Jerry Savelle Ministries International (JSMI)

I have not been writing for the past few days because I had been immersing myself in the messages of Jerry Savelle. I have discovered not long ago that the online sermons from the ministry’s website has improved. This enables me to listen to the whole message without too many interruptions. Overall, it is great. I have even got myself a new MP3 (my old one is damaged), load it up with Jerry’s messages and listen to it as often as I could.

In this article, I want to share a brief testimony on how this ministry has blessed me and lifted me. When I first knew of this ministry, I was in a very bad shape especially financially. At that time, JSMI had an office in Singapore. I stumbled into it and listened to Jerry Savelle’s sermons. It refreshed me and gave me hope despite the fact that none existed in the natural. It is a pity that the ministry has closed down the Singapore office.

I stuck with it because I did not have any other way out of the mess I was in. I signed up as a partner and gave out of the very little I had. Nothing significant happened for the following few years but I still clung on it. Finally at the middle of 2007, my first breakthrough happened and still continues today.

Incidentally, before the first breakthrough, I was confessing Jerry Savelle’s peophesies for that year. I can still remember a part of it.

2007 is my year of increase more and more.
2007 is the year that every door that is closed is closed no more.

I confessed it so often that even my son, who was 1 year old at that time could recite some of it. The result is, it works. Today, my salary is more that I had dared to dream of. I had so many opportunities that I do not know where to start. I have advanced from merely surviving to thriving and progressing to the next level of success and prosperity all because I have acquired a microscopic fraction of no-quit faith from this ministry.

I thank God for leading me to such a wonderful ministry. Over the years as I advanced, I have diversified into other instruments like “The Science Of Getting Rich” and its derivatives. They are good and I enjoy them but nothing can make me feel as good as listening to Jerry Savelle preaching his no-quit faith. So, I am back to the basics. This is the same basics that has worked in my life. My life is the testimony that this ministry works and I don’t think I am the only one. I am not only its partner, I have made JSMI the recipient of my tithes.

For those who are facing seemingly impossible situations right now, I strongly suggest you to click on JSMI website at the right side of the page and go to listen to its messages. In this blog, I have written a lot of articles that inspire faith and give hope but I do not think I can replicate the same effects as listening to the preachings of Jerry Savelle.

Finally, I want to present my view of the difference between the true and fake ministry. A true ministry always lift people up, inspires faith and gives hope. In contrast, a fake ministry always pushes people down, perverts faith and eliminates hope. Our future is dependent on the type of ministry we choose.


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