AWARE 2: The Aftermath

I have a busy week. I do not really wish to write about AWARE again but since I have started it, I believe I should close it or it will be left hanging. Let us recap from the previous article.

We learn that there is a feminist mentor who had organized like-minded women from her church to launch a holy crusade to take over AWARE because they had a higher calling to remove its programs that promote homosexual lifestyles in schools. What a noble calling!

However, the ousted leaders of AWARE (also known as old guards) denied openly that they had been promoting homosexual lifestyles in schools. Not only that, even the Ministry of Education of Singapore has openly stated that they had never been any program that promote homosexual lifestyles in schools.

So, we have some integrity problem here. Somebody has been blatantly and shamelessly lied to the public. Who is the liar? We can easily narrow the liars down to two sides.

 Had the feminist mentor and her fellow crusaders lied in accusing the old guards of promoting homosexual lifestyles in schools?

 Or, had the old guards together with the government of Singapore lied to cover up their activities in promoting homosexual lifestyles in schools?

Who can we trust? Who are the shameless liars here? Telling you the answer will be an insult to your intelligence.

This gives me a problem. Suppose a non-Christian guy asks me whether Christians are supposed to have integrity like not lying opening to the public, I will not know what to say. I wish I can say “Yes, Christians are supposed to have integrity.” However, if he is to refer to this incident, I will be very embarrassed. This is a problem I don’t know how to solve.

Of course, the feminist mentor and her fellow crusaders will not be bothered with my insignificant problem. They have their crusade to fight in. In all crusades, the ends always justify the means. As long as victory can be achieved, who cares about things like morality and integrity? It is the crusade that matters.

Let us move on to the final showdown on 2 May 2009 where both sides battled to take control over the organization. Let me give you my predictions based on two different scenarios.

Scenario 1: The old guards win.
This should not be a surprise because they have the support of all the non Christians and Christians who believe in integrity, tolerance and mutual respect. The day 2 May will always be remembered as the day all Singaporean women stand together and declare in one voice that they reject all forms of religious intolerance and lies. The old guards will have their position back. AWARE will be stronger than ever.

As for the crusaders, they will have to crawl back into their church in shame. After a while, no one will remember them anymore.

Scenario 2: The new guards win.
This scenario is still possible because the crusaders are more organized. They have an entire church behind them. So, if all the female church members obey their pastor’s battle cry to support the crusaders out of church loyalty regardless of the truth, the crusaders will secure their control over this organization.

As a result, AWARE will be shunned by all the non-Christian women. It will only be an organization by Christians for Christians. It will lose its integrity as an honorable and secular organization.

Meanwhile, the old guards will be urged by their supporters to set up a new AWARE. This new AWARE will take up all the functions started by the previous one. It will be seen by the public as the real AWARE. It will emerge stronger and more influential than the old one.

As for the crusader who “won”, they will be remembered by all Singaporeans as religious extremist who will sink to any level to promote their religion. Ironically, they will suffer more humiliation if they win.

Whatever the results of the showdown, the winners and the losers are clear. It is only a matter on how much humiliation the crusaders will take for being committed to their crusade.

6 Responses to “AWARE 2: The Aftermath”

  1. Tan Ah Beng Says:

    Very well analysed. IMHO, regardless of the outcome, it’s a lose-lose for The Church.

    Oh well, they do win something though… publicity, and stronger unity within themselves inside the 4 walls…

  2. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Then they can proudly tell their children and grandchildren of their courageous attempt against the entire nation.

  3. Shian Says:

    I hope Case 2 doesn’t happen. All the research they have done for the past 25years are still in the new EXCO’s hands. If they set up a new AWARe, I wonder if they can get those back…

  4. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Today is the day we will find out.

  5. JT Says:

    bro, good analysis and forecast.

  6. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    In case someone wants to remind me that the Ministry of Education has suspended AWARE’s program due to inappropriate contents, the above article was written before the suspension occured.

    At the time I wrote this article, the ministry position was the program is fine. So, I am still correct at the time I wrote.

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