Inheritance To Your Grandchildren

22 A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children, but a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous.
Proverbs 13:22 (NIV)

When I was working in the financial services sector, I heard a successful financial adviser quoting this verse to justify the need for insurance. For some strange reasons, Proverbs 13:22 has been used to sell insurance. This leads me to wander, have the financial advisers joined forces with the theologians?

The truth is the above verse has nothing to do with insurance. The term “inheritance” in the Bible always refers to assets that are already in the hands of the person before he dies, not after he dies. Therefore, the heresy of Proverbs 13:22 being God’s will for good men to buy insurance is nothing more than collaboration between financial advisers and theologians. In fact, there are theologians who have become financial advisers and vice versa.

I have put this up to show you how the Theologian has never given up his efforts in theologizing (perverting) the truth. Unfortunately for him, there are also many Christians like myself who are still committed in the engineering truth of the Bible and reject the lies of theology. Let us move on with the engineering truth of the above verse.

The first part of the verse says a good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children. Please note that it does not say a good man receives an inheritance from his parents’ parents. All of us would love to have rich parents or grandparents so that we have a lot of money. Unfortunately we cannot choose which family we want to be born in. If you happen to be like me who was born in a non-tycoon family you cannot expect to be rich no matter who dies in your family. You may even be envious when you see those born in rich families.

However, the above verse tells us that just because you were not born in a rich family, it does not mean that you cannot start a rich family yourself. God has given all of us free will. We do not have to be the slaves of our families, environment and even our genes. We have everything we need to live the lives we want. If you want to have a lot of money, good health and be very successful in everything you do, rejoice because you already have what it takes to get your there. They are in the Bible. All you need to do is to read the Bible, find out all the contents that can help you to get what you want and put them to work. This is what the Bible is designed for.

Back to the first part of the verse, the good man may not have a lot of inheritance because his parents and grandparents may not know much about the Bible. They may have deceived by the lies of theology that says God is a pervert who loves to make people poor and sick to show them his sufficient grace. As a result they did not get rich. However, just because the good man’s parents and grandparents were deceived by the lies of theology, it does not mean he himself must continue to allow himself to be deceived. He can exercise his free will to trust in the truth that comes from God.

When he does he will be so rich that he will not only have enough money to live luxuriously, he will have a lot of leftover money to pass on to his descendents as inheritance. So, do not fret if you were not born in a rich family. You can start a rich family now so that you children can live in no want.

At this point, I am sure the theologians will say that the inheritance is spiritual because spiritual inheritance cannot be proven. Theologians hate things that can be proven like health and wealth. Are they right? Let us look into the entire context. If the “inheritance” in the first part is spiritual then the “sinner’s wealth” in the second part must also be spiritual. Since when do the sinners have spiritual wealth? Since when can spiritual wealth be stored for somebody else? It is very clear that the ‘inheritance” and “wealth” in the entire verse are physical and can be proven. I have just exposed another lie of theology.

The second part of the verse tells us that a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous. This is good news for those of us who have chosen to believe in Jesus. As believers, we are righteous by faith and the term “righteous” here is not an empty word. It comes with privileges. One of the privileges of being righteous is the position to receive the sinner’s wealth.

Knowing this truth, we should no feel jealous when we see sinners getting rich. God has promised to transfer their wealth to us. The next question is when is this going to happen? I do not have the exact timetable but I am sure this cannot happen in heaven. Why? Even Christians cannot bring our money to heaven. How can sinners to that? It must be clear that the transfer of wealth from sinners to the righteous must happen on earth. We will soon be very rich.

In conclusion, we should learn to trust God and make him the source of our prosperity. Let the theologians continue with their heresy. As for us, we choose to trust in God. We believe we will be rich beyond our wildest dreams.


6 Responses to “Inheritance To Your Grandchildren”

  1. Jack Mender Says:

    It seems like business is still getting hit hard. Is anybody seeing an upswing in their respective niches? Health reform seems like a mess. I generate long term care insurance leads and annuity leads for the insurance industry, but volume has been terrible in the last two months. I am afraid the worst is yet to come, but maybe it is just my attitude.

  2. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Welcome to the real world.

  3. icare35 Says:

    This sound like the name it and claim it theology. I don’t believe it is every POOR peron has decided to be poor, Christian or non Christian.. I was hit by a hurricane which left me starting all over again…including a job that paid alot less than I had. As a single parent, I struggled to put a roof over their head, worked hard and then harder because the economy went south…I dn’t belive for one moment that I was poor because I was lazy, didn’t have a good plan to start a business etc. I don’t believe also people are not walking in the blessings of God because because they have less money than those that are living a high life style.

    The greatest thing you will leave to any generation is the plain and simple salvation message of Jesus Christ death and reserection, and his Saving knowlege to save the vilest sinner from hell. Poor or rich, if you family is going to hell, what have you gained outside of a big house, nice cars and fancy cloths. The bible talks about to not lay up treasures on earth but rather treasures in heaven. For me? Well..the souls of those family members that have yet to receive Jesus as their personal Savior is much more important than all the riches in the world.

    With the economy going south…I wonder what will be the thoughts then!

  4. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    There is no such thing as name it and claim it theology. The term was invented by the theologians from the pit of hell to pervert the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Salvation does not include poverty, sickness or any kind of perversion.

  5. David Says:

    You are a fool.
    Lies of theology….. You mean lies of the “study of God?”
    What an idiot.
    Not sure you even realize your putting your take on an interpretation of scripture and views and experience of God – is theology.
    What an inept ridiculous waste of time.

  6. koyo Says:

    none of you is standing right in God’s eyes, why would you call some one a fool and an Idiot,if you claim to know God and study God’ word ?, on the other hand, why would one set up a blog to attack the same people who are taking time to study the word of the same God he is talking about,and share it with those who do not know about the loving God who cares for them,? theologians are not evil people and neither are believers in Our savior Jesus Christ, We are all on a jorney seeking for etrnal life at the completion of that journey. with that said: you both need to repent>

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