Principles Of Bible Engineering

Throughout this blog, I have emphasized that God must be an engineer and if the Bible is truly the word of God then it must be an engineering book. The world around us and the contents of the Bible had verified my theory. The existence of the universe itself is the ultimate proof that God must be an engineer. If God is not an engineer, we would not have existed in the first place.

The Bible is filled with engineering truth. This means that anyone who wishes to learn more about the Bible should understand basic engineering. So, the right place to go is engineering schools. It is through engineering that we can comprehend true spirituality. The proof of this statement can be found all over this blog. The spiritual revelations that I received and presented in are all based on sound engineering principles. In this article I will share with you these principles and how they can help us to understand the spiritual realms.

Let us begin. There are 3 basic principles of engineering. They are:
1. Based on established scientific laws.
2. Always leans toward simplicity.
3. Must produce the intended results.

I shall explain in detail.

Based on scientific laws.
Engineering is not theology. In fact it is the opposite of theology. While theology is based on mindless superstition, engineering is based on established scientific laws. When I say “established scientific laws” I am referring to laws that are predictable and derived from systematic observation, experiments and study. Let me give you an example.

Until today, scientists have not discovered a way to predict earthquakes accurately. However, we know for sure what causes earthquakes. The relative movements of tectonic plates. These movements are based on Newtonian physics. There is no relationship between earthquakes and any type of sin like the legality of abortion. Whether a nation legalizes or bans abortions, it has nothing to do with whether earthquakes will happen there. This is science. The same goes every other natural disasters. Do not believe in theologians who tell you that some disasters are the judgement of God. Engineers do not believe in a perverse God.

So, when any disasters happen, you will never find engineers proclaiming God’s judgement on that nation for whatever sin. Those who proclaim the judgement of God after any disaster are not engineers but theologians, the messengers of demons from hell.

Engineers will instead study the phenomena scientifically and produce solutions. In the case of earthquakes, we know we cannot stop them from happening. However that does not mean we cannot overcome their effects. Today, engineers have invented ways to make structures resistant to earthquakes. This means we can have buildings and bridges that do not collapse when earthquake happens. They may not be perfect but they will keep improving.

This is what engineering is all about. We respect science and use it for the benefit of mankind. When our works fail, we learn from our mistakes and move forward to produce better results. We will never resort to the perverse level of theologians of using “Judgement of God” to cover up our mistakes. Unlike the theologians, engineers and scientists have integrity.

Always leans toward simplicity.
All else being equal, engineers always prefer the simpler option. Why? The more simple the processes and the structures are, the easier it is for us to execute it and less likely for mistakes to occur. Let me give you an example in this.

All modern buildings are designed and supervised by engineers. We do not physically build them. Buildings are physically build by construction workers who know nothing about engineering. How can these construction workers know what to do? The answer is engineers make it simple for them. As far as the workers are concern, they only have to follow simple instructions like putting item A into position B. The building will emerge from a series of simple instructions.

This is how we get things done. We break a complex mission into a series of simple tasks.

If you read the story of Jesus, you will find that his message was very simple. So simple that farmers and fishermen could understand him. Jesus attracted people to listen to him through the simplicity of his message. Not only that, even his solutions were simple.

When the people were sick, Jesus healed them. When they were hungry, he fed them. When Peter needed money to pay tax, Jesus showed him how to get money. Jesus had never told anyone that God do perverted things to people like giving them some thorns in the flesh to show his sufficient grace.

These are a few examples on the simplicity of Jesus’ message. Unfortunately, such simplicity had offended the theologians at that time. The theologians responded in conspiring to kill Jesus because they could not stand the result of his message. The rest is history.

Must produce the intended results.
Finally, engineers must produce the intended results. All the theories, principles, laws and doctrines we produced are useless unless they can produce the results we want. Let me put it in another way. If engineers do not produce results, we will still be living in caves.

The results may not be always positive but we do not give up. As mentioned above, we learn from our mistakes and move on. Throughout history, we have many cases of buildings collapsing but that does not stop us from building more. We do not move to the caves each time a building collapse.

Incidentally, this is how God behaves in the Bible. He always delivered his promises. God is action oriented. He delivered real actions and results. When he promised health, he delivered health. When he promised wealth, he delivered wealth. God is not afraid of being labeled as a prosperity preacher by the theologians.

This is the greatest fear of the theologians. They are terrified of a God who is able and willing to deliver results that can be objectively proven like health and wealth. As long as we focus only on things that cannot be proven objectively like peace, joy and treasures in heaven, the theologians are willing to tolerate us. However, if we dare to trust God for things that can be proven objectively like health and wealth, they are prepared to sink to any level to rob us of our faith. You can see a lot of their works in the internet.

This tells us that the truth of God being able to deliver results that can be objectively proven like health and wealth must be very dangerous to the theologians. God must be very pleased when we choose to trust him to deliver results that can be objectively proven.

I have presented the basic principles of engineering and they look exactly the same as the nature of God. The conclusion is clear. God is an engineer. You need to understand engineering in order to understand God.


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