Tripped Seven Times

16 The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again. But one disaster is enough to overthrow the wicked.
Proverbs 24:16 (NLT)

This is among the most powerful verse in the Bible. It begins by telling us that the godly may trip seven times. The truth is being Christians do not cause us to be immune to troubles and failures. We Christians can be poor, sick, fail in our work or even die before our time. We are still subjected to the natural law. This is the part that carnal Christians like the theologians and doctrine worshippers can never understand or pretend not to understand.

First, they accuse us, (the true spiritual Christians) of saying that Christians are not supposed to have any troubles. Then they tried to convince us that the Bible says Christians can have troubles. This is why I do not believe in any honest dialog between the true spiritual Christians and Christians who are under the bondage of theology. Those who are under the bondage of theology can never think straight.

The truth is there are many parts in the Bible that says the godly can get into not just troubles but many troubles. However, those verses do not stop there. There is always a full context for those verses. The above verse is an example. We, the godly people can get into troubles, make mistakes and trip seven times. (The phase “seven times” refers to many times.) This is only half a sentence. The other half tells us that we will get up again. God has promised us that no matter how many times we have tripped in our lives we will always be able to get up.

Let put this in another way. God has promised that our ability to overcome our troubles is as certain as the existence of troubles in our lives. As long as there are problems, there is always solution.

Whatever problems you are facing right now, God has promised deliverance from it.

If you are poor and have financial problems, God has promised you the ability to overcome them and become rich. It does not matter how bad the economy is or how incapable you are in the natural to make money because he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. God will certainly fulfil all his promises. Instead of having the problem of not enough money, you will have more than enough money.

If you happen to be sick, God promised you the ability to overcome your sickness and be healthy. It does not matter how “incurable” that sickness is because he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. God will certainly fulfil all his promises. Instead of suffering in sickness, you will be able to enjoy health you never had before.

The same principle applies to all the troubles we face in this world.

The second part of the above verse tells us why it never pays to be evil. Their future is the exact opposite from ours. We can face many mistakes and failures in our lives but we can always stand up each time we fall. No matter what the devil throws at us, we always have the power to overcome them. We may fall many times but as long as we do not give up, we will eventually win.

The scenario of the wicked is the opposite. They may seem successful now. They may even be enjoying themselves in prosperity, good health and other success that we wish we have. However, that is not the end. They have no resilient to the challenges in life. All it takes is one disaster and all their “success” and “prosperity” will be gone. So, it is better to be godly than wicked.

Here is another illustration. There is a saying. Statistically, only one out of ten new business will succeed. In other words, nine out of ten new startup businesses are doomed to failure. Does this mean the society is better off if no one bothers to start new businesses? The answer is no. Do you know why? On average, the one successful business can make more money, create more jobs and pay more taxes than the other nine that failed.

Likewise, in our life journey as believers, we may have failed many times and suffer many losses. However, if we choose not to give up and hold on to our faith on the integrity of God, we will have the ability to stand up to fight on each time we are knocked down. As long as we continue to press on and not to give up, we will eventually overcome all our troubles. At that time, we will seem more and more blessings of God manifesting in our lives. All the things that we receive and give away will be more than the all the losses we suffered in the battles. The society on the whole will be better off if the godly refuses to give up.

On the opposite end, think of crime. A burglar may have the success rate of 90% where he can get away in nine out of ten crimes that he committed. However, the one time that he got caught would have caused him to lose all his loots in the previous nine crimes. All it takes is one arrest and his crime spree in over. Crime and wickedness doesn’t pay.

In conclusion, don’t give up. It does not matter how many times you have fallen or failed. Get up and fight on. As long as you refuse to give up, you will live to see your victory before you.

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