7 The godly walk with integrity; blessed are their children who follow them.
Proverbs 20:7 (NLT)

Today’s theme is integrity. This happens to be the weakest part for many Christians especially those who are under the bondage of theology. If you want to access the level of integrity in religious churches, all you have to do is to visit them in a regular Sunday and visit again in any of their evangelistic events. You will find 2 separate “gospels” being preached.

I have highlighted this deception in my testimony since this blog was started. Since then, many religious people had tried to correct me to their “right doctrines” but none dared to dispute the fact that religious churches had been preaching 2 separate “gospels” to 2 separate groups of people. If you are not a Christian, salvation is by faith. All you have to do is to believe and you are saved. However, the moment you have become a Christian, you are obligated to obey certain rules because faith without works is dead. Some of these crackpots even said that if you do not obey their rules, you have never been saved in the first place.

This is the greatest proof that religious churches are integrity-challenged. Is God pleased with them? I doubt so. If it is the will of God for you to attend a religious church, it must also be his will for you to live without integrity. Yet the above verse says otherwise.

It is clear for us that God wants us the godly to walk with integrity. Our personal integrity is our testimony on our God’s faithfulness and reliability. We do not have to lie to save ourselves. Our God is more than able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we dare to ask for. So, when we choose to tell the truth even if it is not beneficial for us to do so, we are making a statement of faith of our God’s faithfulness and reliability. It will not take long for our prosperity to manifest.

So, the question here is not whether we should or should not walk in integrity. The real question is whether we truly believe in our God’s reliability to deliver and prosper us. If we truly believe in our God’s faithfulness in keeping his promises, we will have no problem walking in integrity. So, if you have problems in this area, the solution is to strengthen you faith.

The second part of the above verse says blessed are their children who follow them. When we choose to trust in God and walk in integrity, our blessings will not stop in our generation alone. The blessing will overflow to our children’s generation as well. It will become a legacy.

The choice is yours. Will you choose to trust in God and walk in integrity or will you prefer to trust in the Theologian and be integrity-challenged? Whatever your choice, you will always reap what you sow.

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