinuate that we are a cult nation that supports this leader, even if he is flawed. We all know that the only individual, who has not a single flaw in this world, is Jesus.
    Many judge Pastor Kong Hee. Do those who criticize really know of him? His sacrifices to his faith and his congregation can only be felt and appreciated if the following to his life is complete. Many of us talk his talk, but how many of us really walked his walk? Perhaps it is also true that I have, on occasions, not agree with some of his sermons, but one element that he has always instill into us, is that we must always reference a man’s teachings to qualify with that of the Word of God, The Holy Bible. In God we trust. Man are born flawed.
    Many have labeled City Harvest as a cult and that members been brain washed. If this is true, then we, as citizens of this great nation, built by a small team of leaders, have also been brain washed. I understand, with great clarity, why members would identify Pastor Kong Hee as their hero. In my life, he has, thoroughly transformed me, thru the Glorious Grace of God and my pastor’s devoted manner to save man like I. Many are touched, by God, thru Pastor Kong. If he has not fasted, not prayed for us , not devoted his all to his congregation, would I have been saved? Would my life have been transformed? Perhaps. Perhaps thru God in another church, another Pastor. Who I will support the same manner as I would Pastor Kong. What he has sacrificed, thru his faith, the power and responsibilities God has placed on his life and definitely, his decision to embrace these powers, speaks volumes. How many truly know the sacrifices he has made for his people. He has really shown us Love. Which is why, so many of us, his sheeps, Loves him in return, some perhaps, incorrectly term him as their hero.
    Investigations by the authorities are on-going. If flaws into this organization are proven, I applaud the authorities in identifying and correcting. We then continue to progress onwards and I continue to stand behind this Man of God.
    No, I have not been brainwashed as I am, and will, also stand behind the true leader of our nation, for what he has so sacrificially given and not asked for any returns. They both sacrifice their lives for their dreams, visions and beliefs .
    I especially plead to all Christians, in allowing God to embrace us fully in Love, Peace and Unity, to overcome and to progress. We are to show Love to All.
    Let us all pray for unity for all our brothers and sisters, our nation’s leaders, our pastors and our churches.

  30. Ibanez Says:

    Interesting — New Creation operates at Suntec City. City Harvest buys into Suntec City, S$300m. Leader of City Harvest gets investigated. Meanwhile, New Creation is awaiting the completion of the The Rock (next to Buona Vista MRT), a JV with Capital Land, S$1b.

  31. starry Says:

    Hi brother in Christ, I have been regularly attending CHC for past 4 yrs..
    Some posts on facebook do not represent the church’s stand or even the majority of it’s members. Some members are young in age and young in their walk with Christ, hence some immature comments.
    However, I do not agree with you that the church pastors has brainwashed its members. Take for eg, If your pastor is called up for investigations one day, would you jump to conclusion that he is guilty? Or would you continue to stand by him based on your understanding of him, how he lives his life, how he fears God…
    Not right to call another church ”cult” just because you don’t agree with the way it is run. Your yardstick is not God’s. Leave judgement for judgement day. Meanwhile, please take a peep at the good works the church has done in the name of our Lord.
    About the praying part, do you know before Christ was taken away, he asked his disciples to pray with him for an hour? My question: Who killed Jesus? Pontius Pilate? Or was it part of God’s salvation plan for sinners like us? When Jesus gave up his last breath, the veil at the temple was torn. Why? Did things just happen in the physical world? Things that happen in the natural world is a refection of what’s going on in the spiritual realm. If during this times, we do not call on the name for the Lord for deliverance, are we real Christians or just members of another money making organisations? I pray you open up your mind towards CHC n towards others whose practices which you do not identify with, n not be quick to judge, be merciful and exercise grace, and God bless you richly in your walk with him.

  32. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    “Some posts on facebook do not represent the church’s stand or even the majority of it’s members. Some members are young in age and young in their walk with Christ, hence some immature comments.”

    This is my point. The majority members and the leadership did nothing to correct them openly. Either the leadership is really incompetent or the immature comments reflect the truth on the church’s teachings.

    “However, I do not agree with you that the church pastors has brainwashed its members.”

    I have never said that. What I meant is, the response of the members give the impression that they have been brainwashed into faithful and obedient drones.

    “Take for eg, If your pastor is called up for investigations one day, would you jump to conclusion that he is guilty?”

    I will not be bothered. If he is guilty, he should be punished. If he is not, he should be released. I will not do stupid things like wave placards in church or participate in holy crusades.

    The bottom line is, the church members openly created the impression that they have been brainwashed into obedient drones of the pastor and the church leadership did nothing to rebuke them.

    Tell me now, what should the public think of this?

  33. Anon Says:

    Someone forwarded your blog to me. Thank you for the good read. Another highly interesting blogpost is below


    I think it was written as a satire.

  34. kelly Says:

    I agree with you. Any money that is loaned to City Harvest Church can be repaid to Ho Yeow Sun (if she did invest her earnings in the Suntech City investments). Problem is, is there a loan contract to save the church’s butt?

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  36. Donna Says:

    I agree with your post, whatever the outcome of the case, CHC has lost. There have always been rumors of cultish and forceful behaviour within CHC and the reaction of their members to this case has only served as a case in point.

    Some people have likened CHC to MLM companies. I think that’s quite accurate, without the godhead figure of course. Check it out for yourselves, attend a church service at CHC and then attend a MLM or time-sharing seminar.

  37. David T. Msimbe Says:

    Greetings in the Powerful name of Jesus Christ ,

    It is my hope your well and you continue better with God’s work. Also we are together spiritually and freshly. We continue better with God’s work.

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    Our registration number is so. 14120. Also we have no permanent place
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    The purpose of this letter to you servant of God is to need friendship (please read the book of Malachi 2:7) So that to be have benefit together in the body of Christ and God’s work continue forward means all we are unity in body of Christ(1 Corinthians 12:7,12-27) I and My church and I we need Contacts So that we need saving God with you together
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  38. anonymous Says:

    This is so funny….christians attacking christians…..talk about unity ??

  39. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Unity does not mean brain dead.

  40. only1belovedchild Says:


    The fact they should recognise is that CAD came in becasue of financial matters. Not because they preach the Gospel/

    They are really that mindless i guess.

  41. Ed Says:

    Hi YCS

    what make you conclude that they ( CHC ) are brain washed, wrong nounce used ?!

    I think they are united in ” thinking ”

    i believe , this part of your ” brain ” you have PHD ( permenant brain damage ) to keep thinking they are brain wash !

  42. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Hi Ed, Please read the above article.

  43. Ken Lim Says:

    I just want to ask you then how competent are you if you say someone is incompetent

  44. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Who created this law?

  45. The Says:

    /// “We believe City Harvest Church is framed and maligned” is a disaster for 2 reasons:
    1. It views the authority’s investigation on a few individuals as an attack on the church.
    2. The members have made up their minds that their pastor is innocent from all wrongdoings regardless of the results from the investigation. ///

    Chee Seng, I am not sure if you are referring to this post here: http://newnation.sg/2012/06/reader-forgives-government-for-maligning-chc/

    If you are, then it is not quite a disaster. This site is a satirical site. If you put the cursor on the banner “newnation”, it will show a pop-up with the words “fake news and real commentary”.

  46. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    No. The above post was written in 2010.

  47. Understood Says:

    Hi Chee Seng,

    thank you for this article. i am from Malaysia and we had the exact same problem in Calvary Church – Prince Guneratnam. Unfortunately, much has been covered up and the AOG of Malaysia has done little to rectify a growing global problem for churches.

    There are too many “blinded” followers of these pastors and too many forget that God “gives and takes away”

  48. Dye Says:

    Thought only I am mad. Glad to know there are many.

  49. Jason Says:

    It is sad that man has come to worship a pastor, instead of worshipping God himself. Man end up worshipping Men and following Men’s doctrine’s instead of the doctrines of God.

  50. Civil Serpent Says:

    “He laid down his life for us and for people in many countries.”

    Sounds like they got Pastor Kong Hee confused with Jesus.

  51. Civil Serpent Says:

    Chee Seng, jinnera seems to exactly the type of CHC parishioner that gives them bad press.

    I mean, who capitalises “Great Leader”?

  52. ricky Says:

    Woke up feeling like a millionaire,
    Walking down the street with the wind in my hair,
    All the boys stare, say I look so good,
    No, I’m not cocky but I knew that they would,

    Cause everywhere I go my life is a party,
    I don’t have a worry, the sun keeps on shining on me,
    Look how it’s shining on me, (Oh),
    You can’t tell me nothing, look out cause I’m coming,
    The street is my runway and everyone’s looking at me,
    All of their eyes are on me, (All of their eyes are on me)
    And I….

    I feel so beautiful, (I’m lovely),
    Can’t no one tell me no (I’m fancy free),
    My life’s a circus show (It’s lovely),
    No matter where I go (I’m fancy free),

    Dee, dee, dee, dee,
    Dee, dee, dee, dee, dee, dee,
    Dee, dee, dee, dee, dee, dee, dee,
    I’m fancy free

    Feels just like I’m on a shooting star,
    Made my wish to be a super star,
    If I’m wrong and dreams don’t come true,
    I’ll just make today what I want to.

    Have your say, you can’t break my high,
    You should join me on my carpet ride,
    Let’s play, what you say,
    Say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

    It’s so easy,
    See that’s your problem right there,
    You’re too cool, (yeah, yeah)
    I’m just trying to have fun, stop worrying so much,
    And just follow me.

    Cause I feel so beautiful,
    Can’t no one tell me no,
    My life’s a circus show,
    No matter where I go,
    I’m fancy free.

    These are the lyrics from Sun Ho’s song “Fancy Free”. Smacks of self-gratification! Cross-over Project? Yeah, crossing over to the dark side… I empathise with their followers as it must be a great disappointment. I hope they move on, and discern that it has got nothing to do with Christianity as a faith, but the work of a few greedy hands who has perfected the art of deceit. I hope that they do not feel “stupid” as the chinese saying goes:”No hero can dodge perfidy”.

  53. david ang Says:

    Look every one here in the log.
    This kong hee and his cronies as are charged by the Court- well look at it. Examine the charges and the pastor and the church responses. Look is it correct ? – ask your hearts. Those who know accountancy or who are auditors should be able to tell – right ?? so whats the take ??

    Look it is so clear in front of you.

    Why the result is pure guilty – where is all that Intergrity ???

    Now with the Chew Eng Han exposure – what more do you need to believe in what – Rats in church – the Biggest Rat – kong hee as revealed by the man who knows and the rat who set up the scaming in the first place –

    People who now know that this crook is out there should do the simple thing – just leave the church then let this crook know he is not god and when he is replaced can come back. Also can start to write to the ministry of law to ask for your money back especially if you still have your receipts giving to the building fund, as the building fund was not used as promised and pledged by the church

    write for it so that the ill gotten gain can be repossessed by the government and return the money to the church.


  54. CHC Saga | RunEatGossip Says:

    […] from The Lycan Times:  here & hereThe controversial Yeap Chee Seng: here & hereA neutral view […]

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  56. AnitSt Says:

    Cheer! Kindly version. Thankee!

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