The Price Of Stupidity And Insecurity

8 Abner was furious. “Am I some Judean dog to be kicked around like this?” he shouted. “After all I have done for your father, Saul, and his family and friends by not handing you over to David, is this my reward—that you find fault with me about this woman?
9 May God strike me and even kill me if I don’t do everything I can to help David get what the Lord has promised him!
10 I’m going to take Saul’s kingdom and give it to David. I will establish the throne of David over Israel as well as Judah, all the way from Dan in the north to Beersheba in the south.”
11 Ishbosheth didn’t dare say another word because he was afraid of what Abner might do.
2 Samuel 3:8-11 (NLT)

After the death of Saul, Israel plunged into a civil war. The tribe of Judah broke ranks with the rest by electing David as their king, while the rest remained within the dynasty of Saul. King David, the rising star in the Israel politics grew stronger by the day while the existing dynasty under King Ishbosheth became weaker.

In fact the entire kingdom of King Ishbosheth was held together by one man, Abner. Without Abner, the entire dynasty of Saul or what remains of it could not even exist at that time. In other words, the existence of King Ishbosheth’s kingdom was dependent on Abner alone. The wisest thing King Ishbosheth could do at that time was to keep Abner happy if he still wanted to be king. Unfortunately, this king did not have this wisdom. He did something dumb.

7 One day Ishbosheth, Saul’s son, accused Abner of sleeping with one of his father’s concubines, a woman named Rizpah, daughter of Aiah.
2 Samuel 3:7 (NLT)

Abner’s response was recorded in 2 Samuel 3:8-10 as shown above. He quitted and joined David. The kingdom of Ishbosheth was as good as gone. Ishbosheth lost his kingdom due to pure stupidity.

If you have read 1 Samuel, you will find that Ishbosheth was not the first guy who made this mistake. His father, Saul did the same. After God had rejected Saul as the king of Israel, Saul was practically on his own. The anointing of God had left Saul and went to David. Fortunately for Saul, he had David working for him. David was extremely loyal to Saul. He risked his life and fought hard to keep the enemies away from Israel’s borders, thus keeping Saul’s kingdom secure.

However, instead of feeling grateful for having such a loyal and capable commander like David, Saul chose to feel jealous of David. He even wanted to kill David. At last, he managed to get rid of David. His kingdom went downhill from then on. Without a capable army commander like David, Saul’s army was defeated and he himself was killed. His jealousy had caused him to remove the only man who could have kept his throne secure.

It seemed like Ishbosheth did not learn from his father’s mistake. The only difference here was Abner was not as patient to Ishbosheth as David to Saul. Abner quitted his job the moment Ishbosheth said something stupid.

What had caused Saul and Ishbosheth made such dumb mistakes as to remove the vital men who could have kept their throne secure? The common factor here is insecurity. Both were insecure men. They went through their lives with the feeling that they could be toppled and lost their throne at any time. They both had capable men working for them. Saul had David and Ishbosheth had Abner working for them but they removed these men. The results were history. They lost their kingdom.

The lesson for us here is not to allow the feeling of insecurity to dominate our minds. We must constantly remind ourselves that God is always on our side. No matter how bad the situation looks like, we must always remember that he who is in us is greater than he who is in the world. We can live life confidently and with positive expectation for good things to come into our lives. You have to use your faith if you want to have good things coming to your life. The moment you give heed to doubts, insecurity will come. Once your mind is dominated by insecurity, you will not be able to think straight. You are going to make a lot of wrong decisions and ended up worst off. Therefore, we must guard our hearts at all time. Never allow fear and insecurity to take root in it.

When you see other people more successful than you are, do not feel jealous. God is rich enough to prosper every one of us without having to take away blessing from one to give to another. Just because someone else got rich, it does not mean that there are lesser riches on earth for you. There is no limit on the amount of riches God can bless us with. God does not need to take away riches from A to give to B.

Once you have truly believed in this truth, you will not be jealous of anyone who appears to be more blessed or capable than you are. In fact, you should hang out with those who are more blessed and capable than you are. This is a good way to improve. When you hang out with them, you will be able to find out how they think and talk. Such characteristics will eventually rub off to you and you too will achieve the same success as they are.

If you happen to have someone smarter working for you, don’t feel jealous of them. Develop them and give them more opportunities to advance their career. Their success will look good on you. You will be seen as a people developer. This is a good way to climb up the corporate ladder. Companies are not only looking for people who can do their work but also those who can develop others to maximize their potential. So, you can still be very successful even if you are not the smartest person around.

Let us look at the latest President of the United States. President Obama has been busy choosing people to join his administrative team. Who are those you think he will choose or has chosen? If the President is a very insecure man, he would have chosen those who are less capable than him so that he will always appear as the smartest man in the team. What will happen then? He will have a very weak and incompetent team. He will not be able to solve problems efficiently and the entire United States will degrade.

However, if he is secure in himself, he will choose people who are smarter than him. Thus, he will have a very strong and capable team. He will be able to solve a lot of problems. The United States of America will move a greater height. So, if anyone is to ask me, on whether the United States is able to overcome its current problems, I will say it depends on the inner strength of her new president. As long as the President is secure in himself, the average Americans will have a great future.

In conclusion, do not allow the feelings of insecurity and jealousy to dominate your mind. They are bad for your future.


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