David’s Mentality Of Abundance

16 “You have condemned yourself,” David said, “for you yourself confessed that you killed the Lord’s anointed one.”
2 Samuel 1:16 (NLT)

I am starting a new series on the book of 2 Samuel. 1 Samuel ends with the defeat and death of King Saul and his son Jonathan. At that time, David was rising. He had his own army and secured the support from his tribe, Judah. 2 Samuel continues from there.

Here is the background story. David was in Ziklag after another victory where he received a visitor. The visitor identified himself as someone from King Saul’s camp. He went to David to bring news of the war. David took advantage to ask him more about the situation of the battlefront. The visitor reported that the Israelites were so badly defeated that they had to flee. Many of them died including King Saul and his son Jonathan.

He even said he himself was the one who killed Saul. He took out the king’s crown and armband, and presented them to David. David became so sad and angry that he executed the man. The he composed and sang a song in honor of King Saul and Jonathan.

Let us stop here to analyze the story. The Bible does not say much about the informant but one thing is very obvious. He was attempting to get his rewards from David. At that time, David was quite prosperous from the spoils of wars he fought in. You may note that 1 Samuel said Saul killed himself but the informant said he was the one who killed Saul. This is an obvious lie. Why would he want to say that?

He must have thought that the news of Saul’s death must be good to David. So, he thought David would have rewarded him greatly. He also hedged his position by saying that it was Saul who had asked him to do so. Unfortunately, it did not make any difference. David executed him.

So, what went wrong with this guy’s plan? He thought David would be happy because Saul died. David wasn’t. At that time, I suspect everyone in Israel would have known that David was a contender to be the next king of Israel. He was Saul’s rival for the throne. Since Israel can only have one king, David and Saul were in a zero-sum game. The misfortune of one is the fortune for the other one.

If Saul was successful in his job, David would have no chance to take the throne. The only way for David to be king is for Saul to fail in his job. Saul had failed big and even lost his life. In this scenario, David must be very happy. This must have been the speculation of that informant. He used it to get rich.

Unfortunately for him, his plan had failed. He lost his own life. What went wrong? While it was true that David was locked in a zero-sum game with Saul, he did not think that way. David thought in abundance despite physically in a zero-sum situation. In other words, David did not hope for Saul to fail or die. He still had deep respect for Saul and Jonathan. We can read that from his song, which he composed in their honor. David had the mentality of abundance. No wonder he became so successful.

The lesson for us today is the mentality of abundance. If David could have this mentality despite being in a zero-sum situation, why not us? We are living in exciting times in a world of unlimited riches. We have companies like Google, Yahoo and Facebook that have turned their founders into billionaires. These companies do not even have any physical products. These billionaires have shown us that money can be created literally out of thin air. It is no longer necessary to have a gold mine, huge farm and a big building to be rich. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. You will be the next billionaire if you know how.

If making money is so easy, why are there so many poor people in this world? I believe the key reason is mentality. The rich are rich because they think rich. The poor are poor because they think poor. If you are poor right now, you need to examine your thoughts. Do you think poor? Do you allow thoughts of poverty to continue to occupy your mind? Do you believe that God has some reason for you to be poor? Are you poor because it is God’s will for you to be poor?

If your answer for the above questions is yes then you have the mentality of scarcity. As long as you allow this mentality to remain in you, you will always be poor. Even if someone is to give you a million dollars, you are still poor. The million dollars will not last for long. You may have a good time spending it but after a few months the money will be spent and you become poor again. In contrast, if a rich man receives a million dollars he will be able to multiply it ad get richer because he is rich inside him.

This is why it is important that if you really want to get out of poverty, you got to renew your mind. You cannot be physically rich and spiritually poor at the same time. Those who are spiritually poor cannot hold on to material riches.

There are many people in the world today seek material riches the wrong way. They think that if they can live in certain countries, do specific kinds of business and work in certain professions, they can be rich. They think of prosperity as something out there that they have to find. They strife hard to get to that place which turns out to disappoint them. They are still not rich.

The truth is, there are rich people and poor people in every country, every type of business and every profession.
 There are rich lawyers and poor lawyers.
 There are rich doctors and poor doctors.
 There are rich businessmen and poor businessmen.
 There are rich Americans and poor Americans.

Why is that so? The answer is, riches is not something out there that we have to seek out. It is inside us. This is why Jesus told us not to seek after riches as though it is outside us. Our priority is to seek the kingdom of God inside us. Once we seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, all other things will be added to us. We have to begin from with our thoughts.

How do we be rich inside us? Study the Bible. Why do you think God gave us the Bible? Some may say for us to be saved and go to heaven. Consider this, do you have to read the Bible to go to heaven? If your priority is just to be saved and go to heaven when you die, you only need to believe in Jesus and invite him into your life. Once you do that, you are saved. Your place in heaven is guaranteed. Reading the Bible will not make you more saved. Reading the Bible will not make our eternal lives more eternal.

The only reason God gives us the Bible is for our prosperity on earth and in heaven. The Bible is the greatest proof that God wants us to be rich. There are many “how-to-get-rich” principles out there that are based on the Bible and they produce positive results. It is ironical that people who not Christians can use the Bible better than Christians in creating wealth into their lives. What have we Christian been doing all these while? Are we not the ones who read the Bible the most? Why are we not the richest, healthiest, most successful and happiest people in the world? Perhaps we have been deceived into thinking that the Bible is about theology and has nothing to do with prosperity.

It is time for Christians to wake up from our slumber and get back what is ours. Start reading the Bible seriously and throw away all the lies of theology. Only then our minds will be renewed. Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. As we do that, we will develop prosperous mindsets. Prosperity will come to us in abundance. This is God’s way for us to be rich. We need to have the mentality of abundance.


3 Responses to “David’s Mentality Of Abundance”

  1. Manie Says:

    This morning I am thankful that I found your website. There is so much HERE for edification and renewal. I pray that God continues to bless and favor you and your ministry. Manie

  2. Yeap Chee Seng Says:

    Thanks Manie.

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