Overcoming Sickness

15 And the Lord will protect you from all sickness. He will not let you suffer from the terrible diseases you knew in Egypt, but he will inflict them on all your enemies!
Deuteronomy 15:15 (NLT)

This is the second day I am in my one week of medical leave. The doctor told me I have Shringles, which is caused by the remnants of chicken pox virus. I have some red spots on my body and experienced periodical intense pain on those areas. It is also supposed to be infectious, thus the one week of medical leave.

How am I supposed to respond to this situation? Let me start by telling you what I have forgotten. I have forgotten how to behave like a helpless victim. I have forgotten how to feel sorry for myself. I have forgotten how to suffer correctly. The pain may be very intense but I still don’t feel like a victim. Do you know why?

I have changed. The Word of God has changed me into a new person. Right now, I see the whole situation as I am facing a setback in my life and setbacks are to be overcome. I intend to overcome this sickness and be in a better situation than the day before I have it. I am on medication. The pills that were prescribed by the doctor are more expensive than the conventional drugs. I am sure the pills will do their job but I am not going to rely on them alone no matter how expensive they are. I am using my faith.

Each day, I am committed to keep my heart in joy and gratefulness. I believe that God is always on my side fighting this disease. The above verse tells me that God will protect me from all sickness. The sickness that is in me now is nothing more than one of the “all sickness” in the above verse. Therefore, I am destined to win. God will make sure that I will overcome this disease in Jesus’s name. I will intensify my faith every time the pain manifests. I will win.

The question many may ask is, why does this disease manifest in the first place? A theologian would have said that it is the will of his god to give people disease to teach them some lessons. You know what? He is right. The theologian is right because the god of the theologian is The Theologian whose destiny is the pit of hell. Our God had banished The Theologian from heaven to hell. Therefore I agree with the theologian that his god (otherwise known as Satan or The Theologian) is the one responsible for my disease.

The second question is why would The Theologian want to put sickness in me? I can think of several reasons. They are:
1. He wants to destroy my faith.
2. He wants to remove my joy.
3. He wants to block my prosperity.
4. He wants to stop me from becoming the testimony of God’s goodness.

These must be the reasons the god of theology wants me to learn and I have learned well. These are the things I am doing now:

1. I will develop my faith to the next level. Each time I feel the pain, I will remind me of God faithfulness in keeping his promises. If you read the whole passage Deuteronomy 15:12-15, you will find that God’s promise of health also comes with wealth. Our God does not believe in partial prosperity. His prosperity is complete. It covers every area of our lives. This means I will not only end up in good health, I will also be richer in other areas in my life as well, including financially.

2. I am not going to let this pain deny me of my joy. I am doing what I like now. I have been blogging, trading, playing chess, watching Star Trek and surfing the internet. I plan to read science fiction later. Wow, are you envious of my good life? Do you think I am behaving like a sick guy?

3. I started the real trade yesterday and made my first profit. The profit I made is many times more than my medical bill. In addition I am still receiving my salary during this week. I am not getting poorer. I am getting richer. I will be richer in this week than the week before. I intend to be richer and richer as the weeks pass.

4. Finally, I am not ashamed of my situation. I did not ask for it but since it happens I am not going to hide it either. I will use this situation as another opportunity to use my faith to overcome the setbacks in my life and I hope that as you read about my experience, you will be inspired to overcome your own setbacks as well.

In conclusion, God is not responsible for our setbacks. He is always on our side. He will help us to overcome them and turn them to our advantage. What the Theologian meant for evil, our God can turn it for good. All we need to do is to believe. Do you believe in the goodness of God?


One Response to “Overcoming Sickness”

  1. Manie Says:

    All I can say is AMAZING. I say to hold fast to your faith in the midst of adverse situations because that is what makes a you a person of of great faith. Just recently the LORD has been strengthening to me NOT back down from pain. I am in agreement for the word of God to be manifested in you for total and complete healing. According to your faith be it unto you. Manie

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