Back From Egypt

19 When Herod died, an angel of the Lord appeared in a dream to Joseph in Egypt.
20 “Get up!” the angel said. “Take the child and his mother back to the land of Israel, because those who were trying to kill the child are dead.”

Matthew 2:19-20 (NLT)

We shall continue from the story in the previous article. In the previous article, we learn that Jesus’ life was in danger the moment he was born. Yet God was with him. However, his natural parents knew nothing about the danger until after they were visited by the wise men. After that, an angel told them that they must flee to Egypt because Herod was planning to kill Jesus. At that time, the family would have no problem in complying with the angel’s instructions because they had a lot of money.

Subsequently, Jesus’ family went to a luxurious holiday trip to Egypt. I added the word “luxurious” because there was no reason for them to be thrifty when they had so much money. So, the family spent quite some time having fun in Egypt until an angel of the Lord appeared in a dream to Joseph and told him to get back to Israel because Herod had died. The family went back to Israel.

Let us stop here to identify the lessons that we can use for our prosperity. In the previous article, we learn that God always release the necessary information at the right time. Premature release of information can cause us unnecessary worry and fear. God does not want us to live that way. In addition, God will only tell us to do certain things after he has provided us with the means to do them. God will never tell you to flee to Egypt if you do not have the money to do so.

The central message here is Jesus eventually returned to Israel. Egypt was place of refuge but Israel was the place of action. Jesus’ place was in Israel and not Egypt. No matter how comfortable life in Egypt was at that time, Jesus still returned to Israel because Israel was the place that he was called to create prosperity.

I believe all of us will enjoy vacations. These are the days where we put aside all our pressures of work, go to a far away place, stay in wonderful hotels, enjoy being treated like kings and focus only on having fun. Sometimes we even wish that we have more money so that we can live like that for the rest of our lives. However, we still have to face reality on having to go back to our jobs or businesses.

The truth is, God does not have problem with us having fun and live like kings. It is not a sin in wanting to live like kings. God wants us to live like kings. In fact, we Christians are called to be kings. Jesus is the king of kings. Who are the “kings” who worship Jesus as their king? It is definitely not the head of states of the kingdoms of this world because not all of them worship Jesus. There is only one group of people who worship Jesus as their king and that is us Christians. So, when you came across the phase “king of kings”, remind yourself that Jesus is the “king” and all Christians are the “kings”. Therefore there is nothing wrong with us kings wanting to live like kings.

The crucial point here is that living like kings is not limited to vacations alone. Kings have the responsibility to defend and prosper their respective kingdoms. God did not design us to live in a vacation setting forever. He designed us to be achievers.

There is nothing wrong to spend some time in a nice resort but there must be a time for us to pack our bags and return to the real world. The real world is the place where we fulfill the desires God has placed in our hearts in creating prosperity for ourselves and for the people around us. We are blessed to be blessings to others. There are many people who live and die every day around the world without knowing the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are many people who live in hopelessness and despair around the world because they do not know of a God who loves them and wants to prosper them.

It is up to us Christians to spread the word of the Gospel. The best way we can do that is to live the lives God wants us to live. Live a life of prosperity, good health, long life and success in every area. When we do that, we will be beacons of light shining in the darkness. People will be drawn to us. Soon, they will realize that Jesus is the one who prospers us. They will want to believe him. This is what true evangelism is all about.

It is time to leave Egypt and go to Israel.


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