Health Report

I have been certified healed last Saturday as I have believed the moment I was told I had it last Monday. I am really glad that the Word of God has changed me to be the person I am now. I did not ask for this disease but since it happened, I have decided to use it to test my faith. The result is, my faith works. If fact, the doctor told me that I have the best case of Shingles she had seen so far. I only have some isolated red spots on my body instead of the conventional case where there are supposed to be huge concentrations of infections. So, I did not really look that bad.

I have also checked on Shingles in the Wikipedia and found that I missed some of the symptoms. I don’t remember experiencing headache nor fever throughout the ordeal. Maybe I was too busy having fun.

It is one thing in talking about using faith and another in actually using it. This experience has given me the chance to use my faith in the area of health. The success in the area has prompted me to explore further in the area of developing health. The following are what I have learned so far.

All of us were made to be healthy. God has given us bodies with the capability to fight every sickness and disease. In other words, we have everything we need to live healthy lives. Our health is so important to God that he had even included it at the Cross of Calvary. At the Cross, Jesus took all our sickness and disease. By his stripes we are healed. It is the will of God for all of us to be healthy, even those who are currently sick now.

We need to believe. When we believe that God wants us to be healthy, we are thinking positive thoughts and creating our inner realities of good health. Our bodies respond to our thoughts. When we think good thoughts, our bodies will do their jobs at their best in repairing damaged systems and replacing bad cells. In contrast, when we think bad or negative thoughts, we will hamper the operations of our bodies. We will be vulnerable to sickness and disease.

In case someone may ask me whether I had bad thoughts before I got Shingles, my answer is I don’t remember having any. However, I am taking full responsibility for the disease. It must be a result of some weaknesses in my beliefs or lifestyles. I will never resort to the carnal way of attributing it to God. Based on my relationship with God, I am convinced that he is not a pervert. My God will never give people disease to show them his sufficient grace. He is a healer, not a disease giver. The idea of God giving disease to show us his sufficient grace is nothing more than a perversion of theology. My God is not a pervert as the theologians have been propagated.

The next question is, what does taking full responsibility means? In my case, I need to focus more on health. I have been using my faith but mostly in the area of financial prosperity. This is a wake up call for me to spend some time on health as well. There are still a lot of sickness that money cannot heal. Let me tell you what I have done.

After reading “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles, I am reading “The Science of Being Well” by the same author. It is a good book and I am planning to get a link to the free version on this blog. I am going to implement the ideas in the book starting from the diet plan.

 I will eat only when I am hungry and stop after the hunger has abated.

 I will make a distinction between hunger and appetite. Hunger is a sign from the body telling us that we need nourishment while appetite is just a lust for food. I will respond to hunger and not appetite.

 No more breakfast. According to the book, one can never be hungry in the morning. It is appetite, not hunger that we feel in the morning. I will eat only from noon onwards.

 When I eat, I will chew the food until it become liquid before swallowing and I will enjoy the process of it. Eating is supposed to be enjoyable. However, it does not mean that eating more means more joy. I will let my body to tell me when I have enough.

Other that the above, there is no restriction to the type of food I can eat. (I love this part).


2 Responses to “Health Report”

  1. peacefulone Says:

    Hi Chee! That’s a powerful testimony! Thanks for sharing it! In my walk to health; I’ve learned so much but my greatest lessons learned came when my faith was tested by cancer, a brain tumor and a stroke (per the doctors)…it was during those trials by fire that I came out unscathed and compassion for others was burnt into me…I still strive to have that despite opposition. What the devil meant for bad…God took it and turned it for good for you and I. I look forward to your fresh revelations on your multi faceted journey! Blessings & Love Elaine

  2. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Thank you.

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