Accept Discipline

32 If you reject discipline, you only harm yourself; but if you listen to correction, you grow in understanding.
Proverbs 15:32 (NLT)

I admit that discipline is my least favorite topic. I have never liked it. It gives me the impression that I have to do certain things even if I don’t feel like doing them. However, the truth is discipline is still necessary for us to live in victory and prosperity. In this article, I will show you why.

The first part of the above verse says if you reject discipline, you only harm yourself. This tells us that discipline has some defensive characteristics that can protect us. Let me give you an example.

Think of food. I believe most of us enjoy eating delicious food. God did not give us food just for nourishment alone. He also wants us to enjoy the process of eating. Many of us have no problem obeying this part of his will. If the food taste bad, it takes discipline to eat the minimum to sustain our metabolism. If the food taste good, it takes discipline not to overeat or we will have other health problems.

In short, it takes self-control. To be disciplined is to have full control over all our desires. A certain dish may tastes great but this does not mean we can eat more than necessary. We need to consider the consequences of our actions. What will happen if you over-eat? Will it cause you to be overweight, have higher cholesterol level or will you end up having a higher chance in getting sick? This is where discipline comes in.

Food is a necessity for us to stay alive but eating more than necessary may cause us to have shorter lives. So, good things like food can be bad if we over consume it. It does not make sense to sacrifice our health for food because if our health is gone, we will not be able to enjoy eating like we used to. Discipline is therefore vital in helping us to achieve the best outcome in life. No matter how much I don’t like it, I am aware of its importance in helping me in my prosperity.

Discipline is an asset to us. Whatever we do, we must have the necessary discipline to keep things under control. The next question is how to have discipline. The answer is to start from the spiritual realm. Take control of your thoughts. Determine what thoughts you want to think and focus on thinking about them. Don’t worry about the thoughts that you don’t want like negative thoughts. When you fill your mind with positive thoughts, there will be no space for the negative thoughts. Those negative thoughts will automatically leave you.

Once you are able to keep your thoughts in order, taking full control over all your desires will not be a problem.

The second part of the above verse says, “but if you listen to correction, you grow in understanding.” There is such a thing called correction. None of us is perfect. We make mistakes all the time. At the same time we need to learn from our mistakes. Since God himself wants us to live in prosperity, he will always correct us when we make mistakes. These corrections may even come through other human beings. We will be wise to listen to their corrections and use them to improve ourselves.

In my situation, I want to prosper in every area in my live. This includes having a lot of money. I am currently using the Bible as a tool to help me to achieve my objectives. If anyone out there has a better way to use the Bible to achieve prosperity, I am prepared to listen and learn from this person. I don’t have to be the smartest guy around. If anyone can show me a better way than mine, I am prepared to follow. In my mind, achieving my objective in getting rich is much more important than maintaining my ego. I hope it is the same with you.

If we listen to correction we grow in understanding. When we understand more, we can achieve more. For example, the more you understand how the stock market works, the more money you can make out of it. Likewise, the more we can understand more about the Bible, the more we can use it to bring us prosperity. So, always seek to understand more and you will prosper beyond your wildest dreams.


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