Your Children Will Never Beg For Bread

25 Once I was young, and now I am old. Yet I have never seen the godly abandoned or their children begging for bread.
Psalm 37:25 (NLT)

This must be the second time I write on the above verse. I am reviewing this verse again because I believe this is relevant to current situation of the world. The world economy is in a mess. Many people have lost their jobs and even face the prospect of losing their houses. Even Christians are affected. If you are one of them, God wants to tell you not to give up hope. He can and he will deliver you. All you need to do is to keep believing and don’t give up hope. Then you will be in position to receive his abundance of wealth despite the recession.

The above verse is God’s words spoken through King David when he became old. In fact, King David was speaking from his life experience. He had a long history with God and he had observed the following:
1. God had never abandoned the godly.
2. Their children of the godly never had to beg for bread.

Let us begin with the first point. If you are godly (which basically a believer), God promised that he will never abandon you. Is that great? It depends which perspective you look at it. If you happen to be a doctrine worshipper living under the bondage of theology, this phrase means nothing to you.

Why? In the minds of theologians, you can still be poor, sick and live like a failure when God does not abandon you because sometimes God likes to do perverted things on you to show you his sufficient grace. Recently I have a doctrine worshipper trying to convert me to his bondage of theology. I entertained him for a while but I have made it clear that I will ex-communicate him in 1 week if he fails to come up with any engineering ideas.

The point he tried to present is, the fact that Jesus had suffered and died means all the promises on health and wealth in the Bible is no longer valid. The good and the bad had interchanged. The good becomes bad and the bad becomes good. Jesus promised us trials and sorrows in this world. This means there were never trials and sorrows in this world before Jesus came. In other words we are better off if Jesus never came. Do you think I am convinced by such stupidity? I consider this as an insult to my intelligence although I am not surprise if the theologians bought them.

I allowed those theological posts to remain in my blog for one week for you to see for yourself how idiotic those doctrine worshippers can be.

The truth is, God is not limited to empty talk. He is an action oriented. When he says he will not abandon us, what he means is he will help us to overcome all our troubles.

The second part of David’s observation gives us an example in how God is not abandoning us. Our children will never beg for bread. Please note that David did not specify any conditions to this promise. This verse will always work regardless of any external circumstances. In other words, our children will never beg for bread no matter how bad the economic, social or political situation has become. They will never go hungry nor will they be ever poor. This is the promise of God backed by his integrity.

At this point, I can predict some carnal Christians like the theologians and doctrine worshippers will point out some examples of Christian children living in poverty and hunger in this world today in their effort to prove that God is a liar.

In reply to such heresy, my answer is these poor Christians need hear and believe in the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. If your light does not turn on when you flip the switch, it does not mean electricity does not exist. Likewise, if there are Christians fail to live up to the standard promised by God, it does not mean the Gospel of Jesus Christ is false.

If you lights fail to turn on, there can be many reasons like burnt light bulbs, bad circuits, or you have forgotten to pay your utility bills. Electricity still exists even if your lights fail to turn on.

In the same way, God’s promises in delivering us from all our troubles, blessing us in all things including health and wealth still stands even if there are many Christians living in poverty, sickness and sorrows. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is more than just believe in Jesus and you will go to heaven when you die. Most of the Bible speaks on what to do between the moment we believed until the time we step in heaven.

Being Christians is to live the life God wants us to live, which is prosperity in all areas in our lives like good health, abundant wealth, long life and success. When we live this way, we will become beacons of light shining in the midst of darkness. This is how we become good testimonies for our God.

Satan is afraid that we will fulfil our destiny. This is why he raised up theologians to persecute us with labels like “Prosperity Gospel” to make us feel ashamed of the Gospel. Does it work on you? As for me, he failed. I am not ashamed of the Gospel. I am committed to believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ regardless of the lies theologians can create.

In the context of the above verse, I am committed to believe that my God will never abandon me no matter how bad the situation appears to be. He will help me and deliver me from all my troubles. He will turn my poverty into prosperity, my sickness into health and failure into success.

Sure, there are many poor, sick and failing Christians in this world today. I want to help them to overcome their problems by showing them what the Bible truly says about their situation and how to use the Bible for their prosperity and success. The best way I can do that is for me to live the life that God wants, prosper in all things and be in health as my soul prosper. This is my commitment to God. I want to be rich, healthy and be successful not only for myself and my family, but also to present the true Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.

Will you do the same? When you adopt such commitment, you will have no time to feel discourage by the problems you are facing now. There is a greater level of prosperity out there and you are on your way to reach it. Do not let the present situation weigh you down. God has promised that he will not abandon you. Your children will never have to beg for bread.


2 Responses to “Your Children Will Never Beg For Bread”

  1. cuong Says:

    i am proud to have read a great piece of writing to which reflects the true meaning of being a man of faith. words cant explain the content to which you have written that is I. I too seek that path in life and will continue, for I am poor but will not beg, I am old but will not age, I am broken but will refuse to crumble into darkness and give up on hope. Thank you.

  2. Paul Says:

    I believe that “begging bread” as suggested by David – means that a Christian’s philosophy or way of live will never descend to that level. But as in the prodigal son who fell off the pathway it is possible that a christian who too has lost his way may lower himself into a position like that. But in reality true Christians do not rely on their sustenance from the world but from God. Therefore a Christian will end up begging God before he begs the world.

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