Do Not Despise Plowing

4 The lazy man will not plow because of winter; He will beg during harvest and have nothing.
Proverbs 20:4 (NKJV)

This is another lesson of prosperity from the Bible. It uses the model of the ancient agriculture of Israel. The agricultural processes always begin with plowing and end with harvest. Every farmer loves harvest. They can see their money right in front of them. Harvesting is basically the act of collecting money. So, it is never a problem to get people to collect their harvest.

As mentioned earlier, harvesting is the last stage of the cycle of agricultural process. It will not happen by itself. Before harvest can happen, one must take good care of the plants. Before that, one must sow the right seeds for the right plants. However, one cannot just throw seeds to the hard ground. They will not grow well on hard ground. So, the ground must be softened through plowing.

Plowing is the first step in a series of process that leads to harvesting. It is the hardest work of all. It takes a lot of strength, causes the farmer to get dirty with mud and does not bring in any immediate rewards. Many people may be tempted to see this as a useless job. It is easy to give up in this stage but if the farmer really gives up, he will not have any harvest. This is the message of the above verse.

This model is applicable in every area of our lives. What do you want in your life? There will be a season of harvest where you will receive what you want. Before the harvest can happen, a series of events must take place beginning from the act of plowing. In short, we must start plowing if we want to see our harvest.

What is plowing in our real lives? It refers to works that are very hard to do and do not come with good benefits. They are also known as “thankless jobs”. You may be in this situation yourself where the only job you can get hold on is your current job that requires a lot of hard work, long working hours, bad working conditions, disgusting boss, very little benefits and worst of all, very little pay. You may be wondering on why God does not deliver you from such a bad condition by giving you a big harvest.

Has God forgotten you? Is God too busy to deliver more important people? The answer is no. God loves you and he wants you to have a huge harvest of everything you want. He is currently working behind the scenes to get your harvest ready but you must prepare yourself to receive them when they arrive. You do that by going through all the processes of agriculture that lead to harvest.

You begin by doing the best you can in your current job. It does not matter that the conditions are bad and the pay is low. You are plowing right now. Plowing does not produce immediate rewards. Come to think of it, you are still better off than the farmers. At least you still receive some money. Farmers don’t get paid for plowing. Doing the best we can in our jobs means be attentive, work hard, have a positive working attitude and even willing to go for an extra mile, working above and beyond what we are paid for.

It does not matter if you are not being appreciated for all your efforts. You are plowing, making the first step toward your harvests.

Next, don’t forget to sow. Plowing alone will not cause crops to appear from the farm. We have to sow seeds of the crops we want. You must sow something no matter how little. If you cannot sow $100, sow $10. If you still cannot afford that, sow $1. The emphasis here is, make sure you sow some seeds.

After that, we have to keep our crops healthy. We do that by keeping our thoughts and speech pure. We have to make sure that we fill our minds with positive thoughts and allow only positive speech to come out from our mouths. We do that by exposing ourselves with positive messages. Go to churches that preach the positive Word of God. Listen to CDs with positive messages. Read positive books or websites. You can use this blog as well.

When you do the above, your crops will grow. One day your harvest will come. At that time, you will look back and be glad that you have done all these things. This is God’s way of getting rich. Do not despise plowing.


One Response to “Do Not Despise Plowing”

  1. TSW Says:

    Thanks. My life is saved by u. How u risk. God surely reward u for this website. God used ur website to ans my prayer. I asked God to take full control of my thoughts and actions. Ur website is the breakthrough tat i need. As i was going to commit suicide to stop mysf fr servg the devil out of anger and depression. I realised the past immense debts, when forgiven, serve as seed fr my immense prosperity. Re ur seed and greed foundations, u cannot b there not because u die then but haf raptured. A sheep always recognise the voice of his shepherd. How zealous u r for God. Feel free to delete my comment.

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