Do You Have Deep Roots?

3 Wickedness never brings stability, but the godly have deep roots.
Proverbs 12:3 (NLT)

Today, we shall look at the topic of roots. The above verse consists of 2 parts. The first part tells us about the wicked and the second part is about the godly. Let us begin with the first.

The verse says wickedness never brings stability. What is wickedness? Wickedness is being wicked. What is wicked? Let us look into the dictionary to find out.

wicked [wik-id] Show IPA Pronunciation
adjective, -er, -est, adverb
1. evil or morally bad in principle or practice; sinful; iniquitous: wicked people; wicked habits.
2. mischievous or playfully malicious: These wicked kittens upset everything.
3. distressingly severe, as a storm, wound, or cold: a wicked winter.
4. unjustifiable; dreadful; beastly: wicked prices; a wicked exam.
5. having a bad disposition; ill-natured; mean: a wicked horse.
6. spiteful; malevolent; vicious: a wicked tongue.
7. extremely troublesome or dangerous: wicked roads.
8. unpleasant; foul: a wicked odor.
9. Slang. wonderful; great; masterful; deeply satisfying: He blows a wicked trumpet.


In short, it means completely bad. The Bible tells us that if we choose to rely on wickedness to achieve our goals, our goals will not be stable. They will not last long. If we choose to use wickedness to attain wealth, our wealth will not be stable.

We can see many similar examples in history. Almost every civilization has its own evil rulers who kill at will and did a lot of wicked acts. I believe most of them did not die natural death. Most of them were killed by their own followers. After all, who wants to serve a king who kills people for fun? Likewise, I believe no one will want to serve a God who does perverted things to his people in the name of showing them his “sufficient grace”.

Let us move to the second part. The godly have deep roots. The term “godly” refers to believers in Jesus Christ. The verse says we Christians have deep roots. Please note that it did not say the godly “must have” or “must grow” deep roots. It just said we have deep roots. So, it is not something that we must achieve. It is a statement of fact. The fact is we have deep roots. So, the question is, so what? What does it mean and how can we use this truth for our prosperity? This is the main theme of this article.

Roots are a part of a plant. All plants have roots. Roots have 2 basic functions. They are:
1. Pump minerals and water to the rest of the plant.
2. Support the weight of the plant.

Although the “roots” in the above verse is spiritual in nature, it has similar spiritual functions. It refers to the connection we have with God. It speaks of our faith. Through our “roots”, we receive our blessings from God. We will be continuously richer, healthier, wiser and improve in every area in our lives through our faith. When we face challenges in our lives and find that the burden is too heavy for us to bear, we can rely on our faith in God to support us. Our faith is like the roots of the plants. It brings prosperity to our lives and helps us to overcome all our problems.

The above verse also used the term “deep”. Our roots are deep. What does it mean? Not every plant we see have deep roots. Grass doesn’t have deep roots. Big and tall trees have deep roots. Why is that so? It is the law of physics. When a tree grows big and tall, it becomes very heavy and become subjected to the pressure of the wind. It needs deep roots to anchor it to the ground. Without deep roots, the tree will be crushed by its own weight. Even if it doesn’t, it will tumble when strong winds blow at it. Deep roots are a necessity for big and tall trees.

Why do you think God gave us deep roots? Obviously he wants us to grow big and reach greater heights. If we are just meant to be “grass”, our deep roots are redundant. It is a waste for grass to have deep roots. It is clear to us that our God expects us to achieve great things here on earth. Whatever you are doing and love to do right now, God wants you to improve on them and move up to the next level. His will is for you to always move up. He wants us to have more money, better health and achieve greater success in everything we do.

What are you doing right now? If you are a chef, God wants you to create better food. If you are a farmer, God wants you to produce more crops. If you are a teacher, God wants you to give better lessons. If you are a movie producer, God wants you to produce better movies. If you are a preacher, God wants you to preach better sermons. In short, whatever you are doing right now, God wants you to do better. He is not just saying it. He has given you the power to do it and this power is in your roots, which refers to your faith. Faith is meant to be used. Use it.

Deep roots also imply that there will be greater challenges. The higher we soar in our respective fields, the more challenges we will face. As we progress in life, we will inevitably face with greater challenges. I am sure you will realize by now that life is not a bed of roses. Welcome to the real world. There are troubles, obstacles, trials and challenges every where we go and every corner we turn to. So, don’t be surprised or shocked when you face a huge problem especially after you have achieved a great success. It is a part of life. When you face troubles, you must always remind yourself that God has already given you everything you need to overcome it. He has given you deep roots. Use it.

In other words, whenever you face troubles in life, God’s will for you is to overcome and triumph over them. You have deep roots.

In conclusion, our faith is the roots that join us to God who is our source of prosperity and the solution to all our problems. If you are a Christian, you have deep roots. The question is, are you going to use them?

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