Walk In Prosperity

33 Walk in all the way that the LORD your God has commanded you, so that you may live and prosper and prolong your days in the land that you will possess.
Deuteronomy 5:33 (NIV)

One of the common advice I received by many self-righteous people is, it is wrong to worship, obey or follow God for the sake of his blessings, especially the blessings of health and wealth. I am sure you will get the same advice if you dare to express your desire for things that can be proven like health and wealth. As long as Christians choose to believe God for things that cannot be proven like peace, joy or treasures in heaven, they are considered righteous by the theologians. However, if we ever dare to touch on things that can be proven like health, wealth and long life, we will face persecution from them. We will be slandered with names like “Prosperity Gospel” as though we no longer believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Therefore all Christians must be certain on which path they want to take in their spiritual life, the truth of the Bible or the lie of theology.

Let us get back to the above verse. It is common for theologians to tell us that we should not obey God for personal gain like health, wealth and long life. However, if you read the above verse, it is God himself who commanded us to walk with him and obey him for the sake of our wealth and long life. The above verse does not mention health but it is easy to deduce that you must have good health in order to live long life.

There are many other verses in the Bible that says the same thing: God wants us to obey him for the sake of our benefits like health, wealth and long life. If the desire for health, wealth and long life means the person is being “deluded by the Prosperity Gospel” then God himself must be guilty of being “deluded by the Prosperity Gospel”.

The truth is God wants us to have health, wealth and long life. He made all of us with this desire. So, it has never been a sin to desire for good health, more money and long life. Anyone who denied these things are effectively denying God’s programming in their lives. These people are the real sinners. It is a sin to reject God’s implanted desire for prosperity and replace it with heresies like the vow of poverty. You can never find anywhere in the Bible where believers rejected prosperity and took on the vow of poverty. The apostles like Paul and Peter went through periods of poverty in their lives but they had never rejected God’s prosperity plan in their lives. They still believed that Jesus died poor for them to live rich.

Having said all these, I have a disclaimer here. The truth is God wants all of us to have a lot of money but he does not want our money to control us. We are the masters and our money is our servant. Money is a good servant but a bad master. Incidentally, so are doctrines. God gave us doctrines to help us to understand and subsequently use biblical truths for our prosperity and success. Doctrines are our servants and tools. They are not our masters. We must not worship doctrines like the theologians.

Right now we have 2 important questions:
1. How to have clear blessings like great wealth, good health and long life?
2. How not to allow them to control us?

The answer is in the above verse. We need to walk with God and obey him. Please note that obeying God is not the same as obeying theologians. Theologians are the servants of Satan, not God. Jesus himself called them brood of vipers, white washed tombs and hypocrites. Ironically many people still choose to obey theologians and called themselves Christians.

What are obeying God and walking with him in the first place? It simply means we have to convince ourselves that God is always on our side. He wants us to be rich, have good health, long lives and be successful in everything we do. Once, we are convinced of the above truth, obey God and walking with him becomes a breeze. We do not obey God out of blackmails. We obey God because we are convinced that he wants us to have the best in our lives.

In conclusion, God wants us to obey him and walk with him for the blessings he has for us.


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