Think Good Thoughts

1 I will exalt you, Lord, for you rescued me. You refused to let my enemies triumph over me.
2 O Lord my God, I cried to you for help, and you restored my health.
3 You brought me up from the grave, O Lord. You kept me from falling into the pit of death
Psalm 30:1-3 (NLT)

The above is a part of a song written by David. When we read it, we can basically see the contents of his mind. We can understand what are the things that have made this man. David is a positive man. He thought positive thoughts. In this article, we shall study deeper into the above 3 verses to find out how we can benefit from them.

In Verse1, David exalted God for rescuing him. He remembered that the Lord had always been on his side and never allowed his enemies to triumph over him. This tells us that David had a clear view on what exalting God is all about. The Lord is exalted and glorified in helping his people, (that is us) to overcome all our problems and excel in what we do. This is what the glory of God is all about. The glory of God has nothing to do with religious rituals nor perversion as being propagated by the theologians.

So, do you want to exalt the Lord? Do you want to glorify him? If you do, ask God for more blessings in your life. Ask him to help you to overcome all your problems. The more blessings you ask from him, the more glory you will bring to him. It is no wonder to us that when Jesus preached Mark 11:24, he did not mention anything about God saying no to our prayers. God will never say “no” to us when we ask him for anything we want in our prayers because saying no to our prayers is the equivalent of saying no to his glory. The only answer God will give for all our prayers is a clear “yes”.

In Verse 2, David remembered that when he cried out to the Lord for help, the Lord restored his health. God restores our health. God wants all of us to be healthy. Do you notice that David never said anything about God giving him disease to show him his sufficient grace? The heresy that says God gives disease to people to show them his sufficient grace is nothing more than theology. It comes from the pit of hell.

If you happen to be sick right now, I have God’s will for you. He wants you well. I don’t care how “incurable” your sickness is supposed to be. God still wants you to get well. If you are willing to humble yourself and yield to his perfect will, then you should start believing that you have what it takes to overcome this disease. You should start believing that God is on your side. Your healing will bring glory to his name. Your “incurable” disease will be incurable no more.

How long are you supposed to keep believing to overcome this disease? The answer is, as long as it takes until that disease is no longer in your body. This is called fighting a good fight of faith. You must reject the lie that says God gives you that disease to bring you to heaven. God has enough power to bring people to heaven without resorting to murder. The bottom line is God wants us to be healthy at all times. You can still go to heaven when you are healthy.

In Verse 3, David said the Lord brought him up from the grave and kept him from falling into the pit of death. The term “grave” represents the death. David had several near death experience before and the Lord had been faithful in delivering him. This reinforces the earlier verse that God is good. Whatever problems you are facing right now, it is time for you to realize that God is the solution and not the problem. The glory of God comes from delivering you from your problems and not from causing you the problems.

Now, let us look at the application. Some people may say that they are not David and therefore they do not have similar experience in glorifying God. I beg to differ. I am going to repeat a suggestion which I have presented a few days ago.

Take out a few pieces of paper and start writing down 100 things to thank God for. You will not have problem writing down the first 5 items but when you reach the tenth most likely you will run out of things to write. At this point, you have to think deeper into your past. When you do you will start to take notice of the things that you used to take for granted. You will find that even in your darkest moments, God was still there to help you. As you proceed in writing down all the things you thank God for, you will be filled with a deep sense of gratitude for what God has done for you. You will be able to feel his love for you all over again.

God becomes so big and your problems become so small. Your impossible situation is not that impossible after all. Your mountain of debt is not that high after all. Your “incurable” disease is not that incurable after all. Your God is greater than them all. He had delivered you before and he will do it again.

Whenever doubt comes to you, take out the list of 100 things you have written. This is the written proof that God is always on your side. He will do whatever it takes for you to be rich, healthy and be successful in everything you do. This is his will for you.

The more often you do this exercise, the stronger your faith will be. Thinking good thoughts will become a habit to you and thus more prosperity will come to your life.

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