Sanctified By The Truth

17Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.
John 17:17 (NIV)

The above is a part of Jesus’ prayers for believers before he faced the Cross. We can also say that this is his wish for all Christians. Jesus wished for all believers to be sanctified but the truth. What does it mean? If you have been attended religious churches, you would have been misled into thinking the word “sanctify” as some sort of ritual. The truth is, it is not. To sanctify is simply to improve, up-grade or become better. Jesus prayed for us Christians to improve ourselves in the truth.

What then is the truth? The second part of the verse says God’s word is the truth. The Bible (which is God’s word) is truth. Please note that Jesus did not say the world we can see around us is the truth. He said God’s word is truth. Why is that so? What happens around the world do not always conform with what the Bible says. Our role as believers is to believe and act as though the Bible is true even if the world around us tells us the opposite. This is called faith.

When I first started this blog, I was so naïve that I thought I could convince the religious Christians that the Gospel of Jesus Christ includes the blessing of material wealth and physical health by quoting Bible verses to them. Now, I know it was a futile attempt. No matter how many Bible verses they can read, they can only think of the following:
1. Isolated verses that imply God loves poverty and sickness after some creative interpretations.
2. The existence of Christians who are currently poor and sick.

In other words, those religious Christians who have been poisoned by the lies of theology can only see the negative events as truth and not the Bible. In their minds, as long as one Christian is sick or poor, then God’s promises of health and wealth are no longer valid. They will proceed to help to save God’s face by changing the meanings of the Bible to fit their negative views such as, sometimes it is the will of God to make believers poor and sick to show them his love.

I dare you to test this out yourself. Try to quote Bible verses that promise health or wealth to Christians who attend religious churches. I can tell how they will respond. They will either give you different meanings to the verses you have quoted or they will say, “Yes, but.” And followed by examples of Christians who are poor and sick both in the Bible and the real world.

I put up the above to show that most Christians have stopped believing Bible as the truth. In their minds, the world is the truth and meanings of the Bible must be changed to conform to the world around them. They are no longer sanctified with the truth. Not only that, they are quick to persecute us (Christians who are sanctified with the truth) with labels like “prosperity gospel” as though we have believed in a different gospel.

The real issue here is what is your choice? What is the source of your truth? The world around you, or the Bible? If you choose the world as your source of truth, your life can never be stable, let alone be prosperous. The economy can go up and down. Rich and powerful banks and insurance company can go bankrupt. Plagues had happened and may continue to happen. Terrorists can bomb anywhere and at anytime. How are you going to live in such an unreliable world?

I truly sympathize with people like that. As for me, I refuse to be in their situation. I choose to believe in the Word of God. I choose to be sanctified with the truth that is found in the Bible. I am convinced that the greatest will of my God is for me to prosper and be in health as my soul prospers.

I can see myself having a lot of money and live like a king even in the worst economy. I can see myself living in great health even in the worst plague. My desire is to prosper in every area in my life and I will achieve them because I know who is on my side. I believe I will triumph over every trouble and cast every mountain that stands in my way to the sea because I am sanctified with the truth in God’s Word.

In the above paragraph, I refer only to myself because I can only decide for myself. I cannot decide for you. You have to decide for yourself. Are you willing to be sanctified with the truth in God’s Word?

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