The Lord Directs Our Steps

24 The Lord directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way?
Proverbs 20:24 (NLT)

I like this verse because it gives me the assurance that God will always be on my side and he will be personally see to it that I will always have the prosperity I want. So, it is not necessary for me to understand everything along the way. Please note that the verse does not say it is wrong in wanting to understand things. It is natural and praiseworthy in wanting to understand things. After all God gave us brains for us to use. So, being a scientist is not a sin.

However, if you have lived long enough in this world, you will realize that situations are not always straightforward and can be easily understood. Welcome to the real world. I like the school environment because everything is so structured. As a student, you will attend lessons in accordance with the established timetable and be taught according to the established syllabus. You know in advance where you will be. You will also be told on what will you be tested in and where you can go if you achieve a certain grade in your examinations. Everything is clear and structured.

This was how I live my life until I completed my engineering degree in the National University of Singapore. After that, I suddenly found myself in a new world. When I started working, I was quite disoriented. No one told me what was my next level and what I must achieve in order to reach it. It short, my early working life had been a constant struggle until I learned about the truth of the Bible.

Today, my life is different. While I am still physically in the same world as I was when I first graduated, I no longer think the same. I am not lost nor disoriented. I may not know completely what is in store for me in the future, I can still live in peace because I know the Lord is directing my steps. God is still in control and he is leading me in his path of prosperity.

I seek to learn and understand the things around me. If I can understand them, I thank God for it but if I can’t, I am still in peace because I know my God is on my side. This is important for us if we want to have peace in our lives. We cannot afford to secure our peace on our limited understanding on the situation around us. If we do so, our peace may end up fluctuating like the stock market. When we hear good news, we are happy. When we hear bad news, we are sad. The bigger problem here is, there are usually more bad news than good from the media.

Consider this. When a thousand planes managed to take off and land safely, no media bothers to report on them, but when one plane crashed, the media make it their headlines. Our current mass media system favors bad news over the good. If your peace depends on what they report, you will have a very miserable life.

Therefore it is essential for us to put our trust in God. The situations around us make look good or bad but our God will never abandon us. He is always on our side and constantly working behind the scenes to bring us prosperity. Why worry over the situation? It does not matter if you cannot understand what is happening. What truly matters is you must believe that the Lord directs your steps.


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