Healing Words

18 Some people make cutting remarks, but the words of the wise bring healing.
Proverbs 12:28 (NLT)

This article is about the confession of healing. I remember coming across a link to my blog on an article written by a doctrine worshipper spreading lies on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His attack focused on our practice on our positive confession on healing. He invented the term “cone of silence” to accuse us and even claimed that we Christians do not tell the doctors of our sickness when we see them. Of course, he had conveniently left out the truth that we have never done what he had accused us of doing.

This incident tells us that the Theologian (or popularly known as Satan) is against us using positive confessions on our healing. Therefore, we must know and practice more of it. What is positive confession? Does it mean we have the “cone of silence” over us that forbids us from talking about bad things that had happened? Does it mean we cannot tell the doctor about our sickness? Why do we bother to see the doctor in the first place? Let us look at the above verse to find out.

The above verse tells us that some people make cutting remarks but the words of the wise bring healing. Words have the ability to make things better or worse. There are people who like to make cutting remarks. They talk negative most of the time. When they are in a recession like now, they will talk about their job insecurity due to high jobless rate. However, when times get better they will talk about how expensive things have become. So, whatever happens, it is always bad news.

I remember once the newspaper in Singapore reported that we have more millionaires. In the internet, there were people lamented on this news like it is bad. In their view, more millionaires means life will be tougher for non-millionaires due to the increase in prices. Right now we are in recession. I am sure the number of millionaires has been reduced. So, I wonder whether those who had lamented on the increase of millionaires earlier feel better now. After all, now that we have lesser millionaires, prices of things should be lower.

Enough of negative-talkers. Let us read the second part of the above verse. The words of the wise bring healing. We can tell the difference between the wise and the fools by the words that come out from their mouths. The fools talk negative and the wise talk positive. If you are ill, negative words make you worse but positive words can make our healing faster.

How does it work? Let me offer some explanation. Our bodies are designed by God to have the capacity of self-healing. This is an established truth in the medical science. Medicines cannot heal us directly. Its function is to facilitate the healing process. If you have a cut on your skin, you wash the wounds and apply some antiseptic on it. The antiseptic cannot make your wound heal. Its function is to prevent bacteria from entering your body through the wound and cause delay in the healing process. When the antiseptic does its job, your body can concentrate on the healing process. Your healing will be faster. This is how medicine works. It facilitates healing.

In my previous article, I mentioned placebo. A placebo looks like a pill but it is made entirely from sugar. It has no medical property. Technically it cannot be used to treat any disease. However, record shows that there were people healed from their supposedly incurable disease after taking some placebo. How can this happen? These people believed that pill they took have the power heal them. They got healed because they believed they were healed. The real cause of their healing was their faith.

This tells us that we need our minds to work in a certain way for our bodies to do their best jobs in fighting disease. If you are sick, your body is fighting the disease right now. The best way to help your body is to think positive thoughts, especially thoughts of healing. Visualize yourself healed and doing the things when you are healed. Listen to positive words on healing.

This brings us back to the message of the above verse. The words of the wise bring healing. Listen to these words. You can get them from your positive friends, positive sermons and the internet. If you have no access to those sources, you speak them yourself. In other words, if you don’t have wise people speaking healing words to you, you be the wise person yourself. Speak healing words to yourself. When you do that, you can overcome any disease no mater how incurable it is. This is the essence of healing words.

Now, let me address the accusations from the doctrine worshipper. Can we tell people we are sick? Of course we can. When I am sick, I am sick. It is a fact. What is there to hide or lie about? If I am sick I have no problem telling you that I can sick. “I am sorry I cannot join you for lunch today because I am not feeling well. I think I am going to see a doctor later.” I just don’t keep repeating it and elaborate on how sick I am because such words can cause my mind to think negative. Negative thoughts will only delay the healing process. Say what you need to say about your illness but keep it short. Speak more on healing words instead.

Next, can I tell the doctor on my sickness? Why would I want to see a doctor? I need additional help for me to get well. In order for the doctor to help me, he or she needs as much information as possible to devise the correct treatment. My role is to give the doctor all the information I know. So, I talk about my sickness to the best of my knowledge. At the same time, I don’t dwell upon them or talk about them repeatedly. I keep my mind positive with positive thoughts and speak healing words.

In conclusion, speak healing words when you are sick. Speaking healing words does not mean you cannot talk about your sickness. When you talk about your disease, stick to the necessary facts and don’t dwell on them.


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