Homosexuality And AWARE

I am inspired to write on the issue on homosexuality because it has been often being abused for one’s selfish agenda. Recently, we have a situation where a woman found that the sexual education programs conducted by woman NGO (AWARE) do not use negative words to describe homosexuality. She decided that no negative words on homosexuality means promoting homosexuality. Then she started telling her church friends that their children will grow up being homosexuals if they attend the schools’ sexual education programs.

How does this sound to you? In my mind, this sounds like the words of some senile old man or woman. The reasoning is totally outrageous. The bigger joke is the church friends really believe in her words. Thus, they mounted a holy crusade to infiltrate and take over a secular NGO. As a result, they have become the disgrace to all the Christians in Singapore. This woman has become the most hated person in Singapore and the church that has openly supported her crusade shares her fame.

I thank God that their crusade has thoroughly failed. I am also glad that many Christians had chosen to speak up to condemn their evil deeds. Hopefully, the actions of these Christians are enough to convince the public that we do not condone what these crusaders have done. Just as not all Muslims are terrorists, no all Christians come from that church.

In this article, I am going to present a clear view on how Christians should think on the homosexual issue. Please note that the views are not exhaustive as I am not really a homosexual expert. I am only an engineer who believes in a loving God. My loving God will never endorse any crusade, especially the recent one.

Here we go.

Homosexuals are human beings.
They are entitled to all the rights and respects as human beings. Their homosexual behaviors do not make them less humans. Homosexuals can be hurt when people hurl insults or throw stones at them. The principle of doing to others what you want others to do to you is still applicable even if the other side consists of homosexuals.

I am sure those religious churches, like the one involved in the crusade will say that this is what they believe in but their actions say the opposite. Actions speak louder than words. Their anti-gay crusade has revealed to us that these people are no different from the Talibans. No matter what views we have on homosexuality, the fact is the crusaders have proven themselves to be a greater evil.

The issue of sin.
The crusaders will say that the Bible says homosexuality is a sin. They are correct but that is not the whole message. The Bible has listed many types of sin, not just homosexuality alone. I am not going to list them out. I am just picking out one of them –lying. Telling lies is also a sin but this does not stop the crusaders from lying to their teeth from the day they completed their coup to the final press conference after they were defeated.

Even at the final press conference, the crusaders denied that they had planned the takeover despite the overwhelming evidence showing that the coup was really planned.

Does the sin of lying less sinful than the sin of homosexuality? Is it right to commit one sin in the name of stopping another? Are the crusaders morally superior to the homosexuals? This is the time for the crusaders to do some soul searching.

Promotion of homosexual lifestyles.
In my first article on AWARE, I have automatically assumed that the accusations that the old guards have been promoting homosexual lifestyles are correct. I apologize for this mistake. After gathering more evidence and deeper thoughts I am convinced now that such accusations are nothing but lies. This is another lie from the crusaders. It seems that these crusaders can sink to any level for the sake of their crusade.

Let me give you one reason why there had never been any promotion of homosexual lifestyles. The reason is homosexuals are not evangelistic. I have never come across any marketing campaign telling me to try out homosexual lifestyles because it is fun. So, if the homosexuals themselves do not evangelize their lifestyles, why would anyone else want to promote them?

Logic dictates that there was never any promotion of homosexual lifestyles in the first place.

Neutral words on homosexual lifestyles does not mean promoting it.
The above sounds like common sense but it is the starting point for the whole crusade. In the minds of those crusaders, if you don’t use negative words on homosexual lifestyles when you conduct your lessons, you are promoting homosexual lifestyles to the students. Your students will grow up to be homosexuals.

If they are right, they should ban dictionaries as well because all dictionaries that I know of use neutral words to describe homosexuals. Will your children become homosexuals after reading the dictionary?

Was Jesus pro-gay?
When he was on earth, Jesus made friends with the social out-cast and marginalised people like tax collectors and prostitutes. This sounds like what AWARE is doing. So, if AWARE is pro-gay because it does not reject them, then Jesus must be pro-prostitutes. Jesus never set any conditions for his prostitutes friends to change in order to qualify to be his friends. He allowed them to change at their own pace. I believe he will surely treat the homosexuals the same way.

What would happen if a gay wanted to follow Jesus at that time? I believe Jesus would have treated him the same way he treated the tax collectors and prostitutes. Does this make him pro-gay? If that is so, all Christians should also be pro-gay.

Can homosexuals change?
Based on what I know about them, homosexuals are physically indistinguishable from others. Homosexuality is a mental and not physical state. We have come across situations where people with terminal diseases got healed because they chose to think positive. We have also come across people who rise from rags to riches after changing their mindset. So, what is the big deal for homosexuals changing to heterosexuals by changing their thought patterns?

However, they have the sole right to decide whether they want to change and we have no right to persecute them if they choose to remain as who they are. Just as we do not force people to believe in Jesus, we should never force the homosexuals to change their lifestyles.

These are all I can think of. Hope you like it.


35 Responses to “Homosexuality And AWARE”

  1. Cathy Johnson Says:

    Your words about gays and AWARE are thoughtful and appreciated. I’d just like to share mine about a few of your other comments.

    Regarding homosexuality and sin – it’s a perennially selectively chosen sin on which people focus, while others are ignored. A fuller picture is here: http://www.fallwell.com/selective%20quotation.html If we take certain narrow portions of the Old Testament to be true, then to be consistent we must follow the rest. No one does, of course.

    Regarding homosexuals changing to heterosexuals, most studies indicate that homosexuality is an innate, not learned, orientation, which indicates a natural preference and not merely a mental state – meaning gays are born gay. Just as heterosexuals don’t normally wish to change into homosexuals (as if that could be done), most homosexuals don’t wish to change into heterosexuals (though they may feel driven by society to at least try to.)

    I believe that there are two overarching ideas one can glean from the Bible: (1) God/Jesus is love, and loves all people as they are and (2) do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Both of these are more appropriate than pulling out a portion of the Old Testament to indicate that homosexuality is a sin. As you say, I don’t believe that Jesus would have thought less of or acted any differently towards any gay people he came across.

  2. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Thank you for your explanation. Many things that are used to be innate are no longer so. There are people who were in their terminal stage of cancer can be fully healed when they decided not to give up. There are those who were born in poor families lacking in everything but can be rich because they chose to think rich.

    Therefore, I do not believe the homosexual mind is more “impossible” than the above. I think the bottom line lies in choice.

    As humans we can choose to be who we want to be. I would like to recommend a secular movie entitled “The Secret” which is available in DVD. Its basic message is we are not bound by our birth. We can be who we want to be.

  3. Cathy Johnson Says:

    I totally agree with you – we can choose who we want to be and how we want to live our lives. I’ve seen “The Secret” and am a firm believer in what it espouses. I agree wholeheartedly that we can be who we want to be.

    I’m simply saying that most gays are happy as they are and have no desire to be different – nor should they. Who anyone loves is who they love, and there is no need to try to “unlove” or love someone different just because some people think you should based on their religious beliefs.

    If you believe homosexuality is not valid or is a sin and that gay people should become straight, then we definitely have a difference of opinion. My primary point is not whether a gay person can turn straight, it’s that being gay is positive and there’s no need to be anything other than that.

  4. loupgarou Says:

    regarding your comment, that’s because you believe being homosexual is somehow undesirable.

    I’m sure somewhere out there, someone else of a different religion might think you believing to be christian is undesirable, so should you change? surely that’s an easy choice to make after all.

    after all, not being a christian doesn’t mean you are going to hell right… (or would you say all non christians go to hell?)

    and yes, there are gay animals, lots of them.
    and there are also plenty of EX ex gays who went through all kinds of programs run by christian ministries and they say its completely bogus.


    in otherwords. the cure for homosexuality = brainwashing, lobotomy or lifetime celibacy (but you may still be celibate and homosexual, or hetrosexual, the feelings are there you just don’t act on it), now is that a basis for the whole of humanity? china alone has an estimated 40million gay people.

  5. loupgarou Says:

    oh yeah, I’m not being offensive, but I’m just stating the position that asking/wishing some one to change is not respect.

    “you can change if you really want to” is extremely disrespectful. try saying that to a muslim or hindu in another country and you will get killed, its just convenient to think that of gays simply because they have no rights and are a minority.

  6. stillhaventfound Says:

    Chee Seng,

    I don’t agree with everything you wrote here but I do agree that the way Josie and other Christians have acted so militantly was wrong and un-Christlike. There are many Christians (even from within COOS) who disagree with Josie and the leadership of COOS. As in America and elsewhere, this issue is probably going to only get even bigger in future, rather than die down after this whole saga.

    I think it’s imperative for Christians who differ from other Christians like Josie to proclaim loudly that our God is a God of love. That’s the most powerful thing in the world and the most central thing in the gospel and the Bible. Whatever beliefs we have about homosexuality, Jesus came not to condemn us, but to save us. He came to demonstrate what love is and live out love. Acting militantly against homosexuals does not reflect that love that I see in the Bible that Jesus came to bring and live out.

  7. Laser Straight Says:

    Dear Chee Seng,

    I will start by asking you this question? Are you a parent? I guess not yet. But I am.

    I do not know if you have had any real encounters with homosexuals or know what makes them tick. Over the years, I have come across many homosexual individuals in Singapore, some from university dormitory days, some from my circles of friends and many more from work. Those who I count as my friends can be very warm and passionate people. But I learned never to cross a homosexual. They will unleash a fury worst than neither man nor woman can match.

    I spotted several mistakes in your writeup above. From them, I gather you do not have much experience interacting with homosexuals. Firstly of all, you say that homosexuals are not evangelistic. This is where you are totally wrong. Back in my days staying at a NUS hostel, the gay fraternity was actively conducting “recruitment” drives. Their targets are usually guys who are going through some kind of emotional distress, such as foreign students who have just arrived in Singapore from small towns in neighboring countries. Their modus operandi was to first lend the target a shoulder to cry on and then slowly work their way into the rear end. One thing I couldn’t understand at that time was why that fraternity always took on a defensive stance as if they were being victimized by the straight community when in fact, they were the ones who started the trouble. They openly flirted with one another in the common lounge, for eg by wearing sarungs without underwear underneath so they could spread their legs and display to one another. They banded together to deprive others of the shared tv sets so that they could watch their soap operas together. Then, there were those gay professors who preyed on young males in the hostel canteens but I will leave that story for another day. Oh, don’t mean to alarm you but many in that gay fraternity have gone train as teachers and are entrenched in the Singapore education system now. I have heard more than once accounts of teachers trying to entice young boys into gay relationships with them.

    Among those who I consider my friends, I have seen how they work to “acquire” a partner. Strangely enough, all those homosexuals among my friends are lesbians, and without exception, the butch half of the relationship. Once they have identified a sweet young barbie to go after, they go on the charm offensive. They spare no expense to shower the girl with costly gifts. Their targets are usually too young and impressionable to really know the implications of being involved in a same sex relationship. Before long, the girl gets bowled over and is overwhelmed by the attention and gifts lavished upon her. Next thing you know, they are smooching openly at a family-friendly event, in full view of young children. They do not even have the self-control to do what they do in privacy.

    When convenient, homosexuals attribute their condition to genetics. They say it is not a conscious choice but rather, one dictated by their genetic predisposition. Hence, some go as far as calling their condition a disease. Keeping to this argument, would it not be a crime for a homosexual to go out an recruit a straight person into homosexuality as it is essentially spreading a disease to a person who would otherwise lead a normal life? Take for example, a person who has AIDS and yet knowingly spreads it around by having unprotected sex with multiple uninfected people would be hauled to court, charged and handed a jail sentence. By the same token, shouldn’t a homosexual who knowingly goes out to influence straight people be dealt with similarly?

    The second mistake you made is you wrote that homosexuals are indistinguishable physically from straight people. Many of my friends and I are able to pick out a homosexual in an instant. They have many tell-tale physical and behavioral traits that give them away.

    Assuming you are not a parent, you probably have no idea about the stress, worries, and sacrifices of bringing up a child. You would have no clue about the hopes a parent holds in a child. Unless the parent is a seriously dysfunctional individual, he or she would not deviate so much from the normal aspirations of a parent. We look forward to the day we can cradle our grandchild in our arms. That is the dream of every parent and I dare challenge you to find one who denies this. To see a child you have so painstakingly brought up being led astray by a flawed individual would be indescibable torment.

  8. Angelie Says:

    I am a bystander looking into the picture. Is AWARE a religious group of some sort? Whether being a homosexual is right or wrong, for a group like AWARE to bring in a religious propaganda seems rather effy. All religious, social views should be left at the door. I think women has forgotten, unity and understanding doesnt come from belonging to the same side, it comes from acceptance and understanding of all backgrounds and needs.

  9. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    I would like to thank all of you for your comments. It will take time for me to answer to all of them. Let me start with the simplest one.

    My answer to Laser Straight is I have a son who has just turned 4 years old. Every day I pray and confess on God’s blessings to be on him. So, I don’t get worry over the “homosexual threat”. I know who I can trust. My God is greater than all the threats in the world.

    Secondly, I am not surprised over the fact that homosexuals have their own courtship ritual. A molester is a molester. Whether this molester is a gay or straight makes no difference.

    In this article, I have made it clear that homosexuality is not a life sentence. It is a choice of lifestyle.

    I will explain more on this part in the future as I have other things to do.

    That is all for now. Bye.

  10. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    I have one advice for Laser Straight. You seem to be quite worried over the possibility that your children being infected by the “homosexual disease”.

    I would like to remind you that if you allow your worries to grow, you may end up putting more restrictions to your children with regards to homosexuality. Then the “forbidden fruit” effect may take place.

    This is like a wife who is paranoid of her husband having an affair. She become very naggy and suspicious, thus pissing her husband off. Her behavior may end up causing her husband to really go out to look for an affair.

    So, I hope you will not get so paranoid that your children may end up seeing homosexuality to be a more attractive option.

  11. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    To loupgarou,

    The phrase “you can change if you really want to” is a statement of hope and not to offend. It applies to people who see themselves as helpless victims in situations that they cannot control. My message to them is you can change if you really want to.

    The gays need to be honest to themselves and ask this question: Am I a gay because I choose to or because I am a victim of my birth?

    If you choose willingly to be a gay, you can confirming that homosexuality is a choice. At any time you can choose not to be a gay. As for me, I choose to be a Christian. This means at any time I can choose not to be one.

    However, if you think you are a gay because you can’t help it as you were born with it, then you have a victim mentality. Is it right for you to feel offended if someone offer you a way to overcome the limitations that you think you were born with?

    There are many people out there who think they were meant to be poor because they were born in poor families. Will it be offensive for a motivation guru to tell them that they can be rich if they choose to think positively?

  12. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    To Cathy,

    I am glad you have watched “The Secret”. This means we have a lot of common ground. The Law of Attraction tells us that we are the master of our destiny and we can overcome any obstacles including those limitations that come from our birth.

    This means the idea that homosexuals cannot help being who they are because they were born that way is no longer valid, at least according to the Law of Attraction.

    So, this leaves us with the only reason why gays are gays. Free choice. This has been my point all along. Homosexuality is a chosen lifestyle, not something that people must do because their genes says so.

  13. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    To Laser Straight,

    I refer to the part of evangelistic gays. When I used the term I was thinking of the Christian model in which homosexuals send our missionaries to preach the gospel of living in homosexual lifestyles in order to advance the homosexual course. They don’t do that.

    I use this to reason out that there can never be any promotion of homosexual lifestyles especially be those who are straight. There is no motive for anyone to promote homosexuality. Why should I promote homosexuality? What is in for me?

    Your description on recruitment is more like hunting for sexual partners. That is no different from playboys courting girls with the intention of having sex with them. That is purely for the sake of sexual gratification. It is hardly evangelistic.

    As for the issue of homosexuals being indistinguishable physically from straight, I was not refering to behavior. I was refering to physical body parts. I was trying to show that there are no additional sexual organs that make a person gay. Thus being a homosexual is purely a condition of the mind and not the body.

    I hope this explains my message.

  14. Walker Says:

    Josie said in her speech that homosexuals must be respected like all others, but she does not want AWARE to be a platform for gay activists. That is very clear. No need to make this a religious issue. You are playing a very dangerous game.

  15. themadjewess Says:

    Nice… NO WONDER our nation is falling APART in the name of “TOLERANCE”
    Christians, have TOLERATED way too much.
    What does this HORRIBLE agenda have to do next before we WAKE THE HELL UP??

    Push itself IN YOUR door, as they did to LOT>?
    We HAVE to Get BRAVE for the sake of our children.

  16. Cathy Johnson Says:

    First I must say that I admire your willingness to be intellectually honest in replying to people who comment on your blog. not everyone is.

    We agree on the basic tenets of “The Secret” – that people create their own lives as they want it. However, you believe that being gay is an obstacle and a limitation. I do not, and I don’t really know of a gay person who does, though I do know straight people who do. It’s not an obstacle or a limitation so there’s no need to change or create something different.

  17. Laser straight Says:

    Dear Chee Seng,

    I am glad you have placed your trust in God to watch over your son. I am sure He will do a great job.

    I have not been paralyzed by the fear of a threat that is lurking out there but hasn’t happened yet. Instead, I am taking positive steps to orientate my kids in the right direction. For example, my wife and I will show open affection in front of them, like kissing and hugging. This is to tell them that it is normal for a man and woman to do these things.

    I apologize for misinterpreting your idea of evangelism. I have not come across a person who spreads homosexuality in the name of religion. But I disagree strongly with your viewpoint that homosexuals have nothing to gain by spreading their lifestyle. Has it ever occurred to you that some of them see heterosexuality as being aberrant? I have known some gays who get irked simply by the fact that you are straight and they despise everything straight. They would have painted the world pink if given half a chance. They have much to gain by promoting homosexuality. They would get a bigger hunting ground to satisfy their selfish fantasies.

    I once got into a lively debate with an expatriate about the laws of Singapore. The expat was lamenting the fact that Singapore laws do not respect human rights and he specifically brought up the issue of outlawing homosexuality in Singapore. I was surprised at myself for so quickly jumping to the defense of Singapore. I told him that the ban on homosexual activities hasn’t always been there. It was imposed only after the gays went a little overboard with their zealous exploits. Now how many of us remember the Nation gay bashes which had a run of a few years in Singapore? In fact, this biggest gay bash in Asia started in Singapore. You can read all about it here:


    Now, personally, I have nothing against those wild gay bashes, not even when gays flew in from all over the world and had uninhibited, unprotected group orgies in swimming pools filled with foam at family holiday spots such as Sentosa. Studies showed that there was a spike in the incidence of AIDS among local gays after each of these bashes. Mind you, all these parties were approved by the authorities at that time, with licenses issued to the organizers. To show their appreciation, what do you think the organizers did? Do you think they were thankful of the privilege given to them and try to make their events low key so that it wouldn’t arouse public consternation? Hell no. They got bolder and organized not one but two even larger gay bashes each year. And to top the icing on the cake, they chose, of all the days in the year, the two most sacred dates on the Singapore calendar for their public display of carnal sins, National Day and Christmas!!! Now tell me, which government in the right mind would permit such blatant mockery of social moral governance? Don’t you think the gays got it coming for them? And when the government revoked their license permanently the following year, they went hopping mad and cried foul. I think this is a clear example of where human rationality can end.

    I was just having a chat with a friend the other day and we were somewhat amused by how the social norms have changed. Twenty years ago, we frown when we see a middle aged man canoodling a young lady barely out of her teens. Somehow in those days, this kind of thing is deemed inappropriate. These days, if you hang out in Holland Village, you wouldn’t bate an eyelid if you see two women french kissing each other on the sidewalk. How the times have changed.

  18. Laser straight Says:

    Oh, I forgot something. You insisted gays are physically indistinguishable from the rest of us. I will list some of the physical and behavioral traits that I observed are highly prevalent among them but not necessarily always the case:

    1. A larger torso to lower body ratio compared to straight people meaning to say, their torsos are longer than normal people

    2. A jutting lower jaw

    3. A lisp in their speech

    4. Overly critical about everything, particularly food, fashion and women

    5. A propensity to wear too much or very strong fragrance

    6. Glazed eyes

    7. Walk with a wriggle in their tush

    8. Cock their heads to one side and won’t look you in the eye when they are angry or upset

    9. Procrastinate when choosing from a menu and ask incessant questions about an item before ordering

    Just some observations

  19. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    To Walker,

    I am aware of what Josie said but the problem here is can anyone trust her anymore? Do the crusaders have any more credibility left?

  20. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    To themadjewess,
    This nation does not belong to Christians alone. Christians account for only about 15% of the population. Christians do not have the right to rule the lives of the remaining 85%.

    People like you make the homosexuals look lesser evil. Given a choice between the two, I prefer a pro-homosexual nation to a Taliban State.

  21. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    To Laser Straight,

    If there are really physical characteristics in the bodies of gay, this will prove that they are indeed victims of their biology. It will therefore be unfair to blame them for being who they are.

  22. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    To Cathy,

    Thank you for your praise. I have done a search of your name out of curiousity. Are you the artist?

  23. Cathy Johnson Says:

    Actually, I do paint and draw but I’m not that artist – it’s a hobby for me. I’m a trainer and coach.

  24. themadjewess Says:

    Whats the difference YEAP??
    They are FORCING THEIR way of LIFe ON US. Wake up.

  25. Yeap Chee Seng Says:


    You sound like a crusader yourself. As far as I am concern there is no difference between a Christian Taliban and a Muslim Taliban. It is greater evil.

    Time to wake up. Are you planning another crusade?

  26. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    To Laser Straight,

    You mentioned many bad behaviors of the gays you knew. I don’t think behaviors to be limited to gays only. Consider the following:

    A gay professor can seduce a male student. A straight professor can also seduce a female student.

    A gay man can pretend to care for another man with the intention of having sex with him. A straight man can also pretend to care for a woman with the same motive.

    Those bad behaviors can hardly be considered as from homosexual only.

  27. Laser Straight Says:

    Dear Chee Seng,

    No doubt, there is convincing scientific evidence that homosexuality has a biological basis. One of the most prominent researchers on homosexuality, Simon Levay of the Salk Institute, is a gay himself. If you are interested in the various theories, you can read this link:


    I was particularly intrigued by the study of Blanchard and Klassen (1997) who reported that each older brother increases the odds of a person being gay by 33%. The gist of their theory is that homosexuality is the result of the mother mounting an immune response against the masculinization (male-fication) of the fetal brain. With each son that was born, the mother gets a “booster shot” that strengthens the immune response so that 3 or 4 sons later, the response is so strong it totally inhibits the male development of her fetus’ brain. If you know any gay person, he is likely to have several elder brothers. Test it and see if this is true. Apparently, this theory applies only to gays but not lesbians. The theories regarding lesbianism are still pretty sketchy.

    So, at least a proportion of homosexuals are what they are not simply by choice. I can accept that and I think they have every right to exist in this world, just like you and me. But what I cannot accept is when they try to influence biologically straight people to become gay.

    I think you are missing the point when you liken the situation of a gay seducing a straight guy to that of a straight professor seducing a female student. If the professor is single, then there is perfectly nothing wrong, unless he is holding her ransom with his power over her future or bribing her with good grades to force her to submit to him. If you are not aware of it, it is not uncommon to find university professors marrying students or subordinates they have supervised. In fact, I know of at least 5 professors in Singapore who fit into this category.

    If the professor is already married, then it is a case of adultery. In this case, there is some moral wrongdoing, or am I being a prude? Do people still condemn adultery these days? I’m not so sure. All thanks to tv, especially American tv such as the hugely popular Desperate Housewives and Sex in the City, I believe many have come to view adultery as part and parcel of normal life. Oh btw, it is not uncommon to find professors committing adultery with their students too, even here in Singapore.

    So what is the fundamental difference between the two situations? Adultery, no matter how wrong you think it is or how much it is vilified by some religion, is evolutionarily “normal”. Evolution itself may be a touchy topic for you but let me elaborate further. It is an inborn instinct for every male to want to spread his genes. You may have heard this cliche phrase a million times “A man has only got one thing on his mind” but it is all true and no man can ever deny this. When a man, no matter how intellectual, sees a young, attractive, fertile looking woman, his first thoughts would not be “I want to have an intelligent conversation with her” or “I want to watch a movie with her”. His first thoughts would be “I want to make babies with her”. In caveman era, that’s what a man would do. He would sow his seeds far and wide. Well actually, even today, when social order breaks down and law enforcement is removed, modern men revert to cavemen behavior and let their primal instinct take over. That is why rape is one of the first human violations committed during war and social unrest. Some academics go as far as to propose that every single action that we do is to ensure our reproductive fitness. If you are interested, you can look up “The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature” by Matt Ridley. There are probably a dozen other titles that promote essentially the same hypothesis.

    Monogamy is an artificial institution created by man and it defies the laws of nature. If you look at most of the major mammalian species, notably our closest cousins the great apes, their social hierarchy is often one where an alpha male rules over a harem of females. Many species originally thought to be monogamous for life have recently been shown to sneak a tryst when opportune moments arise, such as a certain finch species in the Galapagos and some species of porpoise. And often times, it is the female that makes the first move!

    However, homosexuality is not so widespread in nature. There is only one confirmed and oft cited case of natural homosexual behavior, that of the Bonobo chimpanzees found in the Congo basin.

    These chimps are unusual for 2 reasons – unlike other apes, their social system is female dominated. Secondly, they display female homosexual behavior. However, they are not strictly lesbians, otherwise, they would have become extinct wouldn’t they? What happens is that these chimps use sex to show their respect to the alpha female and as a way of greeting to each other.

    So the bottom line is, there hasn’t been a complete example of homosexuality in nature. This would place homosexuality as “abnormal” in evolutionary sense. It is not too difficult to see that it is counter to nature. Back in Sec 1 biology class, we learned that the first characteristic of a living organism is that it must be able to reproduce. Homosexuality is counter to this basic definition of a living thing.

    Let’s us imagine a scenario where a glue sniffer or a drug addict tries to influence a normal law-abiding kid. It would be considered a serious offense and the addict would be severely punished if caught. Actually, these days, if a smoker encourages a non-smoker to pick up the habit, he will be strongly chastised too if found out. I do not know how much you know about gay practices but if you think it is just some poking around in the backside, you will be in for a rude shock. Have you heard of bug parties? Read about it here:

    Let me paste an excerpt from that article here in case you can’t open the link:

    “Bug parties are sex parties often ranging from a few to as much as 30 people. Unsafe sex with every participant at the party is encouraged. There are several variations of bug parties. At some, there is one member of the “orgy” that is HIV positive. Only this individual and the host know his positive status. The remaining participants know that there is an infected person in the room, but do not know his identity. The participants then partake in a night usually filled with alcohol, drugs and of course unsafe sex. ”

    They get a kick out of playing Russian roulette with the HIV virus. Does that change your view about homosexuality now?

  28. 11 — The final bits of chatter « Project Lucy Says:

    […] Homosexuality And AWARE (Note the comments from LaserStraight) Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)My Testimony, Saturday Morning, March 31, 2007Debate AftermathCelebrate a mom’s life, help in her recoverySouth Pacific is Back on Broadway…Finally no comments yet « 10 – Positions […]

  29. Mohd Hisham Says:

    Hi Chee Seng,

    I just want to write in to say that I am always amused when people used the word taliban to mean a terrorist.

    The word taliban means a student. So a Muslim Taliban or a Christian Taliban is a Muslim or Christian student.

    Well that’s all. I love your write-up. Though I do not believe in change; I do believe people can conform to society’s expectations, thereby denying their true selves. These have been done for quite some times; until recent events prove that; it is no longer necessary to do so.

    best regards,
    Mohd Hisham

  30. LOL Says:

    To Laser Straight:

    It is amazing the amount of inaccuracies you put up. But no matter what you type, you only want to say, “homosexuality is wrong”. Full stop. You’re not even trying to read the facts, you just want to push your stand.

  31. LOL Says:

    To Laser Straight:

    If you want to tag negative incidents by sexuality, there are more killings/murders/incest/spousal abuses by hetereosexuals.

    Should I treat you like a criminal then?

  32. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Hi Mohd Hisham,
    I have no doubt that the word “taliban” has good meaning but in modern context this term is usually refers tot he Taliban in Afghanistan. Likewise, terms like “jihad” can be used in a peaceful context but it often associated with violence and terrorism.

    I do agree that such associations are unfair to the Muslims but this the public perception.

  33. Mohd Hisham Says:

    Thanks for replying. Yes; the significance of the word is not lost on me, You’ve got to hand it to the Afghanistanis who used and spoiled the word.

  34. Much Ado Says:

    Laser Straight:

    You confuse us.

    On one hand, you say gays have a mission of converting all of us straight people. On the other hand, you say gays have distinguishable physical features like long torso and jutting jaw.

    If God gave me a good enough education, I would bravely say we all know that having long torsos and jutting jaws, and even having lisps in speech are natural traits, not nurtured (go nurture a long torso for me to see!).

    This would suggest that you believe being gay is nature, not nurture. Then pray tell, how do they nurture our kids to be gay, if our kids didn’t already have the gay nature? Would they tak our kids, stretch their torsos, pull our their chins, glaze their eyes and put a lisp in their speech?

    This would accordingly suggest that every single imperfection in your children is your fault, because you could have nurtured them otherwise. (In which case I would suggest you strongly improve your parenting rather than spend so much time writing lengthy useless posts to other people’s blogs.)

    BTW, nice balanced view, Chee Seng, although I hardly think even if gay was nurtured, there is need for change.

  35. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    I have deleted your post because it is a waste of space. I have made it clear that the Bible says homosexuality is sin. However, that does not mean that Christians can commit other sins in the name of stopping this sin.

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