Making God Your Debtor

17 He who has pity on the poor lends to the LORD, And He will pay back what he has given.
Proverbs 19:17 (NKJV)

I have written on this verse before. I used the title “How To Make God Your Debtor”. One reader wrote in to register his displeasure this. He attracted a few supporters. Together, they came up with theories like God is just trying to encourage us to give and I should not take advantage of loopholes.

No matter what opinions they have, the truth remains in the above verse. God himself has declared that when we have pity on the poor, we are effectively lending to the God. God is our debtor. Debtors must repay his loan to their creditors. They do not have the right to change the repayment terms without permission from the creditors.

So, the act of being merciful to the poor can make us God’s creditors. God owes us money and he has to pay up what he owed us with the interest we want.

Is anyone going to accuse me of being blasphemous for writing the above? No one can accuse me of anything without implicating God because I am merely quoting God in Proverbs 19:17. If I am a heretic for quoting this verse, then God must be a bigger heretic because he put it there in the Bible. God and I are on the same side.

The purpose I write these is to show you, my readers that we can afford to be politically incorrect as long as we are doing God’s will. As Christians, we worship God, not politically correctness.

In the above verse, God has openly stated that he is not ashamed to be our debtor and he had even taught us how to make him our debtor. Since, God himself is not ashamed of this verse, why should you be? Are you greater than God?

As long as we are Christians and we want to enjoy the benefits of being Christians (like having a lot of money), we must be willing to go against the flow. We must be willing to pay the price of being politically incorrect. We must be prepared to face the persecutions from theologians and doctrine worshippers. We must commit ourselves to believe only in God’s truth and not swayed by the lies of theology.

This is the modern day’s version of bearing the cross.

Look at the above verse again. Why did God put it there? Theologically infested Christians will tell us that God only wants to encourage us to help the poor. The truth is they are right except the “only” part. God wants to encourage us to help the poor AND he is willing to commit himself to be our debtor and pay us back. This is the full meaning of the verse. We do not sin by believing the second part.

Theologically infested Christians will also tell us that we should not take advantage of this loophole. My question is, what loophole? If God dares to make such promise to me, I dare to take it. If he fails to fulfil his promises, I dare to hold him accountable. However, I don’t think I will ever have to hold God accountable for anything because he always keep his promises. This is the God we serve.

The bottom line is, do not be ashamed to believe in God’s word. Our prosperity comes from God, not political correctness.


One Response to “Making God Your Debtor”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Unfortunately in today’s time the worst followers of the great soul like Christ are today’s Christians. Theology are allegorical tales. It is metaphor used to explain the spiritual process. Theology of hell and heaven are not even the core of one’s spiritual journey in life. The core of the spiritual process of any religion is how to attain the ultimate peace, happiness, fearlessness, love i.e. for want of a better word “the God Principle”. We can do it ourselves-invest lives in it and make some progress. But we can make faster progress when a great souls like a christ or buddha, yogis emerge who have tread the path and therefore guide us how to go about it like a navigator. Just like in any field a person better experienced than us guides us. Making God your debtor means merely to do things that gets us the dividend of spiritual advancement i.e. advancement towards the God Principle. This principle is beyond the nuances and connotations of words like debtor, creditor, big- small etc. Christ has said that you make one step towards me and I shall make twenty towards you. We must love this playful debtor with all our hearts and ensure we are not his debtors but only credit him with what we have.
    Unfortunately we people look for “miracles” and tricks rather than the real road map. The path of the true seeker is every path that in his circumstances take him forward towards the God principle be it Christian, Hindu or sanatan tradition, one of the various Islamic traditions or Buddhist tradition….

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