Lessons I have Learned From Facebook Castle Age

I have been playing a Facebook game called the Castle Age and I have learned a lot of real life lessons from it. In this article I am sharing all the lessons I have learned.

Make friends to grow your army.
Having a huge army is very important in this game. Not only will it increases the players offensive and defensive capability, it serves as a deterrent from potential invaders. However, the only way to increase army size is to recruit real players to join my army. Here comes the problem.

When I first started this game, I sent out invitations to all the people in my list to join my army. Unfortunately only a few responded. I was limited with a very small army. I envied others with huge armies.

One day, I got an idea. Why don’t I make friends with the other players and join forces with them? Thus I begin my campaign to click on other players in the Forum and the Battle pages to ask for alliance. As a result, I have a huge army count. I triumph in my attacks and I am able to defend myself against invaders. I am now a powerful force, thanks to my huge army.

The real life lesson here is, I must learn networking. Someone has correctly stated that your network is your net worth. I used to be quite shy but I don’t think I can afford to be shy anymore. Anyone who wants to achieve great success and acquire abundant prosperity must be willing to make friends and form great networks. The world is too complex for any individuals to create huge results. However, if I can have a network of like-minded people coming from various backgrounds, talents and view points, it is possible for us to be organized into a powerful team that is capable of achieving great things.

This shall be my main agenda.

Stashing of cash.

The game allows players to stash their cash and charges the fees of 10% from the amount stashed. This is quite expensive but the alternative is worst. If I leave my cash unstashed and I am attacked by a stronger army, I am going to be robbed. Not only that, the money will attract more attackers. I will be in a worse situation of losing my money and being attacked repeatedly.

However, if I stash all my money, my money will be safe even if I lost in a battle. The guy who beat me will not get any money. This will discourage any further attacks.

The lesson here is, I need to take defensive actions to protect my power base. I have always believed in thinking positive and looking ahead but that does not mean I should disregard the risks involved. In fact, I have practised this in my automated trading account.

I have an automatic trading account in forex trading where I choose which system to use and the amount for each trade. I choose my systems based on their past records in producing profits but that is not all. I look at the potential loss as well because nothing is perfect.

Automated trading systems are designed to predict the movements of markets. They cannot control the market especially the forex market which is the biggest market in the world. Each time, an economic data is announced or a politician or a central banker says something, the market will move. No software can predict such events. As such, I need to look into potential loss as well.

So, I always make sure that my account size can absorb losses so that I will not be wiped out in the event my systems loss in their trades. The bottom line is, always be prepared for the worst case scenario.

Investment properties.

In this game, I bought a lot of lands. Lands are investment properties, which provide a yield of 2% every hour. This is a good way of accumulating cash. Even when I am not playing, I am still making money. The current term for this is passive income. Passive income simply means the income you will always receive without having to work for it. Examples of passive income are rentals from properties, dividends from shares and interests from bonds.

In fact, I define financial independence the situation where your passive income exceeds your expenses. You may be earning a lot of money right now but if your earnings are dependent on you, you are not financially independent. The moment you stop working or losses your job, you will have trouble maintaining your present lifestyle.

It is important for all of us to start building our sources of passive income if we want to live in a stress free environment. As for me, I have started an automated trading account where computer programs trades for me. I am planning to acquire some rental properties and start accumulating shares. My objective is to build many sources of passive income so that I can do anything I want without having to consider the issue of how to get money to pay my bills.

Planning ahead.

Quests are the riskless way to gain money and experience points. However, the players need to fulfill strict requirements in order to qualify for them. They require minimum energy points and specific personnel. Some of these personnel can be quite expensive. When I am in one quest, I always look at the next one to find out its requirements so that I can prepare for it. I will prepare a budget to save money to hire the necessary personnel in order to qualify for next one. This is an example of planning ahead.

I believe this is applicable for all of us in real life. Apart from looking at where you are now, it is important to look at where you will be in the future. What type of future do you want? Do you have what it takes to get there? If you don’t, do you intend to acquire the necessary items that can help you to reach the future you want to go to?

Choose you battle.

I do not attack people at random. I choose my target. I like those with very small army. When my huge army fights with a very small army, my victory is guaranteed. This is why I always win in my battles. I also like to attack those will leaves a lot of cash unstashed. When I attack them, I get a lot of money.

When I find myself gaining a lot of money after the first attack, I will keep attacking the same guy to get more. However, if I don’t get much from the first battle, I will stop attacking the same person. It cost money to restore my health after each attack. So, I don’t want to waste it on non profitable battles.

Likewise in real life, there are a lot of ways to get rich. That does not mean we must get involved in all of them. We must choose the type that we can win. There is no use getting involved all the opportunities that comes to your way. More businesses does not mean more likelihood of success. It is better to choose one that you have the expertise in and focus on it. No one has gotten rich by doing many businesses at one time or choosing at random.

In short, we need to choose our battles. Choose to fight in the ones you can win.


42 Responses to “Lessons I have Learned From Facebook Castle Age”

  1. Free Forex Trading Tips Says:

    […] The rest is here: Lessons I have Learned From Facebook Castle Age […]

  2. Paul Runnels Says:

    This is very interesting and I can relate! I thank you for sharing and please add me to your group!

  3. Hasan Sani Says:

    add me to your group too. reinhart_lightmourn at yahoo dot com. freshly new here, level 15 with only 45 army 😦 we can share our friends when you have add me. thx

  4. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Hi Hasan, you have to approach me in facebook because there are many people with your name.

  5. Angie Brown Says:

    Hi add me to your army too please it’s easier for you to send the invite, thank you 🙂

  6. Dejan Kodrič Says:

    Awesome article man, I have only just started playing the game 3 days ago and am already wondering about its complex system when you think a little more about the game.
    Achieved level 9 (truly a beginner) and already started using some of your preffered suggestions to play before I even read it here, on you blog.

    With info above you can add as a friend on FB and I will join your army. Thanks for writing, feedback should as always keep you motivated further…

  7. Dejan Kodrič Says:

    Sorry m8, forgot the exact search name on FB (there are more peops with the same name): my name there is Dejan Kodrič Xenomorph

    Or the link might work: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1427233625&ref=name

  8. A. F. Martin Says:

    very nice article…., it’s very interesting indeed….

  9. haru glory Says:

    thanx for information..pleasa add me too

  10. Jason Says:

    Well… well… you have learn quite a lot from playing games… while reading your blog, I am reflecting on the game and learn other aspects besides the one your wrote here. I would like to make friends with you, whether or not we join forces in Castle Age. I will try to add you in facebook tonight…

  11. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Ok. I look forward to your invitation.

  12. Debbie Says:

    Thank you this goes along with what I have discovered too….I am learning and been playing a week ….love the game please add me to your army…and thanks for the help

  13. Vitor Says:

    Thanks you.

    Add me= pally_sky@hotmail.com

  14. Giochi Facebook Says:

    Thanks. Castle Age is a very nice game and we need some instruction to play with it.

  15. Burt Says:

    some points i’d like to share:

    1. In terms of privacy, I don’t like the idea of adding strangers as friends just so they could join my army. Having a decent size army (which in the moment I think is 50) will discourage those with equal or less amount to attack you and there are a lot of people that you could attack. If you have 50 REAL friends that you could pester to make a castle age account that would be enough.

    2. In the battle list army counts, I most often see 2 people having (200+), 2 people having (100-200), 5 people having (50-100), 6 people having (30-50) and 5 people having (1-30). So if you have 50 army you’ll always have around 11 people to battle. And since the battle list refreshes every so often, you won’t run out of people with lesser armies to pick on. That’s my explanation for the 50 army count.

    3. Buy heroes and soldiers that are required for FUTURE quests so that you won’t waste your money buying the requirements when the quest comes along.

    4. Give gifts to friends who are INTO castle age. They would give you gifts in return, others would just ignore it.

    5. Attack those who have a rank lower than yours so that you won’t get a lot of battle points so you won’t go up the ladder too fast. Because if you do, you will have a high rank but not enough (or too weak) heroes, soldiers, items and magic to match others in your rank.

    6. If you could, always join a call to arms and get a punch or two in there. I got a “Hydra-Tethys” soldier just by spending 1 stamina for a pinch at a hydra that my friend summoned.

    7. Summon a boss immediately when you unlock its quest. The stamina you spend there will be worth the rewards. Saving the boss for later would render its reward irrelevant as you get to higher levels.

    8. don’t waste your favor points changing names or exchanging them for cash, you can get cash from invasions. Better buy a general or an item or more army members if you feel you’re running out of people to invade.

    9. Do not overstock on land unless you’re online 24/7 to always stash it. Whenever you have unstashed cash, you make yourself a target for more attacks. When you have zero cash, nobody will attack you twice.

    10. Balance your stats as to how you play. If you are online most of the day, you won’t need high energy or stamina as you are online again before it gets full. You also could replenish your health every so often keeping you from dying. If you quest more than you battle, you won’t need high attack, defense, health and stamina. If you battle more than you quest, you won’t need high energy.

    There you go, some basics. Others I will keep to myself as secrets hahaha. Happy invading! ^_^

    P.S.: these tips are for the casual gamer because in my opinion this game is for casual gamers- anyone who takes this game seriously could just buy favor points to win win win and those who don’t buy favor points will always be defeated by those who do and it’s just not fun anymore that way, right? hahaha I have a lot of real friends and a great real life outside of facebook and it’s great that castle age FORCES you to do things other than itself, not like other games. So I don’t care if anyone defeats me with their gazillion army, those guys are geeky enough to compromise their privacy or create a new account just to win in a free social online game. I’m just having fun.

  16. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Thanks Burt. I am sorry for not replying earlier. Let me try to comments on your points one at a time.

    Point 1:
    It is true that inviting “friends” for the sake of this game may expose our personal details to a lot of strangers. However, who can guarantee that our information in facebook is safe anyway?

    As for me, I have assumed that all the information I put there will be vulnerable to be hacked and exposed. Therefore I only put in information that I don’t mind the whole world to know in the event my page is exposed. You will never find my phone number, email or address in my facebook account.

    On the positive side, having a lot of “friends” can make my facebook account function like a media. It can be used to advertise, promote or anything I want. Right now, I can write to 500 people at a time. This is better than spam.

  17. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Point 2:
    Having 50 is good. I have 489 at this time. This means I can attack anyone I like. I also got attack mostly by duel. Very few can afford to invade me.

    Point 3 & 4:
    No comments

  18. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Point 5:
    My position is the opposite than yours. I want as many battle points as I can so that I can be promoted to the next level and enjoy the privileges. It is also good for my ego.

    Point 6 & 7:
    I am not interested in those parts.

  19. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Point 8:
    I agree. As for me, I am now accumulating favor points for weapons in order to improve my dueling capacity. I was defeated only on duels. This is my weak point.

    Point 9:
    While it is true that you can be robbed but there is always a lot left. Right now, I receive more than $40 million of net income every hour. Properties work even after taking account of the robberies.

  20. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Point 10:
    I think offensive and defensive points are important because even if you don’t attack others, you will still be attacked. This is the fun of interactive games.

  21. Wolf Leonard Says:

    I like Yeap Chee Seng’s original post here about “lessons I have learned”. Nicely written !

    I think there are also correlations that can be made between networking skills developed while game playing and skills you need to tap into while marketing on the internet, such as with list building.

  22. viv Says:

    I like these tips!

    But how do you stop someone who continually attacks you. There is this guy, who attacks me all the time everyday?

  23. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    The only answer is to ignore him. Don’t even bother to attack back. Whenever you attack someone, you will leave your name on his game page. All he has to do is to click on it and attack you again.

    If you ignore him long enough, the names of other attackers will begin to clog up his page. He will not be able to find you. Unless, you send his a personal message.

    Another way is to recruit him and make him your ally.

  24. xMickeyx Says:

    Please add me in your group!..


  25. Major Tittle Says:

    This is a amazing blog post, I discovered your web page doing research google for a related subject matter and came to this. I couldnt find to much alternative details on this post, so it was pleasant to locate this one. I probably will end up being returning to check out some other posts that you have another time.

  26. Carroll Rudisail Says:

    Im pleased I located this web page, I couldnt obtain any info on this subject before. Also operate a niche site and in case you are ever serious in doing a bit of visitor writing for me if possible feel free to let me know, i’m always look for people to check out my blog. Please stop by and leave a comment sometime!

  27. sagar Says:

    need allies………HELP PLZ!!!!!!

  28. sagar Says:

    i need frnds plz help me my email ID is crazy_sea143@live.in

  29. Eddy Says:

    I started Castle Age only end of December 2009.

    It took me a while to find my way around as there was no manual, but eventually I got the hang of it.

    1. I absolutely refused to sign up more CA friends just to have a bigger army.

    2. I see CA as a game and as a form of “sports”. It is meant to be enjoyed by yourself and by the other players.

    Continually attacking another player, whether by Duel, or Invade, or War, is called chaining.
    It depletes the Health of the losing player and spoils his game.

    I don’t mind losing, but I hate chainers – I used to chain hit them back until I decided that most of the time, I got better use for my stamina points.

    When I set out to earn Battle Points, I took pains to
    (a) pick on someone my own “size”, i.e., rank, or higher if possible.
    (b) hit on the same person only once per gaming session, regardless whether I win or lose.

    3. I don’t need to hit on others for gold – a player can get more than enough from Quests, Monster Battles and from Land holdings.

    Lessons to the real world.

    A. 2 ways to win – having many friends or having high ability.

    I got nothing against friends, but I don’t intend to depend on people I hardly know as “friends” in any sense. Better to have high ability, and friends who are really friends.

    B. I don’t have to and I cannot change how others play the game, but I can control how I play the game and how I choose to respond.

    Instead of signing up numerous CA contacts, I invested in high ability scores that ensured I can retaliate and win through DUELs against any chainers. Most of the time, getting hit back and losing is enough to stop them – and some asked to be my “friend” instead.

    I never felt pressured to conform to having as many “friends” just because that’s how the game designers designed it.

    To me, quality always prevail over quantity.

  30. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    However, such investment cost money.

  31. Eddy Says:

    > However, such investment cost money.

    Anything that is worth doing is worth doing right. My aim in participating in the game is enjoyment of the game – what you term as “investing” helps myself and others enjoy the game more.

    Like in sports, if A has already won against B in a particular race (e.g., 100m sprint), there is no glory, no honour and no satisfaction in repeating the same race within the same day just to get more loot.

    “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
    “Do not do unto others what you would not have them do to you.”

    The developers of the CA game only laid down the mechanics without setting up a governing “code of conduct”.

    How players choose to conduct themselves is up to themselves, and is a reflection of who they are and how they see themselves.

    I do what I do because I choose to be mindful of how other players get affected.

    Being beaten in duel or invasion or war is part of the game where players pit their characters against each other to see who developed a more powerful champion, council or army.

    But chaining is another matter altogether.

  32. reannez Says:

    Today I planned to write on my Facebook gaming experiences and stumble into your site. Good job! loves the info and how you tackle your CA earlier problems. Like me, I add armies because I get frustrated because of the ‘Fled’ monsters everywhere back then. I went as far as creating a CA group to attract members & organizing monster slaying. The group was a hit among CA players, complete with a Slayer & Warrior division to tackle both PvP battling & monster slaying issues in Castle Age.

    But it was hard work. So I leave :p I still play CA, as a free slayer nowadays. Being a free slayer, I don’t have any rules anymore, and I get to play it at my own sweet time, with nobody knocking on my doors for battles, lol

    I like Eddy point of view. During my time of reign over the group, players always came down with this problems, of being chained. To manage group members & prevent wars, I made alliance with other CA group with strict – NO ATTACK Policy – for close alliance, or max 2 attacks – for casual alliance. We also have to re-term the word chaining to – “if the player been attacked multiples time (normally 10x by those going for easy demi-point) in that day, hold the fire and see if he/she returns the next day. If they don’t then no need to inform Admin of the attacks. Unless the same person keep attacking you for days, that’s when we term it as “chaining”, as it means the attacker has bookmarked the victim as easy target. That’s when the Admin can take action like informing the attackers not to attack again, or they will be attacked endlessly by our group members. etc.

    To some, it might not be a good policy, but to leaders of the clan/group – that’s the only solution to keep your members in order. However, I only accept 5 attacks max per player, if they cannot do that, then go find another clan. lol

    To me, Castle Age is the best way to make friends over the world (other than Mafia Wars clan). My former group members still feels like a family to me, who doesn’t after days of endless CTA & RTF? for just one monster? ;D

    Good luck in the Arena (too troublesome with high & lower levels players all in the same Arena room!)

  33. Chris Says:

    Sorry but you’re a coward. Don’t bully others with smaller armies. It encourages people to add strangers on their Facebook friends list. There’s a better way of winning, through stats, equipment, generals etc

  34. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    You are forgiven. The objective is to win, period.

  35. james Says:

    add me to your army too please

  36. Wolf Says:

    Some really good basics here plus excellent comments from readers. Castle Age is as simple or complex as you want to make it, or have time for [grin]

  37. Templates Says:

    Does your website have a contact page? I’m having problems locating it but, I’d like to shoot you an email. I’ve got some suggestions for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great blog and I look forward to seeing it improve over time.

  38. unerpance Says:

    wow great thread http://i.imgur.com/vQ35D.gif

  39. Iggy Says:

    I do not recommend some of the “strategies” posted in here. First off – hitting a summoned monster only once or twice to get some loot: that is known as Tagging, and will get you chained. Not good form! SOmeone went thru a lot of trouble to arrange to get a monster summoned, and those who joined have a reasonable expectation of getting some epic or legendary loot. When a fool comes in and only hits once and leave…that is just plain rude.

    Chaining – should be banned. Hitting 10 times (for the oracle points) is OK, but, as mentioned above, if someone bookmarks you as an easy win and they keep coming back every day to hit you down to 0, there shold be a mechanism to have that person;s account suspended or his stats reset to 0.

    Favor Points – this game has evolved into a money pit for the “developers”. It gives a huge advantage to those players willing to shell out money to buy Favor Points, leaving the non-paying players seriously lacking in both equipment and levels. I mean, c’mon! These idiots who buy their way up to levels 3k, 55, 10k….need to get a friggin; life!

  40. Forsaken Diviner Says:

    wow… and you got all of this from a game?

    And the government says drugs are bad…

    its only too clear that you got high on something to see these relations in a game… no normal person would relate a game like this that much to real life,; and even if so why castle age? 99% of all RPGs are thee same way

  41. JJ Usher Says:

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    I will bookmark your blog and test once more here regularly.

    I’m slightly sure I’ll be informed a lot of new stuff proper
    right here! Good luck for the following!

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    all on the topic of that.

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