Haste Makes Mistakes

2 Enthusiasm without knowledge is no good; haste makes mistakes.
Proverbs 19:2 (NLT)

This is another lesson of wisdom from God, which we should take seriously. We Christians ought to take God’s words seriously. However, we don’t do that under duress. This means we are not blackmailed into obeying God. Contrary to the teachings of theology, our God does not blackmail. We obey God because we want to, not because we have to. This means we can also choose to directly disobey God, still go to heaven and face God boldly. This is true christianity.

The above verse is a part of God’s wisdom, which he shares with us. It does not contain any instructions for us to obey it nor is there any form of threats if we do not obey. In other words, it is totally non-theological. In fact, the whole Bible is non-theological if you read them in proper context. So, if you want to be a serious Christian and learn more about the Bible, avoid theology as though it is a plague. Put your trust in God, not theology.

Let us look into the verse. The first part says enthusiasm without knowledge is no good. God never says enthusiasm is no good. The truth is, enthusiasm is good. Everything else being equal, more enthusiasm will always produce results. We should make it a habit to be enthusiastic in everything we do, no matter how menial and insignificant the job is.

You could be stuck in a lousy job right now. You hate it and wish God can give you a better one. Let me give you a clear prophecy right now. From now until the arrival of the new job, you are stuck with this job. You have to work in it whether you are happy or not. The wise course of action is to be happy. In order to achieve that, you need to be enthusiastic in your job even if you are washing stinking toilets or serving rude customers.

When we are enthusiastic about something, we are in a positive mode. We will be filled with joy and gratitude. Joy and gratitude are fertile grounds for our faith to do its work in creating prosperity into our lives. We will prosper in every area of our lives. Be enthusiastic now and your situation will change for the better.

However, enthusiasm alone is not enough. The above verse says enthusiasm without knowledge is no good. We need knowledge in all our actions. For example, you may be enthusiastic to start a business. You cannot just create a business out of thin air. You need to have adequate knowledge on the type business that you are about to start. Then you can make informed decisions about it. Otherwise your business is bound to fail and you will lose a lot of money. Having faith does not exclude knowledge.

I would like to emphasize that the term “knowledge” in the above verse refers to true knowledge like science, mathematics, engineering, economics, business management, financial management, history etc. It does not include superstitions like astrology, numerology and theology. God wants us to get true knowledge to equip ourselves toward greater prosperity.

The next part of the above verse says haste makes mistakes. Never be haste. Be as fast as you can but never haste. It is always better to make your first million dollars in one year than ten years as long as you do it without haste. What is haste? It refers to the act of rushing toward a certain direction without a clear mind. When we do things is such a way, we are bound to miss certain factors in our acts. As a result, we may end up with greater problems.

It is crucial for us to always remember that there is always time to think and pray not matter how “urgent” things appear to be. Always take time to think and pray. You want greater prosperity, not poverty. This is the summary of God’s words to us in this article: Never haste.


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