You Have All The Wisdom And Understanding

8 He has showered his kindness on us, along with all wisdom and understanding.
Ephesians 1:8 (NLT)

The Lord has led me to this topic today. Wisdom and understanding are necessary for us to live godly and prosperous lives. How do we get them? The answer is in the above verse. We have them the moment we were sealed with the Holy Spirit. The moment we choose to believe and receive the salvation from Jesus, God had sealed us with the Holy Spirit as a deposit to guarantee his faithfulness.

14 The Spirit is God’s guarantee that he will give us the inheritance he promised and that he has purchased us to be his own people. He did this so we would praise and glorify him.
Ephesians 1:14 (NLT)

This simply means that if a Christian is to be condemned to hell, the Holy Spirit will have to with him. The hell will become the dwelling place for the Holy Spirit. This is the assurance for us that as Christian, our place in heaven is guaranteed. Our God has made a lot of effort to create this guarantee. So, we must never allow ourselves to be blackmailed by theologians or religious pastors who tell us that if we do not do the things they prescribed we will go to hell. Hell is not for Christians. It is a place prepared for the theologians.

The above guarantee is not limited to our place in heaven alone. It also covers our prosperity on earth. Through the Holy Spirit, God has showered his kindness on us, along with all wisdom and understanding. I would like you to focus on the word “all”. The wisdom and understanding from God covers all areas. What do you want? God has given you the wisdom and understanding for it.

Here is an example of myself. As for me, I want the following:
1. Good health and protection from all harms for my entire fanily.
2. Lots of money (billions of dollars in today’s value) flowing into my bank account every day.
3. Tell the world the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.
4. Put an end to involuntary poverty.
5. Build space ships and space settlements in order to bring humanity to the stars.

I believe with my whole heart that God has given me the wisdom and understanding to achieve all the above and more. In other words, all of us Christians have what we need to fulfill all our desires and live our dreams. What we need, all the wisdom and understanding are in the person of the Holy Spirit who is sealed in us. Therefore it makes sense to spend time with God and listen to his counsel.

When I was in my first church, I had often listen to religious sermons that tell me I must spend time with God. It was nothing more than a religious ritual. I have to pray, read the Bible and spend time with God because these are my duties as a Christian. If I fail to do them, God will not be pleased with me. I would not dare to imagine what will happen when God is not pleased with me. There is no limit on how perverted God can be. The “god” of religious church can give people disease to show them his love and sufficient grace. If he can do perverted things to people out of love, what will he do to those he does not like? So spending time with God was a very scary moment.

The other reason I did not like to spend time with God is I believed in the lies of religion that says God is only interested in wanting me to go for mission and give money to the church. These are the two things I hated the most at the time. I was always worried that God might tell me to do the same. My real prayer must be in asking God not to talk to me. I don’t want to go for missions and give money to the church.

Thank God that he has revealed his truth to me. Now, I realize that all the things I heard from that religious church are nothing more than theology, lies from the pit of hell. God is not a pervert. He is a loving person. He will never threaten people to do things they don’t like. He cares for you and me more than missions. He wants us to be rich, not the religious pastors. If the religious pastors cannot collect enough money for their own salaries, they can go out to get real jobs. They have no right to threaten us with God’s name. God is on our side, not theirs.

After I knew the truth, I began to enjoy spending time with God. God is not just a pleasant and kind person. He has practical answers to all our problems. He has all the wisdom and understanding that we need to fulfill our dreams. Not only that, he has given them all to us in the person of the Holy Spirit.

What is our role in this? We are to use them. All the wisdom and understanding that God has given to us are meant to be used. The Holy Spirit is not meant to be our hostage. He is also our counsel. He has the answers to all our problems and on how to fulfill our dreams. Seek him and ask him questions. What do you want now? Ask him how to get it. Do you want better health? Ask him how to get it. Do you want to have more money? Ask him. Do you want to look for a perfect mate in life? Ask him.

God is neither a theologian nor a religious pastor. He will never condemn you for asking him. He will never give you more sickness when you ask for better health. He will never make you poorer when you ask him for more wealth. So, go ahead and ask what you want. There is no limit on what you can ask.

Next, how do we communicate with God to access to all the wisdom and understanding he has given to us? Since the Holy Spirit is sealed inside us, verbal communication is not a necessity. Please don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with talking directly to God. It is just not necessary. We can communicate through our thoughts. We can send and receive messages in our thoughts. In order to achieve the best communication system with God, our thoughts must be kept pure and undefiled.

This leads us to positive thinking. We are to keep our thoughts positive. Fill your minds with good thoughts. Good thoughts are thoughts of prosperity, health and success. Bad thoughts are just the opposite. Read the Bible and other positive books. You can start reading the articles in this blog. All my articles were written to encourage positive thinking.

In conclusion, as Christians we have all the wisdom and understanding to live successful and prosperous godly lives. God had given us everything we need for our prosperity and success. All we need to do is to receive them and we do it by keeping out thoughts pure and undefiled. Think positive at all times.

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