The Joy Of Discovery

2 It is God’s privilege to conceal things and the king’s privilege to discover them.
Proverbs 25:2 (NLT)

The above verse deals with God’s policy on science. Once upon a time, science was seen as a heresy. It was a time when theologians were in control. Only theology was the complete truth. Those who had dared to disagree with theology were arrested by the Inquisitors and tortured until they confessed their crimes. Then they were burnt at the stakes. That was the Dark Ages. It was always dark when theologians were in power.

Thank God, those time was over. Now, we know the truth and the truth had set us free. The above verse mentions two kinds of privileges. God’s privilege to conceal things and the king’s privilege to discover them. Sounds like hide and seek, don’t you think so? What does it mean? The answer is, God wants us to enjoy our lives on earth and one of the joys he wants us to have is discovery.

This also explains why God did not give Adam some sort of encyclopedia in which Adam could read up and know about every thing that happens in the universe. God’s intention was for Adam to find out himself and rejoice in his discoveries. In other words, God expects human beings like us to study and discover the laws of nature like gravity, electricity, biology, geology, astronomy, mathematics and everything else that he has created. We can also say that science is one of God’s gifts to humanity to bring us joy. The term “king” in the above verse refers to us, humans. God wants human beings to place a high priority in science.

Science does not only bring us joy. It is a vital instrument for our prosperity. We can never have achieved our current state of civilization without it. Without science, we can never have buildings, cars, planes, ships, computers, washing machines, air conditionals and many other facilities which we used to take for granted. Science also sets us free from the lies of theology.

Even today, it is not uncommon for theologians or the worshippers of doctrines to proclaim the judgement of God each time a disaster happened. When some terrorists rams planes into the World Trade Centre buildings in New York, a theologian had declared it as a judgement of God to punish the United States of America for her sins of not allowing school prayers and being tolerant to homosexuals. Recently there is a huge bush fire in Australia. Some theologians capitalize on this disaster to proclaim that this is God’s judgement on Australia for her policy on abortion. Thank God, they are not getting much audience for their heresies because we are well grounded in science.

We know that are reasons for disasters to happen and the reasons are not because of God’s perversion. Plagues happen because of germs. Earthquakes happen because of the movement of tectonic plates. Floods, hurricanes and typhoons happen because of the rotation of the earth, which causes the change in weather patterns. The bush fire in Australia happens because it was a dry season and some idiot had started fire on the bushes. By the way, God is not that idiot. Based on the news I have read, the Australian police had arrested the man who started the fire. He is not God.

In conclusion, God is the one who gave us science. Science tells us a lot of things about God’s creation and sets us free from the lies of theology. In the process, it brings us joy. Christians should have proper respect on science.


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    Are you a Pastor???

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