Senior Pastor Rony Tan And Buddhism

I have not been writing recently because I have been busy in my new job. However, I am compelled to make time to write in to state my position because I think it is important for some Christians to show the world that some of us are not evil. If you have been following the news in Singapore, you should be quite familiar with the above name. So, I will not waste time dwelling on it.

Let me begin by describing how I first got to know about this famous incident. Actually, my wife was there in the service with our son. Our son’s health had not been good. So, my wife had decided to take him to Lighthouse Church to attend the healing service. In case somebody may ask where was I at that time, the answer is I was at work. We work on Saturdays in the construction sector.

It was only after I reached home that my wife told me about the service and how she was disappointed in it. She went there for the healing but all she got was an introductory course in Buddhism. As I am quite experienced in attending churches, I am not surprise that it was meant to degrade the religion. After all, it is not really unexpected.

At that time, I did not predict the present outburst unless some spies went there to tape the service secretly and show it openly in the internet. It seems that the service of the spy is not needed at all. The pastor himself uploaded the video of the service in his website for the world to see. He shot himself in the foot and the rest is history. It caused a widespread anger and even the authorities got involved.

Subsequently, Pastor Tan removed the video and apologize publicly. There are basically 2 different responses from the public. Some people choose to accept his apology and move on. The rest wanted him to be punished for his crime.

That is the summary of the hottest news in Singapore. Now, I shall present my analysis as a Christian.

Let us look at the issue on insulting Buddhism. Why did he do it? The answer is clear. The pastor wanted to get people to leave Buddhism and become Christian. I don’t think I have to convince anyone that his objective has failed miserably. Why did he fail?

First, the entire event was in a church. Those who attend the church are mostly Christians. This means they did not believe in Buddhism. They believed in Christianity. What is the logic in degrading Buddhism to a group of people who do not believe in it in the first place? This is the first flaw.

Secondly, the approach the pastor used was totally not objective. He used an ex-temple assistant cum ex-Buddhist to explain what Buddhism is. How objective was that? The event was not about revealing the truth of Buddhism but on finding excuses to insult it.

Third, the way the pastor clowned around in pretending to be Buddha has removed all doubts on his true intention. His motive was to insult. If he had done that to Islam, he would have received a lot of fatwas on his head by now.

He must have thought that such a great sermon must be shared with the whole world. So, he did something very bold. He put the entire video on his website to share his “gospel”. He must be hoping that the Buddhists would watch his video and realize how dumb their religion is. Then they will turn to the True Religion, the Christian Religion.

Unfortunately, the opposite happened. In fact, the Buddhists are now seen as peace loving, honorable, open-minded, kind and forgiving. In contrast, the Christians are now seen as war mongering, petty, insulting and narrow-minded. The pastor has effectively promoted Buddhism and insulted Christianity instead.

That is not all. No other churches dared to condemn such a behavior. When some Muslim terrorists commit terrorism, many Muslims had openly condemned their actions. Why? They do not want the rest of the world to see them as terrorists. However, when a Christian pastor commit evil acts, none of the churches dare to condemn it. Do they realize that their silence may be seen as an endorsement to evil?

As a Christian, I find this phenomena extremely insulting. This is why I want to openly state that I condemn the actions and behavior of Senior Pastor Rony Tan of the Lighthouse Evangelism. I declare openly that such actions were against the will and nature of the God of the Bible. Such action can only be inspired by the Devil himself.

I hope I have made myself clear as a Christian.


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  1. andy Says:

    Hi, A very good article. Im neither a buddhist nor a christian. Im a muslim but I tink what u write hits the spot well. This is an argument that should be shared. In every religion,there would always be the few who would be out to tarnish other religions. Islam is no different as well. I respect your point of view in this matter. I hope this would better reflect the true nature of christianity,that just like many other religion, we seek to be friendly to one another.

  2. peter Says:

    What we just seen or read from the newspapers did not start in 2010. These things from Lighthouse had been going on since the 1990s when I was there. I quit because I thot it was getting to be nonsense, especially at every Sunday keep hitting out at other religions including the Catholic Church.

    Question: How many of us should believe that you need to recite the rosary 2,000 times after making a personal confession to the priest?

  3. yamizi Says:

    Hi CS,

    Appreciate your article. I will like to share my view with regards to the following para:-

    “First, the entire event was in a church. Those who attend the church are mostly Christians. This means they did not believe in Buddhism. They believed in Christianity. What is the logic in degrading Buddhism to a group of people who do not believe in it in the first place? This is the first flaw.”

    I doubt that Pastor Rony had wanted to use the testimonials to convince non christians during the service. My feeling is that he may want to use these people’s conversion to reaffirm the faith that the christian audience who might be present. Since Miracle Service is open to public, there may be church members who bring their non-christian friends to the congregation, although the chances seem small.

    I think the testimonials also serve as a ‘preparatory’ for church members who interact with buddhists and taoists. Using derogatory terms on Buddhism and Taoism to establish a mentality of ‘my religion is superior than yours’. Who knows the more guilible ones may really believe all the distortions that Pastor Rony had deliberately crafted and commence their personal ‘spiritual war’ with non-christians?

    Therefore I find that this episode is actually not close but wide open as there are no corrective remedies or actions to clear up the distortion that Pastor Rony had brought up.

  4. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Since I am not Pastor Tan, I cannot agree or disagree with you. I used to be one of the gullible ones before in my first church. So, I can understand the reasoning behind the preparatory class.

    However, I think that such a move is literally cheating those who were there in which my wife was one of them. She went there for the healing but all she got was a distorted education in Buddhism. As such , I will never trust this church again.

  5. big mouth Says:

    seem like if this church has been doing this , it is very dangerous to our society , let hope it is not the fact.

  6. Gary Says:

    I applaud your act as a Christian in standing up and condemning the fundamentalists and extremists of your religion. It takes a person with clear sight, sound mind, and a healthy respect for people and their beliefs to be able to make such a statement.

  7. eterna2 Says:

    Thumbs up!

    “What is the logic in degrading Buddhism to a group of people who do not believe in it in the first place? This is the first flaw.”

    It is a common strategy employed throughout history. A common “foe” to keep his followers “happy”, and to assure them that they are making the right choice. And of course, to “prevent” them from ever considering of converting to other religions.

    “However, when a Christian pastor commit evil acts, none of the churches dare to condemn it. Do they realize that their silence may be seen as an endorsement to evil?”

    So true. My personal take is that 50% of them are similarly guilty. While the other 50% felt that they should stand by their “brothers” regardless of the issue and secretly felt that what Pastor Rony said are “essentially” true/correct.

    Anyway, thumbs up for you. And as a sidenote, I am always skeptical of churches that claim of miraculous “cures”. Having prayer groups are fine by me, but claims of miraculous recoveries are hogwash in my opinion. And anyone or any groups (Christians or otherwise) making such claims should not be trusted. But then this is just my personal opinion.

  8. Cheers Says:

    I am not a christian but you are a good sensible chiristian and I respect you. I wish majority of the christians can think like you. Cheers.

  9. Yeap Chee Seng Says:


    As an experienced Religious Christian, I can tell you for sure that Buddhists are not their foes. Buddhists are seen as potential believers.

    Their foes are homosexuals.

  10. yamizi Says:

    Hi CS,

    Why are homosexuals their potential foes?

  11. Oh Tham Eng Says:


    Well said, Bro Yap Chee Seng!

    And I do also agree with the Venerable Kwang Sheng of SBF that is is not a question of “who is right and who is wrong.” (ST 9/2/10 pg A4) It is more of our oversight of Pauls’s exhortation in Philippians 2:3 that Christians should be considerate people: “Do nothing from selfishness or conceit, but in humility, count others better than yourselves. Let each of us look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.”

    Like your wife, I was there on those nights, and it did not occur to me that I should write or call him up to alert him to the pitfall he was to be facing. I was more concerned of “Are those stories true stories? Or just cooked up?” If they are cooked-up stories, then I would have to slam them down, as God does not need the devil and his agents to help Him spread the gospel, or do anything for Him. So we all who did not speak up are also reprehensible for our collective oversight of Paul’s exhortation in Philippians 2:3-4, not just Pastor Rony Tan.

    And for that, I need to join Pastor Rony Tan now to do the right thing undemanded of me/us—-to apologise unequivocally to all the aggrieved Buddhists and Taoists. Hope you can also join me here to do likewise,, brother. It isn’t God’s will that all should start pointing fingers at the poor pastor and not taking any personal responsiblity for our omission, when we are also guilty in God’s sight too. Moreover, confession from a contrite heart will always be sweet aroma to our dear heavenly Father.

    For your information, I am never a member of Pastor Rony’s Lighthouse Evangelism. But I like to attend his spiritually-edifying weekly Saturday Night’s Miracle Service. Now, with his sincere humility before men and before God, people who go to Lighthouse Evangelism can still expect more miracles to happen in his church where both of you are members.

    May God be greatly praised!

  12. Jay Says:

    “What is the logic in degrading Buddhism to a group of people who do not believe in it in the first place? This is the first flaw.”

    The logic is very simple .Rony Tan wish to train his follower so that they can convince the buddhist and taoist in an attempt to convert them throught highlighting the so call supersitious and faults of both religion which he himself preach .

  13. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    They are easy prey because they cannot fight back. Try to insult a Muslim and the police will come after you because Muslims have rights.

    Nothing will happen when you insult a homosexual because they are not a part of us, the conservative majority.

  14. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Jay, The problem is that was supposed to be a healing service, not a training class to convert Buddhist. People went there for healing. They fail to keep their words.

  15. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Oh Tham Eng,
    If I am supposed to be guilty each time a Christian does idiotic things then I renounce Christianity in Jesus’ name.

  16. Jay Says:

    We all know that some christian like to evangelise on the street and to their friends .Some even though most of those who attend the church service are christian and believer ,that doesnt means they cant use those remarks make by Rony Tan to spread their faith to others outside the church .By training them using his arguement , labeling taoism and buddhism as superstitious ect he hope that it can be use as a tool to convince and convert them .

  17. Yeap Chee Seng Says:


    There are 2 errors in your statement.

    First, Christians do not like to evangelize. They evangelize because they are afraid that God may not be happy with them. There is no limit on what perverted things God can do to those who disobey him.

    Second, there is no need for Pastor Tan to do any labelling because we Christians are preconditioned to think of every other religions as demonic.

  18. Jay Says:

    ” As I am quite experienced in attending churches, I am not surprise that it was meant to degrade the religion. After all, it is not really unexpected.”

    ”That is not all. No other churches dared to condemn such a behavior. When some Muslim terrorists commit terrorism, many Muslims had openly condemned their actions. Why? They do not want the rest of the world to see them as terrorists. However, when a Christian pastor commit evil acts, none of the churches dare to condemn it. Do they realize that their silence may be seen as an endorsement to evil? ”

    Again,u cant blame other churchs for not condemning Rony Tan behaviour.Just like what u have just mention,you are not surprise such a remarks were use to insult the other religion .Do you expect them to condem something which they themselve have been doing it for decade?Ths will make them a real hypocrite.How are they going to answer it to their follwer when they start to ask ” Look,isnt that what you have been telling us for years .why are you now condemning it?”.The pot calling the kettle black?

  19. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Quite difficult to explain in a short passage. You can refer to my free ebook entitled “10 LIES OF RELIGIOUS CHRISTIANITY”. The link is at the right side of this blog under “My Publications”.

    Here is the short form. There is a difference between doing something in closed doors and doing it openly. If Pastor Tan was doing the same thing without publicizing it, the present outburst will not happen. So, the churches should condemn his approach in publicizing something that should not be publicize at all.

    As for the issue on hypocrisy, it is our tradition. Please refer to my free ebook for more information.

  20. Jay Says:

    ”There is a difference between doing something in closed doors and doing it openly. If Pastor Tan was doing the same thing without publicizing it, the present outburst will not happen. So, the churches should condemn his approach in publicizing something that should not be publicize at all.”

    If you put it that way you are saying that they should condemn his approach just because he do it publicly then what kind of message will be sent to the public?This will make it worse as they will be telling others that its alright to say that and you are not wrong in your remarks .Your remarks are very true ,BUT the only mistake u make is to make it public .

    Isnt that be worse?Maybe those church leaders might be call up by ISD for questioning too .Other religions might start to comdemn their so call its a fact but pls dun make it public kind of remarks .

  21. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    ISD is only interested in what you say in public, not what you believe. You don’t cause riots if you do your stuff privately.

  22. Jay Says:

    ”ISD is only interested in what you say in public, not what you believe. You don’t cause riots if you do your stuff privately.”

    But in this case its different .Its not privately anymore ,it already become a public issue .So at this time you still consider it to be private and expect those church leaders to take it as that its still a private issue and condemn such act ?

    As i haVE just mention ,Even if he did it close door without putting it up in the website ,his followers might put it on youtube too since they must be so proud of his action .

    The result will still be the same .Doing it close door or not isnt an issue .The main thing is that if he did say that during sermon ,others might just put it up for public viewing .Its easy to record down such thing using modern technology such as handphone ect .There might even be spy that attend the sermon too ,so even if his follower din put it online those spy might have take note of his words and action .

  23. Jay Says:

    Spy send down by ISD to monitor church assembly?Might be likely too

  24. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Can’t be helped. This is the nature of monotheistic religions. My religion is true because it says it is true. Your religion is false because you religion is not my religion.

  25. Jay Says:

    ”Can’t be helped. This is the nature of monotheistic religions. My religion is true because it says it is true. Your religion is false because you religion is not my religion.”

    Spy send down by ISD to monitor church assembly might be highly possible .

    Hmm your remarks right now will be enough for ISD to charge you under sedition act .So better think twice before you comments .Unless you want to be another Rony TAn

  26. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Might as well ban Christianity and Islam.

  27. peter Says:

    I once asked this question to my brother-in-law who is a fundamentalist Christian (can’t think of a better term).

    Who is to discipline the preacher if her goes overboard or out-of-line? To the Catholic Church they have their organization like the bishops, etc . I read the case of the priest of St Theresa’s Church (who was jailed) was sent for some reformatory training by the Archbishop of Singapore. I am sure the mthodists and Anglicans also have their own “judicial process”.

    Now what about the independent churches? Sure they have their own board of directors but they are the same set of people who founded the church. This is like asking the board of directors to fire the CEO when everybody were the original founders of the company. I asked a jounalist and he referred me to the National Council of Churches of Singapore.

    Can someone explain please?

  28. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Overboard or out-of-line in what area?

    If it is law, the police will take action.

    If it is about not meeting up to the expectations of members, then the members can vote with their feet and leave the church. The church will then collapse.

  29. Jay Says:

    ”Who is to discipline the preacher if her goes overboard or out-of-line? ”

    No ppl have the authority to discipline the pastor .Its very clear in the Rony Tan incident right now . There is no disciplinary authority in protestian church unlike catholic .

    The founder of the church hold the highest position and he is above all in his church .I believe you heard about a particular church pastor who worship his wife which is a singer ,prasing her ,glorifying her even before he glorify god .Asking their follower to buy her album ,airing her MTV in church .(I wonder they go church to praise their god or to worship his wife ). Thats above the line to some of their followers ,but any discliplinary action taken against him?No,he is allow to do that simply becos he is the founder of the church .

  30. Oh Tham Eng Says:

    {Yeap Chee Seng Says {Feb10, 2010 at 7:39 am
    Oh Tham Eng, If I am supposed to be guilty each time a Christian does idiotic things then I renounce Christianity in Jesus’ name.}

    No need, Bro Yeap Chee Seng. If Pastor Rony is an arrogant and self-righteous man, like some other pastors, then i don’t think I want to waste my time to stand by him. Pardon me for sayng, therefore, that you seem to lack loyalty to your pastor in his time of need, though you are a church member there, while I am not. “Idiotic” should never have been the word to use on poor Pasotor Rony; but it could be said that he was being mistaken.

    I understand why it was good and wise for him to apologise; and I would also like to stand by him and join him in a collective show of personal responsiblty, if it would help to ease some bruised feelings. “A friend in need is a friend in deed.”

    You also do not seem to know that under biblical principles, if there is something which you/we find amiss and do nothing to speak up, you/we are then liable in God’s sight too. Maybe you are still quite ‘new’ in the Christian faith; that is why.

    By and by, when I write to DPM Wong Kan Seng and others, you will get to know what is the logic and theology in my arguments, and why I feel the Venerable Kwang Sheng and DPM Wong, as well as Pastor Rony Tan have all shown remarkable wisdom in trying to mitigate the whole matter, and defuse it totally.

    Sadly, you seem to just know the easy part—-how to point fingers and do fault-finding from your high pedestal. You may not know that it might have dawn on Pastor Rony that there were other Bible principles which can give helpful perspective (such as Philippians 2:3-4, etc), rather than dwelling on a question of “who is right and who is wrong” (as Venerable Kwang Sheng had so wisely put it). And I would prefer to spare the Buddhists and Taoists from an ideological roasting in an open-court trial. You must remember that Pastor Rony Tan was once a staunch anti-Christian himself (like his granny, etc). And he had personal encounters with the spirit world; so he knew demons were for real. Therefore, his is probably a case of being over-anxious in wanting to help troubled and tormented souls like he once was (that was why he once went berserk and nearly killed his band-mate) to help them extricate themselves from the clutches of the evil ones. So there was no malice essentially.

    So if the push comes to the shove, I too woud like to pose those same valid metaphysical questions that Pastor Rony had posed. But it is better for all parties to avoid such unpleasant and messy encounters of pushing and shoving in an open criminal trial. So matters are not as simple as you think. But it has been made very simple and easy to resolve by his genuine sincerity and evident wisdom.

    The questions that he raised in those two nights were good and valid metaphysical questions which every intelligent person like me would and should also like to ask. But it is better to show humility before God and men if it can help everybody in such a predicament, thereby avoiding a push-and-shove situation. .

    Showing humility or wanting to learn humility the way Pastor Rony has more than amply demonstrated and so admirably is something which I think is good for me to learn and emulate; sadly it isn’t for you (Maybe, your other name is Mr Right). That is why I felt a sense of collective responsiblity too, which is better than renouncing my Christian faith. Why must I be so immature?

    But I feel sad if you want to renounce your Christian beliefs instead of seeing that we can learn humility and learn how to show it the way Pastor Fony had done, beyond what he had already done and is expected of him. This is what i found so admirable in him. That is why I certainly would avoid your sense of self-righteousness. You only prove my statement that very, very few Singaporeans are able to show humility and sat sorry the way Pastor Rony did. Sadly, this is why I will have to agree with MM Lee that up to the day he leaves this world, Singapore will not be able to develop into a gracious society.

    Yet by learning and showing humility is a way to show forth real Christianity. So I better practise what I am saying to you—-by giving you my unsolicited apology, in case your big ego inadvertently gets bruisaed. Truth, as they say, often hurts.

  31. Oh Tham Eng Says:

    Bro Yeap, please remove the first post dated February 10, 2010 at 2:41 pm It was accidently sent out. The second one is the right one. Thnk you.

  32. No voice Says:

    I think the article is quite frank and may look straight forward but not all people can see that without alittle critical thinking. Maybe you are right, but i disagree that Mr devil is to be blame. He is usually the easiest to blame, don’t you agree ? When i do naughty things, i blame no one but myself.

  33. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Brother Oh Tham Eng,

    First, Rony Tan is not my pastor. Lighthouse is not my church. Even if I am a member of this church, I still have the right to express my honest views on it.

    Second, the intention of the post is to make it clear to the world that not all Christians endorse the actions of this pastor. This is the equivalent of Muslims denouncing terrorism after some other Muslims committed them.

    This is something the churches should be doing. Unfortunately, they lack the courage to do so.

  34. Yeap Chee Seng Says:


    All churches are accountable to the law of the land and their members. If the pastor breaks the law, the police will come after him. If he disappoints his members, his members will leave him.

    As for your example on City Harvest Church, it does not break the law. So the police did not arrest the pastor.

    Secondly, the members do not object to their pastor’s actions. This is why they did not leave the church.

    Who are you to pass judgement?

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  36. boogoo Says:

    This is a load of crap. You have every right to promote your religion to those who want to be brainwashed but there is absolutely no right to criticise others. Political correctness has to be applied in its strictest form if we are to avoid religious animosity. If your God says you can only be a true believer if you spread your religion AT THE EXPENSE of other religions, then that is something you have to take up with your god. You are just going to have to disobey god’s will because its better than pissing off people from other faiths.

    None of us know whether there is a heaven or hell or any of the metaphysical things we harp about. Sure you can believe the holy texts but prove to me they are really god’s words beyond reasonable doubt. Otherwise, focus on what is really important. Whilst you live, try to live among your fellow women and men than above them.

    Pastor Rony Tan is a disillusionised clown. If you think that there is a God and that God is fine with Rony’s antic, then you’re a clown too. Good luck

  37. Jay Says:

    I did not say that he beraks the law .Going overboard or out-of-line doesnt mean it must be something illegal .It can be somethng thats against the teachng or the misconduct of the individual .

    So you consider worshipping and glorify someone close to you in church before you even praise and worship your god ,airing Singer MTV in church is appropriate?Those followers did not leave him doesnt means what he did is correct and acceptable .For Rony Tan case ,there are alot of his supporters in his church and outside his church who still stand by him .His church followers did not leave him too ,that means his action is acceptable and its not a misconduct ?What you claim makes no sense .

    .Why shouldnt i judge?god wanted us to judge .god wanted us to judge those inside and expel those wicked man from among us .

    1 Corinthians 5:12-13 (New International Version)

    12What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? 13God will judge those outside. “Expel the wicked man from among you

  38. Jay Says:

    ”Secondly, the members do not object to their pastor’s actions. This is why they did not leave the church.”

    One more question for you .If u claim that if followers did not leave him then it shouldnt be a case of overboard and out of line .Then i wanted to know since its not overboard and out of line why did he get call up by ISD .Why he need to apologize for his comments?

  39. The Singapore Daily » Blog Archive » Daily SG: 11 Feb 2010 Says:

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  40. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    You are confusing between Lighthouse and City Harvest. Rony Tan broke the law. The ISD is after him.

    City Harvest did not break the law. Neither have they disappoint their members. If you don’t like what they do, don’t go to the church. You don’t need to launch any crusade.

    In short, churches are accountable to the law and their members.

  41. Oh Tham Eng Says:

    {Yeap Chee Seng 11/2/10 12:04 AM:
    Brother Oh Tham Eng,
    First, Rony Tan is not my pastor. Lighthouse is not my church. Even if I am a member of this church, I still have the right to express my honest views on it.
    Second, the intention of the post is to make it clear to the world that not all Christians endorse the actions of this pastor. This is the equivalent of Muslims denouncing terrorism after some other Muslims committed them. This is something the churches should be doing. Unfortunately, they lack the courage to do so.}

    Mr Yeap Chee Seng,


    May you be blessed, brother! Thanks for telling me that you are also not a member of Lighthouse Evangelism. You wrote as if you were a member of Lighthouse Evangelism.

    Please do not go off tangent to try insinuating that I am trying to take away your right to express your honest views. If I ever did in my considered response to your post, show me where I had been guilty of this alleged wrong you are accusing me of doing it to you? And I will withdraw, correct myyself and apologise to you unsolicited. But if you do not wish to apolgise to me for wrongly accusing me of it, I won’t be pursuing you for an apology.

    First of all, I am so pleased that you and I both share the same conviction that we should/must speak up when we see a wrong being done by others. As for me, I have the good excuse of an oversight, which I belatedly regretted very much and am trying to make amend. On the other hand, you and your wife do not have my good excuse for keeping quiet as you disclosed that both of you already felt something was amiss during those two nights, yet you all chose to keep quiet about the matter instead of alerting Pastor Rony to the pitfalls that he would likely fall into one day. Therefore, pardon me for asking impolitely, why did you chose the EASY, craven way out by keeping quiet until recently? And just to join in the chorus of frenzied condemnation? Why are you being so hypocritical and scalping others about not lacking the courage to speak out when you are equally guilty? It would have been better to say, “Sadly, I am guilty myself for lacking the courage that I wanted others to have to speak out, and even to denounce the wrongs that they see being done in our society.” This would sound better, isn’t it?

    But it is not too late to speak out against wrong. As the saying goes, “Better late than never.” Well done then, Bro Yeap! That is why I have to agree with you and with Pastor Rony himself that it was wrong of him to say and do those things that two nights. Howevr, the difference between you and me is, I see it from the perspective of other helpful Bible teachings (such as Philippians 2:3-4, etc) and with a feeling of self-condemnation too because James 4:17 says: “Whoever knows what is right to do and fails to do it, for him it is SIN.” But of course your other name seems to be “Mr Right,” and so you are entitled not to feel self-condemned. But I do.

    However, God is forgiving. So I do not need to join you in planning for my renunciation of the Christian faith. It will be a very immature response to a small problem. I just need to go to the Throne of Divine Grace, show genuine remorse and confess to God my shortcomings. “If we confess our sins, God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” I John 1:9. Isn’t this great, brother?

    So I beg for your indulgence, Bro Yeap, in the event that you are hurt by my pointed comments. Forget not that God wants us to “Love the sinner, and hate the sin (especially those inside ourselves).

    So please join with me, will you, to follow Pastor Rony Tan to walk the path of humility and contrition, as sinners should. And this is what Singaporeans need to do to help PM Lee make our beloved Singapore into a gracious society, and into God’s most beloved nation on planet earth. And He will be well pleased, Sir!

    So “Inspire me, Lord, to be thankful to Thee for Thy favours to me and my loved ones to do good deeds which will please Thee. Admit me, through Thy mercy, to be among Thy righteous.” An-Naml 27:19. “For the noblest in God’s sight is he/she who is the most righteous.” Al-Hujurut 49:13.

    Allahu Akbar! God is Greatest!

  42. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Mr Oh Tham Eng,

    Is that a Koran quote in the end? I am sorry I don’t use the Koran.

    As for the easy way out, I am not paid to correct all the wrong doings of all pastors. Pastors are paid to do their jobs. They did not pay me to guide them.

    Anyway, most churches I have attended are perverted in some ways. Please refer to my free ebook entitled “10 LIES OF RELIGIOUS CHRISTIANITY” for more information. You can find the link on the right side of this blog under the headings of “My Publication.”

    If I have to correct them, I will be very busy.

    Finally, I am no longer a sinner. According the the First Layer Gospel, I am saved. Please refer to the book.

  43. Kelvin Tan Says:

    Chee Seng,

    How do you feel about Elijah openly taunting the prophets of Baal in 1 Kings 18:27?

  44. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    I wasn’t there. As far as I know 1 Kings 18:27 is not the law in Singapore. Anyway the Singapore’s version on Elijah has apologize and promised not to repeat his taunting again.

  45. Jay Says:

    ”You are confusing between Lighthouse and City Harvest. Rony Tan broke the law. The ISD is after him.

    City Harvest did not break the law. Neither have they disappoint their members. If you don’t like what they do, don’t go to the church. You don’t need to launch any crusade.

    In short, churches are accountable to the law and their members.”

    I believe you are the one who is confuse .Did he break the law ?The ISD did not even place any charge against him .He just need to apologise and thats all .Law go after him?if really did then why didnt the government place any charges?You must be mstaken

  46. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    You will have to refer to the government. I am not a lawyer.

  47. sloo Says:

    I feel that a lot of comments here are nit-picking and way too personal. Everyone is entitled to their views and Yeap Chee Seng has done an admirable job in putting forth a Christian’s view on Rony Tan. If you share differing views, state it and be done but it would be good to respect another’s rational and logical arguments.

    I do take issue with Oh Tham Eng’s arguments: to involve a whole multitude to take responsisbility of one man’s mistaken actions and to take them to task for it. It is like blaming morally good soliders for following the evil orders of their generals. There may be some who would disobey but for the majority were their actions wrong? Obeying the orders of a religious leader like your pastor, how would you know for sure that his actions and words were wrong when you first heard it?

    Mind you these ‘presentations’ and sermons have been around for years and no one has ever raised a big stink about it till now – so how would anyone know that these actions were morally reprehersible before ?

    To have some perspective on the matter, you would have to detach yourself from fellow believers and the church, questioning your leader’s mantle of authority and sense of morality, to see in a different light and see if it aligns to what you understand as good and right.

    It would be interesting to note if Mr. Oh would have taken the steps he recommends of others is he were in such a psotion. I would wonder if Mr. Oh has ever been to a service where the religious leaders condemns or puts downs another faith and he knew it was wrong and did nothing about it.

    Lets not point the finger at anyone (and everyone). Let the one who comitted the greatest sin point the finger at himself first. And if he accepts the blame and responsibility for his actions, there is no need to share this with anyone else. And i am sure he does not need your advocacy to do it as well.

    In this instance, by making a stand against Rony Tan in a situation where other churches have chosen to remain silent, My Yeap is making his principles and moral stand heard and known. Better late than never and bravo to him!

    BTW – you have a direct line to DPM Wong Kan Seng? Care to share the contact?

  48. Jay Says:

    ”Secondly, the members do not object to their pastor’s actions. This is why they did not leave the church.”

    So for Rony Tan case ,he did not break the law cos no charges press against him .His followers did not leave him too ,still stand by him .According to your above statement ,since his followers did not leave him that means he is not overboard and out of line .

    I want to know if not overboad and out of line why he apologize for his wrong doing?Your comment again make no sense

  49. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    I have not received any fees for speaking on behalf of Rony Tan. I will answer you after I got my money.

  50. Gentle Lamb Says:

    “I declare openly that such actions were against the will and nature of the God of the Bible. Such action can only be inspired by the Devil himself.”

    Kindly clarify why this is so? Example Paul spoke against the
    idols at Corinth. GL

  51. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Please remind Apostle Paul that Corinth is not in Singapore.

  52. Jay Says:

    ”It is like blaming morally good soliders for following the evil orders of their generals. There may be some who would disobey but for the majority were their actions wrong? Obeying the orders of a religious leader like your pastor, how would you know for sure that his actions and words were wrong when you first heard it?”

    Ofcos those who follow the evil orders of their generals are criminal too.By following his evil action ,u r the accomplice and you cant run away from responsibility. Didnt you have a mind of your own?Ofcos you should know whats right and whats wrong .How to know whether its right or wrong ?First ,use your brain and think .
    Second ,dun be dogmatic .Third ,judge their action .Didnt god told u to judge?

    1 Corinthians 5:12-13 (New International Version)

    12What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? 13God will judge those outside. “Expel the wicked man from among you

  53. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Jay, your nonsense is wasting my blog space.

  54. Jay Says:

    My nonsense?Its nonsense cos u cant accept the facts .Care to explain why its nonsense?That verse is from the bible .If you said its nonsense ,that means u r insulting the bible .That verse is god words .

  55. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    This blog is full of Bible verses. You are welcome to check them out.

  56. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    However, if you are willing to pay for the space, I can consider renting them out to you.

  57. nonsense Says:

    Hey Jay,

    I do agree with Yeap that you have spoke too much nonsense here. You are just picking on super small issues that are inconsequent to the original post.
    If you really have so much views to express, why not start your own blog and blog about it?

    Hey Yeap,

    I admire and applaud your courage to speak out what you think is right. Seldom have I seen a Christian came out to denounce anything that has remotely got to do with Christainity. The AWARE issue is another example of such a saga… whereby many Christians just support Josie Lau and gang… simply because they share a common belief.

    I am glad Christians like you speak up… and I hope to see more Christians are able to see and act the way that you do. Be tolerant to one another, irregardless of race, language and religion. Isnt this one of the aims of all religions, to acheive peace and harmony among all mankind eventually?

  58. christian Says:

    “What is the logic in degrading Buddhism to a group of people who do not believe in it in the first place? This is the first flaw.” He was not.
    And that is a very important point you raised but you did not connect it. If you want to insult Buddhist…you would have chosen a better way…ie debate them on their Buddhist forums etc. Which is another point that supports that he did not intend to offend Buddhists.
    Consider Western and well Chinese TCM.
    You go see a doctor and he may say ” infection/cancer/ etc ”
    and prescribe antiboitics etc But go see a Chinese sinseh and he will tell you based on the Chinese TCM world view that is that this organ is too heaty or that organ is too cold etc and here qi is blocked etc. Many a Western trained doctor will dismiss that as unverifiable rubbish. But notice that if you believe in the Chinese TCM worldview or Indian Ayurveda worldview you will not be offended by the Western trained doctor’s comments.
    As a christian you should know that from the christian worldview, when you say you have past lives…what is that…from a christian world view ? It is demonic.
    Its just the christian world view. Of course there are 2 kinds of religionists…the spiritual religionists who believe in the supernatural and the philosophical religionists who concentrate on the teachings. Like the case of boy Taoist medium. We see there are 2 schools….the philosophical Taoists who concentrate on the teachings of Tao…and the other group that believes and supports things like mediums.
    The philosophical group is somewhat embarrassed by the spiritual group causing the latter to be offended. Same with Buddhism and same with christianity. The philosophical camp of christianity is the one that is far too apologetic in this case. We should apologize that people are hurt but explain that it is unnecessarily so. Back to why Pastor Rony did not demonize Buddhism. First, he did not make comments like ” Can you believe that?How stupid can you get ” or roll his eyes up and get laughter. If you want to see mocking…you can check David Letterman to see what mocking is. If you have seen Pastor Rony interviewing people for testimony…this is just his standard style and tone. Even if it is just for a simple case of physical healing…that is his style and tone. It was SOME members of the audience who laughed. Note that he did not add fuel to the fire but moved on. Then notice what he said
    * When we talk about religion, false religion, we are not talking about a set of teaching, we are talking about a spiritual war, we are talking about satan and his demons.**
    He is looking beyond the Buddhists, beyond the religion…
    certainly as a christian you can understand that.
    it means this…For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places, EPH 6:12. This can be simplified
    to ” Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin ” Its not humans who are the enemy…Buddhists Taoists or Muslims its Satan.
    That is the enemy. Not Buddhists or Homosexuals. It has always been that. I can tell you that ISD even…Pastor Rony will not change his worldview concerning demons BUT
    that does not mean he does not love people who are Buddhists or Homosexuals and that he hates and looks down on them. Jesus did teach about loving the sinner and hating the sin. The problem now is that sinners ( and we are all sinners…every single human ) and whoever else does not agree with christians is not satisfied with being loved…they want christians to endorse them as well.
    So its not good enough to love homosexuals …you actually have to endorse them. Now its not good enough to love Buddhists…you have to also endorse Buddhism. For some christians of the philosophical camp…they can enlarge their vision to say…all religions are the same. I end with the case of the Taleban tearing down historical Buddhist statues. Why did they do it ? Because to the Taleban, these are idols. Now as a very harmonious, socially senstive Singapore Muslim Mufti whether those Buddhist statues are according to his muslim teachings …just a yes or no ? What do you think he will answer ? No ? Its just another representation of Allah who manifests in myraid form ?
    Certainly not. But does that mean he condones destroying temples or vandalizing churches? No. So just because Pastor Rony or others have that worldview does not mean they demonize Buddhists or blast them or whatever. BTW I am not from his church but from a denomination that a fellow religionist said he mocked…why confess sins to a priest and say a prayer so many times. I am not offended anyway because I can understand where he is coming from.
    From Temasek Review, a poster commented that it is rich that Rony should criticize when he believes in virgin birth, talking snakes etc..Again I am not offended…as a christian…yes, it takes faith indeed to accept virgin birth and talking snakes so I do not fault that person at all. If there is good heart and solid reasoning….if we differ then let’s get along even with our differences.

  59. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    I am not in any of the categories you wrote on. I consider all religions to the the same. All of them share 2 common characteristics:

    1. Self justification which means I am true because I say I am true.

    2. Can only promise things that cannot be proven.

    In short, I find them not worthy of my time. I choose to be a Christian because I want to use it for my prosperity. Christianity is an instrument to me. I will not be upset if somebody does not want to use this instrument.

  60. peter Says:

    In my time during secondary school in the 1960s, we had History lessons. There was country coverage, so we studied India, Iran, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt and China. Within each country we learnt about religions such as Zorastrianism, Sikhism, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, etc. We touched on the origins of the religion, the precepts of the religion and the impact each religion had on the society and politics in that country. History was an examination subject for O and A levels.

    I like to know whether History in our Singapore education system is now taught the way “yours truly” was taught. Well what’s the moral of the story? Chinese, Malays, Indians and Eurasians understood the world’s religion. Mind you we all sat in the same class and never fun of each other’s religion. Our teachers were 100% history graduates from our local univeristy and from abroad. Won’t it not be better to go back to the 1960s (where we better understood religion) than to leave to “Born Again Christian” (can’t think of a better tag to describe them) or to “monks” to teach the way to the truth? This way we don’t have to listen to “I am right, you are wrong” preachings, literatures and what not. We don’t even need to rely and trust people who “graduate” from some “divinity colleges” (mind you we had History teachers in our time who graduated with top class honours from Cambridge University not some correspondence type college). Neither do we need to rely on people who claim to hear the word of GOD or have “knowledge” from some publication and go around telling others, “My way is right, You are doing things the wrong way. You go to hell. I got a place up there. Burn more paper, do more charity… give more money to (us) and we bless you even more. I pray for you brother…….”

    That way we don’t have so much arguments like what we are arguing about nor probhlems where the ISD or the government has to be the “arbitrator” or enforcer of the law.

    For me I have witnessed in my family how wrong guidance from some spiritual bodies divide and rule families. For me it is simple, I have to respect my ancestors (alive or dead) and I am a Christian. If I don’t even respect my ancestors, how can I respect the law, respect others? “My way is right, you are wrong” comes from some arrogant and egoistic bigot who thinks he knows more than others. Like Confucius said, “It takes a wise man to play the part of the fool”.

    There are only 2 themes that are currently addressed by independent churches that I found. I do agree that my views may not be fully acceptable by others on this (It’s ok to differ because I dont wish to subject others to my will). If I preach I try to frighten you to believe that a) you will be in serious trouble in the next world if you dont listen to me OR b) one way to do more good work is donate money.

    Now how do we get more money for our organization? Sell more soap stories and add more entertainment value when we pray (like installing more LCD screens, cinema style worship seats and “let’s dance and do more rap” music).

    Religion today is so different. More upbeat as they say because we must belend in with the crow or the Y Generation.

  61. Nick Says:

    If only Christian understand Buddhism this way as publish by this church, there is no conflict between Buddhism and Christianity at all. The universe is bigger than you think. So is the afterworld. Mr Rony should read this:

  62. Nick Says:

    All truths are truths. The problem start when you think your truth is the only one and you want the world to yourself. If god is a good designer, in a burning world, he will build more than one door for you to get out of the flames.

  63. Nick Says:

    “Where did evil originate before Satan becomes the godhead of evil”

    “When the bible was written, where was Satan? Why was he inactive? Did he try to sabotage the operation?”

  64. june Says:

    I attended a christians school. I was serving the Churches when I was in the states. I read the bible and attended churches. In the end, I adopted Buddhism. It is a long story and I shan’t share it over here at this point.

    I hope to clear some of the misunderstanding on what is Buddhism. This is what I have learnt thus far about buddhism. Just to share with you.

    Buddhism is about compassion and wisdom, not about magic or power. — Perhaps this explain why Venerable Guang Sheng accepted the apology. I hope that also explain why there are so many free buddhist clinic. We still believe in proper medication. Mr Yeap, if your child is still not too healthy, look into something more logical, such as diet and life style. TCM has no side effect on our human body. You may want to give a try.

    Buddhism is about science and fact, do keep asking question to clear any doubt and do not swallow what has been told by human beings. — It is alright if know nothing about buddhism. Go to the right person and seek clarification. No hear say please!!!

    Lord Buddha teaches us about universe and living life form (about energy, matter, time and space dimension). — nothing about supernatural.

    Lord Buddha shows us and teaches us many ways to attain buddhahood which everyone of us already has the buddha capacity inside us. —- Unfortunately at this point, our buddha capacity is being polluted by greed, hatre and ignorance, which in short “the 3 posions”.

    For your information, Buddha basically means a man who is enlighten. We do not need to be Buddhist to be Buddha.

    Karma is the result of our words and actions. Hence the practise of being mindful is very important.

    Ignorance is not a bliss sometime, knowledge gives us the power to make the right choice.

    May all Christians and Buddhists be well and happy!!

    Your humble buddhist friend,

  65. Nick Says:

    The cosmology of gods and heavens in Buddhism. Read this and you will understand if heaven is eternal, angels do not fall. Since they fall, it is a form of SAMSARA.

  66. for prosperity ? Says:

    You wrote on Feb 11,

    “In short, I find them not worthy of my time. I choose to be a Christian because I want to use it for my prosperity. Christianity is an instrument to me. I will not be upset if somebody does not want to use this instrument.”.

    And u want to apologise on Rony Tan for degrading other religions ? “not worthy or your time”? Gosh, I thought a Christian should live to glorify God, not to use God for prosperity. But that’s just my view.

  67. Oh Tham Eng Says:



    Ya, “Life goes on”. Tiring for me to read those posts too—-so many in so many Internet forums!

    As a Christian fundamentalist, I feel the same way as you, a Buddhist, and I hope and pray for the best outcomes, especially for the 3 Chinese boys arrested for bad-mouthing Indians. I will be writing to the police, the AG and DPM Wong Kan Seng tonight to appeal for them.

    May I also confess that I was there in that two Saturday nights in Lighthouse Evangelism during which the offending videos were shot. So I feel I owe all Buddhists and Taoists a sincere apology too for not speaking up for them to Pastor Rony Tan and alerting him, due to my oversight of some Bible teachings, such as in Philippians 2:3-4 where our Apostle Paul urges us thus:

    “To all the saints in Christ Jesus who are at Philippi….Do nothing from selfishness and conceit, but in humility count others better than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.”

    “Whoever knows what is right to do and fails to do it, to him it is SIN.” James 4:17.

    So I too would like to join the remorseful Pastor Rony Tan to apologise to all aggrieved Buddhists and Taoists. I am so sorry for not speaking up for all of you, as my Bible says I MUST. I will therefore promise all of you that from today onwards, I will endeavour to do my part to look after your interests as God wants me/us to.

    I also hope more church members from LE can join Pastor Rony Tan to do the same and close the unfortunate episodes behind us.

    Then we can move on in life to help PM Lee and our other God-blessed leaders (including those in the Opposition camps) build for ourselves a Prosperous, Happy, Harmonious and a Successful Singapore.

    So help me God! And “Inspire me, Lord, to be thankful to Thee for Thy favours to me and my loved ones to do good deeds which will please Thee. Admit me, through Thy mercy, to be among Thy righteous.” An-Naml 27:19. “For the noblest in God’s sight is he/she who is the most righteous.” Al-Hujurut 49:13.

    Once again, I am so sorry for my oversight! May God bless all of you! Majulah Singapura!!
    {Life goes on on Wed, 10th Feb 2010 4:16 pm
    wow, really tiring and time-consuming to finish reading all the comments… anyway, conclusion is what SINGAPORE really do Not want is kinda happening now… the can of worms is already opened now, hope it can be closed quickly & successfully soon…
    1) as a Buddhist, i say just forgive and forget. [AGREE]
    2) as for any punishment if necessary, Law is still Law, just hope something fair would happened. (3 teenagers’ combined age & life experiences probably < senior pastor Rony, so why not send them do community service together) [AGREE]
    pledge ourselves as one united people,
    regardless of race, language or religion,
    honestly, we pride ourselves with the Harmony we enjoyed these few decades, do not wish to see it disappear because of someone's mistake (apologies regardless of sincere or not, no problem….).[AGREE]}

  68. Kok Hwa Khoon Says:

    should not the christians such as urself who condenm Mr Rony Tan’s action, come together to request for his removal from pastorship, since he do not deserve to be teaching Christianity to the real christians.. or would you want your son to grow up learning his nonsense and eventually becoming like him? the choice really lies in you, the Christians, regardless of how unhappy the Buddhists are.

  69. Jimmy Says:

    Hi Chee Seng,

    Having seen the video clips, I more than agree with you the sentiments you wrote.

    Your views as a Christian on Pastor Rony Tan’s episode really warm the hearts of us, Buddhists. Rony’s intention to insult and degrade Buddhism can actually backfire on his followers, which it did for you and your wife. Obviously, Rony has no wisdom that mocking and ridiculing buddhists’ practices and Buddhism can cause resentment among his followers.

    If a buddhist temple I go to has monk or nun teacher that does the same like Rony, I would be shocked and utterly disappointed. This mental disturbance inadvertently will affect me when the teacher goes into the teaching proper of the buddhist text. I would not want to go to such temple.

    Kudos to your bravery and courage.

    Jimmy Ng

  70. Nagasena Says:

    1.Rony Tan asked what determine a person sex during his/her first life.

    Ans: Regarding karma and rebirth, to be born male or female depends on the individual’s powerful karma, whether good or bad. If one has no such powerful karma, sex will depend on the cultivated and accumulated sexual characteristics of the individual.

    1.Rony Tan said Buddhism scale of thing is a man is higher than a women.

    Ans: In Buddhist text, physiological sex is no obstacle to achieving enlightenment because in meditative practice, one’s body is only a “form”.
    The concept of gender equality in Buddhism is first mentioned in the Tripitaka Vinaya, where the Buddha, when pressed for an answer from Ananda, proclaimed that it is possible for women to leave their household life by becoming bhikkhuni (female monk). He also stated that it is possible for women to achieve different levels of enlightenment. Therefore, he allowed women to be ordained. Many of women in the Buddha’s time attained enlightenment at different levels,according to the Theri Gatha Sutra in Tripitaka.

    2.Rony Tan claimed that Buddhism is demonic. Rony Tan said when talk about false religion it about satan and demons coming to people mind. Rony said when Rita is into Buddhism, demonic power will put idea into the monk and her mind.
    Ans: Meditation is a form of mental development toward perfection of mind resulting in Five Supernatural powers. These include mind reading, the ability to talk to the dead, see past lives, walk through solid objects such as walls, walk upon water, teletransportation, traveling to various realms of existence and others. Today, early child development on right brain development emphasis on sharping the 5 senses to achieve Telepathy or Clairvoyance.

    3.Rony Tan said there no truth in reincarnation. He claimed that Buddhism engaged in David Copperfield trickery.
    Ans: The difference between the reincarnation of Hinduism and rebirth in Buddhism is that the former involves a soul transmigrating from one life to another; the latter does not. Buddhism teaches that there is no soul to be reborn. The question on rebirth can be answer in The Questions of King Milinda

    4)He put false words into the mouth of a dying Buddha. He claimed that the dying Buddha’s last words was “I am still searching for the way.”

    Ans: The last words of Buddha can be found in Mahāparinibbāna Sutta. The followings are some translation of the phrase, the Buddha’s last words

    “Behold, O monks, this is my last advice to you. All component things in the world are changeable. They are not lasting. Work hard to gain your own salvation.”

    All compounded things, all experiences (mental and physical), all phenomena by their very nature decay and die, and are disappointing: it is through being not-blind-drunk on, obsessed by, or infatuated with, the objects of the senses that you succeed in awakening, or obtain liberation.

    5) Rony Tan then claimed that Jesus appeared and told Buddha that
    “I am the way.”

    Ans:Buddha predates Jesus by 500 years. Therefore, more likely that Buddha teaching has showed Jesus the way.

  71. Garry Chern Says:

    Dear Chee Seng, I’m a buddhist. You actually heal my wound that caused by Rony Tan. I’m not good in words. But i would like to thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart. Thanks once again. =)

  72. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Kok Hwa Khoon

    Christians do not have the equivalent of MUIS. All churches are either a SME or a part of a global MNC. As I have mentioned before, all pastors are subjected to the law of the nation and the expectations of his members.

    If the members of Lighthouse walk out of the church, the church will collapse.

  73. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    for prosperity ?

    I am not ashamed of myself or my desires. I don’t have a single religious genes in me. I dare to be truthful.

  74. Yeap Chee Seng Says:


    I am trained in engineering. So, I am very scientific. However, I also believe in the power of the mind. I watched “The Secret” and I am a practitioner of the Law Of Attraction.

    The healing service has the power to influence our minds positively toward better health. It complements the doctors’ works. I still go to clinics and hospitals.

  75. Gentle Lamb Says:

    Dear Chee Seng,

    Does it make a difference? Is the context of Corinth much different – they had a multi religious and multi racial environment as well.

    A “Blog Pastor” pointed this out which I thought is interesting.

    Would like to hear you insight.


    Yeap Chee Seng Says:
    February 11, 2010 at 5:37 am
    Please remind Apostle Paul that Corinth is not in Singapore.
    I declare openly that such actions were against the will and nature of the God of the Bible. Such action can only be inspired by the Devil himself.”

    Kindly clarify why this is so? Example Paul spoke against the
    idols at Corinth. GL

  76. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    This is Singapore. If Apostle Paul does not intend to respect our laws, please tell him not to come here. Just because you can do something in other countries, it does not mean you can do the same here.

    By the way, some countries legalize drugs. In Singapore, you will be hanged if you were caught with it.

  77. 64 BITS Says:


    See how a certain ignorant leader of a certain religious dogma can create disharmony without exercising his limited wisdom or should i said none at all based on his hearsay .

    Judging from the way he speaks and his use of tone on speeches to anchour in the mind of sheeples , i can tell he is a hypocritical ignorant FOOL who is not fit to even be a pastor !

    He is Creating Disharmony & conflicts in the society by mocking on others beliefs & cultures . From my point of views he should stepped down from being a pastor and stopped preaching since his preaching are all based on fairy tales with no scienctific facts either !

    If you point a finger at a person you see 3 fingers pointing back at yourself , so is this not cause and effect in a logical sense ?

    Please USE YOUR BRAIN however ignorant you are , LEARN to THINK and Analyse !

    Lastly please GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT before even attempt to make a speech in front of masses and further deluding your Sheeples !

  78. ex-Speedlighter Says:

    Hi Yeap,

    I was heartened to read your post. You are very down-to-earth and grounded in your beliefs as a follower of Christ and as a fellow human being.

    I attended Lighthouse’s youth ministry (Speedlight) 20 years ago. I am now a Catholic. It took me 10 years of attending Masses as an observer before I made the conscious decision 2 years ago. I believe we love and serve one true God who gave up his life for us. In the Catholic family, I now have the communion of saints and my fellow brothers and sisters to pray for me.

    The difference I see in the Catholic church and independent churches like Pastor Rony’s is that the former believes in inter-faith dialogues and religious harmony. We embrace all mankind regardless of race, religion or creed. Just like the parable of the great banquet (Luke 14:15-24), where the master instructed his servant to ‘Go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the city, and bring in the poor, maimed, blind, and lame….. and I might add “the ones with their own beliefs and religions; those without any beliefs; those who do not know what to believe, etc”

    I can see how Pastor Rony might have made this mistake. In his zest to evangelise, he had gone overboard. It is something no preacher or public-speaker should do. We should be accountable for our words and deeds. The scripture says ‘Let your yea be year; your nay be nay….” (Matt 5:37). Pastor Rony should have prayed over his sermon and not let his human nature take over at the pulpit. It is quite laudable to publicly denouce another religion and having to apologise for it later.

    But as fellow believers of Christ, let’s not harp over it. What we should do now is to pray for unity and strength. All can learn a precious lesson from Pastor Rony here. As Christians, we live our faith out daily – we are what we say; we are what we do.

  79. anon Says:

    Although I’m a freethinker, this unfortunate incident makes me have greater respect for a peace-loving religion like Buddhism. Like many Singaporeans who value the importance of racial and religious harmony, I am deeply disappointed by Pastor Tan’s immature behaviour. I feel that he owes every Singaporean an apology, and not just Buddhists, because he has hurt non-Buddhists as well, by his dangerous act of potentially causing social unrest and conflicts.

  80. aah-haa Says:

    Yeap C S, this piece of analysis of the Rony saga as a Christian is well done, balanced, sensible, courageous and enlightening. Few Christians would do this openly, preferring to ignore, deny, wish away or they were embarrassed.
    Many would simply call for forgiveness and forgetting. To me there are also some flaws here. Forgiving is a virtue often misapplied. Forgetting is meaningless for it means you don’t remember a wrong and would likely to repeat.

    On another point you wrote: (A) “I consider all religions to the same.” (B) “All of them share 2 common characteristics:
    1. Self justification which means I am true because I say I am true.
    2. Can only promise things that cannot be proven.
    I think the 2 related statements you made are flawed. Have you read the Kalama Sutta?

    (C) In short, I find them not worthy of my time. I choose to be a Christian because I want to use it for my prosperity. Christianity is an instrument to me. I will not be upset if somebody does not want to use this instrument.
    Hmm ….. practical, material Christian. I would say quite un-orthodox.

  81. BCAD Says:

    Mr Yeap, thank you for your above fair article. Being a practising Buddhist myself for over a decade, I can see from your article that you are quite a rare enlightened and courageous informed unbiased Christians among all my Christian friends/associates. Congatulations on your cultivated virtues through your faith.

    Buddha, teacher of all gods and men, says “Follow the Law, not persons” To put His truthful saying into practice for all living beings on planet earth, may I suggest that Christians should always faithfully study, think and follow the character of God/Law through their bible and not blindly follow the words of imperfect persons like Rony (someone who practised Christianity for 30 years and yet failed to demostrate a minimum standard of enlightenement expected for people of his seniority) so as to avoid been misguided by imperfect men.

  82. ronald ng Says:

    In the video, there was a comment on animal (tiger) that it does not have human instinct and will kill to satisfy its hunger. Doesn’t human do the same? or worse…they not only killed, cooked, grilled, boiled, etc and even pre-store in advance for further consumption. Human can be hungry for success and riches to the extend that they would hurt, enslave, torture another.
    It’s really sad when one think too highly of the oneself or human race or any religion while degrading another.

  83. kelvin Says:

    when i was young, i grew up in a traditional chinese family. many of our grandparents worship deities, burn incense papers and consult spiritual medium. when i was in the university, it was projected as old fashion and superstitious by my christian friends. when i started to discover more about these old traditions, actually they are very beautiful and meaningful. This is part of the Greater Taoism that unfortunately we were not educated regarding Taoism since young. morever, many of us were send to mission schools. this traditions were not well explained and exploited as superstitious.
    If one study Taoism properly, each ancient practise is meaningful and not superstitious. Spiritual mediums are very common nowadays and are being practised widely in US and Europe as part of the professionals (equivalent to Taoist spiritual medium). Taoism is very profound ancient tradition, especially the philosophical part and spiritual methodology related to metaphysical world. unfortunately, not many masters available. If Taoism is revived again, it has the potential as world major religion (1.3 billion in China) as it is very appealing.

  84. Adrian Says:

    To Oh Tham Eng:

    In the videos, the pastor did not pose “valid metaphysicial questions”.

    The questions he asked, and replies given, could be applied to any religion, including his own, given the premises of his statement.

  85. sylandro Says:

    *laughs* and *nods*

    yap, I like ur style. It’s tongue in cheek and your replies are succint. U refuse to embroil urself in the splitting of hairs instead replying to a wall of text what could be said in a sentence or two.

    I like it. Good read for me. I also see how the general christian populace wildly grab at the bible to prove their point.

    Using the bible to explain the bible. How much better can they get?

    I’m glad that borned into a catholic family and spent half my life in a missionary environment, nothing could be better than losing my religion.

    Today (figuratively speaking, not as in today, today la.), I see things the christian way of life shrouded me from for decades.

  86. tiredman Says:

    Yeap C S,
    you have earned my respect. I know that there are Christians that does not support that Pastor Rony did here.
    However… Well I guess this issue served another reason for me to stick with my religion.

  87. kelvin Says:

    Hatred cannot be overcome by hatred. Only Love will appease hatred. – Buddha-

    Tao cannot be said. Those can be said is not Tao
    – Lao Tzu-

    Once a westerner asked a Zen master in Japan whether he can bring in Christianity in his Zen practise. The master told him that one can bring in anything in the Zen practise, but when one ‘realised’, one need not anything including Buddhism.

    Peace on Earth. Gong Xi Fa Cai.

  88. peter cheng Says:

    This of Ex-buddhist are not so clever because when Pastor interviewed them, they anwser with silly words.

    Now two Ex will suffer and can’t sleep well, they will think in what they make wrong, they challenges of Buddhist teaching and destroyed of Buddha teachings.

    You can make apology with the people when you done wrong but you can’t apology with God because God is running with pure mind.

    Buddhist 2553 years but two of Ex- how old of them? why they don’t think in correctly and use wisdom, now may be two can’t eat and drink very well.

    All of God, Allah, Deva will together to attack this Ex because religions are one line.

    Peter Cheng

  89. Ang peck Hoon Says:

    To me all religions are the same. They are directories leading us to the Divine. But I think it is dangerous to station young people at the MRT stations to distribute pamphlets and tell people yours is the One and Only Way. It may start a religious riot.
    May Singapore be peaceful always.
    May all beings be well and happy.

  90. aah-haa Says:

    Poor tiger and other animals being ‘blamed’ and compared lowly with humans. The thing about human is that he has an EGO. He thinks he is above all creatures.
    Between a tiger and a human, who should you be more afraid of?

  91. Qu Says:

    John 8:7-11
    So when they continued asking Him, He raised Himself up and said to them, “He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first.” And again He stooped down and wrote on the ground. Then those who heard it, being convicted by their conscience, went out one by one, beginning with the oldest even to the last. And Jesus was left alone, and the woman standing in the midst.

    When Jesus had raised Himself up and saw no one but the woman, He said to her, “Woman, where are those accusers of yours? Has no one condemned you?”
    She said, “No one, Lord.”
    And Jesus said to her, “Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more.”

  92. Rob Says:

    You are stating some clear and, what is projected to be precise, statements of what happened. You are also judging the pastor. YOU WEREN’T EVEN THERE! Your wife was, which makes this third hand opinion, or as you state, “analysis”. If you saw the video after the service, you did not state so…. Please clarify that point.

    The senior pastor “may have” (I wasn’t there) made a very rookie mistake and shoved his foot in his mouth up to the knee cap. The world is filled with good and bad pastors and priests. I don’t know the man, so it will not judge him, nor condemn him. That would be God’s job. However, as christians, we need to stop judging, accept his apology, FORGIVE him, and move on….not continually dwell and focus on his actions, make assertions that they were devil inspired, etc. Continual focus on this issue, creating anger and descent, turning people from christianity is the actual devil inspire part of this event.

    The pastor and the rest of us are flawed (is some cases very flawed) and human. We naturally make mistakes, miss-speak and offend others. What we all need to do is to identify this mistake, apologize/ask for forgiveness, correct it, learn from it, and if possible, teach others not to make the same mistake, finally….MOVE ON.

    One person made a comment that this pastor has been doing this for years. If this is true, then the church board or governing body are the ones that needs to be held responsible for not taking actions years ago by removing him from his post.

    Move on.

  93. TK Says:

    Yeap C S,
    I am very impressed by your view points. I am not a christian but I prayed almost every day for 10 years, and I did it especially sincere during examination period, when I was a student of Catholic High School. I studied bibles during my NS days. I really hope that every body, whether chirstian or non christian, should go and study Matthew Chapter 7 thoroughly to appreciate what forgiving and tolerating is. I did use this chapter to mediate a big quarrel and hatred between two very faithful christians who swore that they would not communicate with each other but failed. If every christian had the belief like yours, the world would have been a lot more peaceful. Regardless of whether it is zero or infinity after one’s life, the most valuable legacy is love and peace one leave behind for our future generations. Whether there is god or not in the universe, or which god really dominate the eternity, it is still beyond our comprehesion since we are all using our own mirror to structure the image and the behaviour of the ” Real God”. We should not think that our religion is always superior to others. I think we just pray to our own god and behave in a reasonable way to accumulate the so called credit points in order to get the “passport” to the heaven or paradise. we must respect one another’s religion. It is my own belief that people like you should get the preferred choice by God if there is such thing as selection by the heaven when the time comes, since you have sensible and sensitive thinking while believing in your own god. I will learn from you.
    BTW, I quote Matthew 7 from the Bible for referemce”
    Matthew 7
    Judging Others
    1″Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.
    3″Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

  94. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Rob, I am doing what the Muslims had done when there were news of their fellow Muslims committed terrorism.

  95. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    By the way Rob, all of us can enjoy the first hand exprerience of Pastor Tan’s wonderful sermon. Thanks to YouTube.

  96. aah-haa Says:

    Many have called not to judge Rony – ‘judge not lest one be judged too’. In practical terms, we are always judging, measuring, comparing, evaluating and even analysing. So let’s judge and be judged – fair and square. The only caveat is that the process should be ‘judiciously’ carried out.
    There is no doubt that a mistake, a wrong-doing, an indiscretion, a transgression, a violation can be committed. Whether an act or speech can be mitigated is another issue.
    A wrong is judged as a wrong. So, I don’t think there is anything wrong with judging. I see there are misinterpretations in quoting John and Matthew. I think the message is this: if one is to judge another, be prepared to be judged too. There should not be any self-righteousness. In other words, if you are a liar, you are in no better position to call another a liar.
    In jurisdiction, a judge makes a judgement only after hearing both sides – the accusation, the defence, and the facts and circumstances. The one who judges is a disinterested party and delivers the verdict. However, there are public spectators who though not being the violator or victim may have an ‘interest’ in the case and their comments cannot be said to be completely impartial.
    Making a comment is not the same as making a judgement. As an analogy: consider the role of jurors (panel) with those sitting in the public gallery. The jurors must make a judgement and arrive at a verdict that may coincide with a segment of the public. But the public is certainly not judging though a segment may be clamouring for a certain verdict or sentence.
    Therefore, I see the comments by netizens not so much as judging but expressing their thoughts and feelings albeit the fact that they cannot be totally impartial or even upright themselves. A liar can hate another liar too!

  97. aah-haa Says:

    As long as we are not making false accusations or gunning for the throat with hatred, making fair comments are acceptable. The other option is to remain silent, pretend nothing has happened or to forget totally. Do not worry, in time to come, we will all ‘move on’ because nothing is PERMANENT.

    On the latest apology, what Rony mentally planned:
    1) sincerely repent and confess
    2) bravely face all consequences from the authorities
    3) after paying my dues (no elaboration), depart from the very nation that I love.
    After much struggle (suffering), his decision was to remain in Singapore (clinging), redefine Lighthouse (awakening) and redeem himself by promoting religious harmony (becoming).

    I sincerely wish him well in what he vowed to do and a new beginning (rebirth).

  98. Mike Says:

    What a shame to see how a so-called Christian gunning down a pastor. (I was introduced to this page by accident). From what had been communicated in this discussion, Rob you are most sensible to refer to Matthew 7. I think the statement speak very clearly. Truly, I don’t understand the need to discuss or to instigate judgment on this subject. Damaged has been controlled and all parties concerned accepted apologies. Moving forward and ensure religious harmony in our Singapore Society is more important.

  99. YZhen Says:

    Rony Tan said he feels `unbearably terrible’ so that means his mind is in a hellish state. He has not experienced heaven but certainly seen Hell. If only he learnt some basics of Buddhist teachings, i.e., keeping the minimum 5 precepts one of which is no lies or slander, he would not need to hang his head in shame today. I can’t imagine how people can be so gullible and continue to support such a dishonest and cowardly person. And for goodness sake don’t praise him for apologising to the Buddhist/Taoist communities. As he said he had only the 3 options: retract and apologise, bear the consequences from the authorities ( the thought of this is enough to make him tremble I guess), or he get lost from Singapore (a threat from ISD?)

  100. Yeap Chee Seng Says:


    What makes you think the whole thing is real?

  101. Yeap Chee Seng Says:


    Discussing a current event does not turn one into a so-called Christian.

  102. Michelle Says:

    Hi Chee Seng, thanks for publishing your thoughts on the matter. As a Christian i suppose you feel compelled to defend God/ Christianity and therefore condemn Ps Rony Tan’s actions even if others don’t do it. Perhaps to you “their silence may be seen as an endorsement to evil”, but may i suggest that condemning someone after they have done wrong AND repented of it is not a very Christian way of responding as well…

    even if we grant your claim that “the actions and behavior of Senior Pastor Rony Tan of the Lighthouse Evangelism… were against the will and nature of the God of the Bible. Such action can only be inspired by the Devil himself”, there is no reason for Christians to come out and further condemn their brother when the rest of the world has shot arrows and thrown daggers at him. aren’t we supposed to stand by him and provide support even when he makes mistakes? granted, he made a mistake, but surely he doesn’t deserve -this- much condemnation!

    more importantly, because our God is a forgiving and faithful God, I am sure He has forgiven Ps Rony Tan. now I’m not being presumptuous, but (obviously) I am saying this from what i know of what the Bible says about God being an ever merciful, forgiving Father. so if God is not the sort to bear grudges or count our transgressions, who are we to do so? Romans 8 says that “there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death”. if we believe this verse, then we should believe that there is no more condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. and consequently, we shouldn’t condemn our brother just because he did wrong. as it is he is very remorseful and has sincerely repented, so why rub salt in his wound?

    being publicly silent about this issue isn’t an endorsement of evil. it’s being non-legalistic on the matter; it’s exercising forgiveness and embracing the brother who has made a mistake.

    besides, other churches being publicly silent doesn’t mean they have no communication with the pastor himself on a personal basis. surely we have all learnt from this episode.

  103. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Dear Michelle,

    I have never condemned the person, only the action. Please note that if Christians are silent and allow the militants to represent us, the world will see all Christians as militants. Think. Why do the Muslims condemn terrorism?

  104. YY Says:

    Don’t forget the “gods” of many other religions are also very forgiving too.
    For this case, the ISD has done a great job by dissolving the issue through apology and forgiveness. (ha-ha! not many people will feel comfortable for giving any thumb-up for ISD). Forgiving is an excellent culture, not a proprietory by any religion, Singapore should promote.

  105. YZhen Says:

    If not real then his mind is very likely in a worst state than thought and he is fully aware of that. Another despicable thing about him is that he ran down his Taoist roots where he probably learnt about speaking in gibberish, communication with dieties, faith healing etc and cleverly transplanted these to a mega bucks venture.

  106. ppp Says:


    I hear your points; it’s good to forgive on the premise that Ronny Tan will not continue his actions that lead him into this mess.

    Please be aware that what Rony Tan did was not something that took place recently or it only happened once.

    He had been on a “self-made crusade” since the 1990s, condemning Catholics, making false comparisons with the Catholic faith, mixing politics into his sermons (follows the preaching of one Pastor Benny Hinn from the U.S. and why American is a blessed nation because it is a Christian nation, Malaysia/Mahathir is corrupted, claimed to convert Muslim rebels from southern Mindanao, Philippines, etc) and others.

    Do check with folks who had been worshipping in Lighthouse in all fairness. We don’t need someone like Ronny Tan to get Singapore into trouble with its neighbours.

  107. YY Says:

    I am very shocked by the background information of Ronny Tan provided by you. Chinese saying of “走火入魔“ could be the best description of Ronny Tan. How could he guide people to the right path as a pastor? I could not agree more that we do not need someone like Ronny to get Singapore into trouble with its neighbours. After all the apology, we should follow up closely on his words and behaviour (quot Chinese Premier Wen Jia Bao’s saying “听其言,观其行“). We should let more people learn from this incident.

  108. aah-haa Says:

    Forgiving like compassion is a virtue that has to be wisely applied and not dished out like meaningless commodity. Forgiving has no value whenever a person transgresses and everybody clamour to forgive – in the name of love, compassion, God, etc.

    Nobody else can forgive except the one who has been victimised, violated, ridiculed, harmed, hurt, raped, lied to and so forth. How a 3rd party or God can forgive is beyond my understanding. Let’s say, I ridiculed Ah Kow. Ah Seng forgives me for my indiscretion. Does it sound right?

    Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying there should not be forgiveness. Forgiveness can only be given by the affected party. Then it is meaningful because there is real remorse towards the affected party. If I go to a private corner and ask God to forgive me, I am a coward.

    I reckon that it is easier to ask God for forgiveness than to ask the affected person. Because of our guilt and embarrassment, we dare not face the party whom we have wronged.

    In applying spiritual values like compassion, forgiveness, generosity and so forth, always do so with wisdom, not mechanically or automatically because it is written in some scriptures.

    I am not sure if anyone here has called for ‘forgetting’. If so, that would be disastrous.

  109. Jeffrey Says:

    now that paster rony tan had repented and confessed. i suggested he should be sent to a mainstream church and be cleansed of his demonic soul.. before satan come back to haunt him again.

  110. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    My first church is a mainstream church. Therefore, I can tell you for sure, they have the same doctrines. The only difference is, they have the common sense in not showing off their dirty things.

  111. johnny Says:

    This discussion should close and everyone should pray instead for continuing peace, stability and harmony in Singapore. So let’s not waste time but start praying.

  112. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    On whose authority do you command us to close our discussion?

    I suspect your intention is for us to forget the entire incident so that you can continue with your evangelism.

  113. Nagasena Says:

    Dear Michelle you said “the actions and behavior of Senior Pastor Rony Tan of the Lighthouse Evangelism… were against the will and nature of the God of the Bible. Such action can only be inspired by the Devil himself”.

    So you mean Rony Tan is actually a demon in disguise? I feel sorry for the 12K followers.

  114. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Michelle did not say that. I did.

  115. alamak Says:

    Hi Yeap,
    As a fellow christian, i do applaud yr heart for standing still and declare that not all christians approve of Pastor Rony Tan’s method of preaching in this instance. It is true and indeed good to acknowledge that this incident is a mistake; and more importantly learn good lessons from it and move on.

    Somehow, he nonetheless exudes the ‘fruits of the spirit’ and still exalt some good wisdom afterall.

    It sure is heartening to see him coming upfront and apologising to all about his mistakes, esp to the other faiths involved; that is a good and right move.

    Mistakes abound as long as anyone is considered human and flesh.

    Then again, for anyone to condem or give him names or to insinuate him … isn’t very enlightening. To take issue of any man’s, church, or group’s mistakes; add in with raw emotions and comments isn’t the very wisest move afterall.

    I believe a more constructive, loving and reflective approach to incidents such as these is perhaps a little more christ-like. I’m in no position to throw the stone at anyone myself and have no wish to.

    Nonetheless, yes thank you for assuring to the public that christians do not condone Rony’s mistake. Christians are taught to love one another, even our enemies. No doubt far from ideally christ-like, we are all “Work-In-Progress”.

    Thank you once again for pointing it out.


  116. Joseph Tan Says:

    The Buddha taught about the importance of practising Right Speech more than 2500 years ago.

    500 years after Lord Buddha passed away; Jesus Christ appeared, went to India to learn Buddha’s Meditation at a temple and taught about love for fellow human beings.

    After more than 2500 years, a little known Pastor Rony Tan of Singapore appeared and condemned the Buddha’s teachings while at the same time bring shame to Jesus Christ’s teachings.

    The door to Heaven is not opened for one whose mouth is venomous – preaches love in the name of Jesus Christ but spit poison at Buddha’s teaching.

    I think Pastor Rony Tan is heading for the moon.

    Joseph Tan

  117. China man Says:

    Hello there,
    I came across Yeap Chee Seng’s site by accident. Having read what was reported here, I would like to leave some comments.
    I am a Chinese citizen but currently working in Malaysia. I observed that the Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore are having problems with their Chinese brothers who had converted to either Islam or Christianity, having left their cultural roots in Buddhism, Taoism or Confucianism.
    Currently Malaysia has produced one Chinese -Muslim convert by the name of Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah. Although a Chinese, he condemned the Malaysian Chinese right the core of his heart and currently a columnist of a Muslim newspaper as a launching pad.
    Singapore has also produced a Chinese – Christian convert by the name of Pastor Ronny Tan who use his Church as a launching pad to attack Chinese Buddhist/Taoist/confucianists.
    Yeap Chee Seng’s article as a Christian writer is a good example of a man who respects his ancestral origins and roots even though he is a Christian.
    A man of Chinese origin, irrespective of religious beliefs, should always respect their very own cultures, roots and ancestors.
    Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah and Pastor Ronny Tan are modern day transformers, better referred as a mutated Chinese who has lost their minds in search of fame.
    – A China Man from China

  118. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    China man,

    Thank you for your compliments but I am not the person you described. My regards for my ancestral origins and roots is the same as my regards for my Christian faith. They are just my instruments for prosperity.

  119. Agares Says:

    Hi there.

    In my opinion, I don’t think any religion has the rights to implicate another religion at any time to strengthen one’s faith or practice. Comparison in this case is redundant as both faiths teaches its people in different aspects. What Rony Tan did was a grave mistake, and it’s only right that other Christians and Singaporeans condemn his speech. How much did Rony really know about Buddhism?

    Christians believe in god, while buddhists seek to find the truth and path to happiness and life. It is only wise for every religious leader to also study about other religions to enhance their knowledge, and understand better what their own religion is teaching about. However, no insults and critics are needed at any point of time.

    I had a friend who came across a Christian lady (dressing like a sales lady) in Tampines, where he was stopped, given a brochure, and invited to attend a church session. My friend had kindly rejected her offer, telling her that he’s a taoist and was rather not interested in such events. The lady had persisted, and told my friend this ‘Why worship to a dead stone (the taoist tablet), when you could believe in the real god of life?’. My friend was infuriated, and gave her ugly remarks on Jesus.

    Such scenes often end up ugly because there were no signs of respect in the conversation. I feel that people should learn and respect other religions before reaching out to other people.

  120. Bodhicitta Says:

    I have practised Vipassana (Insight) Meditation and observed the five precepts taught by the Buddha.

    Vipassana Meditation had showed me how the mind works; and how wise mind, greedy mind, angry mind and ignorant mind interacted with each other.

    Pastor Ronny Tan’s criticism of the Buddha’s teaching showed how little he knows about the Buddha’s dhamma and not much he knew.

    Inwardly, I think his ignorant mind laughs at him for his stupidity rather than intelligence.

    Pastor Ronny Tan has realised his mistakes and experience mental anguish for his folly.

    I would recommend Pastor Ronny Tan to practise Vipassana Meditation to attain tranquillity and calmness of minds.

    Pastor Ronny Tan should also read Yeap Chee Seng’s article on being a good Christian – that all wise men praise.

  121. InTruth Says:

    Hi all,
    By his own confession, christianity is only an instrument for prosperity to Mr Yeap CS.
    I hope all who are reading the posts here are clear on this point: YCS simply do not represent christianity well.

  122. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Hi all,
    I never hide the truth. I don’t represent my instrument.

  123. Silent observer Says:

    Hello In Truth,
    I have been a loyal reader of YCS’s blog and I admire his courage for speaking the truth. YCS’s religious mission is the middle path and not extremism. We should not emulate the style of Pastor Ronny Tan who has recently being reprimanded by Buddhists and Christians in Singapore for playing God. Pastor Ronny Tan has learned from his experience that an action done that needs repentance is not an action well done. On big bird has been caught in the act, so let’s not the small birds also fall into the same trap. YCS represent Christianity in substance and not in form – and he did it very well.
    – Silent onserver

  124. tojo Says:

    dump this monkey in ISA for the rest of his pathetic life.

  125. Jojo Says:

    yeah agree… that he can jump up and down behind bars for the rest of his life…for monkeying around with God and Buddha…

  126. tony Says:

    Hi Everybody,

    Question ?
    The Jews, the Christian and the muslim all believe in the ‘God of Abraham’, the one and the same God. Why are there so much killing and fighting amongst them? It is because they disagree as to the teaching and the rightful teachers of this one God. And the teachers of this one God are all Man. Man who claim that they represented him. Man who claim that they are the son or the prophet of God. Man, many of who have incited riots and murders in the name of God (some were even made saints by the churches). Man who committed terrorism in the name of God. It will be alright if they only fought and kill one another, however, innocent people and bystander are force to choose side and were caught up in this terror in the name of god. All these man have one thing in common, they have the power to make believers out of other man of weak mind. Not all of such man were evil, many do preaches good and try to save soul. So when you go listen to the sermon of a preacher, remember, he is only a man. I cannot understand what is so difficult to understand about the commandment “THOU SHALL NOT KILL”. Yet man are so clever that that they can interpret the holy book (which are also written by man, only the 1O commandment were cast into stone by the God all MIghty) in so many different ways!

  127. Yeap Chee Seng Says:


    The 10 Commandments are only the watered down version. The original has more than 300 Commandments. This is why those who claim to obey the 10 Commandments are nothing more than religious.

    True Christians are never religious.

  128. tony Says:

    Mr Yeap,

    I am aware that the holy book of the jews, which is the origin of the 3 faith have 300 commandment. There is a purpose in all this. This is ensure and ganrantee that we are all sinners so that we have to seek the help of the “holy man” to be born again. In the process, we will have to show devotion by donations to applease the “holy Man” again in the name of God. Pastor Rony Tan is ever so ready to run away from Singapore if things become too hot! It is obvious that he already have a nice nest somewhere prepared. Rev Kong is flying across the world on a weekly basis so that he can be with “HIS” follower on Sunday and with his family during the rest of the week. His wife is so rich so he can afford it but what kind of Carbon emission his weekly travelling is he constributing? He hve a good thing going in Singapore and he will not let go ! During the NKF affair years ago, I make a calculated guess that for every S$1 that was donated, only 10cents was budget for the intended receipant, that was 10 %. Therefore Rev Kong is very proud that City Harvest allocate 20% of their donation collected for mercy relief. This is less then the tax payable if the fund wasn’t collected as a donation therefore the City Harvest Church contribute is NOTHING to society. City Harvest Church is a well run business enterprise and should not enjoy tax exemption.

    Whereas there are many good people who try to make this world a better place for everyone. Some in the name of God. Many are wolfs in sheeps clothing!

  129. pastor rajubabu Says:

    to pastor RONY
    Greetings from Pastor Raj Babu Dayyala, Konthangi Kothuru village, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh state, India.

    We feel it is a great privilege for us to meet you through this e-mail. First of all I would like to thank you and appreciate of your great task of reaching the millions in Norway and also in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. When I checked your webpage, I am very much impresed by the wonderful work you are doing. Really the Lord is using you and dear family to reach out to the millions in Norway and Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. Please let me introduce myself to you.

    We, Raju Babu & Hepsiba (wife) Dayyala, are doing the gospel work in the neglected and interior villages in remote and tribal region of Andhra Pradesh state in India. We have been working for the last 10 years reaching out to the neglected villages. My father is also a pastor and he did very wonderful pioneering work amongst remote villahge people and also tribal people groups. As he is getting old, I took up all the responsibilities of my family besides my busy gospel work.

    Most of the people work with are illiterate, ignorant and superstitious. It is very challenging to work with such people groups. They are open to the gospel but it takes time to convince them. This is the reason we often conduct village outreaches with a team of 10 pastors and lay men. Several villages are being reached so far and still so much is to be done. In some of the villages there is no facility for transportation execpt walking or going by a bi-cycle, even there is no electricity and no hospitilization so people suffer from different viral fevers and contagious dieseases. With such people groups we are working. Please pray for us as move and go out to reach such people groups to be heard the gospel. Hundreds are being reached through our frequent village outreaches but millions are there to be reached. Hundreds of the villages are there to be reached out with the gospel. We have been trying our level best to reach these people with various outreaches but we do not have enough funds and any funding agency is helping us. By faith we go and reach these villages.

    When I checked your webpage, I am impressed and made up my mind to write to you for fellowship and for the cooperation for the work we are doing. We alone can’t do anything but TOGETHER we can do more and make a big difference. Please pray for us as we are reaching these villages. Your blessed visit will be a great blessing for the millions in India.

    Herewith we are extending our warm welcome to you to come to India and start your wonderful work in India to reach the nook and corners of India. Please pray and plan to visit India and help us reach the millions of lost souls in India. We would love to work with you for reaching neglected villages. Eagerly waiting for your kind reply.
    Yours together for His great work in India,
    Pastor Raju Babu Dayyala,
    Konthangi Kothuru Post-533 446,
    Sankavaram Mandlam
    East Godavari District,
    Andhra Pradesh state, India.

  130. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Hi Pastor Raju Babu Dayyala,

    If you have really read my webpage, you would have known that I have never done any great task of reaching the millions in Norway and also in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. So your praise is a lie. I suspect your motive is only on asking for money. The only reason I allow you post is to make it a showcase example of con-man pastors.

    Thank you for volunteering.

  131. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Oops, my name is not Pastor Rony.

  132. anonymous Says:

    You do not judge people !
    God is judging everyone on judgement day and who are you to judge ? You are a christian ya we know but that does not give you the rights to judge another person as you are not god so just forgive and forget , love your enemies . And Mr yeap Chee seng as a Christian you should know all this . I pray that God will give you wisdom and think before posting on your blog
    Truly a childish act of yours.
    With all due respect ,

  133. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Please do not judge me.

  134. Faircomment Says:

    CS, much better you contacted the errant pastor and share your views with love
    Publishing this article in the open forum seems a little like bringing fellow believers to the court of law
    Say what you like, there is but one Truth and our duty is to say it with love…but at one point, there will be offence, no matter how nicely you put it
    Did the world and the Pharisees take what our Lord said well?


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