Why Must All True Christians Be Rich?

12 Then King David was told, “The Lord has blessed Obed-edom’s household and everything he has because of the Ark of God.” So David went there and brought the Ark of God from the house of Obed-edom to the City of David with a great celebration.
2 Samuel 6:12 (NLT)

In this article I am going to share the latest revelation I received from God. Before that I would like to explain on some administrative changes in this blog. You may have noticed that I no longer accept any comments without prior approval. The reason behind this because in the past few days there was a heretic who posted many lies and slanders about me in this blog. As I was trying to answer those lies, a thought came to me. Why should I bother to answer those lies? This is my blog and I have full control over it. I posted a warning message to that heretic and since he did not repent, I ex-communicated him.

I have changed the setting in this blog. Only approved comments will be posted here. There are a few lessons I have learned in this incident, which I would like to share with you.

The first lesson is we can do to our minds what I have done to my blog. In this blog, I can publish whatever I want. When I receive comments from my readers I can choose which comments to approve or reject. I cannot prevent people from slandering me but I can prevent their slanders from appearing in my blog. Likewise, there are many negative things that can happen around you but you do not have to allow them to get into your thoughts. We can choose what we want to think. We can choose to think health even if we are physically sick. We can choose to think prosperity even if we are physically poor. We can choose to think joy and peace even if there are jerks out there who are saying bad things about us.

In the book “The Science Of Getting Rich”, Wallace Wattles described those who can think what they want to think despite the physical circumstances around them as “Master Mind”. I like this term. God did not give us our minds for us to be conformed to the world. God gave us our minds to change the world around us. As Christians we are called to be Master Minds.

The second lesson is Satan must be hurting very badly in order for him to send this heretic to hurl all types of abuses to me. I am greatly encouraged. In fact, I was getting bored in writing in this blog a few days ago. This heretic had effectively renewed my interest in continuing to proclaim the truth to the world. If you happen to face difficulties like persecution from the theologians, you should start to rejoice because this is the sign that your work is showing results. Satan is hurting. Your works is bearing fruits. You will get your rewards very soon. You must be determined to press on and never give up.

The third lesson is the Christian life is a process of continual growth. In the past, I allowed free comments from the worshippers of theology because I wanted to use them as proxies to Satan. Today I don’t need them anymore because I am convinced beyond doubt that my work in this blog is bearing fruits. So I terminated the services of these proxies. From this day forth, I shall not allow heretic comments in this blog. This is growth. The things that we need in the past may not be needed now. What we need not may not be needed in the future. We must be prepared to accept changes when they come. Change is necessary for our growth.

Let us begin with the revelation now. The revelation I received from God is based on above verse. In the earlier article, we have seen how the procession to bring the Ark back to the capital had ended up in a disaster. The Ark was then stored in somebody’s house at that area. The house belonged to a man called Obed-edom.

The next thing we know is everyone in that household got blessed. In a religious church, the word “bless” has no meaning at all. You can be poor and still call yourself blessed. However, in those days and culture being blessed means being rich. When you are blessed you are rich. This was what happened in Obed-edom’s house. Everyone in it got rich. Their riches were so obvious that the news of them had even reached the king. When King David heard about the blessings of Obed-edom’s household, he was convinced that God was no longer angry with him. Please note that David did not consult the priest or prophet about this. The blessing in Obed-edom’s household is the clearest proof that God is good.

This is the revelation from God. Christians who lived blessed lives are the greatest proof to the world that our God is good. When I said “blessed” I am referring to the Bible’s definition. I mean being rich in every area in our lives including financial riches. All Christians must be rich. All Christians must have a lot of money to become the testimony of God’s goodness.

The traditional message of Jesus died for your sins, is no longer effective to the sophisticated audience in the Information Age due to the abuses by the religious churches. If you are to go out to tell people that Jesus died for their sins, chances are no one will be surprised. They knew about this already and they are not impressed. Why? They know it is nothing more than a marketing ploy by religious churches. Religious churches have been using the message of salvation to convert people, get them into their churches only to fleece them of their money.

You can cheat one man all the time. You can cheat all men at one time. However, you cannot cheat all men at all times. Religious churches have been trying to cheat all men at all times. They failed. The result is, everyone thinks the Gospel as nothing more than a marketing ploy for churches to get their money.

The second reason is the lie that comes from the theologians that says God is not interested in meeting our temporal needs like health and wealth. If the theologians are to be trusted then God must be a liar. He made so many promises on health and wealth in the Bible but he has no intention to honor them. According to the theologians God has no intention to give us health and wealth. All he cares about are whether we go to church, give money to the church, go for missions and obey all the rituals imposed on us.

Think about this. Do you want to be a Christian if the theologians are right? I will never want to be one.

It is crucial for us the true believers of Jesus Christ to tell the truth. However, the problem with direct words is we only have our words against the theologians. The theologians have centuries to perfect their art of lying. A well-trained theologian can lie with a straight face.

So, God’s solution is all his true believers to live in blessed lives. We must be rich in every area in our lives especially in our finances. Financial prosperity may be just a part of God’s overall blessings but it the most obvious of them all. When we are rich and have a lot of money, we are sending the loudest and clearest message to the world that our God is good. Our God is not the pervert and liar that has been propagated by the theologians. Our God does not want anyone to be sick or poor. He wants every one of us to be rich, healthy and live successful lives.

It is only when we are rich that the true Gospel of Jesus Christ can be revealed to the world.

It is only when we are rich that we can tell the world that our God is good.

It is only when we are rich that we can expose the true identity of the theologians who are nothing more than the descendents of the Serpent in the Garden of Eden.

This is the revelation I receive from God.

The next question is how to be rich? You can start from reading the articles in this blog. Check it out from the Bible if you want. I have links to useful sources like free ebooks and online sermons. Please feel free to access them. The world needs Jesus. They will never trust Jesus if they continue to believe in the lies of theology. It is therefore crucial for us Christians to be rich in order to reveal the truth to the world. For Christians, getting rich is not an option. Getting rich is a responsibility to save souls.


2 Responses to “Why Must All True Christians Be Rich?”

  1. Manie Says:

    Amen and God Bless You. I myself have a critic to tell me that it not walking in the light to WANT stuff from God. The Lord has encouraged me to expect but still RESIST the opposition. From this day FORWARD I am thinking of myself as a mastermind. Your work is bearing fruit. Keep pressing on and I am in agreement with you that God’s blessing and abundance FLOOD your ministry. Manie

  2. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Thank you. You will get richer and richer in Jesus’ name.

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