Evil Intentions

27 Whoever digs a pit will fall into it, And he who rolls a stone will have it roll back on him.
Proverbs 26:27 (NKJV)

In this blog, I have written a lot of articles on the Law Of Sowing And Reaping. In all of them, I focused mainly on how to make use of this law to get the things we want including the politically incorrect stuff like health and wealth. While this law works in providing positive things in our lives, the truth is it is not limited to positive things only. This law can also work on the negative side.

The Law Of Sowing And Reaping is an automated program. It does not know the difference between good and evil. It has no compassion, no love, no pity and bears no grudges with anyone. All it knows is to create a harvest from the seed that is sown. If you sow bad seeds, you will get a bad harvest. If you sow good seeds, you will get good harvest.

If you have sown bad seeds, there is no use of pleading to the Law Of Sowing And Reaping for good harvest. It does not care. It is not designed to care. This is why it is important to note that if we do not want bad harvest, we must never sow bad seeds. What are bad seeds?

The above verse gives an example of what is a bad seed. It can be an evil intention to harm others. It you dig a pit or roll a stone to harm others, you may eventually harmed by your actions. Therefore, never harm others no matter how disgusting they are.

God’s way of overcoming evil in our lives is to displace them with good. There may be people out there who talk bad things about you or even scheme to harm you. What should you do about it? The answer is to trust in God to protect you. He knows how to watch your back. He knows how to do his job.

When God is for you, who can be against you? Anyone who schemes against you is actually taking a stand against God. Don’t you pity them?

This is how we should deal with the jerks and scums in our lives. Do not sink into bitterness and depression. Fill with hope instead because your God is on your side. He who is in you is greater than he who is in this world.

Never, at any time return evil for evil because if you do, you will be sowing bad seeds. If you sow bad seeds, you will end up reaping bad harvest. The Law Of Sowing And Reaping is only an automated program. It does not care.


3 Responses to “Evil Intentions”

  1. "A Lost Christian" Says:

    Dear YCS,

    Sounds like the buddhist law of kamma: to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    “A Lost Christian”

  2. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    I am glad we agree on something.

  3. "A Lost Christian" Says:

    Yes, its good if both religions preach the same things. Infact I have read and found out that similarity exis betweeb Buddhism and christianity many years ago after coming across an article: “The Buddhist Influence in Christian Origins”. Here is the site: http://www.jesusneverexisted.com/buddha.html

    A Lost Chrisitian

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